Friday Night Tryst Ch. 02


Waiting for the cab to pick me up from Cat’s house I had plenty of time to let my mind wander over what had transpired over the last few hours. No matter how I dressed it up in my mind I had just cheated on my wife and I couldn’t seem to avoid the part of my conscience that was screaming that fact at me like an angry drill sergeant.

Now that the moment was over the guilt was washing over me like a flood and tearing me apart from the inside out. The worst part about it was the raging hardon still straining uncomfortably against my jeans. What kind of arsehole cheats on his wife and then feels this horny thinking about it?

By the time the taxi arrived I was a mess inside, pacing up and down the hallway and falling just short of smashing my own head into the wall to put an end to the raging battle.

I climbed into the back seat, gave the driver my address and switched off to the outside world again while I continued with my internal war between the shame I felt for being so weak that I couldn’t resist such obvious temptation and the desperate animal compulsion to get rid of the throbbing ache between my thighs.

Where the taxi ride to Cat’s house had felt like the blink of an eye this was an eternity. What the hell was I going to do when I got home? Should I confess? Should I pretend nothing had happened and slide into bed next to Sophia and simply go to sleep? Or, could I even justify doing what the other head on my body wanted and wake her up so that it could finally get the release it was screaming for?

By the time the car pulled up outside my house my head was spinning and my erection made walking uncomfortable. I hesitated for a moment, fumbling with my keys, before unlocking the front door and switching off the alarm. Sophia would be lying asleep upstairs in the bed we’d shared for eight years and, to give myself one last delay before heading up to her, I took off my boots and tiptoed through to the kitchen to make myself a glass of water, draining the pint in one gulp, hoping that it would give me something to take my mind off my dilemma, at least temporarily.

I still hadn’t come up with an answer to the question of what I was going to do next when I made my way to the foot of the stairs and started climbing slowly, carefully, conscious of every little creak and praying that she would still be out cold by the time I reached our bedroom door at the top.

To limit the amount of noise I make when I get into bed I usually get undressed in the hallway and enter the room naked. Peeling down my jeans and boxers my cock sprang out, finally free of the restraints it had been tethered by for the last few hours. After straining against the unyielding fabric for so long the simple act of letting it stand free felt amazing.

I gently opened the bedroom and poked my head around to see if Sophia was awake. I wasn’t sure what I was hoping for; if she was awake and saw me walk through with a throbbing erection that might raise sarıyer escort some questions, if she was asleep I’d have to turn around and head back to the bathroom to deal with it or I definitely wouldn’t be getting any sleep. I think a large part of me was hoping that I might be able to convince Sophia to help with my urges instead of simply using my own hand.

Even though the lights were all off in the bedroom and it was dark outside I could make out the shape of my wife sprawled out in a comfortable slumber, stretched across onto my side of the bed, facing the door. The room was warm and she had rolled onto her side with her left leg bent and curled up on top of the covers. Her back was exposed and, even though her chest was still concealed under a fold of the duvet, I could see her shift slightly with each soft breath.

She stirred lightly as I stepped into the room and spoke without even opening her eyes “I wondered if you were ever coming home.” A slight smile crept across her lips.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you.”

“It’s ok, I was already awake before you came in. Good night?”

“It was alright, I’ve had better nights out.” I couldn’t think of any other way to answer. I crouched down next to the bed and brushed aside the hair that had fallen across her face. “How was yours?”

“Not much to say; nice to have a little peace and quiet for a change.” She teased, grinning up at me as she rolled onto her back and opened her eyes to look at me. I moved over to kneel on the bed beside her.

“Peace and quiet? We can’t have that, it sounds terrible.” I leaned in to kiss her deeply, letting my tongue slip out and search for a way into her mouth, to seek out hers. She let her lips part and met my kiss with the same enthusiasm, one of her hands snuck out from under the cover and fell upon my cock, still exposed and straining for attention.

She broke the kiss to look at up at me with feigned surprise. “Hello! I thought you said your night was only ‘alright’.”

“It was, so far,” I grinned at her winked, though I’m sure it was too dark for her to notice. “I think you might have some catching up to do though.” With that I pulled back the duvet and smoothly shifted her legs to where I wanted them, leaving a gap I could slot my own legs into as I positioned myself above her and leaned in to continue kissing her passionately. Her arms reached up and wrapped around my back while she angled her head back to allow me to kiss down and around her neck.

I gradually worked my way down, kissing, licking and nibbling over her breasts until her nipples stood proud. I flicked each one with the tip of my tongue before drawing them into my mouth and sucking and squeezing with my lips. Her fingers were buried in my hair while she closed her eyes and lay back, focussing on the sensations I was offering her with my tongue and lips.

She was already starting to moan lightly esenyurt escort when I moved on from her breasts and traced a line down over her stomach with my tongue, blowing on the wet streak afterwards; she shivered as the cold tingle ran up her skin. The excitement that had already built up in me over the last few hours with Cat was growing to breaking point and I was struggling to show my usual patience, instead moving frantically, desperate to reach my own climax. It was sheer willpower that was stopping from driving my cock straight into her and pounding hard until I reached my own end.

I continued working my way down over her stomach, gradually heading towards my own personal holy grail. I could smell it long before I tasted it, that earthy musk beckoning me onwards. When I finally arrived between her legs I didn’t have the strength to tease around her first, it was too inviting. My hands slipped under her bum to lift her hips up to my face and I proceeded to lick, with just the tip of my tongue, over her lips, up and down, finally getting a taste of the salty-sweet nectar I was so desperate for.

I ran my tongue up and down over the soft skin of her lips, dipping into her with the tip every time I got near her opening, trying to draw out as much of the sweet cream as I could. When I dragged my tongue up and over her now solid clit a shiver coursed through her entire body and she gasped from the sudden stimulation of her most sensitive button. I circled the tip of my tongue around her clit, trying to coax out more of those responses, trying to make her whole body buck and writhe just from the attention I gave it with my tongue.

I could hear her breathing getting heavier the more I worked over her clit and I could tell that what I was doing was working. I pulled one of my hands out from underneath her and easily pushed a single finger deep into her wet pussy so that I could fuck her with it while I continued to lick. Her moans grew more and more intense and her hips started to buck up to meet each thrust of my finger.

I looked up along the line of her body, the soft mounds of her breasts heaving with her erratic breathing. Her eyes were screwed tight shut as she focused on the sensations flooding her body, radiating outwards from her pussy. She had subconsciously grabbed handfuls of the bed sheet and clenched her fists tight, straining against them.

I continued to lick and finger her furiously, calling on the desperate need that I’d suppressed for most of the night with Cat and using that to drive myself onwards and push myself to work harder, pushing through the growing pain in my tongue and jaw.

Her breathing had turned to moans and now her moans were changing into screams as a trickle of white cream ran down out of her hole and between her butt cheeks, staining the bed. The end of my finger was coated in it from where it was plunging deep inside her and dragging it back out. It wouldn’t be avrupa yakası escort long now; I could feel her muscles clenching down and squeezing around my finger, as though they were trying to stop it from escaping.

Her hips rose up off the bed and her face contorted as I placed the flat of my tongue against her rock hard clit and rubbed as fast and firmly as I could.

“Oh God, right there!! Please don’t stop!!” the muscles in her pussy clamped down around my finger and at the last moment I slid the thumb of my free hand into her areshole, the trickle of her own cum that had run down over her hole was all the lubrication I needed and it slid in with barely any resistance.

“OH FUCK!!” Her thighs closed around my head as her orgasm crashed through her body. I could feel each wave of it surge over her as the muscles spasmed around my finger and thumb. I tried to continue licking her clit to carry her further over the brink but she dragged back on my hair to pull my tongue away when the sensations got too strong for her to handle.

Without even waiting for her to cool down and regain her composure I slid my finger and thumb out and flipped her over onto her front, climbing over to straddle her legs. I spread her cheeks apart with my hands and took a moment to enjoy the view of her pretty pink arsehole sitting just above her perfect pussy lips, still glistening with cum and saliva.

I positioned my cock at the entrance to her pussy and slowly pushed forward, the warmth and moisture felt incredible; that sensation was everything I could think about for most of the night and now it was finally mine. Her tight muscles were still twitching gently and I could feel them spasm and contract as I plunged deeper, relaxing again as I slowly pulled back out.

After being this horny for so long I was desperate and there was no way this was going to last long at all, no point in trying to take my time and savour the pleasure. I sped up my thrusts, forcing my way as deep into her as I could, until my hips pressed up against the soft cushion of her butt cheeks. The tingling build up of my own orgasm was already starting to form at the base of my cock and I could feel it spreading out and over me, I closed my eyes and drove on, waiting for it to overcome me.

It only took a few more thrusts before I was overwhelmed; the muscles in my legs spasmed, making it hard to keep my balance, as a jet of cum exploded out of me and deep into my wife’s pussy. I could feel my cock try to twitch and jerk as the cum shot out but it was held firmly in place by her tight walls, still contracting and squeezing around it.

It took a few minutes before I could think, let alone move, and we stayed there, still connected, until I could finally control my body enough to pull my cock out from inside her and lift myself up. She stayed right where she was, with a satisfied smile playing across her face, as a thin white trickle of our mingled cum started to flow out of her pussy and pool on the sheet between her legs.

I flopped down beside her, kissed her cheek and laid my head down. We fell asleep together, like that, too tired and satisfied to bother cleaning ourselves up first. I could wait until tomorrow to decide what I was going to do about everything else I got up to that night.

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