Friday nights

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Friday nightsI was very young when dad began having sex with me. It started with him coming to my room and stripping me naked then he would finger my pussy. He got so he could put his whole finger all the way in me. Then he taught me to suck his cock and swallow his cum. I liked it when he sucked my clit which he did before he finger fucked me. When my tits began to grow the sex got more intense and he then began to put his cock in me instead of his finger. The first few times hurt a lot but soon I was able to take his hard cock. My mom had left us when I was young so I now was dad’s sex toy. Little did I know that I would become his cock slut. Dad worked from home so he could fuck me any time he wanted day or night and he had a big appetite for sex. When he worked at his desk he would call me in his room and tell me to strip and he would suck my tits as he fingered me then made me get under the desk and suck his cock till he would cum in my mouth. Then I knew to lick and suck his balls till his cock was hard again and he would then fuck my cunt right there at his desk. He loved to sit me on his desk and spread my legs so he could see my pussy canlı bahis and play with my clit. His thirst for sex was unending. He loved that I had grown into a very sexy teen.Dad had his friends over on Friday nights for poker. My job was to serve them food and drinks. Then dad started dressing me sexy showing off my big tits and firm ass. The men loved looking at me as I came around with the food for them. I was probably sexier than most of their wives and they kept staring at my big tits. Dad told me I should rub my tits on them as I sat the drinks on the table. This was so fun to rub against them and a couple times they would sneak a hand under my short skirt and feel my pussy. I started taking more time and spreading my legs so they could feel me better. I gave up wearing a bra and panties too. I liked the attention from the men.One night in the kitchen a man came in and grabbed me and pulled my shirt up and began to suck my tits. As he sucked my big globes he lifted my skirt and began to finger my pussy. “I want to fuck you” he told me. I answered, “Ask my dad.” That is how it started, me fucking the poker group. That night dad said yes bahis siteleri that he could fuck me so he took me to my room and stripped me naked and he stripped and then he begn to suck my tits and then down to my pussy. He pushed his cock in my mouth and was amazed when I swallowed all his cum and then sucked his balls till he was hard again. He then fucked my cunt for over an hour. I loved fucking this man. It was so erotic and made me cum many times. I loved fucking and sucking his cock.Every Friday night i fucked a different man. This made dad so horny and when we went to bed he would fuck me all night and make me suck his cock several times. The next day he would continue fucking me all over the house and in every position. He asked me if I liked fucking the men like a common slut. I told him I loved the fucking they gave me. I just loved to fuck as my dad did.At the next poker game as I was serving drinks my dad then stripped me naked right there at the table. He then layed me on the table and told two men to suck my tits as another ate my pussy. Soon all the men were naked and taking turns sucking my tits or eating my pussy. Dad then güvenilir bahis pulled me so my cunt was at the end of the table and told the men to take turns fucking me. That night every one of them fucked me instead of just one all night. Then dad pulled my head back and told the men to fuck my mouth. so i had a man in my mouth and in my cunt and I loved it. I was so full of cum and I had swallowed each man as they rammed the cocks down my throat. I loved being the poker slut.When every one left that night I showered and got in bed with dad. He fucked my mouth before he ate my pussy then fucked me for two hours without stopping. he kept telling me what a sexy slut he had made me into and he was going to fuck me all night and all the next day. As soon as dad came in my cunt he would ram his cock in my mouth for me to suck and get hard and then he would fuck my cunt again. He did this all night and all the next day. He told me it turned him on to see what a slut I was with his friends. He loved seeing their cocks in my pussy or my mouth.The poker fuck sessions went on every Friday for years. The poker buddies could not get enough of my sexy body and dad loved them fucking me as he watched. I was loving all the fucking and cock sucking and all the different cocks. Then dad would fuck me non stop for days. I still am the poker slut on Friday nights.

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