Friend with Ex Con


Friend with Ex ConA few months ago I was cruising the CL ads and found an interesting ad from an ex con Glenn wanting a jail house V. I found out he wanted a jail house virgin. I started corresponding with him. He told about being in prison for 15 years and that he was struggling in this society. He discussed how hot it was getting to be the first guy to fuck a newbie to the prison. He said he had been part of multiple gang bangs and there were guys who would come to his cell just to suck his cock. We met for a beer at a nearby beer house. Glenn was tatted up and was wearing a sleeveless shirt and some loose jeans. We were talking about one of his experiences and I realized I needed to piss. I told him to hold that thought I needed to get rid of some beer. He laughed and got up with me and followed me into the bathroom. The bathroom had a communal trough. So I walked up to the middle and started pissing. Glenn stepped beside me and pulled kağıthane escort his cock out. I watched him because I wanted to see his cock. It was about 5 inches long soft. He smiled and asked if I liked his cock. I said I did. I told him I hoped he would follow me into the bathroom. He smiled and took my left hand and place it on his cock. He started pissing. After he finished I squeezed his cock a couple of times. Unfortunately someone came through the door so we zipped up and left. He told me his apartment was pretty close and I followed him there. When we got into the apartment he told me that he was going to fuck me. I smiled and got undressed. Glenn just watched. He said good now come over here and I walked to him. He told me to turn around and face away from him. I felt his hands on my ass and he spread my cheeks and I felt his rough finger tip on my asshole. He started rubbing bakırköy escort his finger on my hole. He would stick his finger in my mouth to get it wet and then go back to my ass hole. Soon his finger was buried in my ass. He was telling me that jail house faggots are good for fucking and sucking. He pulled his finger out and my ass longed for a replacement. He turned me around and told me to get his cock out. I undid his belt and then the button on his jeans. I unzipped his pants and that cock I longed for popped out. It was hard and about 8″+. I pushed his pants down and he pulled his legs out. He pulled off his t-shirt. He cock and balls were shaved. On his pubic region was tattooed suck me in script lettering. His balls were long and hung down low. He told me to suck his cock. I started trying to swallow that piece of meat. He told me to get it good and wet. He was hard and wet when şişli escort he plopped it out of my mouth. He pushed me to the couch and had me lean over the arm. He pushed his cock into my ass and started fucking me. He told me I was his bitch now. I would find him and suck his cock I would fuck him when he wanted. I listened to him talk and pant as he fucked me my own cock bursting. He sped up and started slamming his cock into my ass. Take all my milk bitch. You take all this milk. He came and I could feel the hot cum in my ass. He buried his cock for a couple of minutes and then pulled out. He told me not to move and he sat down on the couch where I was leaned over. He pushed his cock into my face and I started licking and sucking it. He had me move around and sit down on him. He told me to jack off because no one sucked a faggot’s cock. He told me to tell him before I started cumming. When I started getting close he had me get up and he got on all fours and told me to shoot my cum on his asshole. I unloaded on his ass. By the time I was done a thick line of cum was running down his ass hole onto his balls. He told me to clean it up. I spent the next few minutes cleaning my cum off of him. Glenn told me hw wanted a fwb relationship. I am looking forward to next time.

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