Friendly Fuck


My girlfriend Dawn and I were at a small party at a coworker’s house recently. It was a nice summer night, and our friend Vie has a house on the beach, so it was really a great night for a party. Everyone was in a fun mood, and we all took turns mixing drinks for everyone at the bar.

Dawn was wearing a patterned peasant blouse, thin gauzy cotton, that laced up the front – no bra and a pair of jeans. She looked amazing as usual, and while we were standing by the porch rail soaking in the warm sea breeze, I had to kiss her. We spent quite a few minutes kissing on the porch when we heard our hostess Vie say to some of the other partiers who had been watching us “Don’t you just wanna watch them fuck?” Of course we all laughed. It was kind of a joke around work that Dawn and I couldn’t keep our hands off of each other.

Later the party began to thin out, leaving only a few of us behind who were, at that point, very well drunk. We continued to laugh and drink on the porch as people slowly paired off and drifted away. Who knows what was beginning to happen in the bedrooms as our drunk friends began to find each other irresistible. Eventually there were three of us left on the balcony, Dawn, myself, and our hostess and good friend Vie.

Vie stumbled inside to fetch drinks, and again Dawn and I found ourselves standing by the rail kissing. Our tongues danced around each other, and we began to caress each others rears. Soft moans began to emanate from our drunken throats. We were clearly ready to leave so that we could get home to our bed and our lovemaking, when we heard Vie stagger back onto the porch.

“Damn,” she said when she say us making out like crazy on her porch and grabbing each others asses, “I really wanna see you guys fuck!” Vie is in her early fifties – ten years older than me and twenty years older than Dawn. We have known her for a very long time, so we weren’t too surprised by her bawdy comment. In fact it happens quite often when she is drunk. Nonetheless I was still surprised when Dawn replied, “That is a distinct possibility tonight, Vie.”

Vie of course did not hesitate to call her bluff. “Let’s head upstairs then,” she slurred, winking drunkenly at both of us. We all laughed, but found ourselves heading upstairs, grabbing the handrail for support.

The topmost floor of their beach house is all bedroom. The french doors open onto a balcony that overlooks the ocean and allows a fabulous view and a fabulous breeze. The doors were open this night, and the thin curtains billowed in a soft sea breeze. Dawn and I flopped on the bed and Vie plopped into a big rattan chair sitting adjacent to the king-size bed.

We chatted for a while, and I began to think maybe the “dare” had passed when Vie said, “You should kiss her some more.”

Happy to oblige, I began to kiss Dawn hungrily, eager to see how far this would go. casino oyna Dawn was more than responsive to my kisses, enjoying our tongue play and pulling me close to her. Then Dawn broke away from my kiss and surprised me by suggesting Vie be the “director.” Vie seemed a bit confused at first, and I must admit so was I. Dawn explained that she meant Vie should “direct” us – meaning for her to tell us what to do.

Vie understood immediately. “I have been,” she said smiling. “now quit talking and start kissing again!”

We resumed our make out session on the bed with what I must admit was a bit of renewed vigor. This was something new for sure, and we were both enjoying it.

“Feel up her breast,” Vie directed, and I did so, cupping her C cup in my hand and squeezing gently. “The other one too.” Again I complied gladly, squeezing handfuls of my girlfriend’s luscious tits.

“Take your top off, Dawn,” Vie directed next. Dawn removed her soft top, allowing her amazing breasts freedom in the warm sea air. I began to kiss and lick them immediately (even though I hadn’t been told to do so). Dawn moaned softly as I kissed her round nipples, alternately sucking one and squeezing the other in my hand.

“Take off your pants too.”

Dawn removed her tight jeans, wiggling out of them on the bed while I continued kissing her breasts. As she pulled her jeans off, she pulled her panties down part way, exposing her ample bushy pubic hair to my view (and to Vie’s). She quickly pulled these back up as she laid back further on the bed, arching her back up so that her breasts stood up firmly in the moonlight that now flooded the bed from the open porch doors.

As I continued attacking Dawn’s breasts I glanced at Vie, sitting in the large rattan chair only a few feet away to see how she was taking all this. Vie was extremely attractive in her day and still is an amazing physical presence. She is tall and blonde, and in spite of carrying a little extra weight, beautiful. The flowered shirt she wore was unbuttoned all the way, and it lay open to the waist. She was caressing one of her large breasts with her hand, periodically squeezing the large dark nipple. Noticing that I was watching, she licked her fingers and moistened the nipple. I looked at Dawn, whose own nipple was in my mouth, and saw that she was smiling back at Vie.

By now I was about to lose my mind (or my wad). “Take off your panties, Dawn,” Vie directed next. As she did so, I watched Vie spread her own legs, and I saw that she wasn’t wearing any underwear. Her short skirt eased up as she spread her legs further, exposing the blonde and furry mass inside.

I sat up then to admire both of these beautiful women more clearly. I probably looked like a guy at a tennis match, looking at one furry snatch on the right and my own beautiful girlfriend’s furry mound on the left. To my surprise canlı casino (though at this point nothing should have surprised me) both of them reached a hand down slowly and they each began to caress themselves. I sat back on the bed and watched as their masturbations both increased in intensity, each occasionally licking their two fingers before bringing them back to their moist cunts, inserting a finger or two then pulling them out to rub the furry mound briskly on top.

Dawn was really beginning to moan when Vie said, “I think you should fuck her now.” Dawn immediately hiked her legs in the air and beckoned me on top of her. I slid up close on my knees, and grabbing her thighs firmly, drove deep into her on the first stroke. I admit I have never heard such a pleasurable moan from her as the one she emitted as I began to pound against her firmly. She was on fire soon, bucking against my thrusts and pulling me deeper into her. Then she came, throwing her head back and letting out a deep exhalation of breath. Sensing that I was soon to cum myself, she eased away from me, pushing herself into a sitting position and leaning against the padded headboard. I saw her beckon Vie with her finger then and I turned to look at our hostess who I had briefly almost forgotten about.

I sat back on the bed and watched as Vie slid next to Dawn. I watched with delight as she took Vie’s hand and guided it down to her soaking wet pussy. Vie began to rub Dawn’s cunt and again Dawn began to moan. Dawn usually takes a while to get excited again after cumming once, but tonight she was crazed. I scooted closer to watch Vie’s fingers darting in and out of my girlfried, when Dawn said; “Touch her.” I didn’t realize at first she was talking to me until she said again, more forcefull, “Touch her.”

I carefully eased up my friend Vies’ skirt and slid my hand up the inside of her leg to find her warm wet pussy. I eased two fingers in and rubbed her clit with my thumb. To my surprise (I know – nothing should have surprised me by now) Vie reeached over with her free hand and squeezed my throbbing cock.

We were all touching each other now, rubbing and stroking and moaning. I removed my hand and reached around behind Vie to squeeze her ample ass. I let my fingers ease down her crack to explore her asshole and to my delight she leaned closer, buried her head between my legs and gobbled my cock in one gulp. She began squeezing it with her throat muscles and slurping it’s length slowly as I eased a finger into her tight asshole. Our moaning had reached quite ample levels by now, and as we all rubbed and bucked and sucked we all came explosively. I came first shooting the load that by now felt like bucketfulls down the throat of my older friend. Vie came next as I buried fingers into both her ass and cunt. Dawn came last as Vie frantically fingered her moist slit with Dawn rubbing kaçak casino her own bushy mound at the same time.

As I let out a huge post-orgasm sigh, I noticed that in spite of her huge second orgasm Dawn was still rubbing her fuzzy mound and slipping a finger into her pussy to join Vie’s two fingers which were still sliding slowly in and out of her cunt. I noticed next that Vie was still grinding against my hand, forcing my fingers in and out of her ass and pussy. Finally I realized that Vie was still sucking on my cock, which in spite of having just cum a huge load was rapidly hardening again. I usually require 15 or 20 minutes at least after an orgasm to get hard again, but I guess the excitement of fucking my girlfriend and our best friend was having an effect on me because my cock was already starting to throb again as she sucked it’s length down her throat.

Vie broke away from me then and removed her hand from Dawn’s twat. She turned herself around and shoved her ass toward me. She bent down and began licking Dawn’s reddened pussy lips in long slow strokes. Dawn threw her head back in pleasure, and I saw her looking at me as Vie murmured through a mouthful of twat, “I want your cock in my ass.”

I eased myself into position behind my her and licked my finger to moisten her ass. It was pretty loose already from my avid fingering during her last orgasm, and I was ready to slide inside her. I looked into my girlfriend’s eyes, and she smiled as I slid my cock deep into Vie’s ass. We again quickly became a bucking and fucking mass. As I pounded Vie’s copious ass from behind, she was madly licking Dawn’s dripping cunt. Vie’s other hand reached down to her own cunt and I could feel her arm violently rubbing her clit as I fucked her asshole. Danwn’s hands were busy as well, one rubbing her bushy mound, occasionally grabbing Vie’s blonde head and grinding it into her crotch, the other hand squeezing alternately one beautiful breast then the other. Occasionally she would reach forward and squeeze Vie’s beautiful tits which were swinging back and forth as I slammed my cock into her ass. The slapping and sucking and fingering sounds increased in speed and volume as we all fucked like beasts on speed.

I’d like to say we all came at the same time in an explosion of shared sexual ecstasy, but that would be a lie. Dawn came first – even though it was her third orgasm of the night. Vie didn’t cum a second time. I guess my cock in her ass didn’t do as much for her as it did for me. But as Dawn and I dressed and staggered out of the bedroom, she was sitting on the bed still sliding her fingers in and out of her cum filled ass.

At the bottom of the stairs we ran into Vie’s husband Paul. He had opted for a night out with some friends instead of a night at home with Vie’s friends. We exchanged brief pleasantries before staggering to our car and driving home. We wondered aloud as we drove home if Paul had fun as he climbed the stairs to find his horny wife and her cum filled holes waiting for him in bed. I’m willing to bet he had the time of his life, just as we did!

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