Friendly Skies


I came home to bags packed and waiting for me by the front door. At first I was confused, wondering if Elle had finally decided to leave me. Then she stepped through the doorway on the balcony above me, stooping briefly to adjust the strap on her white high heels with one hand while the other fiddled with an earring. See was wearing a sheer white blouse and the hot pink miniskirt I bought for our anniversary. Even from my downstairs view, I could already see she wasn’t wearing any panties. The upskirt view gave me an arousal.

“The kids are at your mom’s for the weekend,” she said, “Ready to go?”

“Am I ready to go where?” I asked blankly.

“For a ride,” she said.

Truth is, I was ready to stay home, sit on the sofa and watch hockey on television but, moments later, I found myself blindfolded and sitting in the passenger seat of my wife’s sporty convertible Mercedes-Benz. Blindfolded, I was even more acutely aware of her erratic car handling skills. She took the turns very fast, but I didn’t dare open my mouth to criticize her driving because I was at a distinct disadvantage if I needed to dodge her backhand. So, I sat quietly and listened to the squeal of breaks.

When we jerked to a stop, I could hear jet engines. Elle got out, gave someone instructions and then opened my door and grabbed my arm.

“Just do what I say and nobody gets hurt,” she giggled. Her heels clicked briskly on the concrete pavement.

With my wife pushed me from behind until I found myself stumbling up a steep flight of metal stairs.

“Watch your head,” my wife’s voice advised.

Up the stairs and, immediately, I was sitting in a plush, low-back leather seat. After a pause, doors slammed shut and I was pushed back into my seat by a lunge forward.

“Okay, take off your blindfold. You can look now,” Elle’s voice enticed.

“Surprise,” yelled a chorus.

We were taxiing down the runway in a sleek corporate jet. My wife traveled a lot for her job, sometimes in private planes, but this was some special kind of private jet. Leather, chrome, video monitors, polished mahogany panels and a fully stocked bar.

Seated around me were my two best friends, Will and Sean, and their gorgeous wives, Jana and Nikki. The guys were dressed in dark suits and brightly colored shirts and their wives were as finely tailored as my own — white heels, brightly colored miniskirts and silk blouses. My wife sat across from me, her toned legs slightly spread and glistening. casino oyna Her smile beamed from ear to ear.

“Because you’ve been such a good boy, we’re taking you to Vegas for the weekend.”

“Happy birthday, buddy,” cheered Will.

Glasses of gin and vodka clinked a toast to the good news and everyone said, “Hooray.”

Interrupting us, the co-pilot gave an abbreviated safety briefing. Even he quickly knew that he wasn’t wanted or needed. The moment he pulled the curtain on the cockpit, giggles and laughs erupted in the passenger section. Soon, the plane raced down the runway, lifted and soared.

“Just sit back and relax, old buddy,” Sean said. “Leave the in-flight entertainment to us.”

As soon as the plane leveled at cruising altitude, Will pointed a remote toward the flat screen monitor mounted in the front console. An artsy adult video flicked on, the premise of which clearly revolved around couples enjoying themselves with other couples.

“Well, this is what I call first class,” I said.

“Service with a smile,” Jana said.

Jana was the youngest and always one of the most adventurous of the group, and she was the first to move. She strutted to the front of the cabin and began dancing to the video’s sensual soundtrack. As the on-screen porn star loosened her blouse, Jana unbuttoned her own. It was as obvious to me, as it must’ve been to everyone else, that Jana had practiced these moves to the video already. As the porn star turned and friskily pulled up her skirt in the back, Jana did the same. With the precision of a well-rehearsed military drill, Jana imitated the actress’s every move. Jana’s big brown eyes, dark brown hair and perfectly tanned skin never looked better. As her petite frame wiggled out of her blouse and skirt, her husband of seven years, Will, joined her. He was a broad-shouldered, strapping young man with sandy brown hair and a Tom Cruise smile. Secretly, I always thought my wife had the hots for him. He unzipped his trousers and it didn’t take Jana long to unloose his erect dick. Its growing size was a true marvel.

“My, Will, Jana always said you had a big package,… she just didn’t say how big!” jibbed Nikki.

Will seemed embarrassed by the comment, but his embarrassment didn’t last long. Jana kneeled and began kissing and sucking his cock, the beginnings of a great live sex show for the rest of us. On the video screen, a muscular man stood poolside as a voluptuous vixen pulled down his shorts and canlı casino began licking his dong.

By this time, my wife was flushed with excitement. Her eyes were fixed on Will’s tool. She pulled up her own skirt, turned it around and started to unzip it.

“Shit,” I thought to myself, “can this really be happening?”

I looked over at Nikki, who was sitting across the aisle in the seat facing me. She stared back at me and, with an expert wiggle, her miniskirt was suddenly bunched around her waist and she began working her own pussy with her fingers.

“Looks like we’re up next,” I said to Sean.

Fortunately, it was a smooth ride but no amount of air turbulence could have compared to the rocking that was about to happen. Elle hopped up on her knees and faced Will and Jana’s floorshow. Will’s dick had reached full erection. It was an enormous cock and, even though Jana was used to her husband’s girth, she struggled to get the whole thing in her mouth.

Elle’s hot bare ass arched my direction as her silk blouse slid off her shoulders and to the floor. Her breasts hung over the back of the cushioned leather seat. Nervously, I quickly lost my clothes and began licking Elle’s juices, her inner thigh, her ass.

“Mmmm, that feels good,” she groaned.

Over the sounds of love making on the video, I could hear Nikki moaning loudly. Out of the corner of my vision, I could see Sean’s face buried between her legs. She was leaning back hard, back arched, high heels on tiptoe with pink painted toenails peeking out. Sean loosened his belt and slipped out of his trousers without missing a stroke.

Jana walked cat like to put herself in front of Elle. I could see their eyes meet. Jana’s eyes were pools of desire smoldering darkly. My wife grasped her girlfriend around the waist and positioned her mouth between Jana’s legs. I had never known Elle to groove on girls, but somehow I wasn’t totally surprised. Elle always was attracted to dark skinned, dark haired, confident younger girls. And, with an air of Inca royalty, Jana fit this description perfectly. My wife’s face lost in Jana’s triangle, Will mounted Jana from behind and began stroking her slowly.

Jana’s large, brown areolas swayed left and right. Her head tilted back as my wife’s tongue and her husband’s shaft competed for her treasure. The couple’s rhythmic strokes rocked against Elle and me. We matched their timing, my tongue searching deeper and deeper into my wife’s quivering pussy.

From kaçak casino beneath, I unexpectedly felt Nikki’s hand begin stroking my dick. I looked down to see her smiling green eyes staring back at me.

“Surprise,” she breathed.

I smiled back, my mouth dripping with my wife’s sweet juices. Noticing my tongue had stopped its explorations, Elle looked over her shoulder at me.

“Is this okay?” I asked, nodding toward Nikki.

“This is totally my idea, sweetie. Have fun,” she answered

With a naughty smile, Elle returned her attention to Jana and Will. Jana leaned over Elle’s back and searched for Elle’s asshole. Elle squealed with delight, echoing the loud moans and pants from everyone else. At the same time, Nikki plunged my throbbing cock in and out of her mouth.

After a moment, Elle flipped onto her back and gracefully balanced her willowy body on the top of the cushioned leather chair. She lowered her face between Jana’s legs and, positioned underneath Jana in that way, my wife’s mouth accepted an occasional stroke from Will’s massive cock. Jana tilted over Elle, her tits continuing to sway back and forth, and slid her fingers into Elle’s vagina. My tongue alternated between licking Jana’s fingers and rimming Elle’s ass. Elle gasped with muffled joy as her mouth opened to accept Will’s cock again.

Beneath me, Nikki lay on her back and sucked my dick intensely. Juices ran down her cheeks. Bringing up the rear, Sean spread Nikki’s legs wide and pounded her feverishly.

After what seemed like an eternity of pure eroticism, Will came first, spraying cum all over Jana’s ass. It dripped down onto Elle’s face. Then, behind me, Sean gave one loud moan, pulled out and sprayed Nikki’s soft tummy and breasts. I pulled out of Nikki’s mouth and inserted myself into Elle’s trembling pussy. Slowly at first, then building to a crescendo, I worked in and out as Elle screamed.

“Yes! Yes! Yes!”

Our friends watched as I slammed Elle from behind. I licked my thumb and inserted it into Elle’s warm ass and then reached the moment of truth. I came intensely inside my beautiful wife.

“Geranimo,” I yelled.

The skydiving joke made everyone laugh hysterically.

Afterwards, we were in a state of bliss and a bit amazed, I think, about the circumstances. We watched the conclusion of the video, with each of us petting and fondling our own spouses. Needless to say, it was the beginning of a truly remarkable weekend getaway. What I remember most is the contented smile on my wife’s face, lost in her own thoughts as she buttoned up her silk blouse.

Even now, months after this experience, any one of us can break up a room by yelling “Geranimo.”

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