FriendsAnother story off the web. Enjoyi have been friends with my next door neighbor for about 5 years now. he recently divorced his wife, but somehow managed to keep the house. So, we have been doing the bachelor thing together for the last few months… beer and cookouts on sundays while watching football, getting drunk, fixing cars, etc. my wife complains a little about this, but all in all, she puts up with it. she uses the weekends to visit her sister (who is ill) and go out with the girls. i definitely make it up to her, above and beyond. yesterday, our typical group of friends was unable to come over for a cookout (they all had a wedding to attend, and me and brian did not know the groom as they did) so it was me and brian together with a pizza and a case of beer, and football. it was the typical dirty guy day. belching, farting, laughing. you know the drill. its not something i play into heavily, but there is a time and place for everything. i had a call from work, so i stepped outside as to not talk over the tv. when i came back in, i didnt see brian. I figured he was out in the garage grabbing another beer from the dedicated beer icebox. so i headed back to the master bath to take a leak. it is my house, so i never think of any extensive cleaning, especially in the master bath and bedroom, as its shut off when we have others over. thats why we keep the guest bath nice and tidy. i opened the door to the bathroom, and stood in shock. there was brian staring right at me with a panicked look on his face. he was hunched over a little (not sitting) and i dont know why, but my eyes immediately looked down. thats when my panic set in. almost completely pulled up to his waist were a pair of panties that were laying on the floor in the bathroom. the reason i was in a panic, is they were mine. not my wifes. she has a very tiny frame (size 2) and i knew that he knew they couldnt have been hers. (i have a 36″ waist) if you remember my last thread here, my wife started me on wearing panties. i started to close the door several times but stopped and just sat there with my jaw on the floor in disbelief. i guess its not that hard to believe, but i just didnt know what to do. he quickly tried to jump out of them, but the g-string was stuck on his shoe, and the panic he was feeling just made it worse. i decided to break the silence. “woah woah… calm down. there is no need to panic or get upset.” he sat down on the closed toilet lid, covering his manhood, and just looked at the floor in shame. i told him i was going to go back and grab a beer, and asked if he wanted one. he didnt respond… so i just shut the door and walked out. a few moments later, he finally emerged from the master bedroom area, still watching the carpet grow, ashamed to look up. he sat down on the edge of the sofa like he wanted to say something, so i reached out and grabbed the remote to mute the tv. “i’m so sorry… look… i don’t know what to say here”. i could tell he was horrendously embarrassed (who wouldnt be) and upset. i felt sorry for him. i almost felt as bad as he did, and wished i hadnt walked in right then. “look man, dont worry about it. its nothing to apologize for, and definitely nothing to get upset about.” it didnt help though. he put his hands in his face, and almost looked like he was about to cry. “everything has been so tough with julie leaving… i just… i dont know… i… ” i stopped him short, and stressed it to him again that it was no big deal and not to worry about it. i could tell it wasnt helping. so, i swallowed my pride, and decided to come clean myself. “look brian… those panties dont belong to who you think they do….. those are mine”. his face instantly shot up and he looked at me as if he had just seen a ghost. “im being honest with you. they are mine. you didnt think she was that big did you?” his face looked less upset, but was turning to confusion now. “you’re just trying to help, and i appreciate it, but… “. i stopped him dead in his sentence again…….. stood up, and pulled the top of my jeans down to reveal a black silk and lace thong that i was wearing. it had a small pink knitted flower at the top where the seams came together… so there was no question in the world that they werent womens panties. a smile started to adorn his face… very slightly at first… but then the look of relief set in, and he leaned back into his seat and became comfortable. “i kind of thought you were k**ding. wow.” and he let out a big sigh of relief. “i never knew.” i told him i had been wearing them for a while, and i told him to come here, and walked him into my bedroom where i have my pc, got online, and showed him this site and my original post about how it all started for me. i pulled the chair out for him to sit down and read, and walked behind him and read over his shoulder. after a few minutes, i sat down on the edge of the bed, and waited for him to finish reading. a few moments later, he slowly spun around in the chair, and kind of sat there speechless for a moment. “that is the hottest thing i have ever read.” i agreed, and said i was very lucky to have my wife, and that i loved her very much for it. then the bomb dropped. he looked square at me, and mumbling under his voice asked me… “well… i dont know how to ask this nicely, and i dont mean any offense by it, but i’ll just come out and ask. are you gay?” i honestly hadnt even thought about it in a while. when it first happened with my wife, those thoughts ran through my head, but i quickly left them behind. “i dont think so. i mean, ive never really though about it to be honest.” and then i returned the question… “are you?” he looked to the side for a moment then down at the ground, almost in shame again, and he said he wasnt sure. he hadnt really thought about it either, but there was just something about lingerie that he loved. he loved it on women, on men, and on himself. i agreed with that, and it looked like my agreement gave him a relief again. he looked around for a few more moments, and said that he should probably get going. my guess was he was going home to look at this site and/or jack off like a madman. i know the entire experience kind of got to me a little. i said he didnt have to, but i didnt push the issue because of that. he went back to his house and i sat there for a few moments, taking in everything that had just happened. now, someone besides my wife knew. i picked up the phone and called my wife. she was actually on her way home, but still a couple of hours away. after i asked her how her sister was, and some small chit-chat, i decided to tell her what had happened. she was deadly silent the entire time i was explaining. when i finished, it was still silent… i had to ask if she was still there, thinking maybe i had lost the connection… she was. “look… would you be upset with me if i told you that made me really really horny just now?” then it was my turn to sit in shock. “what? what made you horny? talking about it, or what happened?” she said it was the thought of brian in panties. my jaw dropped… i thought for a moment… and said no. “it wouldnt upset betist giriş me at all. in fact, you being turned on by it, is a turn on for me too”. then the idea hit me. “would you like to act on those feelings?” she immediately said she would NEVER cheat on me. i knew she had taken that the wrong way… so i stopped her and explained. “im not asking in that sense. i know you wouldnt, and i love you and trust you with all of my heart. but if it were ok with me, you wouldnt be cheating. of course, i guess i would kind of want to participate. im not really enjoying the idea of you alone with another man. but if you ever wanted to have a threesome, it would be completely ok with me. you know i am open to anything and everything.” she sat there for a minute, and i just let the silence happen… i didnt want to push anything… i was just asking. finally, she responded… “that is kind of one of my fantasies i have been thinking about lately” – that was all she needed to say. i told her to hurry home then, cause brian was going to come to dinner. she knew what that meant. i jumped up, excited beyond all belief. i hadnt really though about it before, but the more i though about it… the harder i got. i picked up the phone and called brian. “im just going to come out and say it brian… i told my wife what happened today” and he gasped in horror, but i kept going “and she revealed to me that a threesome like that is one of her fantasies”… the tone in his voice changed instantly. “really?” i told him yes, and said that we wanted him to come over for dinner tonight. he instantly said yes. i asked him if he had any lingerie, or nice lingerie at all, and he said no. i looked at the clock, saw i had about an hour and 45 minutes before my wife would be home, and told him to get dressed as i would be there in a moment. we were going to run to the mall. i pulled from my driveway into his and honked the horn… he came walking out, and i could tell he was still a little stiff in the crotch. not full blown i didnt think but could tell he was thinking about it. he hopped in the car, and asked me what we were doing. i told him we were going to run to fredricks of hollywood before my wife got home and pick up a few things. again, he moved into panic mode. “what?!?! no way man. thats way too embarassing!” i told him to calm down, i would take care of it. it wouldnt embarrassing at all. he didnt ask how, he just said ok. i had never gone shopping for myself either… and that dawned on me as we pulled into the parking lot. i had to think of some explanation fast… some reason two guys would be shopping for lingerie, and for an unknown size. i knew i was a size 7 or 6, but brian had a thinner frame. i didnt hit me on what to say until we walked into the front of the store. brian lagged behind, obviously embarrassed as hell. one of the sales ladies walked over to brian and asked if she could help him. he looked at me with a “what do i say?!?!” type of look, so i instantly jumped inbetween them. “hi… look… this is going to be really weird, but its for a good cause, so we need a little help as we are both clueless, and my wife is too busy to help us at the moment”… the sales lady, puzzled, said ok… and asked what she could help with. i told her that there was a local breast cancer foundation that was having a benefit halloween bash, and they were auctioning off dates. (which is real) we had to go in costume, so me and brian decided that we wanted to go as paris hilton and nicole ritchie, and needed to be as “slutty” as possible. she giggled and that giggle turned into a laugh as she cried out “oh my god! thats so great!!” i looked at brian, and he was now smiling. the embarrassment was gone. i told her that lingerie was going to be our costume. she said that was awesome (younger girl) and did we know what we were looking for, or were we open to ideas…. i told her we were kind of open, as we didnt know what to get, and just said we wanted some stockings or something, and matching bra and panties. she grabbed a tape measure from behind the counter, and whipped out a few measurements on us…. then she immediately pulled out an entire lingerie set… it was perfect, and i said we would take them, but then another girl stepped up and said it may be too much if its going to be the costume. the entire panty front was lace, so our junk would show. i agreed, and we kept looking. so the two girls started talking about what they had that would work, and started pulling things off the rack.. and finally, one of them hit the perfect ensemble. we wound up getting matching sets (one for me, one for brian) – it is a black satin g-string panty and matching black and red (brians was black and purple) silk and lace corset finished off with black think lace top thigh high stockings. they tried to help us with shoes, but nothing worked. i just told them we would figure something else out, and that we appreciated their help. on the way out, i realized that i should probably get my wife something as well right when i spotted a matching white bra and pantie garter set. we walked out of the store with a couple of bags of fun. i wasnt trying to stare, but noticed that brian had a hard on the entire way home. this was making me hard as well. we made some small chit-chat, but mostly talked about the evening to come. i told him that if anything happened that was too much or that he didnt want, to say so. but i was open to trying anything. he agreed whole-heartedly. i dropped him off with his bag, told him to come over whenever he got cleaned up, and then parked in the driveway and ran into my house. only 20 minutes to go! i quickly phoned in an order to the local chinese food place for delivery, laid out everything i had bought on the bed, and then jumped into the shower. i shaved everywhere just to get ready for the night, so i took longer than expected. when i got out of the shower, i found my wife home already. she had stripped down to her bra and panties, and was laying on the bed touching herself, eyes closed, and desperately attempting to catch her breath. i just stood there with a towel around my waste smiling… she finally opened her eyes, and saw me standing there watching. “what??!?! you cant drop a bombshell on me like that while im driving and then not expect me to be horny as hell the moment i walk in the door! dont worry, that was just round one” she said giggling. as she was getting up to get into the shower, she stopped and mentioned what was laying on the edge of the bed. i told her that me and brian had gone shopping, and that i got her the white outfit as i thought it would look extremely sexy on her. she commented that it was brave of us to do our own shopping (i didnt tell her the lame excuse we used) and that she liked it all. i finished drying off, and then decided to get dressed… i didnt know if i should wear the lingerie, or normal clothes and change later. i thought brian probably wouldnt just come over in lingerie, so i put on a pair of shorts and a tshirt for the time being. good thing too, as the delivery man knocked on the door just as i betist yeni giriş got dressed. paid for the food, thanked him, then saw brian walking over as well so i waited at the door. he came in, and sat down. he was wearing jeans and a nice button up shirt. a “classy casual” type of look. i didnt see a bag, so i asked.. “did you bring what we bought today?”… he grinned and said he did. i knew then that he was already dressed under his clothes. so i decided to do the same. i told him i would be right back, and was going to get dressed. “make yourself at home, turn on the tv, theres some wine in the fridge, help yourself.” i scurried back to the bedroom where my wife was miraculously finishing up her makeup. the speed in which she had gotten ready astounded me. “you must be excited… ive never seen you move so fast before” i said with a grin on my face. she said she was so excited she could hardly stand it. as she stood up from the mirror from doing her makeup, i got my first glimpse of her new outfit. i instantly got hard at just he site of her. the stockings traced the curves all the way up to the very top of her legs which met with her nice firm round ass. she put on a full length robe that covered her completely, tried to decide on shoes (then decided that she wouldn’t wear any) and kissed me and said she was going to be waiting in the living room to keep brian company, and to hurry as she was hungry. i smiled, and instantly started ripping off my clothes. i sat down on the edge of the bed next to everything that i had laid out from Fredrick’s, took the stockings out of their package, and slid them up my freshly shaven legs. they were like heaven. they felt so good next to my skin. i was instantly glad i hadn’t skimped and bought the best i could. after i had both stockings pulled on, i stood up to straight and even them. they fit perfectly! the sales lady recommended another kind while i was there as she said they were cut taller, and would look better. i was so glad i listened. they came all the way up, two inches from the very top of my legs. perfect! i was very happy with myself. i then grabbed the hanger and unhooked the panties they had placed on there. the feeling of the satin as i slid them up my stockings towards my waist was almost orgasmic. they felt so soft and silky. i slid them up slowly to enjoy every moment of it. as i stood straight, i pulled them the last bit of the way up. oh god they felt so good against my ****. i stood there with my eyes closed and mouth open almost paralyzed. my entire body tingled. i then realized i hated my corset because it was a nightmare to get fastened. then i got smart, turned it front ways to fasten it, then turned it back around to the front afterwards. i looked at myself in the mirror. i was overjoyed with what i looked like. i then heard my wife ask me if i was going to be much longer, as she was almost done setting the table. i called back to her and said no, and i would be right there. i grabbed some jeans from the closet, a nice black shirt that i normally wear with a tie, and walked out to the dining room. brian and my wife were apparently chatting about lingerie. brian looked so much more at ease with it all now. as i walked in, he was describing our trip to Fredrick’s, and how embarrassed he was at first. they both spotted me at the same time, and i sat down to a nice meal, and an already poured glass of wine. the conversation throughout the meal kept revolving around lingerie. my wife started to tell brian about how i first started off (even though he already knew) and how it kind of opened her up a lot sexually. even though he had already read the story earlier, he listened closely. of course, she left out the graphic detail, but the sense was still there. we were so wrapped in conversation, that the time flew by. we had been there for 2.5 bottled of wine, and almost 2 solid hours talking. when i noticed this, i decided i would get things started off, and said i was going to go into the living room, and would anyone like to join me? they all agreed, and we carried our dishes to the kitchen and made our way, wine in hand, to the living room. i sat at one end of the large couch, my wife sat next to me. brian started to sit on the adjacent couch when my wife stopped him, and patted on the seat next to her for him to sit with us. he smiled, and moved to sit down close to her. my heart was racing… this was going to be it. an experience that was now seeming like a deep hidden fantasy that i had since grade-school. that day was the first i had ever even though about it… but i was just so excited it was happening. i put my arm around my wife, and leaned over and kissed her very deeply, and very passionately, and told her that i loved her. when she finished staring into my eyes, she turned and looked at brian. “i want both of you boys to show me what you bought today. lets get you two out of these stuffy clothes”. she then took her feet and shoved the coffee table far out of the way as if prompting us to stand in front of her and strip. i looked over at brian, then back at her, and said ok and stood up. brian followed suit. i started to unbuckle my belt as brian kind of stood there waiting to see what i was going to do, and my wife stopped me. “no.. lets see brian first…..” so i stopped. “why don’t you give him a hand honey?” oh boy… there is no turning back now. so… i stepped closer to brian, and grabbed his belt slowly unbuckling it, and unbuttoning his jeans. he was rock hard. the bulge in his jeans almost made it impossible to get the zipper down. i left his pants pulled up, and moved up to finish unbuttoning his shirt, as he had already started. i finished, and then slid the shirt off of his shoulders and onto the floor. my eyes ran up and down his torso, slowly taking it in, as i traced the contours of his corset with my fingers heading slowly downward. i could see out of the corner of my eye that my wife was enjoying it. she bites her bottom lip a little during those times. (its how i can easily tell if im pleasing her) i took my other hand and followed suit… slowly moving downward to his waste. brians breathing had increased, and i could tell he was getting excited. i stuck my fingers into the waist of his jeans, and slowly slid them down. he then kicked off his shoes, and stepped out of the jeans. his **** was it was pushing the top of his panties completely off of his body. i stood back up straight, and looked at my wife. she was caressing her breast with one hand slowly, and then other making a knot out of her robe. “now you do him brian” she said. brian moved closer, then stopped and walked behind me and put his arms around my waist to unbuckle my belt. i could feel his nice silky hard **** press against me from behind. i watched my wife as he slowly undressed me. he slid my jeans down to my ankles, and then quickly stood back up and pressed against me a little harder. i could now tell he was slowly moving his hips so that his **** was sliding against the crack of my ass. if i wasn’t completely hard before, i certainly was now. i stepped out of my betist güvenilirmi jeans, and decided it was my wife’s turn as i held out my hand and helped her stand from the couch. she untied her robe, and let it fall off of her shoulders and onto the floor. i was in bliss. this was the dream i never knew i wanted, coming true right before my eyes. brians hands were on my chest and i could feel his breath on the back of my neck. my wife reached out and grabbed my **** through my panties. oh god it was exquisite. my knees started to shake as the satin pressed against it. with my **** still in her hand, she slowly sat back down on the couch, and reached behind me and did the same to brian. as she sat, she led us to turn towards her. brian let out a very audible moan as she grabbed him. “oh… do you like that brian?” my wife asked… he responded with a very enthusiastic YES. she then flipped her hand around, adjusting the grip she had on each of us, and slowly putting pressure on us to turn us towards each other. she was leading us by our cocks and putting us just how she wanted. when she stopped moving, i was looking directly at brian… we were face to face. she then pulled on each of us to bring us closer together. then next thing that happened, i will fantasize and masturbate to for years to come. as we got closer, she slid her hands from the very top of our cocks, to the very bottom. then she straightened our cocks in our panties, grasped each of us firmly at the base, and slowly slid our panty covered cocks together. brian immediately let out a gasp and a loud moan, and i couldnt help but do the same. it felt sooo woderful. she slid them back and forth, then tracing the outside of our heads. “do you buys like that?” she asked very seductively… with a definite oozing of sex from her voice. we answered almost in unison… “yes, that feels for good”. she took her hands away, and instructed us to keep going. i looked over and saw her spread her legs around us and place a foot on each of our asses as to push us together even more. she then started to rub her ***** through her nice new panties. i could see she was already dripping wet. i put my hands on brians shoulders, and started to move my hips so our cocks continued to slide against each others. it felt so good. brian just let me take command as he stood there and moaned. after a few minutes, my wifes feet slid inbetween us as if to seperate us. of course, i love the feel of her stockings through my panties, and she knows this, so that instantly sent a shiver through my body. “my husband really enjoys this brian. you can try too if you like” as she stood up, i slowly spread my legs and bent at the knees pressing my panties up against her lace top stocking and slowly sliding up and down. brian watched for a moment, then followed along. the moment his **** touched her stocking, he let out another huge moan. “oh god. oh **** this feels so good” he blurted out. “im glad you like it brian” my wife said as she slowly took my hand and placed in on her *****. i began to run my fingers over her clit gently gliding back and forth, and every once in a while, slipping just a little bit inside if her. she was now moaning softly as my fingers moved. brian, paying attention, did the same. when her knees got shaky, and her moans started to become screams, i could tell she was about to cum, so i quickly turned to get in front of her and quickly started massaging her clit with my tongue. brian then moved two finger into her as she grabbed my hair and shoved me into her even harder and came all over me. she then quickly collapsed back down onto the couch, breathless. me and brian both stood at the same time, and tried to figure out what to do next. but just then, brian rushed over to be next to me, kneeled down, and started sliding up and down my stockings as he started to moan. this surprised me, but i didnt say anything. i looked over and saw my wife rubbing herself again and watching us intensely. brian was thrusting up and down my leg, and i knew he was about to cum. he grabbed my panty covered **** and started jacking me off through them. it took another three or four slides up and down my leg until he was cumming furiously. “oh god im cumming in my panties”… hearing him say that got me that much closer as well, and i could feel it starting to get closer. as brian started to stand back up, my wife did as well, and quickly turned me to face her back. she then leaned down, and started sucking the cum through brians panties. with her free hand, she reached back and pulled my **** out, lifted one of her legs onto the couch, and pushed herself back onto me. it was too much. watching her lick brian clean through his panties and feeling her nice tight ***** wrapped around me, while the feeling of our stockings gently touching was just too much. i came harder than i ever had, and it was quite more than enough for her to notice as well… she stopped and said “oh god” and looked back at me as she held me still and let her hips finish me off. she was still eager, and i had a little left in me, so she sat me down on the couch, and straddled me, pushing my **** deep inside her as she moaned loudly. she reached over and grabbed brians **** and pulled him closer so she could put him in her mouth. this kept going for a solid minute or two til she took brians **** out, and started leading him towards my face. “will you do this for me honey?”… i didnt know what to do… it felt weird all of a sudden. but for her… anything. i turned my head to the side a little… opened my mouth, and sucked brian in. i could FEEL my wife getting even more excited now. her ***** was growing tighter on me and her moans were turning into screams again. she game in one giant gush and i could feel her juices slowly running down my shaft and onto my balls. i took brians **** out of my mouth, and started running my tongue underneath the backside of it. i knew i loved it when my wife did that, and apparently brian liked it as well as he started getting harder again. my wife opened her eyes and blurted out inbetween her moans and screams” “that is so **** hot. dont stop doing that. i want to watch you lick his **** until im finished”…. and it didnt take long from that point. her orgasm finished, and she collapsed onto my chest, panting. i was still inside of her and enjoying it. after a moment or two of watching, she took back over and sucked brian until he finished again. just as he was about to cum, she leaned away and started jacking him off until he came on my chest. that was enough to do it for me again, and i came for a second time inside my wife. we all three just sat there. exhausted. sticky. and smelling of that wonderfully musty sex smell. nobody said a word for almost an hour until my wife asked if either of us wanted some wine. then we argued amusingly over who should go get it, as we were all too tired to move. brian called me as i was writing this, and said he was going shopping tonight for more things, and he didnt care what anyone thinks anymore. my wife is staying home this weekend, and brian is coming over saturday night for dinner again. i dont know how either one of them feel about it, but im hoping that they might be ok with taping it. i would love to share this out. i know my wife might be ok with it as we have talked about it before… but no clue if brian is or not. fingers crossed.

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