Friends and Fantasy Ch. 01


Friends and Fantasy 1: Laura

Laura was older than D by seven months, but people thought her younger. She stood at five one and was very petite. She had straight brown hair and brown eyes. D had known her for nine years. He was not sure how he felt about Laura after seeing her change so much from then to their college days. They had drifted apart over the years, so it was surprising to D when Laura invited him over to spend the day.

He knocked on the door, and heard Laura’s dog bark. She put the dog in one of the rooms, and came to the door. She wore an animal print shirt, yellow sweatshirt, and jeans. D looked at Laura’s pretty brown eyes through her glasses.

“Hey,” Laura said as she saw her longest lasting friend, “thanks for coming over.”

“Thanks for inviting me…Hey, where are your parents?” D asked as he looked around her house.

“Oh, they’re out of town,” she said with something going on in her mind, of which D was unaware. “Come on, the horses are waiting.” She led him to the back yard where the horses were in the pen with the saddles on and waiting. D opened the gate as Laura rode one horse and led the other out. As he climbed onto casino şirketleri the horse, Laura rode off out of sight.

Once she was in front of the house, Laura climbed off her horse and sat in the grass. As soon as D came around the corner and saw her, she pretended to get up as though she hurt her leg. D got of his horse and walked over to her.

“Are you ok?” he asked as he walked over to her.

“I fell off and hurt my leg. Could you help me into the house?”

“It’ll be faster if I do this,” D lifted Laura up and carried her to the house. He took Laura into her room and laid her in bed. D then went to put the horse back in the pen and came back to the house. Laura shouted at him to get the lotion out of the bathroom. When D came back into the room, Laura had removed her jeans and lay on her side.

“Could you massage it for me?” she asked. D took some lotion in his hand and started to rub her thigh, not realizing it was the other leg she was limping on earlier. He began to rub as firmly, but gently as he could. Pleasure shot up Laura’s leg, and she stiffened from how good it felt. D’s eyes wandered up to her panties. His member began casino firmalari to stiffen as he thought of what was so close to him.

“Higher,” she said in a breathy voice. “Higher,” she repeated, which put her hands onto her small butt. Laura sighed in pleasure and wiggled underneath his hands. She grabbed D’s hand and placed it on her crotch as Laura rolled onto her back. D grabbed a hold of the panties, pulled them down and dropped them with the jeans as Laura removed her sweatshirt and tee. D looked at Laura’s small, firm breast as he stood up. D removed his shirt and kissed Laura. As his lips traveled down her neck, he undid his jeans. D pulled a condom out of his wallet. He licked and sucked on her stiff nipple as he stepped out of his jeans and boxers. D put the condom on his hardened cock as he climbed into the bed with Laura.

D held himself above Laura’s petite, slender body. His lips traveled across her neck as he pressed his erect member against Laura’s waiting vaginal lips. D’s hands held onto her small hips as he pushed himself into her slowly. She was wonderfully tight.

“Come on Laura,” D whispered into her ear as he pushed güvenilir casino his cock into her as far as he could. “I know there’s something you want to say. Don’t hold back and say it.”

“f.fu…FUCK ME D!” Laura shouted in growing pleasure. D pressed his chest against her nipples and kissed her as he slowly slid his cock out to the very tip and slides it back in. Laura gave slight moans in pleasure as she felt the tingling traveling from her warm moist pussy throughout her body. Laura moved her hips in rhythm of D’s seven-inch cock. D could feel her pussy get wetter as Laura could feel him get harder as he moved in and out.

Both closed their eyes. D closed his eyes to focus so he could last longer and Laura to focus on the sensations running through her body. Laura wrapped her legs around D’s waist as she tried to pull his cock deeper into her pussy. She shuddered in orgasm.

D could not take it any longer. He increased the rhythm of is thrusts into Laura warm, moist pussy. He could not hold back any longer. His entire body tensed in orgasm. He shoved his rock hard cock as deep as it would go as he unleashed the first blast of semen into the condom. D slowly slid in and out, causing Laura’s pussy to milk the rest of the semen. When the orgasm passed, he rolled her onto his side, leaving his semi-stiff cock still in her vaginal lips. Laura kissed D as they laid in the bed, and pulled him close to rest in his arms.

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