Friends Like These…

Friends Like These…It was my third period class…Normally I’m in study period in the library, but this day I had received a note from Charlie telling me to meet him in the locker room. A note from Charlie, Bruce or Daniel during school only meant one thing…some one wanted to fuck and I was their chosen partner. I also knew that if I did not show up I would probably get my butt kicked after school or my awful secrete would get told.Dutifully I manage to stealthily make my way to the gym and into the darken locker room. As soon as I had eased the door closed Charlie seized me by the collar and asked ‘…nobody saw you come down here…’ Fearfully I answered ‘…I sneaked around the building and came in the back way…’ Charlie let go of my shirt and started to remove his pants and commanded me to ‘…get your sissy ass naked and bent over, we ain’t got all day…’All ready I was trembling from anticipation of the pain full entry Charlie was going to thrust upon me. As soon as I had undid my belt, Charlie reached out and pulled me ruffly into him saying ‘…you’re taking too damn long. Turn your nasty ass around…’Charlie pushed me over one of the dressing tables and spit into my butt crack. He used his stiffened rock hard penile head to spread around the goo, and then he rammed his huge penis into my bahis siteleri canlı anus. I managed to stifle the scream caused by the brutal intrusion, Charlie didn’t seem to care if he was tearing my anus or busting my rectum.For the next twenty minutes Charlie rammed and deeply grind his huge penile shaft into my bung as i tried to keep my anguish cries low enough not to be heard. Finally Charlie slammed deep into me and I felt his penile shaft begin to twitch and throb as he emptied his load of male sperm deep into my rectum.Charlie held my hips as he slowly grind his midsection against my buttocks as his penis shot load after load into my anal canal. Once he was satisfied he was done, Charlie pulled from my ruptured bung hole and wiped his penis off and got dressed. I was in such pain and humiliation I could only manage to slip to the floor whimpering from the brutal sexual session.Charlie looked atr me smiled and said ‘…you better get your ass up and get out of here…’ Charlie went out the door and I found an old towel to wipe his leaking substance from my thighs and bung hole.I pulled up my under wear and pants and went over to one of the sinks to wash the tear streaks from my face. As I eased open the door and peered out I saw no one and made my escape. As soon as I reached the first canlı bahis step, Willie, another classmate called out ‘…hey David, you in a hurry…’ I didn’t even look his way answering ‘…yeah I’ve got to get to class…’Willie said ‘…if I was you I wouldn’t be in such a big hurry until you see what I want…’ I froze and slowly turned his direction, Willie was standing against the wall stroking his rigid penis smiling at me.Willie softly said ‘…you can come over here and suck my dick or I’ll tell every one what I just saw…’ I glared at him as he continued to stroke his penis slowly. Willie conjoined saying ‘…all I want you to do is come over here and suck me off. Do it right and I want tell, do it wrong and I’ll tell every one…’Dejected I started to go over to him stopping about four feet I stammered ‘…He made me do it…’ Willie said ‘…well I’m not going to make you do anything, you’re going to do it because you want to and you’ll swallow every drop. And I’ll keep your little secrete…’I looked at his penis and back up at him, tears started to run down my cheek as he said ‘…the quickest you start the soonest it will be over…’ I put my books down and knelt before him as he place his left hand on my head and whispered ‘…suck it good and swallow every drop…’Reluctantly bahis siteleri I reached up and took hold of his throbbing member, Willie placed his right hand on my left ear and pulled me to his twitching penis. Timidly I licked his penile head lightly as he pulled me closer and twisted my head around rubbing his stiff member across my lips.Slowly I parted my lips and allowed his member to enter my oral cavity, as soon as he thick head touched my tongue, Willie gripped my head tightly and begin to violently hunch his male member back and forth into my mouth. I tried with all my might to push him away but I could not, soon his steel hard penile head was striking the back of my throat causing me to gag.Willie had me held tight as he sexual assaulted my mouth, his pre-cum and my saliva dripped from my mouth as he had his way. How long he had me in such a predicament I don’t know, my knees were hurting and my throat was being assaulted as he had sex with my oral cavity. Willie said roughly to me ‘…swallow it all bitch, swallow it all here I come, here I come…’My mouth and throat was flooded with his seed as he held me tight against his crotch emptying his substance, I tried to swallow as his tool shot massive load after load into my mouth and sown my throat. Willie held me to him till his penis begin to deflate and than he pulled me away and said ‘…best dick sucking I’ve had in a long time. Don’t worry, I’m not gonna want to stick my dick in your sissy ass, but you are gonna suck my dick at least once a week… see you here next Wednesday same time…’

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