Friendship Renewed Ch. 05


A few months went by [nearing the end of February] and still no word from Jay. Liz had done this dance with Jay several times in the past–it was best to just wait for him to decide he felt like talking to her again. In the meantime, Liz couldn’t even begin to pretend that this did not bother her. This was the man she gave up so much for, the man she gave up her virginity and her heart for. And now he wasn’t even speaking to her again. He was too busy fucking other girls, no doubt. Well two could play at that game…

Every time Jay forgot about Liz, their mutual friend Neil was always there to pick up her broken pieces. It had been this way for years, and nothing had changed. One night while Liz was online, Neil noticed her upset away message and sent her a message, asking her what was wrong. “We had sex. Several times. And now he’s not talking to me at all. It’s like I’m nothing to him. Like none of it meant anything to him, and all the things he said were just to get in my pants,” Liz replied.

Neil felt himself growing more angry than usual. He could not quite understand why he was getting so worked up over this; yes, he cared a lot about Liz and valued her as a friend and hated to see her hurting, but something bothered him in a different way this time. Things had changed a bit between the two of them since their relationship had grown more comfortable and a bit more flirtatious. He also felt a little awkward, seeing as he had admitted several months earlier that he found her attractive. Perhaps he thought of her as a bit more than just a friend?

“That’s not cool at all. You really need to distance yourself from him and think about if this is what you really want, Liz. You deserve so much better than this. In the meantime, we need to get you out of the house. Keep you from dwelling on it. How about you come over and we watch a movie or something?” Neil asked.

Liz smiled. Neil was such a good friend to her, even though he was several years older than she was. “That sounds great,” she replied. While he wasn’t the most handsome guy she had ever seen, he certainly was cute in his own right. More importantly, he was always so kind and good natured toward her; a true gentleman with a great sense of humor. Unlike Jay, Neil had managed to always be there for Liz. They had never hung out alone before, the majority of their friendship occurring in conversations online, so she was looking forward to being able to spend time with Neil away from a group.

Liz pulled herself out of the bed she had been sulking in and went to go shower and get ready. She picked out a chocolate-brown colored sweater which hugged her curves nicely, a pair of faded jeans, and her brown clogs. She sprayed herself with her favorite strawberry scented perfume and applied her makeup carefully so that her multi-colored eyes and her bright smile would stand out. For the first time in weeks, she felt motivated to take pride in her appearance, and she didn’t exactly understand why.

She grabbed her car keys and drove over to Neil’s house. Liz was very nervous as she knocked on Neil’s door. She twirled her fingers around a few strands of hair as she waited outside in the cold. Finally the door opened and Neil beamed as he welcomed her in. Liz shivered as she entered the house, removing her coat, scarf, hat, and gloves.

“It’s good to see you. And to hang out with you outside of the hustle and bustle of music and friends,” Neil said.

“Yeah, definitely,” Liz replied, still feeling nervous.

“Oh, uhm, you look spectacular.” Neil added, turning a bit red.

Liz blushed a bit and thanked Neil.

Neil illegal bahis took her hand and led her into the living room to the couch. “I thought we’d watch Pirates of the Caribbean since that always seems to cheer you up when you’re upset… ” Neil said as they sat down.

Liz smiled. “That’s awesome.”

The two of them sat down on the couch to watch the movie, leaving quite a bit of space between each other; an indication of how nervous they both seemed to be. About fifteen minutes into the movie, Neil got up.

“Do you want anything from the kitchen? Popcorn? A soda? Water? Anything?” Neil inquired.

“Popcorn and water would be great, thanks,” Liz replied before turning back to the movie.

Neil returned a short time later with a bowl of popcorn and their drinks, sitting closer to Liz than he had been before. Eventually, simply because it seemed bound to happen, their hands brushed together in the bowl of popcorn. Neil let his fingers brush against Liz’s a bit longer than was necessary to retrieve popcorn, and then he pulled away and turned his attention to the movie, looking embarrassed.

Neil couldn’t believe that he was essentially hitting on his friend, someone who had just been hurt again by a jackass, who couldn’t possibly be interested in a relationship with anyone right now, let alone with him. Liz turned toward Neil and noticed that he looked very frustrated.

“Neil… are you okay?” Liz asked.

“Oh, uhm, yeah, I’m fine. Just thinking,” Neil replied.

“About what? Come on… we tell each other everything… ” Liz urged.

“Nothing, really.” Neil added.

Liz gave him a knowing look; she knew he wasn’t thinking about “nothing”, and in fact, she had a pretty good idea what he was thinking about. “Neil… tell me the truth. Please?”

Neil sighed in resignation. Liz always managed to get the truth out of him. He just wasn’t so sure that she would want to hear this… Neil opened his mouth to say something and then simply closed it again, sitting there in quiet contemplation. Suddenly Neil pulled Liz close to him and planted a gentle kiss on her mouth.

He pulled away, looking embarrassed, and stood up. “Oh my god… Liz… I’m so sorry… I don’t know what came over me… ” he frantically apologized. Liz smiled. She thought it was so cute that he felt so bad about having feelings for her and how sensitive he was; like she always thought, he was a true gentleman.

“Neil… it’s… it’s okay,” Liz replied. Neil turned around and looked shocked.

“It’s what?” he asked.

Liz stood up, pulled Neil to her by the front of his shirt, and gave him a gentle kiss. She then sat back down on the couch and looked at Neil. Neil wasn’t quite sure what to do next. It had been a long time since he had been with a girl, and since this was his friend and his friend had been hurt, he was afraid of going too far and offending her. She was so easy to talk to and to be around. He couldn’t picture anyone more perfect for him than her, even if she was several years younger. He just never realized how sexy she was until now, and now he couldn’t think of anything else but her.

Neil sat down on the couch and tentatively moved in for another kiss. His heart leapt when he felt her embrace the kiss rather than pull away. Slowly the kiss began to deepen, and Neil decided to add a little tongue to see what would happen. Liz ran her fingers up through Neil’s short hair and pulled him closer. Neil couldn’t believe how lucky he was; this beautiful girl that he had secretly longed for for years was now on his couch, in his arms and making out with him. illegal bahis siteleri He considered himself a nice, nerdy guy… how could he ever get someone like her?

Liz began to stroke underneath Neil’s ear with her fingertips and Neil lost all of his thoughts; he was consumed with Liz, and he was loving it. Neil decided to be a bit bolder. He slid his hands around Liz’s back, letting one slide up into her dark brown hair, and began to dot tiny kisses across her cheek and around her neck until he settled near her ear. Liz giggled a little bit at the ticklish feel of Neil’s nervous kisses. She stroked the back of his neck as encouragement to let Neil know that she liked it. Neil’s nervous little kisses slowly grew a bit more forceful. He immersed himself in her strawberry scented skin.

Liz let out a soft murmur, and Neil again gained a little more confidence. He began to rub his hand up and down her back and started to nibble and suck on Liz’s neck. Liz loved the way that Neil was so intent on pleasing her–how did he know that she loved to have her neck nibbled on? Neil’s lips tugged on Liz’s neck just underneath her ear and he began to flicker his tongue against her. Liz arched her back and moaned into Neil’s ear quietly, nibbling on his earlobe as she did so. Neil gasped in surprise at how good that felt.

Neil could feel himself growing aroused and this worried him, because he did not know if he could keep himself from wanting to fuck her, even if she was vulnerable. And he didn’t want to push her to do anything she didn’t want to. Liz pushed Neil back on the couch and began to nibble on his ears while rubbing her hands lightly over his chest. Neil leaned his head back and grinned. He slid his hand apprehensively down Liz’s back toward her ass, and when he noticed she did not resist, he gave her ass a squeeze. This simply caused her to suck harder on his earlobe.

Neil stroked his hands up and down Liz’s back, sliding his hands under the bottom of her shirt. He pushed Liz back on the couch and let his hands play around on her stomach as they resumed kissing. Liz slipped a hand under the hem of Neil’s shirt and slipped it off to find a nice, smooth chest. While it wasn’t broad or really muscled, it did have a pretty nice tone to it. Liz rubbed her hands over Neil’s bare chest, feeling his breathing pick up a bit as her fingers encountered his nipples, which were hardening partially due to the cold air and partially due to his arousal.

Liz broke their kiss long enough to kiss Neil’s nipples. Neil let out small moans, growing increasingly louder as Liz’s kisses grew in intensity. He slid his hands further up her shirt and cupped his hands around her breasts, which were heaving against the lacy cups of her bra. He kissed her stomach and kissed up to just underneath her bra, where her rolled-up shirt ended. Neil looked at Liz as he touched the bottom of her shirt, and she nodded. Neil slowly peeled off Liz’s shirt and just marveled at the sight of her without her shirt.

He wanted to just rip her bra off immediately, but he wanted to make the moment last and to please her as much as possible. Neil licked along the bottom edge of her bra, letting his fingers follow the wet trail. Liz’s chest began to heave even more as her breathing grew more rapid. The sight of her heaving breasts encased by the lacy black bra turned Neil on beyond belief. He nibbled along the tops of the bra cups, and then slowly pulled the straps down to reveal her magnificent breasts.

Neil practically came in his pants right there at the sight of her beautiful body there beneath him. He couldn’t canlı bahis siteleri wait for the rest of what the night would bring. Liz pulled Neil down on top of her so that they could feel their chests together. She then rolled over on top of Neil and brushed her hard nipples against his chest as she straddled him. She leaned back, resting her jean-clad hips lightly on Neil’s crotch. She cupped her breasts as she writhed around, looking at Neil beneath her.

Neil watched Liz intently, and then placed his hands on her sides, slowly sliding them up until they were even with her ample breasts. He let his fingers brush against her nipples lightly, eliciting a sharp gasp and a moan from Liz. Neil grinned. She was so sensitive to his every touch. He found it erotic to see how much he affected her.

Neil slid his hands down to her lower back to encourage Liz to lean over. Liz leaned over, placing her hands down on the couch to brace herself. Neil was now eye-level with Liz’s perfect 36C breasts. He cupped them in his hands and began to play with her nipples a bit more, stroking and flicking them as they grew harder. Liz writhed around, grinding her hips into Neil’s. Neil licked a finger and a thumb and began to roll one of her nipples between his fingers. Liz rolled her head back as he began to squeeze his fingers around her nipple. She moaned a little louder this time. Liz began to tweak her other nipple as Neil continued to please her.

Neil placed one hand on Liz’s lower back to push her against his crotch and then flicked her nipple with his tongue. Liz moaned loudly. “mmm you like it when i play with your nipples, baby?” Neil asked in a much huskier voice than he normally used. Liz laughed upon hearing Neil’s voice.

Neil engulfed her nipple and gave it a hard suck. Liz moaned even louder. “Tell me how much you like it” he said, as he continued to suck on her nipple as he slowly let a hand trail down toward her pants.

Liz leaned her head down toward Neil’s ear–she loved being given the opportunity to tease a bit. She remained there, just letting her warm breath flow into his ear for a few moments, feeling Neil grow more excited. “I love feeling your warm mouth all over my nipples. Suck them harder, Neil. Make me hot, baby. Suck them like this.” And Liz proceeded to demonstrate on Neil’s earlobe, letting her tongue and teeth devour his ears and causing Neil to bite down on her nipple lightly as he moaned.

“Liz… ” Neil sighed loudly, “I want you… right now… I can’t wait… “

Liz smirked. “But I had all this teasing planned out… “

Liz ran her hand over Neil’s crotch and squeezed gently, massaging his hardness.

“Please… You can tease all you want later… I just need to be in you right now… ” Neil begged.

Liz peeled off the rest of her clothes as Neil hurriedly rid himself of his pants and boxers. Liz pushed Neil down on the couch and climbed on top of him, both of them moaning quietly as he entered her. They quickly found their rhythm and soon began frantically grinding their hips into each other, thrusting harder and harder each time. Neil flipped them over, wanting to be on top so that he could feel all of Liz’s body beneath him, and he began to pound into her. Liz moaned loudly, feeling herself nearing the edge.

“Oh… Neil… ohh… ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck me, baby. Yeah. Uhhhhhhhhhhh.”

Neil was panting as Liz reached her orgasm, and both of them knew that Neil was also about ready to blow. Neil pulled out of Liz quickly and Liz knelt in front of him, taking his twitching cock into her mouth just before Neil shot his cum into her mouth.

“So you still say you never wanna fuck a musician?” Liz asked playfully as Neil fell back onto the couch, exhausted and a bit red in the face. “I think… ” Neil said, giving her clit a lick, “for you… I can make an exception.”

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