Subject: From Brother To Slave Chapter 3 All characters and events in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real events or real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. Though this work of fiction may contain sexual situations and/or sexual acts between adults and minors, the author does not condone such situations and/or acts. From Brother to Slave � Chapter 3 I sat down at the counter and grabbed a piece of pizza, “Have a seat and eat some pizza.” “Thank you, Master.” “What was going through your head when I ordered you to clean Brian’s shoes and then to suck his cock?” “May I speak freely, Master?” “Yes, you can.” “At first I didn’t like it. I felt humiliated and wondered why you ordered me to not only greet Brian naked but to then lick his shoes and then suck his dick. Then I remembered what I am: Your slave, to do as you please. I still felt humiliated, but then I realized that I was pleasing you. Then I didn’t care. All I wanted was for you to be happy with what I was doing. Were you happy?” “I wouldn’t say I was `happy’, but yes, I was pleased that you were doing as instructed and without complaint, as you should.” “I want to be a good slave for you. I want to please you and if that means you want me to suck off your friends or whatever else, then that is all that matters. I feel right when I please you and I haven’t felt right before today.” “Well, you are right. You will be sucking off my friends. You will be sucking them off a lot. I want you to become an expert cock sucker, Timothy. I see my friends, like me, not getting it from our girlfriends and then I think of what I have in you: The perfect relief. No bitching. No haggling. Just a slave willing to take our cocks into his mouth and swallow our cum. That’s what I have in you.” “Yes, Master.” “Now, let’s go take a look at your new room.” With that, I got off the stool and headed to laundry room which is also now Timothy’s room with Timothy following behind me. As I entered, I noticed cramped it was, with the washer and dryer and now the camp bed. A perfect resting spot for my new slave. “As there isn’t a lot of room in here and since you are going to be naked a lot, we are going to go through your clothes and I will decide what you get to keep.” “Yes, Master.” “First off, we will make this real easy. No underwear. When you are allowed to wear clothes, you won’t be wearing underwear, so you can pack those all up in the box right there.” Timothy grabbed all his underwear and put them in the box. “Go ahead and put all your socks in that box as well.” Timothy gathered up all his socks and placed them in the box. “I figure you only really need five outfits. One for each day of classes,” I said as I started to rummage through his clothes. I picked out two polo shirts and three t-shirts as well as four pair of baggy khaki shorts. I also picked out one pair of blue Adidas basketball shorts. “The rest of the clothes can go into the box.” Timothy obeyed my order and stuffed the rest of what used to be his clothing into the box. “You can keep the flips you wore to Target and I will allow you to pick on pair of trainers to keep as well.” Timothy started looking over his six pairs of trainers. I could tell he was really thinking about it hard, trying to figure out if I would be pleased with his selection. He finally chose pair of grey Vans. “These, Master.” “Good choice,” I responded, making Timothy beam with pride. “As a reminder: Those you will be allowed to wear these clothes, you will only wear them when given permission and only the ones I tell you to. Is that understood, boy?” “Yes, Master.” “Good. Now take the box to the Jeep and wait for me in it.” Timothy picked up the box and left the room to take it to the Jeep. I took one quick look around and headed out to the garage. I found Timothy sitting in the passenger seat with the box of clothes in the back. istanbul travesti I got it, started up the Jeep, raised the garage door and backed out. I drove toward the local Goodwill. Once there, I pulled up to the nearest donation box. “Get out and dump those clothes into donation box.” “But Master, won’t someone see me naked?” “Doesn’t matter to me if they do or not, but don’t make me repeat myself.” Timothy quickly got out of the Jeep and walked to the back. He opened it up and pulled out the box. He then took the box to the donation receptacle and dumped the clothes into it. Then he quickly put the box into the back and jumped into the seat. I then drove us back home. Once back in the house, I sat back down on the sofa. “Time for you to suck my cock one more time before you head off to bed like a good little boy.” Without another word from me, Timothy undid my shorts and pulled them down a bit and put my cock into his mouth. He swallowed my entire dick and moved around his tongue as he sucked away. Again, he wasn’t the greatest, but he was better than before. What lacked in skill he made up for in effort. Before long I was shooting my load down his throat. Even after I had shot my last shot, he stayed on my deflating cock. “You can take my cock out of your mouth now.” Timothy did so. “Do you have to piss?” “No, Master.” “Are you sure? This is your last opportunity to piss before I send you off to bed.” “Yes, Master, I am sure.” “Then go get one of those pull-ups and bring it in here.” Timothy hung his head and got a pull-up and brought into the living room. “Now put it on.” Timothy had a tear in his eye while he put on the pull-up. “It’s a little big on you, but it will work for tonight. Tomorrow we will get you boys sized ones. Before I send you off to bed, I have some instructions for you. One, you will wake me up at 6 am with a blowjob. Two, you will not get out of bed until it is time for you to wake me up, not even to pee. That’s what the pull-up is for. I wouldn’t suggest not following those instructions, is that clear?” “Yes, Master.” “Good. Now get on your knees and drink my piss.” Timothy took the tip of my cock into his mouth and drank down my piss. He was much better at this than sucking my cock, but that would change over time. “Now that you drank my piss, it’s bedtime for you.” Timothy stood up and went into his new room. I turned on the TV and decided to watch Succession until I was tired enough to go to bed myself. I walked down the hallway past the laundry room and into my new bedroom, took off my clothes and crawled into bed and fell asleep. I woke up to feeling of wet heat on my groin. It took me a couple of moments to realize that it wasn’t a dream, but instead Timothy sucking on my cock as instructed. I looked at my phone and saw that it was 6 am. “That feels really good. Too bad you denied me this feeling all this time.” Timothy didn’t say a word, just responded by moving his tongue harder around my cock, working my cum out of it. It didn’t take long and I was shooting my spunk into his mouth, again. Timothy just kept sucking and drained me. I pushed him off my cock and sat up. “That was very nice. You ready for my morning piss, boy?” “Yes, Master,” is all that Timothy said. He put the tip of my cock into his mouth and I started to pee. I could tell he was struggling a bit with what had to be a strong taste, but he just kept drinking it down. Finally I was done. “Did you piss yourself during the night?” Timothy blushed, “Yes, Master.” “How does it feel?” “Very wet and uncomfortable, Master.” “That will teach you not to go piss before bed now, won’t it, boy?” “Yes, Master.” “Now, go take those off, throw them away and take a shower. We leave in 30 minutes to take you to classes and then I am off to school.” “Yes, Master.” Timothy got up off the floor and headed down the hallway kadıköy travesti to the bathroom. I got up and headed into my bathroom, turned on the water and got into the shower. Unlike Timothy, I didn’t have piss to wash off of me. I got out of the shower, dried off and then got dressed for the day. I walked into the hallway as Timothy was exiting our former bathroom. “Follow me, so I can pick out what you are wearing today.” “Yes, Master.” We went to Timothy’s new room. I then picked out a nice grey polo shirt, a pair of khaki shorts and his Vans. “Pick those up, grab your backpack and wallet and meet me out by the Jeep. Also, don’t forget the camping cup.” I went through the kitchen, grabbed the keys to the Jeep and headed out to the garage. We both got in, me fully clothed and Timothy completely naked. I backed out the garage and headed toward Timothy’s college. After about twenty minutes of driving, I pulled into the far parking lot of the college. “Before I let you get dressed and go to class, I want you to blow me.” “Here, Master? Won’t someone see me?” “Not if you keep your head down on my cock, like the good boy you are.” With that, Timothy reached over and undid my shorts and pulled down my underwear enough to expose my cock. He then leaned over and put my whole cock in his mouth. Damn his mouth felt good on my dick. “This isn’t quite road head, but it will do,” I stated as Timothy did his tongue work and bobbed up and down on my cock. It didn’t take more than five minutes of Timothy’s mouth work before I shot my load. I didn’t even have to hold his head down to take it all. “You can take your mouth off my dick now.” Timothy did so and even licked his lips. “You are getting better at that.” “Thank you, Master.” “Don’t forget to take a video of you drinking your own piss and sending it to me.” “Yes, Master.” “Now get dressed and head to class. I will pick you up at the entrance at 2 so we can see the lawyer.” Timothy quickly got dressed, exited the Jeep and headed to the college entrance. I turned the Jeep back on and drove to my high school. I pulled into the student parking lot, parked and headed toward the main entrance. Brian was near the entrance and made a beeline toward me. “Dude, that was amazing last night. Shocking, but amazing,” Brian said as he reached me. “Glad you enjoyed your tip,” I replied. “Very much so. I am going to have to deliver pizzas to your house more often, now that I know about Timothy.” “Remember, you don’t need to deliver a pizza each time you need a blow job. Just call or text me and I will have Timothy waiting and willing to suck your cock.” “That works for me.” “Also remember, Timothy being my slave is a secret. You can’t share it with anyone else. Not even Mike and Pete. Not until this weekend at least. I will introduce them to Timothy’s new position in life then.” “He’s your slave. However many people you want to know about him is up to you.” “Thanks. Now I better find Lucy and you better find Jill or else we will both have hell to pay.” Brian chuckled and we searched for our respective girlfriends. We found them huddled next to our first period class room. We chatted a bit then headed in. Class was boring. Then we moved onto the next class. I felt my phone buzz and took a quick look to see that Timothy had texted me. I put my phone away and sat through the rest of the class. When class was over, I headed to my locker and pulled out my phone. I checked the text from Timothy and saw that he had sent me a video of him pissing into the camping cup and then drinking it. I then showed it to Brian. “He really does drink piss.” “That he does.” The rest of the day went by fairly quickly. Around lunch I received another text from Timothy again with a video of him drinking piss, but this time from a different bathroom at the college. I then went to my last class. After that bakırköy travesti class, I kissed Lucy goodbye, told Brian to give me a call and headed out to the Jeep. I got in and drove to Timothy’s college. Timothy was waiting for me at the entrance. He got and immediately stripped of his clothes. He was being a very obedient slave. “You ready for the lawyer, boy?” “I’m a little scared, to be honest, Master.” “That’s to be expected, but remember, this is what you wanted.” “Yes, Master.” I drove us to the lawyer’s office and pulled into the parking garage. I then instructed Timothy to get dressed and we headed up to the office. We were greeted by the secretary and ushered into Mr. Ground’s office. “Timothy and Devon! So good to see you two,” he said. “Good to see you as well Mr. Ground,” I responded. He pointed at the chairs in front of his desk and we each took a seat. “So, what brings you in today?” Timothy responded, “Well, I have been thinking about the Trusts.” “What were you thinking of?” “Well, mom and dad left both us sizeable Trusts of which I gained access to mine as of yesterday, with it being my twentieth birthday. I would like to convert my Trust over to Devon as well as my share of dad’s company and the house.” “You do realize that will leave you nothing and you would have to rely on the good graces of Devon for any monies?” “I know. But there is still the college fund my parents set up for me. I think that is more than enough. Besides, I am still Devon’s guardian for another two years.” “And Devon, are you okay with this?” “If it’s what Timothy wants, then who am I to stand in the way?” “Very well then. I will draw up the papers and have them sent over to your house this evening.” “Thank you,” Timothy replied. We both stood up and walked out of the office and down to the Jeep. Once in the Jeep, Timothy got naked and I drove us to the nearest Target. “Since the pull-ups that you got are too big for you, we are going to go in and find the right sized ones.” “Yes, Master.” “You can get dressed now.” Timothy got dressed and we headed into the store. Timothy looked uncomfortable knowing what we were going to look for as we headed to the diaper aisle. I finally found what I was looking for. Special pull-ups for younger teens. “These should fit you perfectly, boy.” “Yes, Sir.” “But before we get them, I need to piss. So you are going to go the bathroom near the pharmacy, the family one, go in, lock the door and strip naked. You will wait for me to knock five times then open the door for me. Is that understood?” “Yes, Sir.” Timothy walked toward the front of the store where the pharmacy and the family bathroom was located. I waited a couple of minutes to give him time to do as instructed and then headed that way myself. I came to the door of the bathroom and knocked five times. Timothy opened it up and I walked in, quickly closed the door and locked it. “On your knees. You know what to do.” “Yes, Master.” Timothy undid my shorts and pulled them down enough to expose my cock. He then put just the tip and I let loose with my piss. He struggled a bit, but he was able to keep up with the stream. About ninety seconds later I pissed my last drop. “You can take my cock out of your mouth now. I am heading back to the diaper aisle. Wait here for two minutes, get dressed and meet me there.” “Yes, Master.” I left Timothy in the bathroom and headed back to the diaper aisle. A few minutes later Timothy arrived, looking down at his Vans. “Get the blue pack there.” “Yes, Sir.” Timothy picked up the pack of pull-ups and we headed toward checkout. I thought about embarrassing him a bit and going through a manned checkout lane, but instead directed Timothy toward self-checkout. When done, we headed out to the Jeep. We go in and Timothy stripped down. Then we headed home. —– To Be Continued … —– Thank you for reading Chapter 3 of From Brother to Slave. Please feel free to email me with comments, suggestions and questions. I have received so many that I can’t respond to them ail P.S. 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