From Essays to Ecstasy


On the first day of classes her freshman year of college, Alice met her English teacher, Chrystal Rickie, someone she would get to know very well. After a few weeks, they were close friends, sending one another frequent text messages and watching girlie television shows together each week.

Alice came from a broken family, so when Christmas came, Chrystal invited her to go with her and her husband out of state for a few weeks. Alice readily agreed.

The sexual tension between Alice and Chrystal had been intense since they first met. Alice, a self-proclaimed lesbian, intrigued Chrystal though she had never, in her 28 years of life, experimented with a woman. Alice hoped for things to escalate over the holiday, but she decided to take things as they came and wait for the perfect opportunity.

Matthew, Chrystal’s husband, had not been around Alice much, but he was very much interested in her. Their first day on holiday, he approached Alice and asked her to accompany him to the grocery store. Once there, the flirting got pretty intense, as he sneaked up behind her while she pushed the cart to the produce section. Matthew pulled Alice close to himself and rubbed his hands down her torso, resting his left hand on her tight ass. Then, he moved her hair from the side of her smooth neck with his right hand and kissed her lightly as he caressed her chest for a moment.

Alice was taken aback, as she had never even held the hand of a man before. She turned quickly towards Matthew after he released her from his tight yet comforting grasp and asked him what exactly he thought he was doing.

“Well, I was setting the mood,” said Matthew.

“We should never do this, Matthew. Chrystal is my friend and my teacher. This is completely wrong,” replied Alice.

“Maybe so, but I think we all know that you liked it, and Chrystal knows that you’re interested in her as more than just your educator. Why don’t you give us a chance?” asked Matthew.

Absolutely shocked, Alice turned back around and said, “Let’s get the salad fixings and head back to the house. We don’t want Chrystal to worry.”

Saying nothing more, güvenilir bahis the pair returned to the house where Chrystal and her parents were supposed to be waiting for them to start dinner; however, when they got to the kitchen, they found a note that said:

“Be back in about an hour or so. Go ahead and fix yourselves something for dinner. We’re taking Grandma to Angie’s and grabbing some burgers on the way. XOXO Chrystal.”

Thinking nothing of the ordeal, Alice took the note to Matthew and told him that they were on their own for dinner. Matthew didn’t seem at all surprised though. Alice started to walk back to the kitchen to start cooking the pair something, but Matthew grabbed her hand and pulled her down on the couch and told her to just hold off a second. Alice began looking for the remote and noticed a bulge in Matthew’s pants. As she gawked and what appeared to be quite a package, even through denim, Matthew caught her stare.

Matthew then stood up and began to unzip his pants as Alice’s 18-year-old eyes grew to the size of baseballs. “Are you interested?” Matthew asked. Then, without a word, Alice took to her knees and whipped Matthew’s long hard cock out of his pants. Though she had never given a blow job before, she was quite the natural. She licked up and down his shaft while cupping his balls before taking the entire thing in her mouth, deep throating him like a pro.

Alice sucked harder and harder in a fast, yet sensuous rhythm that Matthew had never felt before. He reached down and pulled her tight t-shirt off of her, and was almost taken aback by how very sexy she looked in the black lace bra that was the only divider between those size C breasts that perfectly complimented her petite body. Still sucking, Alice was dangerously close to bringing Matthew to climax. Breathing hard, but not allowing himself to orgasm, Matthew pulled Alice up and began unbuttoning her jeans and pulling them off of her rapidly. Beneath her jeans was a matching black lace thong and a surprise! A sexy little heart shaped tattoo just above the elastic of her thong.

Without hesitation, Matthew ripped off Alice’s türkçe bahis bra and panties and marveled at the beauty before him. Then, he pushed her back onto the couch and spread her legs as he began eating her pussy. Alice screamed in pleasure, pleasure she had never felt from a woman going down on her. Licking up and down her slit, Matthew tasted some of the sweetest pussy juices he’d ever evoked. Every time he touched her clit, Alice would quiver and moan quietly for just a moment. As he sucked and licked harder and faster, Alice had one of the most intense orgasms he had ever experienced.

Proud of himself for proving his sexual abilities to a known lesbian, Matthew smiled and asked Alice if she would accompany him, now completely naked, to the bedroom. Alice grabbed his hand and practically ran the couple there. Then, she through him down on the bed, and positioned herself above his hard cock. For the first time in her life, Alice was fucking a man, and she loved it! She was riding him faster and faster as he reached up and grabbed her hard nipples, occasionally pulling himself up to suck and bite on them. Alice was convinced she was in Heaven as she had her second orgasm.

Matthew moved Alice off of his still rock hard cock and got her to the next position, his favorite–doggie style. He began pounding her pussy harder and harder as she screamed out in delight. After a few seconds, he reached around and began furiously rubbing Alice’s clit, pushing her to orgasm yet again. Right as she came, Matthew released his load and fell over on top of Alice. They separated from one another, and kissed for a second before noticing Chrystal standing at the door with a smug look on her face before saying, “Hmmm, looks like you two have had some fun. But without me??”

Blushing, Alice tried to pull a blanket over herself and escape the unfamiliar and uncomfortable situation before she exploded from shame and confusion. Before she could even cover her feet, Chrystal was sitting on the bed with her, stroking her thigh. Alice thought that all of her sexual fantasies were about to come true—Chrystal and a threesome—all in one güvenilir bahis siteleri experience!

As Chrystal continued to stroke Alice’s thigh, Alice and Matthew began to remove Chrystal’s clothing. Once Chrystal’s double D breasts were exposed, Alice took them in her hands and rubbed her nipples. Moments later, she started sucking hard and licking quickly on Chrystal’s nipples as Matthew took her skirt and panties off and began fingering her dripping pussy. Alice, however, was jealous of Matthew. He got to experience Chrystal all the time. This was Alice’s night!

Alice laid down on the bed and pulled Chrystal’s wet, lustrous pussy above her face and started licking rhythmically as Chrystal rocked back and forth, tugging at her nipples. Alice then moved her hands around Chrystal’s backside and began fingering her ass hole as she continued to get off from Alice’s skillful oral practices. Meanwhile, Matthew moved himself off the bed and spread Alice’s legs so he could get in on the action. Once again eating her pussy, Alice was experiencing the same intense pleasure from before, but this time, Matthew was fingering her with one hand while working his cock with the other.

The threesome was experiencing pleasure unlike anything they had ever felt before. As Alice continued eating Chrystal’s pussy and Matthew ate hers, they were both just seconds from spewing their love juices all over one another. Chrystal began to orgasm and quiver, spilling her sweet juices into Alice’s mouth. Alice was also on the verge of yet another orgasm, but before she could, Matthew jumped back onto the bed and slid his cock into her tight pussy so that they could cum together.

After everyone laid down beside one other to catch their breath, Chrystal grabbed Alice’s hand and asked, “So is this what you expected?” To this, Alice could only nod emphatically and say, “So, how’s this time tomorrow?”

For the remainder of their holiday, Chrystal, Alice and Matthew would find plenty of occasions to escape to the bedroom pleasure one another over and over again. Alice enjoined her time with Chrystal and Matthew, and she was excited about all of the holidays to come. Still, however, she marveled at how quickly things had developed with her English teacher and her husband. Just four months ago, they were strangers, but now, they were frequent lovers—and sexy ones at that.

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