From Friends to Lovers Ch. 02


We must both have moved while we slept, and when I opened my eyes Beth was lying beside me, her hair spread out over the pillow. She turned her head to look at me, smiling softly. “Hi.”

“Hi,” I returned, enjoying the feeling of utter relaxation and contentment.

“I heard Mum go out, so we can do whatever we like,” Beth continued. She turned to prop herself on one elbow, letting the duvet slip down to reveal her breasts.

“You hungry?” I queried.

Beth chuckled. “I know you – you mean you’re hungry.”

She swung her legs out of bed, and I couldn’t tear my eyes from her as she moved around the bedroom, picking up our scattered clothes from the previous night and draping them over a chair in some concession to order. “Come on then, let’s see what we can find.”

I followed her downstairs to the kitchen, and Beth nodded towards the kettle. “How about you make us coffee, and I’ll get the frying pan out.”

Shortly the kitchen was filled with the aroma of bacon, and I sipped at my mug while I watched Beth cracking eggs into the pan. “Were we planning to do anything in particular today?” I queried.

She grinned, turning to look at me with the spatula still in her hand. “What I’d like to do is change the bed, have a shower, and get right back into bed with you.”

I raised my eyebrows, but Beth had always been direct if she wanted something. “You’ll not hear any complaints from me.”

She slid a heaped plate in front of me. “I should think not,” she smiled. “As long as you don’t mind doing the washing up.”

“No problem.”

We made short work of breakfast, then I watched while Beth deftly stripped the bed and bundled the sheets into the washing machine. She tucked a fresh sheet in, smoothing it at the corners, and nodded. “Right – shower time.”

She threw me a teasing look. “Wash my back for me?”

We stepped into the shower cubicle, and Beth set the water running, closing her eyes as it cascaded over her face, down her body. “Mm, feels good.”

I picked up the shower gel, squeezing it generously into my palm then starting to soap Beth’s back. I let my fingers drift down, caressing her bottom, a fingertip daring to dip into the cleft, and she turned, smiling. “I like – how about you do my front, too?”

The feel of my palms slippery on her breasts, her nipples starting to harden, was heavenly, and she tilted her head back. “Mm…”

She put her hands on mine. “Any more, and I would definitely be begging you to be in me, pushing my breasts against the glass… Come on, let’s rinse off and get back to bed.”

We finished showering, and Beth dried off, then handed me the towel. I wrapped it around my waist as we walked to the bedroom, and she gave me a quizzical look. “What, you’re shy now all of a sudden?”

She tugged at the towel, then moved closer, wrapping her fingers around my shaft. “You want me to try what we talked about?”

I nodded. “Sure.” If Beth was keen to find out what it was like having her mouth on me, I certainly wasn’t going to argue.

She sank to her knees, and seemed to study me from different angles before placing a quick kiss on my tip. She ran her tongue over her lips, and looked thoughtful. “I can taste something?”

“Um, I might be leaking a little already,” I confessed. “Does it put you off?”

Beth shook her head. “Absolutely not.”

She moved forward again, and I closed my eyes, breathing in, as I felt myself slide between her lips, her tongue soft and wet against me. “Oh, my goodness.”

Beth moved on me more confidently, using her fingers as well, and I gasped. “Er, Beth, if you keep going you might have more sticky stuff to deal with than you can quite manage.”

She looked up, grinning wickedly. “Oh, I think I can cope. Is it bad of me to feel like this gives me the power, sort of?”

I chuckled. “Believe me, I’m not complaining.”

She swirled her tongue more insistently, her cheeks hollowing as she experimented with a sucking movement, and I couldn’t hold back a moan. “Oh – god, yes – don’t stop, I’m -“

I stiffened between her lips, and her eyes widened as I spurted warmth into her mouth. I saw her throat work as she managed to swallow once, then again, regaining control and using her tongue on me. “Mmff,” I managed as the sensation became too intense, and Beth moved back, her lips releasing me.

She gave me a lopsided grin. “Mm – now I know what that’s like.”

There was the sound of a car in the drive, and we exchanged looks. “Rats,” chuckled Beth. “Now I’ll have to wait.”

We both hastily pulled on clothes, and by the time Beth’s mum got through the door with the shopping, Beth had the kettle on again while I sat with the laptop in the lounge.

“Oh, hello, Tim,” Beth’s mum greeted me. “I hope Beth is taking good care of you.”

I managed to keep a straight face as I saw Beth suppressing a smirk over her shoulder. “Oh, yes. And breakfast was great, thank you.”

“Good. Well, I got pizza for when you feel like something else.”

She went back into the kitchen to finish putting the shopping away, and Beth joined canlı bahis şirketleri me, sitting close enough that we were touching. “Not that I’m frustrated or anything,” she hinted with a smile.

She leaned closer to look at the screen, deliberately pressing her breasts against me. “What are you looking at?”

“I thought I’d treat you to dinner later,” I made my tone as casual as I could.

Beth’s eyes lit up. “Oo.”

She looked thoughtful. “I don’t know if I’ve got anything to wear.”

I pretended to roll my eyes. “Maybe we can go shopping too – my student loan came through.”

Beth kissed me. “Love you.”

Stunned, I was still processing her words when her mother came back into the room. “Now, Beth, you’ve not forgotten that I’m away tonight, have you, that work thing? It’s a bit of a drive, so I’ll get going in a minute.”

Beth’s eyes widened, but she kept her voice steady. “That’s fine, Mum – I hope you enjoy yourself.”

She turned back to me. “Did you say we were going into town? Mum could drop us off.”

“That’d be great,” I nodded.

A few minutes later we were walking down the pedestrian precinct, Beth stopping to look in the shop windows. “Can we go in here?”


Beth riffled through the rails of garments with her fingertips. “OK… I think I’d like to try this one, and maybe this one.”

She draped the dresses over her arm and glanced at me, her eyes dancing mischievously. “I’m sure you’d like to watch me try these on.”

I looked guiltily around, but the shop assistants were behind the counter, absorbed in conversation with one another. We ducked into one of the changing rooms, Beth latching the door behind us and hanging her two garments up. “OK, then.”

She pulled her t-shirt over her head, then slipped off her jeans, and I drank in the sight of her standing in only bra and panties, looking at herself in the mirror. I stood behind her, sliding my hands around to cup her breasts, and she smiled. “That’d make an amazing selfie.”

“Just don’t hit ‘share’, whatever you do,” I grinned.

She slipped out of my arms, turning. “Now I do actually have to try these on.”

The first dress she tried was a deep red, cut low at the back and with a scooped neckline. “Very sexy,” I nodded, and Beth vamped a little, leaning forward and pouting her lips. “You’d probably cause a few accidents if you walked down the street in that,” I nodded.

The other garment was soft powder blue, a little more conservative in cut but with translucent panels in the sides. “Could I get away without a bra in this, do you think?” queried Beth.

“For me you could,” I smiled. “It’s nobody else’s business, is it.”

“I’ll take this one,” she decided. I watched as she slipped it off, then pulled on her own clothes. “My treat,” I said firmly, as we walked to the counter.

I handed over my card to be swiped, and the girl serving folded the dress carefully and slid it into a bag. “Thank you.”

We stepped back out onto the precinct, and I glanced at Beth. “Where next?”

She considered. “Actually I’m starting to feel a little hungry. McDonalds?”

We got burgers, and Beth chose a chocolate milkshake, looking much younger than her years as she sucked at the straw. Then she ran her tongue suggestively over her lips, and I was jolted back to what we’d shared earlier. “I’m looking forward to later – dinner, and the house to ourselves,” she hinted. “Maybe you can find a way to give me a starter?”

I chuckled at her deliberate double meaning. “I have an idea.”

We finished our snack, and I took Beth’s hand, leading her down the precinct and into the entertainment complex. “I think I know where this is heading,” she grinned.

“Close your eyes,” I requested. “Then it’ll be a surprise.”

Beth complied, and I tapped at the screen of the ticket kiosk, taking the two printed cards. “Right.”

We walked to the entrance, and the usher looked at our tickets. “Screen 8.”

The trailers were already running as we picked our way up the carpeted steps. “All the way to the back,” grinned Beth. “I know what your plan is.”

We found seats, the nearest other people several rows further forward, and Beth leaned into my shoulder as the main feature started. “I think this one’s mostly car chases and stuff?”

I stroked her hair. “No point in watching something where there’s a complicated plot we have to follow…”

She tilted her face upwards, waiting to be kissed. “True.”

Our lips met, and Beth relaxed. I slid one arm around her shoulders, my other hand tugging her t-shirt from her jeans to let my palm rest on bare skin. “Mm,” she murmured against my lips, “nice.”

I moved my hand upwards little by little until I encountered the curve of her breast, then used my thumb to softly brush her nipple, getting a gasp. “Wish you could put your mouth there,” Beth whispered, “but I think that’d be going a bit far, even though it’s dark in here.”

I teased one nipple then the other for a while, until Beth started to flex her hips a little. “Ohh… I need to be touched somewhere canlı kaçak iddaa else…”

I slid my hand downwards again, my fingers drifting across her navel then brushing the line of soft hairs below it. My fingertips dipped inside the waist of her jeans, finding enough room to stroke her mound, and Beth parted her thighs a little. “Further down,” she murmured insistently.

My fingers found her wetness, and then her hard nub, and she put her hand on mine through her jeans. “Mm – yes – like that.”

Her mouth was next to my ear, and I thrilled at the change in her breathing as I slid a fingertip back and forth over her most sensitive spot. “Oh god – yes…”

I felt her lips curve in a smile. “I’m almost glad Mum interrupted us this morning, I’ve had longer to anticipate this. And then we’ll have to wait some more until we’re back at the house and you can be inside me.”

She gasped as I touched her more insistently. “How about you go on top when we’re in your bed later?” I added to her fantasy. “Then you can control how deep I’m in you, and slow things down when you want.”

Beth nodded agreement. “But right now slow isn’t what I need,” she hinted.

I slid a fingertip inside her to pick up some of the slipperiness, then returned to moving my finger on her while she gasped into my ear, her breath warm. “Oh – mm – yes – I’m nearly -“

I was grateful for the dramatic music of the film’s soundtrack as Beth gave an audible moan, her hips flexing against my hand as she tipped over the edge. Again I felt warmth spurt from her onto my fingers, and even in the dim light from the screen I could see her cheeks tinged with pink. “I hope I don’t look like I wet myself,” she managed through still-rapid breaths.

She wrapped her arms tightly around me. “Thank you, Tim, this was perfect – I think I might have spontaneously combusted if I’d had to wait till tonight.”

We did our best to pick up the plot, but as the credits rolled, Beth grinned at me. “There’s only one reason I’ll remember this film, and it’s not the Oscar-winning performance on screen.”

We made our way outside, and I glanced at my watch. “Probably time we got back, you’ll want another shower before we go out?”


We linked arms as we walked back out of the town and along leafy streets in the late afternoon sun. When we reached the house, Beth glanced at me. “I’d love it if we showered together again, but I think that might cause us to miss dinner. Can you cope if I get ready by myself? I promise the result will be worth it.”

“No problem,” I reassured her. I watched as she walked up the stairs, then went back to the lounge, flipping open the laptop and catching up on our friends’ posts. I glanced at my relationship status, and wondered how – when? – Beth and I might decide to let people know that things had taken a different but amazing turn between us.

I heard the shower running, then silence for long enough for me to wonder if Beth had decided to take a nap. But then there were footsteps on the stairs, and I looked up to see a vision approaching me…

Beth smiled at my expression. “Cat got your tongue?”

Her new dress was even more amazing than I remembered from my brief look in the changing room, the translucent panels revealing just enough but no more. I could tell that she’d left off the bra, her breasts moving deliciously under the satiny fabric as she took the last couple of stairs and walked across the hall towards me. Her hair was brushed smooth, caught up in a silver clasp, and her makeup was carefully applied to somehow enhance her naturalness rather than draw the eye to dramatic change.

“I…” I shook my head. “You are the most gorgeous thing I’ve ever seen.”

She came closer, leaning over me, and I caught the freshness of apples from her hair, and then the scent she’d used, light and flowery but still enough to overwhelm me, my senses blurring. Her lips on mine were deliciously slippery with her lipstick, and I responded to her kiss, closing my eyes. “I think I’ve died and gone to heaven.”

She smiled. “You’re sweet.”

I remembered her earlier words, that I’d not found the right moment to respond to until now. “Beth, I love you too.”

I saw tears in the corners of her eyes, and she nodded. “I think we found out how we really felt, just at the right time.”

She took a deep breath. “So – what are we having for dinner?”

“I reserved us a table at that Italian place just round the corner – I know it doesn’t look like much, but I’ve heard really good things about it.”

Beth smiled, holding out her hand. “OK – let’s go.”

We walked the short distance, and every time we passed under a street light I glanced across to get another look at Beth, getting a smile and a squeeze of the hand in return.

I held the door for her, and we were quickly seated. The waiter gave us a few minutes to look down the menu, then returned for our order. Beth picked a simple pasta dish, and I chose the one item on the menu that offered a hint of spice. “And a bottle of Rioja, please.”

Beth concentrated on her canlı kaçak bahis pasta, and I chuckled as one strand left a trace of sauce at the edge of her lips. I reached to catch it with my finger, and she took my fingertip between her lips, smiling her thanks.

“Dessert?” I queried as she put her fork down.

“At home,” she smiled, a raised eyebrow hinting at her meaning.

We finished our wine, and Beth slipped to the ladies’ room while I paid the bill, leaving a generous tip. “Ready?” she queried.

Beth leaned into me as we walked back to the house. “It’s a little chilly.”

“Sorry, I should have thought to bring a jacket.”

She shook her head. “It’s fine. And you can warm me up when we get home.”

She opened the front door. “It could almost be our own place…”

I nodded. “Maybe we need to think again about those rooms we reserved in the hall of residence.”

Beth thought for a moment, closing the door behind us. “I have an idea, though. Maybe we set up my room for sleeping, and yours with the desks and all our books.”

“I like the sound of that,” I agreed. “So, shall I make coffee for us?”

“I think I’d like to go straight to dessert,” Beth grinned, throwing me a wink. I followed her up the stairs into the bedroom, and she turned her back to me, looking over her shoulder and giving me her sexiest smile. “Help me with this zip?”

I moved closer, our bodies not touching but the attraction between us almost like gravity. I drew the zip down to the small of her back, then used my fingertips to slide the dress off her shoulders to pool at her feet.

I blinked, realising what I wasn’t seeing, and cupped her bottom in my hands. “Did you go to dinner without…?” I whispered in her ear.

She chuckled softly. “No – I didn’t dare. But I took them off just before we left the restaurant, put them in my handbag.”

I nibbled her earlobe gently. “I wish I’d known – I might have been a bit more daring on the walk back.”

Beth turned, draping her arms over my shoulders. “So what are you going to do to me now we’re alone?”

“I said something about you being on top, didn’t I,” I reminded her. “But I have something else in mind first.”

I drew her toward the bed, but before she could lie down, I’d sprawled on my back, looking up at her. “Slide over me.”

Beth looked puzzled, but slid across, knees either side of me. I felt her already wet against my stomach, her fur just brushing my skin. “Mm – I like this already.”

“What’s in it for me?” she teased, and I drew her a little closer, bending to take one nipple into my mouth, suckling. “Aahhh, I see,” she half-moaned. I felt her wetness increase, and I moved to her other breast, replacing my mouth with fingers gently pinching. “Oh yes,” Beth gasped. “I like these ideas of yours.”

“Only just getting started,” I teased, tugging at her nipple with my lips. “Now, how will I be able to tell when you can’t wait any longer?”

Her answer was to flex her hips so that I felt her against my hard tip. “Ah-ah,” I shook my head, smiling. “Not yet. Something else first, something I know you’ll like.”

I put my hands on her hips and indicated with the pressure of my fingers that she should move up my body. She complied, and when she’d moved far enough up to feel my breath warm between her thighs, understanding dawned on her face. “Mm – oh, yes.”

I began to explore her with my tongue, and she gave a quiet sigh of satisfaction. “I really like this.”

I reached up to cup her breasts, brushing her still-damp nipples, and she tipped her head back. “Oh god – I can’t believe how quickly that’s getting me there.”

I buried my mouth more deeply in her, now gently suckling her nub, and she tangled her fingers in my hair, her hips flexing. “Mm – oh – oh please -“

Her whole body tensed, her hips pushing uncontrollably against me, and I rode out the wave of her pleasure until she gasped, “Enough…”

She took a deep breath. “Now, I think I know what comes next.”

She slid down again, positioning herself above my hips and lifting up a little, her fingers reaching for me and guiding my hardness into her. She eased down, her face showing utter satisfaction as I entered her fully.

She began to rock her hips slowly, and I nodded. “How long it takes for me is up to you – if I get close but you want me to wait, you can slow down, even stop.”

Beth grinned. “Oh, the power.”

She moved more insistently, leaning forward a little, and her expression turned blissful. “Oh, yes, that feels just right.”

She caught her lip between her teeth. “If we’re careful, do you think we could both get there at the same time?”

“Wow,” I breathed. “That’d be amazing.”

Beth started to move again, her eyes on my face. Little by little we watched each other’s pleasure build, a gasp from me, a quiet moan from her. The intensity increased as I reached to stroke her breasts, and her fingers reached enquiringly for my nipples. “God, Beth, that feels good,” I breathed, my hips flexing upwards in response. We both fell silent, the only sounds in the room our breathing, the quiet rhythmic creak of the mattress, and the barely perceptible contact of our bodies each time Beth pushed her hips down on to me. I felt myself starting to build towards my release, and lifted my head, catching Beth’s eye. “Hmm?”

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