From Physio to Gigolo

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I never saw or heard from Amanda Williams again. Those incredible times in my treatment room became a never to be repeated memory. But what a memory?

As I got back into the routine of being a physiotherapist I continually hoped that another Amanda would come across my treatment table. “No chance though,” I thought, “that was a once in a lifetime experience. I could though hope and did every time a remotely attractive woman became my patient.

I’d been in the UK for just over two years when my Amanda experience happened. London seemed to have so much more to offer a twenty six year old very randy Aussie. But by Christ was it expensive. Despite being lucky in landing a good job as a, very, junior partner in a physiotherapist practice in the Docklands area of London, money was tight and I had nowhere near the life-style I wanted or, I had to be honest, .that I could have back in Oz.

I wasn’t really sure, particularly after what had happened with Amanda, that I was really cut out to be a physio. Although I felt that I was good at diagnosing problems and could treat them effectively I found dealing with women so difficult. I mean what twenty six year old wouldn’t have problems massaging half naked women? I still suffered from terrible urges when treating them particularly, of course, attractive ones. As it happens I didn’t get that many and those I did get tended to be older, thirty five an upwards usually, but that didn’t make it any easier for I’d always had a really big thing for older women. I sometimes found the temptation of having a half naked woman lying in front of me, my hands on her bare skin, my eyes catching glimpses of parts of her that I shouldn’t, so difficult to resist.

Almost a year had passed since that momentous last time with Amanda when she’d dressed up in a white tunic and had then effectively fucked me. But nothing remotely promising had happened with any other woman since. This was despite me developing a way of testing the water. So far, unfortunately but maybe inevitably, all the tests had been negative but I was, if nothing else, optimistic and I persevered with my little test programme.

I’d been told about it by a mate who still lived in Melbourne and worked there in a similar job to me. He was older, well into his late thirties. We chatted on the web quite often so I could keep in touch with what was happening in Melbourne and I’d told him about my problem.

“Nothing unusual in that mate,” he’d written in yahoo messenger, “we all live in hope, you’ve just got to shorten the odds a bit haven’t you?

“How d’you mean, Bruce?

“Just lighten your touch Brad when you massage her when she’s laying on her front,” he’d said. “Run your hands gently up the inside of her thighs, going close to her pussy but not touching. If she likes it you’ll see and then you’re in, if she gives no signs then back off and you’re ok. Simple ennit mate?”

So I’d tried that half a dozen or so times and had got no reactions whatsoever. But I persevered; I kept trying, after all the ethics lecturer at Melbourne Medical School had warned my class,

“There’s a type of woman around who’ll want more than a medical massage and most of you are likely to have one on your massage table within a couple of years.”

Brad hadn’t yet, that is unless you counted Amanda but he felt she was different.

Jill was about forty-five. A short-haired, blonde with a slightly dumpy body. “Nice face though,” I’d reckoned on first meeting her, immediately putting her into the “worth a try category.”

I’d given her strained thigh muscle some faradic and ultra heat treatment and, as usual and proper with muscular problems, was finishing the session off with a massage. The slight tear in her thigh muscle was on the outside but nearer to the front so she was lying on her back. I’d draped one towel across her middle and another across her boobs and was working on the muscle. Although a little heavy her legs weren’t that bad and under the top towel there seemed to be quite a lot of flesh although I hadn’t yet had even a glimpse of any of it. The towel though, rather promisingly, had slipped a little so that, almost but not quite, the tips of her nipples were on display. I’d pondered on how to move it from almost but not quite to something more visually impactful but hadn’t yet come up with anything.

As she laid there her eyes closed I remembered Bruce’s words and lightened the massage on the inside of her thigh. Nothing, no reaction at all. “Bugger it,” I thought resuming the proper massage on the outside of her leg.

“How’s the massage Jill?

“Er fine, its fine thanks.”

“Not too deep and heavy is it?

“No I don’t mind it deep,” she replied making me smile at the unplanned I expected double entendre.

“Really?” I said letting my voice go higher towards the end of the question.

I saw her smile before she replied, “the massage that is?”

“Of course, whatever else?” I responded quite jauntily.

As I said that for some reason I turned my hand over and ran the back of my nails illegal bahis up the inside of her thigh from just above her knee to almost the edge of the towel that was about six inches down from her crotch.

Shit was that a jerk? Was that a sharp intake of breath? Had her eyes close more tightly. Were her hands gripped the edge of the bed?

I ran them back down and massaged where the triceps meet the ligaments just above the kneecap as I contemplated what to do. What to do about two things. Firstly testing the waters further and secondly hiding the fucking great hard on that had reared up in my tight tracky trousers. Looking down at her I saw that the top towel had moved a little more and I felt encouraged that she hadn’t pulled it up to cover more of her evidently quite large boobs as she could easily have done. The view of the nipples was still almost, but not as, not quite, as previously.

I did the same thing again with my fingernails but this time I let my hand brush against the edge of the towel. Not lifting it or moving it or anything quite as obvious as that but just enough so that Jill would have felt me touch it.

The tightening in her leg was so obvious to my trained hands but I couldn’t be sure whether that was from sexual arousal or from my nails tickling her. I had to test further to be sure. Mistakes of this nature just couldn’t happen

Leaving my right hand where it was, resting on her thigh just a couple of inches from her panties I said, “Here let me put this back,” as with my other hand I took hold of the towel covering her boobs. “It seems to have slipped,” I went on pulling it very slowly up and over her breasts thinking that the material dragging across her nipples would be an extra sensation for her if I was right with my guess as to what the reaction I’d felt meant to her.

Her reply gave me a little more confirming information that she was feeling something for her “thanks” was delivered in a tight voice that raised my hopes considerably. I still kept my other hand where it had been for a few seconds now with my fingers pressing into the slightly flabby inside of her thigh.

“There,” I went on, “that’s better Jill, all ship shape and Bristol fashion now.”

She smiled at the referral to Bristol that I had only recently learned was cockney rhyming slang, Bristol City = titty. I hadn’t meant it like that but was pleased that she took it that way.

“Yes,” she said her voice still tight and to my ambitious ear maybe a little croaky as well.

I slowly slid my fingers down her thigh and back to her knee determined now to push this as far as I could. I didn’t bother with massaging her knee again but repeated the upward movement this time with my fingertips. Slowly, so slowly I watched my fingers inch up her leg until they reached the towel. I stopped with my hand pressing against it and looked at her face for signs of approval or rejection and was pleased that her head had rolled a little to one side and that her eyes were still tightly closed. Things looked promising but I still wasn’t certain. I stopped with my hand again just a few inches from her panties pressing against the edge of the towel and into her flesh. I pushed a little harder into the flesh. I slowly rotated my fingers in a tiny circle. This was so obviously now not a massage for the pressure I was applying was more that of a gentle, loving caress than that of a medical massage. I heard the low, almost inaudible gasp, I saw her head roll further and I felt her thigh muscle tighten

That she was aroused I was sure. What I didn’t know, though, was whether she was trying to resist giving into it or whether she wanted more. Either way it seemed to me that I couldn’t lose.

Keeping my right hand exactly where it had now been for over a minute I guessed, I placed my left hand on the long muscle that runs up the outside of the top of the leg. I placed all four fingers and thumb on it just above Jill’s knee. Then slowly and fairly firmly I moved it upwards. Along the indented part just above the knee, onto the fuller thicker part half way between her knee and hip and then onto long expanse of muscle that runs almost up to the waist. Still softly rotating the fingers of the other hand on that spot on the inside of her thigh just a few inches from her panty covered pussy, I ran the spreaded fingers of my other hand up and up and up. It went under the towel, it went onto her hip bone and I felt the elastic of the leg hole of her panties. They were smooth and silky. I moved it further taking the towel with it as I slid my fingers across the side of her panties and onto the edge of her pelvis.

“Oooooo,” my eager ear heard, “Aaaargh,” I heard even more encouragingly as the towel slid from her to reveal the stylish satin knickers cut quire acutely from her crotch to the waistband. Her eyes were now screwed together so tightly, her mouth had dropped open and her head rolled unashamedly now from side to side.

My heart started to pound. “I’m in, I’m only fuckingwell in,” I thought as with no further hesitation I moved my right hand. illegal bahis siteleri It covered those few inches from where it had been caressing her inner thigh to where I so wanted it to be and, hopefully, from Jill’s reactions, where she also wanted it to be. I pressed right against her lips. I moved my fingers searching through the satin covered folds of her pussy for that bud that has only one purpose, sexual satisfaction. I must have found it for suddenly her whole body jerked and she arched her back a little. That made the towel on the top of her body slide away from her. Now the almost but not quite became completely and all for her deep, red, almost brown nipples burst into view. The were enormous both in the diameter of the aerolae and the height of the nipple in the centre that was clearly hardened to its fullest.

“This ok?” I grunted making little circular movements with my fingers around her clitoris, “you want me to stop?”

“No, no,” she exclaimed quickly, “please don’t stop.”

I needed no further signs, signals or invitations. I reached out with my left hand and grasped a handful of her sizeable, though rather saggy right tit. I squeezed the flesh and my fingers circled the big, hard nipple. As I pinched that the moan that came out of her mouth sounded so sexy and her whole body jerked. She placed her hand on mine pushing it more firmly against her boob. With my other hand I stroked her a little more firmly now all round her clit and along each of her lips.

I got excited. I wanted more, I wanted to see and touch more of her body. Quickly I reached up and grabbed the elastic waist band of her, rather pretty I thought, knickers and, roughly almost, yanked them down so that the waist was part way down her chubby thighs. The gusset, though, presumably due it being wet, got stuck to her lips, That didn’t matter though for all of her quite hairy mound and juicy cunt were now clearly on sight to me.

This was my just reward I thought. My payment for the evident sexual pleasure I was giving her. I didn’t hesitate. I waited no longer. With a feeling of such excitement that after all this time my dream was really happening I straightened my hand, I bunched my fingers, and I withdrew them a little. Then without another moment’s thought I plunged three fingers right up her cunt.

“Oh God,” she moaned in between a series of deep, almost animal sounding grunts. Her hand gripped her breast. Her white, painted, quite long fingernails dug into the soft flesh. Her back arched and her bum came off the table as she pushed back against me.

I finger fucked her like that as she quickly and, worryingly quite loudly shuddered to a surprisingly strong orgasm. It seemed to arrive very quickly, rapidly reach its crescendo then fade away almost as quickly as it had erupted.

“Jesus,” she breathed a slight smile on her face as she opened her eyes. I removed my fingers from her. “Bloody hell, phew,” she went on as she let go of her breast. “You do that to all your female clients?

“No, no, of course, just the pretty ones that want it,” I beamed back at her.

She didn’t seem all that embarrassed laying there, her panties round her thighs, her tits bare having just been finger fucked by her physio.

“Was it ok?” I asked.

“It was fucking tremendous, thanks,” she replied very confidently.

I couldn’t help smiling at the profuse way she said that, “you’re most welcome, I enjoyed it.”

She sat up, pulled her knickers in place and turned and dangled her legs over the side of the table but sat there topless. Her tits were big and they did sag and in that position the spare tyre round her stomach was far more pronounced than it had been lying down. Having said all that there was an attraction to her, she was pretty and had lovely hair. Whether I would have fancied her if I’d met her in a club or something I wasn’t that sure but hey what the hell she’d been up for it and we’d both had a good time. That’s what sex is supposed to be about isn’t it?

We still had a few of the forty five minutes allotted to the session left and we chatted. She said things about how terrible I must think she is and she didn’t know what came over her and I said the same about me adding the rider that I didn’t make a habit of it.

“Well perhaps you should,” she said smiling at me.”What do I owe you for the, er, extra service?”

“Yes maybe I should but it’s awfully risky, get it wrong and it’s the end of my career isn’t it? Nothing at all it’s my pleasure.”

“Well you just have to find women that want it and wouldn’t complain don’t you?

“Oh yeah like there’s loads of them queuing up for such a service isn’t there?”

She looked right into my eyes and held my gaze for a moment or two as if thinking.

“Actually Brad yes I think there are you know.”


“Yes you’d be surprised at how many women around my age there are that need some form of er, um, relief.”

“You amaze me,” I said wondering where this was going as she went on,

“And especially from a good looking canlı bahis siteleri and intelligent young guy like you.”

“Well thanks,” I replied, almost blushing, “but I’m a physio not a gigolo,” I laughed.

“No reason you couldn’t be both. I know quite a few girls that would use your service and pay well for it.”

“What married women who just want a bit extra as you had?”

“Well yes but also maybe even more. I don’t’, but some like to go further but hate the lies and deceptions of affairs”

I was finding this interesting and frankly very exciting as we sat there so calmly talking about such an intimate subject just moments after I’d fulfilled one of my ambitions and also one of my dreads. “Maybe,” I thought “this is the answer.”

“What you mean full sex?” I asked.

“Yes a straightforward fuck. Quick, simple and no strings that’s what they want.”

“Well that’s impossible here.”

“Yes I guess it is but nevertheless they’d also pay for what we did I’m sure. I could send a couple along if you like.”

“Jill Chapman said I should see you,” the petite, slim, champagne blonde said as I went into the consulting room.

I was surprised for I’d heard nothing from Jill since she’d been here a week or so ago.

“Oh yes Jill, I remember,” I replied a little flustered but my hopes soaring as I took in the possibilities.

“What appears to be the problem?” I asked glancing at the medical record I’d been given by the receptionist, “oh yes lower back pain.” Glancing up I saw the twinkle in her eye as she said, “well yes but also a rather under active husband.”

I couldn’t help smiling at the assured way she gave me the indication that she probably wanted the same as I’d given Jill.

“So massage is it?” I asked.

It was, and again as with Jill, I brought her to a fairly quick orgasm after massaging all of her body. This time though it wasn’t just one finger induced climax for she had the first one after only being in the consulting room for twenty minutes or so. This time I also got to lick and kiss her tits, kiss her lips and to suck her nipples. I didn’t think it appropriate to push her for oral or to offer it, after all you can’t do everything on a first date can you?

Jill came back a week or so later.

“I hear one of my friends popped in, she was most impressed,” she said smiling as she laid on the bed.

“Oh Joan, yes she was very nice and I think she enjoyed it,” I replied as I started to massage Jill’s back.

“Well I’ve told another friend, Charlotte or Charlie as we call her, she’ll be along soon I imagine but she travels a lot with her job. She’s a high powered lady in one of the banks in Canary Wharf.”

“Great, thanks it’s er kind of you.” I said sincerely, thankful to this woman who was starting to bring such a change to my life.

“Actually she’s different to Joan and me, well I mean her situation is. You see Joan and I are both married and our husbands don’t give us the sex we need so what you offer here is so good. Uncomplicated, no strings relief and satisfaction without the guilt of really being unfaithful. See what I mean.”

Of course I did and told her so.

Jill continued as I started on her legs. She wasn’t wearing panties this time and I hadn’t thought it necessary to cover her up so she was lying on the table completely naked on her back as she quite coolly told me of her and Joan’s sexual frustration and how great it was to have me available to help them out.

“You see Charlie isn’t married, I think she has been but she left him behind. She runs a big department of foreign exchange dealers or something and is always popping off to Frankfurt or New York. She simply doesn’t have time for men or building a relationship but she badly needs sex from time to time. But where does she get it?”

“I guess you’re going to say here aren’t you,” I smiled.

“Well yes but she may need a little more than your hands, as good and as exciting as they are,” Jill said smiling as I ran my fingers across her pubic hairs before letting one come to rest right alongside her clit.

It really was an incredible scene. A naked woman who wanted me to give her relief lying on my massage table as she told me about her friend who would also need my attention.

“Well I don’t know how I can, it’s impossible here,” I replied slithering my fingers along the lips of her pussy.

“I’m sure the pair of you will work something out” Jill said very thickly her body tightening, her back arching and her big, floppy breasts starting to heave.

“Oh yes,” I muttered, my erection feeling ready to burst from my trousers.

Jill suddenly put her arm around me and pulled me.

“Lick me Brad,” she moaned opening her legs wide. “Lick my cunt and make me cum that way.”

Being an oversexed, young Aussie I was beginning to really enjoy this. I felt as though I’d struck oil and wondered just how long it would go on and how many women Jill would introduce? At times I had to fight back a slight feeling of disgust, I suppose, with myself at what I was doing and I had some worries that she might send along some really ugly, fat or even older women and that I wouldn’t find them sexually attractive but smiled to myself as I thought, “rough with the smooth mate ‘ain it?”

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