From Pleasant to Pleasurable


From Pleasant to PleasurableAfter a busy day, and a 3 hour drive, I arrived at my hotel du jour. Checked in – grabbed a bite to eat – returned to enjoy the hot tub. Good plan, I thought. Entering the pool area, it was uninhabited. I activated the jets, and immersed my body into the active water. Not more than 10 minutes later, a mature woman entered the pool area. She paused, looked around, and made eye contact with me. I smiled – she smiled, and walked toward the hot tub. I stood, dripping wet (of course) and extended my hand to assist her into the tub. “Ahh, a gentleman – so hard to find these days!” I asked where she’d like to sit, and assisted her seating. (7’x18′ hot tub, by the way). I stepped away a bit, so as not to spook her. She said, “Oh, Dear, come sit near me. I’d love to chat!” I slid over, and we began to introduce ourselves. Being mature adults, we could – and did – dispense with the basic small talk. Our conversation went from travel to dining to hobbies, etc. Her name is Donna, and she’s 59 years old. Fairly slender, but not emaciated. We exchanged stories about our backgrounds, and how we happened to be staying in a fairly small town in Southern Minnesota. I am traveling on business, and Donna is traveling to a family reunion. I complimented samsun escort her on her bathing suit, how it complimented her hair. She blushed a bit, and I pointed that out. “Oh, Dear, I haven’t blushed in I don’t know how long!” I replied “It becomes you!” This exchange shifted our conversation dramatically. I went on to embellish my comments about how the bathing suit flattered her shape, as well. Now, she didn’t blush. Rather, she slid closer – placed her mouth to my ear – and said “I know this is forward of me, but you are a very handsome gentleman!” I smiled, put my lips to her ear, and said, “And, Donna, you are a very sensuous and lovely woman!” A couple more minutes of chat, and I leaned in again to her ear: “Donna, THIS is forward, but we’re not k**s here. What do you say we get out – towel off – and go to your room or mine?” She pulled back a bit, and said, “I can’t believe this, but yes!”Donna and I toweled off (hot for me, as she ran the towel between her thighs and across her tits. I responded in kind, focusing on my “drying off my crotch!) We went to my room, and I offered her my bathroom to “freshen up.” Now, she had no clothing with her. She stepped out of the bathroom, wrapped in a bath towel. She handed me her antalya escort bathing suite, and I put it on a hanger. “Donna, you are amazingly hot-looking in that towel!” To my surprise, she dropped the towel, and asked “How do I look with out it? OH, I feel like a slut!” With towel on the floor, from her dropping it v. me peeling her, the logical next step was for me to move across the room – take her in my arms – and lower her to the bed! She looked wonderfully sexy – slight Cooper’s droop – small nipples – nicely contoured thighs, and a beautiful hairy cunt. I got hard immediately, as hairy cunts are a giant turn-on. I stood at the foot of the bed, as she remained reclined on the bed. I began to stroke my cock, to encourage additional turgid appearance and length. Donna’s mouth dropped, and she shouted “Oh, My God! I asked my husband (deceased) to do that for our entire marriage. He refused. That is so beautiful!” My response was, “Donna, it was spontaneous – strictly because of you and your stunning appearance! Now, since you love seeing me stroke my cock, I ask you to finger your cunt! Your lovely, moist, hairy cunt!” “Really? You want me to do that? I love to masturbate, but my husband wouldn’t have a bit of it!” I ankara escort moved to her, stroked my cock more vigorously, and took one of her hands – placing it on her lovely bush. She must do it quite a bit, as she demonstrated adept skills in playing around and in her love tunnel. “Donna, raise your knees and spread your thighs. I want a ringside seat to your self-pleasure!” She began to gasp, and said “I’ve dreamed of this all my life!” One hand worked her cunt while the other massaged one of her tits. I, on the other hand, worked my cock with one hand, and pulled on my nipples with the other. I was getting very fucking horny, and really wanted to be inside her – but we were so engrossed in our shared pleasure, we simply continued in our pleasure. I began to give her instructions on how to “do” her cunt. She followed them to the letter. I soon dropped to my knees, told her to rub her clit as I began to tongue her cunt lips. I returned to stroking my cock, all the while eating her hairy muff. She lasted about 5 minutes, then bit her hand as she orgasmed. It was an amazing experience. I saw and tasted the oozing from her love tunnel. I was soon about to orgasm myself, so stood up again, got as close as I could to her cunt, and aimed my cock tip toward the slit. I shouted to Donna “Pull your nipples – I’m going to cum!” She grabbed her tits, pulled hard, and I directed rope after rope to her cunt lips. They glistened even more with my jizz, and I loved the experience. Well, I need to end this. Donna is still here, and she’s agreed to stay the night.

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