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Themes: muscle growth, jocks, musk, hairy, college, straight-to-gay, hung

Author”s note: Apologies for saving the sex content for the end of this chapter, but I wanted to make sure the story was set up appropriately. Many more orgasms to come!


– From Runt to Hung And Muscular – Part 1 –


As I rode in the back of the limo down the wooded road, I felt my heart began to pick up. How the fuck did I end up here? Well, I can”t even ask myself that. I remember it all very vividly, but I just suppose I”m still in disbelief that I could be so lucky.

I suppose I should share a bit about myself. My name is Chase Clinton, and I”m a 19 year old student at my state”s main University, where I study finance. Well, if all goes well, I will be saying that I was a student there. This fall, for my Sophomore year, I”ll hopefully be transferring to Harrison University. As one of the best private schools in the nation, I would be a fool not to jump at any opportunity to attend, and it wasn”t like I made a ton of friends during my first year at college.

I”m what you might consider a nerd. Tall and lanky at 6″1″ and 140 pounds, I”ve often struggled to have much security in my appearance. Because of this, I haven”t really ever taken the time to put myself out there, whether it be a matter of friend or romance. I wouldn”t call myself asexual by any means, but I can”t say that sex has ever been a priority, and I can”t say I feel too strong about men or women, one way or the other. All of this is to say that, exceptional intellect aside, I”m a middle class nobody. Until I received my offer from the Bird Foundation, I was probably destined for some mediocre-to-above-average career that would have more than paid the bills, but always left me wanting more. That”s just life when you grow up in the middle class of the midwest.

The Bird Foundation popped into my life, literally, when I saw the email subject line burst onto my screen during February of my Freshman year:

“You are cordially invited to apply for the Bird Foundation Sophomore Transfer Fellowship at Harrison University.”

While my gut reaction was to discard the obviously spammy email without opening it, something pulled me in. Inside the email, I read the following:

“The Bird Foundation, established by late alum Peter Bird (the acclaimed biomedical researcher), identifies top talent among Freshman men at less storied institutions. Applicants are recruited via a robust and intensive search process, and recipients of the award receive full tuition to Harrison University, upon acceptance, and room at the Foundation Estate.

Recruits are encouraged to apply for transfer today, and all application fees will be subsequently reimbursed by the Foundation.

Call 212-469-2020 for speak with Foundation President ) ” For whatever reason, one undoubtedly beyond my control, my heart skipped a beat as I read this text. What did the winky face mean? It had to be just friendly, right?

As I laid in bed, I anticipated the next day, and I drifted off to sleep as the thoughts of Jack”s muscular body drifted through my mind.

I woke the next morning unbearably hard. Willing my cock down, I bolted out of bed and got ready. After saying my goodbyes at the airport, I boarded my flight toward my new life.

Upon arrival at the airport, I made my way to the pickup point where I saw the same driver as my last visit, but a charter bus in the place of a limo.

In his hands, a side read “The Bird Foundation Scholarship Kick off – Please refrain from conversing with co-honorees.” Despite finding it to be odd, I shrugged and boarded the bus.

Apparently I was the last one to arrive, as the driver boarded behind me and promptly sped off before I had even found my seat. As I gazed around, I was, admittedly, unimpressed. I was one of fifteen young men. In the range of stocky to stick, short to tall, and beauty to beast, I was far from the worse off, but none of us were what you would call a “looker”. Two guys were fairly muscular, but one was peppered with acne, and the other was no taller than 5″6″. The rest were a range of flabby to twig like. Needless to say, we were not anything to cry home about, and we certainly didn”t match the appearances of the other men I had met on my visit. The thought of the built young men I would soon be face-to-face with made me slightly anxious at the situation. I wasn”t one to be jealous, but how could I not feel so weak and inept surrounded by almost 50 god like specimens?

Luckily my thoughts were cut short by the ride, and we eventually filed off the bus. On the porch stood Jack, and he greeted us all warmly.

“To our inductees to this scholarship class, welcome. Time is of the essence, and we have so much to get done, so let”s not waste time!” He exclaimed as he led the group in.

A few moments later, we were all organized into chairs inside the large reception room. The other members of the Foundation lined the room, each exuding their raw masculinity. I noted Robert and Rich, the two members I had spent much of my time talking to during my introductory visit, as well as a few others I remembered like the sandy haired soccer player, Ethan, or the future Marine, Steve.

As I took in the overwhelming sight of masculinity before me, I felt myself relaxing and becoming increasingly comfortable with the imagery of these hairy jocks in their tight clothing. For someone who had never thought significantly about men, I sure found myself with more thoughts about other guys than ever before.

With the images of the men flashing across my mind, I found myself distracted by Jack again.

“Gentlemen, Welcome. We are so glad you have decided to join us. As a Foundation, we understand some of this process has been cloaked in secrecy. For the safety of past scholarship recipients and yourselves, it”s imperative we maintain levels of concealment. Given that you all have accepted offers to join this Foundation, it”s time for you to learn the truth about why you are here,” Jack began ominously.

“I want to share with you today the story of this society, of this brotherhood. If you wish to leave afterward, we will not stop you. We will use our tools to make sure you have forgotten our secrets, as is necessary to protect the brotherhood, but you will not experience any pain, side effects, or discomfort,” Jack continued.

I saw a few people shift uncomfortably, but overall noted that everyone, on the whole, still appeared engaged.

“Where the story begins depends on how much of the story you know. The Bird Foundation, as it appears, did begin like you all have been led to believe in the 1980s, shortly after my father found success as a researcher. Given his challenging upbringing, my father felt compelled to always give back, a sentiment I share. The Bird Foundation, however, as you see before you, is a product of my work in the years since my father died. You see, when I was a freshman in high school, my father got very sick with a rare cancer. As my mother had died in child birth, the prospect of losing my only parent broke my heart. Given our family”s fortune, I attended boarding school during the year. As I came home after that year, I was given hope by my dad”s belief that the cure he was engineering in his lab would be highly effective and it was simply a race against the clock gaziantep escort to finish in time,” Jack paused as his voice cracked slightly.

“Unfortunately, time wasn”t on my dad”s side. By the time I came home from my junior year, my dad informed me that, though he had finished the research on the cure, it was too late and had failed. The cancer had progressed faster than his research, and his case was too severe to be treated now. I lost my father, and in my grief, I cast myself away into isolation over the next year at school. When I came home from school over for the summer, having been admitted where my dad researched locally at Harrison, I didn”t anticipate doing anything in the summer leading up besides being miserable and wallowing in my pity. I was a wreck, and I wanted to be left alone. I informed the estate”s staff that their work would largely no longer be necessary, but they would receive full salary in perpetuity. The first week or two were lonely and isolating, and that”s just how I wanted it. Eventually curiosity got the best of me, and I began to explore the estate that I had called home but never fully embraced,” Jack stopped for a moment to take a drink of water, his deep Adam”s apple moving against his thick golden stubble.

“Eventually I stumbled upon my father”s lab, which had remained locked for the last year. On a whim, I punched in my birthdate for the code, and I discovered his work. In a corner, I noticed a desk with papers and a storage fridge. I glanced inside and saw a glass beaker with a thick milky substance and a strong odor that was a mixture of salty and sweet, and it certainly wasn”t unappealing in appearance. As I read the files on his desk, my 18 year old mind had struggled to comprehend what he had created. The first few pages discussed the drug”s use as a miracle cancer drug for the specific form my father had, if used early, and I was almost ready to discard the paper in loss, when I noticed the tab in the folder labeled “Alternative Use”. I read and learned that what my father had been researching was a drug that would trigger a “second puberty” to create a biological reset. The drug did work, but only in men who were within ten years of being pubescent, which the cancer never presents itself in men that early. For that reason, the drug development was declared as failed. Reading further, I discovered that my father hypothesized a further reaction in otherwise healthy men,” Jack pressed through the explanation without waiting for reactions.

“My father hypothesized that the drug would be capable of improving immunity to certain diseases like STIs, sparking massive and rapid muscle development and hair growth, improve mental and physical capacity, with possible psychological side effects & unlikely increased height. Without thought, and what was undoubtedly an irresponsible choice, I then reached into the fridge and chugged everything in the beaker. The drug”s chemical makeup, an extremely high concentration of sperm and other hormones, was designed to activate a second growth period that would occur rapidly under a significantly shorter period of time. For the next fifteen minutes, I continued to read and learned how to maximize the drug”s impacts during the activation period (typically 2-4 hours). I discovered I had taken a dose and a half, and I began to get nervous, but had almost written off the experience altogether after an hour of no changes,” Jack paused and stopped talking.

“I suppose it”s easier to show what happened next, rather than tell,” Jack smirked.

“This -” Jack began as he clicked a button on the remote and an image of a chubby acne ridden teenager who was about 5″7″ appeared on the screen. “Was me at my high school graduation,” he finished, as shock spread across the room.

The harder I looked, the more I realized that it did look faintly like a younger Jack, but that wasn”t possible. The man in front of me was 6″5″, ripped, covered in a thick pattern of body hair, and had flawless skin at that. There”s no way anyone can change that much in just a few years.

“This-” Jack continued as he clicked to the next photo of a towering, shirtless, and ripped Jack standing on the beach. “Was me the week before I started college. Lot can change in two and a half months, huh?”

Jack took a step back and smirked, as the other brothers around him looked around, several of them grabbing their ample bulges.

“What happened to me next was pretty unreal. It”s honestly a several hour blur, but I had my dad”s directions to guide me, as they will hopefully for you all, and when I woke up after a day of sleeping, I was well, I was what I look like today. At first, I thought that was all that changed, but I realized within minutes that another massive change had taken place. My cock was now the biggest I had ever seen, and my balls were no different. I had once been circumcised, but a sensitive foreskin had now appeared in its place. I”d also be lying if I said I wasn”t a little muskier than normal, but that”s just all the sweat from the higher metabolism. More than the physical impacts, I realized that the psychological impacts had left me with an insanely high sex drive, and now rather than lusting after women, I had a deep hunger for other men. My mind instantly felt more open, not just sexually, but intellectually, and I realized I had been endowed with added brain capability. I felt like something more than a genius,” Jack continued his story at the same speed, but I had noticed that the room had shifted significantly.

For starters, countless new members and veterans alike were absentmindedly rubbing their bulges, as the smell of precum began to permeate the air. Everyone”s eyes were glued on to Jack, and you could tell that, even among those who had heard it before, there was an immense thirst to learn what happened next.

Sensing the captivity of the audience, Jack continued his story, “I instantly felt at ease with this change. It felt like I was born to be a gay jock with a god like cock. Over the past few years, and under the careful plan I have crafted, the rest of the brotherhood has each been recruited from around the nation, as have you, and subsequently undergone their own unnoticed similar transformation as they came to the University, joined our society, and discovered their purpose as hung horny jock geniuses. The plan I have engineered has ensured that no one is caught in their transition to their newfound physical supremacy. Each of these men was once asked if they would be willing to sacrifice any straight desires to become the best version of themselves. For those already under the influence of the power of a man”s scent, they were pushed further into their cock craving tendencies. In order to receive the gifts I have been blessed with, each of them found themselves, whether they expected to say yes or not, impaled on my cock or the cock of another brother, receiving the power of our abilities. Never has a potential brother been able to resist the offer to transform. To the fifteen men who sit before me, will any of you be able to respond differently,” Jack finished his speech in a fit of passion, and it was clear that every person in there was hanging on to every word he was saying at that point.

As I looked around the room, I saw a mixture of expressions. Some, like the muscular guy with the acne, appeared to be lustful. Whether he was gay or not, his decently sized bulge was twitching and his eyes stared longingly at the far more sizable bulges protruding from initiated members of the Foundation.

At that moment, however, the shorter muscular guy stood up, and said “yeah this is way too weird for me, I”d rather go back to being poor at my local college rather than be gay and in a cult.”

“Very well, Chris. Rich is going to chat with you as he walks you out, and he”ll inform you on how you can forget that this ever happened and ensure you have the funds to comfortably get home.” Jack replied.

A 6 foot man with spiky black hair, and, like everyone else, covered suriyeli escort in body hair, stepped forward and walked toward Chris. I couldn”t help but be overwhelmed by the man”s intimidating presence, despite being slightly shorter than me. Barrel chested, with broad forearms and quads of steel, Rich steered Chris out a door toward the back of the room. I couldn”t help but stare and chub up slightly as he passed by. Whatever the reason, I had never been as horny as I was here, and maybe it was my imagination, but I could have sworn I saw Chris” expression soften and the front of his jeans start to tighten, as Rich guided him out.

Before we had ample opportunity to process, Jack continued on in his story.

“Now that we have that out of the way, and assuming we have no more objections, it”s time for you to find out who your transformation brother will be. Your transformation brother will be the one to help you grow from the intelligent and capable runt you are today, into the hung gay genius jock you were destined to be. In front of each of you is an envelope. When I give the command, open the envelope and find out which brother”s cock will introduce you into your future potential. This is a deep and intimate bond that will grow between the two of you, and your transformation brother will nurse your health as you recover from the process. We”ve matched you with your brother based off compatibility, potential, and the physical needs of the brotherhood.”

“If everyone could now please pick up their card,” Robert, the curly haired stud Vice President, bellowed.

“3…” the brotherhood chanted, as I looked up and became faintly aware of a salty musky smell.

“2…” they continued as I saw some already sizable bulges continue to grow around the perimeter of the room

“1…” the bellows grew louder.

“OPEN!” They chanted with a half laugh and roar.

I ripped mine open and looked down.

In tightly scrawled cursive, I read “Jack Bird”.

I looked up and saw Jack”s eyes meet mine as he eyed me seductively and I saw, what I had assumed was his hard cock, start to grow under his robe. As everyone made their way toward their transformation brother, I felt my cock start to leak without any urging.

When I approached Jack, he grabbed my hand and pulled me in for a hug, his stiffening cock pressing against me.

While grabbing my ass with his other hand, Jack leaned in to whisper, “Welcome to the family, I can”t wait to see what you become.”

“I”m not sure why, but even though I am not sure what”s happening, my cock has never been harder,” I stammered to the sex god in front of me.

Jack”s expression began to shift from one of casual laid-backness to a purely carnal desire. “You”re that hard because, whether you realize it or not, you want what you”re to become that bad.”

“How can I be sure if I want to become something that I”m not even really sure what it is?” I asked inquisitively.

“Relax haha, nothing will happen to you that you don”t want or aren”t ready for. I”ll give you every opportunity to make decisions on whether or not to leave, but I”m extremely confident that you won”t make any such decision. Besides, you”ve now followed me through this building, up the staircase we ignored your last time here, went down a hallway, and are now in front of my bedroom door, and you haven”t said a word or noticed. Well, that tells me everything I need to know,” Jack said with a chuckle as he turned the handle to the door knob into his suite.

While Jack turned the handle, I struggled to comprehend what he had said fully. He was right. I hadn”t noticed where we had gone, and I was mindlessly following him. Before I could fret too long, I was distracted by the opulence of the room in front of me. In front of my eyes was a massive room with a California King bed, a sitting area, a 70″ flat screen and couch, spa and bath, walk-in closet, and private office area with a library.

“Pretty nice, huh? This is the master, so they aren”t all this big, but I”d like to think that every room is still worth staying in,” Jack explained.

“I mean yes, but I still am confused and haven”t gotten many answers,” I pushed back.

Jack directed me over the sitting area and proceeded to spend the next hour answering every question I had about the transformation process. He told me that he saw this program as an opportunity to select the brightest minds who lacked the resources to attend a school like Harrison, and also lacked the physicality to be imposing enough to provide success in day-to-day life. What blew my mind the most was when he explained how he just knew how his cum worked.

“When I transformed, I knew instantly what I was capable of. The added brain power helped me mentally map the impacts of this gift. It”s how I have been able to develop the best program to maximize results. It”s how I have been discreet in building this brotherhood. It”s how I am confident when I say I am truthful in having told you everything the power of my load has to offer. Less important, but I”ve yet to have to open a textbook or study in college. It”s amazing, and I can”t wait to share it with you,” Jack exclaimed like a giddy child.

“But why me? What do I have?” I moaned back, unable to believe I could be so lucky.

“Honestly, you remind me of me. More than just the major in common, I really feel a connection with you. You”re kind, giving, and incredibly bright. I believe, and I am confident that you will to after you grow, that you are meant to lead this group when I graduate at the end of next year. When we scouted you, we look for nobodies. People nobody will notice if they up and leave campus. This project would never work with the most popular kid at a school, and I know it sounds cruel. We look for people that have the potential to change the world and be something. You have that potential, you just need some added help,” Jack explained as if it was obvious.

“So, it”s really that easy?” I asked meekly.

“It really is. To put it simply, I fuck you, you wake up a hairy, hung, muscular beast. The only thing is you will be completely and exclusively gay. If those trade offs are worth it, I can have you bent over in a matter of minutes,” Jack said in a half moan as he groped at his bulge.

“Then what have we been waiting for,” I quipped back.

Jack stood up and lowered the tight golf shorts that had been hugging his ass thus far. Beneath the fly was a knit white jockstrap with the most obscene bulge I had ever seen resting in the basket of it. As if on auto pilot, I found myself on my knees suctioning the fabric surrounding the cock with my mouth.

A low moan escaped Jack”s mouth, as I lowered the waistband, and the 8″ soft uncut monster spilled out. I took in the sight before me, and leaned in. The inexplicable smell of musky jock, cock, and man hit my nose, and my cock leaked uncontrollably.

“Just think, you”ll soon have one just like this,” Jack moaned as he gave his cock a shake and the bead of precum glistening at the tip fell to the ground.

Despite having never sucked a cock before in my life, I uncontrollably dove into the tube of flesh, savoring its taste as the smell of precum and jock invaded my brain. Unable to think, I went to town on the massive cock, feeling it slide in and out of my throat. I found myself surprised that I was taking it almost completely to the base, despite being a novice, but that was short lived as the cock began to grow and lengthen in my mouth. While my jaw stretched, I continued to feel the fat mushroom head continue to assault the back of my throat, painting it with copious amounts of precum at each thrust.

While my nose had been pushed out of the massive bush by the lengthening cock, the inches between me and Jack rus escort now gave me the opportunity to take in the muscle and body hair of the stud I was servicing.

I had discovered that while close, my initial perceptions of Jack were off. Standing at 6″5″, Jack was an imposing figure packing an unbelievable 240 pounds of shredded muscle on his frame. Thick and curly blonde hair lined his entire body, from the massive pubic bush that looked as if it had never been shaved to the massive explosion out of his armpit that I had to hold myself from diving my tongue right into.

As Jack”s now 14 inch cock continued its assault of my throat, I couldn”t help but wonder if maybe my eagerness was less the product of my own horniness, but the possible uptake of Jack”s pheromones.

Almost like he were reading my mind, Jack panted with thrusts “If you haven”t figured it out yet, I”m a little special. Since I took the raw drug, I tend to have more power in my ability. My own scent can be enough to invite the idea into one”s mind. That”s why I wanted your decision before you saw my cock. I knew once you saw it unobstructed, you”d be unable to resist.” Sweat poured down Jack”s body as he continued to fuck my mouth, “I believe that if I adjust my transformation strategy for you slightly, I can impart my unique gifts and levels of growth onto you. Do you want to be big and irresistible like me?”

Unable to bring myself to remove my mouth from Jack”s massive cock, I just moaned in admiration. That was all Jack needed to reach into the side table beside him and pull out a bottle of lubricant.

“We”ve engineered this to numb the ass to pain, not that you”ll be able to remember it. Once I start fucking you, the second a drop of cum leaks into your asshole, precum or otherwise, the process will be unable to be prevented. To put it simply, once my cock is leaking in your hole, there is no stopping your muscle, cock, hair, mind, and body growth. Within thirty minutes of taking my first drop of cum, the activation period will begin and you will awake a new man in a day”s time. Do you understand?” Jack told me, as if he were an infomercial for medicine.

I managed to pull my mouth off his cock to gasp “Pleasee, I need you in me. I want your load so bad, and I need to grow.”

My pleas must have been convincing enough because I felt one slick finger enter my tight virgin hole. Before I knew it a second, and then a third had entered. Jack fired his hand into my asshole over and over again for what felt like hours. When he pulled his fingers out, I had hardly a second to adjust because his tongue promptly met my hole thereafter.

Jack”s tongue repeatedly fucked my hole and found its way around, loosening up my slut chute for his massive god like cock to claim. After nearly an hour, the mood shifted, and I realized the time had come. Jack would now begin the process of transforming me into a muscle god just like him. My 5″ cock, barely an afterthought now, would soon be an overwhelming piece of meat that any man would be envious of. My scent would now turn the attention of any man when I entered a room, and my copious amounts of body hair and muscle would instantly assert my dominance over anyone I meet. All I had to do to unlock this potential was complete the seemingly impossible task of riding this massive cock before me.

Noticing the apprehension on my face, Jack nodded to the lube and said, “I promise it”ll feel more like heaven than hell. The recipe on that lube really helps the feeling. Super genius jocks, remember? We can definitely develop something like that.”

I smiled back at Jack and cried out, “I don”t think I can take it any longer. I need you to fuck me now!”

As soon as the words exited my mouth, Jack”s fingers slid out of my ass, found the lube bottle, and began massaging the special lube onto his massive cock.

I felt Jack lean into me, his chest hair against my bare skin, lips nibbling on my ear, and felt in amazement as the foreskin covered cock head of his massive piece pressed against my virgin hole. His prework had come in handy, and I assumed that his precum likely had some enhanced properties as well, but before I knew it, the massive cock began to slide into me inch by inch.

Not believing it to be possible, I cried out in a mixture of ecstasy and amazement as I realized in the last few minutes, Jack had managed to bottom out inside of me. Somehow, 14″ of hung jock cock was all the way inside me. If it weren”t for the massive bush of pubic hair pressed into my ass, I don”t know that I would have believed it myself.

Barely giving me time to process the environment, Jack began to slowly pound away at my ass. As slowly turned to passionately, I felt the barely noticeable, almost microscopic, drop of precum release from Jack”s cock into my ass. There was no going back now, even if I wanted to. By the time I wake up, I would be like Jack.

Jack must have sensed it too because he let out something that was akin to a yelp, and proceeded to pile drive my ass. Thrusting like a piston, Jack”s hips repeatedly slammed into my tight ass, stretching my hole even wider with each movement.

After about fifteen minutes of pounding, Jack moaned loudly, “Holy fuck, I”m so close. Oh my god, it”s going to be absolutely massive. Ahhhhh,” and as Jack let loose, so did his cock. Shot after shot of superhuman spunk unloaded into my ass, triggering a hands free orgasm from me. After what felt like minutes of both of us cumming, Jack pulled out of me, sweat pouring down from my body.

“You have no idea how long I have wanted that. Holy fuck that was amazing,” Jack cooed.

“I”m still in disbelief. I”d be lying if I said I wasn”t still a little worried that I”m being punked,” I admitted honestly.

“Understandable, but I think when your consciousness slips out in ten or so minutes, and you wake up in a day a different person, you might see things my way,” Jack said with a laugh.

“Think so? What should I expect to happen?” I asked with a level of airiness that hid any reservations bubbling up in the post nut clarity.

“Well, things will likely get fuzzy soon. We”ll know that is happening because you”ll start sweating uncontrollably. You”ll remain awake and capable of function for several hours, but will lack memory. We”ll work on training you into your peak form during the activation period. Once you exhaust yourself, you”ll likely sleep for a day or so. When you wake up, given that you are a direct recipient of my pure abilities, you”ll likely find that you”re slightly hairier, taller, intelligent, muscular, more hung, and that your pheromones trigger stronger responses. In summary, only you and I will achieve the full benefits of this process, that is unless you don”t want that. It”s not too late to ensure that we don”t achieve that extent,” I was informed.

I found thinking to be increasingly difficult, as I became faintly aware of a line of perspiration forming across my brow line, but I managed to squeak out “I want to be as big as possible. I want to be big just like you,” and everything faded to black.

I woke up in the same room I had lost consciousness in, though it did take me a moment to realize I had moved locations. I was now laying in under the covers in Jack”s bed, and I darted my head to the right and saw Jack sitting in a chair, reading a book.

I lifted my arm to scratch my head and felt a breeze blow against hair underneath that had most certainly not been there in that volume before. As I turned my head to inspect my armpit for change, I was distracted by the comforter covered pole sticking out of the bed. It stood about 16″ tall, and it was only then that I realized it was not a pole I was looking at, but rather my new cock.

Turning my head to Jack, who had noticed my alertness and was responding with an ear-to-ear grin, I could only think of one thing to ask, “What happened to me in the last 24 hours?”



Sorry for the lack of sex content in chapter 1, but I”ll try and add more in future installments. Let me know your thoughts at ail

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