Frontier V


Hey guys/gals, More reluctance and rape type scenarios in this one – I’m really into that kind of thing so let me know what you think. Also I removed the monsters cause it bordered on bestiality in my mind, it’s not something I enjoy writing about. Another thing worth mentioning is that I’m trying to shape the main Character into either a good guy that gets rewarded for his good deeds or a renegade that takes what he wants because he can. Leave a comment to help me decide! I realize that this part might need some editing… but I’m lazy now so I’ll do it later.
Carl’s eyes snapped open. A car door slammed in the distance.
“Girls, there’s someone here – we need to move” he was upright in an instant untangling from the mess of arms and legs that trapped him with the two girls on the bed.
They were both awake in an instant groggy from being woken up after just a couple of hours sleep, they got up and stumbled across the room gathering things to wear. By the time they were dressed it wasn’t clear who was wearing whose clothes. They didn’t have time to care though, the front door was creaking open.
“County rangers, is there anybody here?” the guests announced themselves slowly pressing into the room with their guns drawn.
“Is there anybody in here – we received reports of violence?!” They pushed the door open completely and stormed in. Carl identified two pairs of footsteps. One was heavy and rugged the other light and nimble – probably a women. The thought intrigued Carl. His powers were making him thirst not only for lust, but also for adventure, this would be a good opportunity to feed both of those hungers.
“I’ll go sort this out – you two remain hidden, okay?” he waited for them to nod in acknowledgement then stepped swiftly into the hallway. He was like a shadow in the dead of night.
He moved from place to place stepping perpetually out of sight.
“Cynthia, go check the west side of the building, I’ll investigate here then move into the eastern part of the house” the man spoke with a clear sense of authority. Cynthia replied with a quick and quite “Yes sir” and moved in the instructed direction. Cynthia passed by Carl, unaware of his presence.
Carl understood why the man was more dominant; she was still young… a rookie newly assigned to the officer commanding over her. She was headed in the direction of the girls but Carl had to make sure that when confronted her they would not be interrupted.
The ranger had moved into the east wing of the building and kneeled before a bundled up blanket with his left hand free and his right trigger finger itching. He lifted the blanket in one quick move and revealed a sight far fairer than he expected. Stacy was lying naked on the couch. Fast asleep with her legs spread wide as she cuddled a pillow. Her face was slightly bruised and even that added some attraction to her state.

The ranger looked over his shoulder then holstered his gun; he reached out and touched her shoulder to see if she would respond. She didn’t so he gave her a heavy tug and even that only made her release a slight moan from between her thick pink lips.
The ranger was old and if he was to remove his hat it would reveal a circle of hairlessness which had spread from his crown over the years. He wasn’t too out of shape but the after work beer habit he had taken up recently, had built up a belly which was disproportionate to the rest of his body. He was an attractive man once, but a life in the frontier wasn’t always an exciting one, especially for a veteran law enforcer. He had taken up smoking and drinking and given up on exercise. What remained of his looks after that was devoured by age.
He looked over his shoulder one more time before reaching out to touch her in a place which was far more personal than her should. He didn’t waste time groping her large breasts though, he moved directly for the lukewarm spot between her legs. He eagerly pressed two fingers into her dry hole and saw her squirm in pain – he smiled sickly as a bulge in his pants instantly grew.
He looked over his shoulder again feeling the need to take his encounter a little further. He was in a dark room in the east of the house and he reckoned he would most likely be able to either evade his partner’s sight, or cover his tracks before she could investigate.
So he moved around the girl to get into position and unzipped his pants without undoing his belt. He started pressing his manhood against her dry entrance, awkwardly balancing his body as he prepared to thrust into her. He looked to his left, which was now the direction of the door, and was startled by a silhouette standing in the door frame.
He didn’t think of reaching for his gun as he stood to try and explain his predicament. By the time he was on his feet a strong force bashed into him sending him into the far wall. The assailant then jumped at him again this time landing several fist blows to his face, ribs şişli bayan escort and midriff. The officer would have moaned from pain but he was out cold.
Carl grabbed the gun holster ripping it free from the belt securing it at the officer’s side. He then rushed over to Stacy to make sure she was fine, which she was, save for trade mark red of irritated skin between her legs. Carl kissed her sweetly on her forehead then moved out of the room.
“This is Cynthia Morgan, I’m a Ranger… is there someone in here in need of assistance?” Cynthia spoke unsure of her words as she moved from room to room in the West of the house. She was approaching the last three doors in the hallway when she heard a sudden thud in the distance.
“Sir?” she turned quickly pointing her flashlight, and her gun, down the hallway. She saw something move from one door to the door opposite the original.

“Sir – are you alright?” she spoke with a voice drenched in fear.
“SIR!” she shrieked almost in tears. Then she saw the figure approaching. It looked like a man, but it was too fast – stepping from side to side so quickly that all she saw was a blur. She opened fire. Four shots crashed into the hallway then it, whatever was charging at her, hit her with a surprisingly light impact. Her hands were immediately at her sides above her head as it pinned her wrists against the wall. Its face was in her neck – it wasn’t for sensual reasons. The creature, or man, was exhausted resting its forehead on her should. She could feel a farm fluid drip into the small opening at the top of her jacket.
‘I hit him’ she thought to herself with ill placed excitement.
“Drop the gun” Carl’s voice was a low growl of frustration and anger being held back. She felt paralyzed by the situation unable to act. Carl gave it a second then looked up.
“I said DROP IT!” his face was right in hers, his voice so supernaturally loud that the windows in the building rattled afterwards. Blood was running down the side of his face, there was a wound on the side of his forehead that had cut a line of flesh free from the bone. His pupils were dilated and his breath heavy, the pressure on her wrists varied from hard to soft as his restraint and anger fought each other off.
She burst into tears as she became weak at the knees and let the gun fall onto the wooden floor. Her body slid uneasily down the wall as her wrists remained in place. Soon she was hanging from her wrists as her body jittered with weakness.
Carl threw her arms aside making her fall to her right. He fell to his knees holding his forehead with one hand and punching his fist into the ground with another.
Danielle stepped out of the door onto the scene, her eyes like that of a predator in the dark. Only when she stepped closer, and into the light, did it become clear that she had an innocent smile on her face. She wasn’t completely naked as Carl was and knelt before him latching onto his wrist with supernatural strength. She pulled his hand off of his wound and as he looked at her with the perfect expression of confusion on his face she sexily sucked two fingers into her mouth then smeared the saliva over his wound.
He felt a strange tingle as the missing flesh started reappearing sewing his wound shut. Cynthia saw the strange woman next to the monster that attacked her and hesitantly started crawling away, until she could get back onto her feet. Once her feet were beneath her again she started running. She barely made it to the kitchen when she heard and felt him running at her. A strong hand locked around the back of her neck and pressed her face onto the counter. The bitter taste of blood filled her mouth as she bit down on her tongue. She felt another hand explore her waist and waited powerlessly for the inevitable to unfold. Then to her surprise the hand released after locking both her wrists in her own cuffs.

She waited uneasy as he stepped away. When he returned and pulled her aside she started hyperventilating. Again he simply covered her face with a bag, or to be more accurate – a pillow casing, and tossed her aside.
“Let’s get out of here” Carl’s voice was loud enough for Jackey to hear him too. She came from the room dressed in; two-sizes-too-small jeans and a hoody.
She handed Danielle an extra dress of clothes as well. Then she threw her arms around Carl – more than in-love with him. She gave him a tender kiss and he accepted it without hesitation. Danielle was busy getting dressed and she smiled at Jackey in a manner which seemed sweet. She knew that once a girl like Jackey sleeps with a guy, especially it having been her first time, she automatically falls under the spell of love.
Carl smiled at her as he kept his forehead on hers, looking into her eyes. Then suddenly he broke away and coldly called out once more, “We need to go”
He stepped into his trousers from the day before then searched for a new shirt to put on.
Once şişli escort he did that he went into the room were Stacy was still unconscious and picked her up. Jackey came into the room and helped him get her into a fresh set of clothes and then he threw her over his shoulder and took her out to her car and placed her in her back seat. He started the engine then reversed onto the cobblestone driveway, right next to the ranges’ truck. He saw Jackey rush over to the car and jump in behind him. Danielle followed suite dragging
Cynthia by her collar up to the car, she shoved her into the front seat.
“We should leave her” Carl objected.
“She saw your face – there’s no way she leaves this here. We either take her with us or kill her” Danielle had become very real since her personality changed up the night before. The only way to explain it was to say that she was ruthless yet caring.
“Fine, might as well remove the bag, she’ll be with us for a while” Carl said after some hesitation, reaching out and pulling the pillow casing off of her head.
Cynthia started to make empty promises and excuses bordering on begging but her words fell on deaf ears.
“Shhhh, dear” Danielle reached from the seat behind Cynthia and removed the bag while putting another hand over her mouth.
“If you talk too much we might just kill you and be done with it” Danielle’s hands trialed down from Cynthia’s mouth into the space of exposed skin between her neck and the thick jacket she had on. Danielle had amazing strength, as she had displayed by carrying Cynthia to the car using but one hand. She tugged in the opposite directions causing the zip to cease and it’s locket to break apart. The shirt she was wearing beneath the jacket had buttons which were sent flying as Danielle pulled the layers of clothes over Cynthia’s shoulder and down her back exposing her firm build and flat tummy along with her lacy red bra.
Cynthia had yelped as she was startled but she felt the reality of the situation seep into her.
Carl looked to his side and found himself incredibly turned on – again the idea of rape was turning him on, which had him worried.
He forced himself to focus and started driving away from the house. He was still young but in this town there wasn’t much to do – you’d struggle to believe how handy kids get when they are bored.
“Hmmm, Cynthia I think Carl is turned on – maybe you should lean over there and relieve him!” Danielle whispered in Cynthia’s ear then giggled as the young woman gasped in fear of the suggestion.
“Oh, please it’s not that bad!” With those words Danielle pulled a leaver at the side of Cynthia’s chair and let her fall back all the way in her seat until there was barely space for Danielle to sit. She touched the handcuffs behind the girls back and they unlocked, then she move Cynthia’s hands behind the seat and cuffed them once again.
Then Danielle snaked her hand into the girl’s pants moving below her tiny red panties and directly to her sweet spot.
“I have strange powers you know” Danielle said leaning forward and placing and upside down kiss on the girls lips. At this point Carl was very much intrigued and looked to his side quite often to monitor the progress – and he was growing all the more aroused.
Jackey was unhappy with the situation and wanted to intervene but she had a sense of fear overwhelm her. To her it felt like Danielle was a pit-bull with a bone… if you tried taking that bone from her she’d attack.
With the tip of her nail Danielle touched on the button between Cynthia’s legs sending ripples of magic through her every pore.
“You’ll feel it soon and you’ll be begging for relief” Danielle kissed the girl once more then released the leaver throwing her back into the upright position. Cynthia could feel herself moistening, her body started slowly but surely aching for attention which would soon have her writhing in her seat.
“Jackey, I think Carl still needs some attention…” Danielle didn’t even look at Jackey or Carl she simply jested with her hand and then stared out the window.
“Carl?” Jackey said hesitantly catching his immediate attention.

“How can I… help?” they hadn’t been on the road long but they were clear of his hometown out in the wild, the real wild, by now.
“I don’t think you can – I’m not exactly in the ideal position for that kind of thing” he said putting her down a bit.
“Oh… okay” She said looking to her side ashamed. She looked straight at Danielle now who was looking back with the flair of helpfulness expressed upon her face. They had the same idea in mind and quickly latched to each other kissing madly. Carl looked back for a second to see them making out as their hands explored each other’s bodies. The sight was a bit too much for Carl and the car suddenly stopped by the side of the road. His door was opened in an instant and so was the one the pair was leaning against. He pulled the two from the car then mecidiyeköy escort simply let his animalistic lust channel as he pulled Danielle aside. He started ripping her clothes out of the way. Then he pressed his aching member in between her folds. He had mounted her from behind and was taking her like an animal.
She smiled seductively at nothing in particular as his one hand pressed her left wrist into the snow and his other hand clutched a fistful of her hair and pressed her face so deep into the snow that her cheek was pressing against the mud beneath the thick layer powder. She felt her eyes water up as he pulled her hair by pressing down and she loved it. He was also taking her roughly pumping in and out with such sluggish movements which pleased her just as much as it hurt her.
He heard and felt her orgasm beneath his weight and the thought that she reached her climax so quickly in this situation made him even crazier with lust. He withdrew and, in one dry motion, pressed into her butt. He heard her shriek into the snow. He started spilling his cum into her anal cavity as she writhed beneath him in a fit of pain. He didn’t stop pupping into her though. Each piston movement caused her more pain and that him on more than he could have ever imagined being. She climaxed beneath him again and he didn’t care to understand why – all he needed to know was that he enjoyed the session.
He collapsed on top of her… waited a few seconds then withdrew. He spread her cheeks to look at her. He had fucked her ass raw and he saw that she was still quivering from the orgasms. His semen was starting to leak from her ass as she regained her composure. Then Carl turned, still as hard as he was before he took Danielle. Jackey had watched horrified from the sidelines. She had fear in her eyes now but Carl had already released his animalistic nature and could now take on a more passionate approach. He wasn’t done yet but he was far calmer – Jackey was sitting on the snow holding onto the door handle above her with both hands. Carl was on her in no time but instead of going for the goal immediately he planted a long tender kiss on her lips that had her weak at her knees. Then after a few more minutes he laid her down on the snow and started stripping as she did the same. Then he fell on her and pressed himself slowly into her depths giving her slow, deep and meaningful thrusts. She bit into his neck and clawed at his chest and back as the session went on for, what seemed to her, like hours.
Then finally they came and fell for a moment from the world as they lay with each other on the freezing snow in perfect unison.

“Carl we need to get out of here…” Danielle said finally. She helped him to his feet then handed him a pile of his clothes. He moved around the back of the 4×4 to get dressed and Danielle took advantage of that moment.
Jackey’s eyes were still shut, blissfully unaware that Danielle was approaching. She felt her hands pinned by the weight of someone’s bare feet. She was startled opening her eyes just in time to see Danielle sitting on her face. She felt her nose press in between the folds of Danielle’s sex as she forced her ass over Jackey’s mouth. It was clear to Jackey now that Danielle expected her to lick her ass, which was red and enflamed. She refused and Danielle would have her suffer for it.
Danielle was laying on her back, while laying on Jackey’s chest and stomach. She reached over her shoulder with one hand and pinched Jackey’s clit forcing Jackey to shriek into Danielle’s bum. Danielle applied more pressure – then released so that Jackey got the idea. Soon she was licking and sucking Danielle’s asshole with Danielle holding onto her clit, keeping it as a hostage.
Once Danielle was satisfied she switched positions so that she was laying on top of Jackey, their breast pressing into on another. She grabbed both sides of Danielle’s jaw and applied pressure forcing her mouth open. Jackey’s mouth was filled to the brink with cum, which she wasn’t eager on swallowing.
Danielle gave Jackey a look that said “don’t be coy” then watched the fluid drain down her throught.
Carl came back around the corner just as Jackey was being forced to swallow the massive load of his cum. Danielle laughed madly then kissed Jackey before rolling into the snow. She stood up and jumped into the car after winking seductively at Carl making him stir again. He moved to help Jackey to her feet. She smiled when she was on her feet and he could see her defeat portrayed in her smile.
“Are you alright?” he asked concerned.
“I can’t have you without them, right?” She said perking herself up then skipping past him while picking up her clothes. He smiled thinking she was perfect then turned to get in the car and go.

Let me know what you think – also comment or message me to let me know which way you’d like Carl to develop. Currently I’m trying to keep him neutral –

half good half bad but his an unstable guy… your input might just alter him enough to make the story evolve more to your liking. So good Carl or bad Carl,

which do you prefer?

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