Frustrated Stephanie Ch. 16


* Although each story is complete on its own, it is suggested to read the entire series to get the full picture, as it is after all broken up into chapters. This chapter starts off where chapter 15 ended.*


Steph stared at Brenda and Steve as they walked out of the restaurant. Quickly she got up to follow, smoothening her skirt as she did so. As she took the first step, she realised that the sausage was still buried deep in her ass as the bread roll was in her pussy. Clenching her anus to keep the sausage from slipping out, she quickly walked out the door and followed Brenda into the waiting car — a different one that Dave had driven.

Brenda sat in the back with Stephanie as David began to drive. Brenda leaned in to caress Stephanie’s face.

“I’d almost forgotten what a pretty little thing you are,” Brenda cooed, almost mockingly. “not to mention what a slut you are!”

“Did you see the look on that waitresses face?” Dave asked laughingly.

“I almost gave her the panties as a remembrance.” Brenda said as both she and Dave broke out in laughter.

Steph’s face burned with embarrassment but in addition to that, she felt a tingling in her body at the depravity of what had just transpired in the restaurant. She had just sex under that table and had been treated like the slut that she was.

“So! Tell me more about what this little slut has been up to.” Brenda urged David. He proceeded to fill in Brenda on all the details that Stephanie had told him on the way to the restaurant.

Stephanie closed her eyes as she tried to block out the conversation between Dave and Brenda about her lurid activities. He used far coarser language than she had done when she told him the story and as she heard it told, she realised what a slut she really was. By the time he had finished relating her exploits, they were back at the motel.

“A bit of a dive isn’t it, this place?” Brenda commented.

“Not what you are used to darling, but good enough for the purpose.” Dave laughed.

He parked the car and got out together with Brenda and Stephanie. He went to the back of the trunk and took out a small suitcase. Together, the three of them walked up to the motel room. As they entered, Stephanie noticed that the porn movie was still playing on the TV. The room had a musty yet sexy odour.

“This room reeks of sex.” Brenda stated. “But then again, reek may be the wrong word coz it certainly isn’t unpleasant!” She laughed at her own joke.

Stephanie stood by, a little unsure of what she should do. She didn’t have to wonder for much longer as Brenda pushed her toward the bed.

“Take your clothes off” she said softly.

Stephanie pulled her top off her, exposing her bra and then reached behind herself to unclasp the bra and remove it. Her tits hung freely and her already hard nipples seemed to perk up even more as the cold air hit her breasts.

She moved her hands to the side and unzipped her skirt, letting it drop and then slowly stepping out of them. She was naked now and she let her hands drop to her side, not even attempting to cover her modesty.

Brenda looked her over, as if inspecting her. “Seems like you’ve put on a little weight, Sis.” Brenda smiled as she grabbed a little of the flesh hanging of her hips. “You must be a little hungry by now I bet.”

Brenda’s hand moved down toward Stephanie’s thighs. Her hands reached between her thighs and edged them apart. Slowly her fingers moved upward until they reached the damp curlings of Steph’s muff. Steph sighed softly as Brenda’s fingers reached up to spread her cunt lips open. Her fingers reached in and got hold of the bread roll that had, by now, worked right up into the depths of Steph’s snatch. Brenda’s fingers got hold of the roll and began working it out. The bread roll was no longer hard but at the same time not soft enough yet to break up.

Steph closed her eyes and groaned as the bread roll stretched her vulva and popped out. She felt the roll being pressed to her mouth and she opened her eyes to see the bread roll coated with her juices being offered to her. She felt a rush of excitement as she saw that Brenda leaned forward to take a bite of the roll herself.

“Nice Dip.” Brenda laughed as she chewed on the roll. “Now you finish it.” She pressed the roll harder against Steph’s mouth and Steph opened her mouth tentatively. The roll was pushed in and she took a bite. She let the roll soften a little in her mouth and she chewed slowly as she started to taste a combination of her secretions and Dave’s cum on the roll. Her pussy twinged at the kinkiness of what she was doing and she quickly devoured the rest of the roll as she realised that she was indeed rather hungry.

Brenda’s hands moved downward again. One hand cupped Steph’s diyarbakır escort pussy. She squeezed it lightly before her other hand back toward her ass. She spread her ass cheeks while at the same time pushing her thigh between Steph’s legs to force them further apart.

“Now the sausage. Squeeze it out gently.” Brenda commanded. Stephanie had almost forgotten about the sausage in her ass but as soon as Brenda mentioned it, her body seemed to remember and focus on it.

“C-can I squat down?” Steph whimpered softly. “Please… it’s easier that way.”

Brenda slapped Stephanie’s breast and the sound rang out in the room. “Just do as I say.”

Stephanie looked down at her reddening breast and without another complaint, began to contract her anal muscles. She could feel the sausage starting to work itself out and she took a deep breath and tensed her muscles again. She was glad that the sausage wasn’t too thick or long. With another push, she felt her anus start to expand and the sausage plopped out of her.

She quickly looked down and was relieved that the only thing that she had pooped out was the sausage. It was very clean too and she was thankful that she had vacated her bowels nicely that morning. She began to worry a little as Brenda reached down with a tissue paper to pick up the sausage. Her body tensed in fear as she wondered if Brenda would force her to eat the sausage as well.

Brenda looked at Steph, noticing the tension in her body. Steph’s eyes followed Bredna as she walked over to the bathroom and disappeared inside. She heard some rustling sounds in the bathroom and then the sound of the tap running. Brenda took her time in the bathroom before she came back out. As she walked back into the room, she started unbuttoning her blouse. Steph swallowed hard as Brenda’s luscious breasts came into view. They were so much larger than her own and the bra had no sign of padding on it at all. Just sheer lace. The skirt came off next and Steph noticed that there was nothing on underneath the skirt. Steph found herself unconsciously licking her lips.

Steph stared at Brenda with a mixture of envy and lust. Envious that she was so much better looking and obviously much better endowed and lust that this gorgeous woman wanted to use her as her own plaything. Brenda walked toward Stephanie and slid her hands under Steph’s armpits. She squeezed gently as she pulled Stephanie toward her, crushing her breasts onto hers. Brenda pushed her backward and onto the bead. She pushed Stephanie’s knees apart and then turned to face Dave. He gave her Stephanie’s pair of panties and Brenda took a good whiff out of them.

“You still smell delightful.” She said softly. “I’d like to suck that juicy pussy but I’ve got other plans at the moment.”

She took the panties and slipped Steph’s head into them. She adjusted the cloth over her eyes so that her eyesight was restricted. Turning back to Dave, she smiled at him and nodded as she began to slowly lick Stephanie’s nipples. Steph sighed aloud as the wet tongue flicked across her taught bud. She could smell herself on the panties around her head and the heady aroma of her own pussy was tantalising her nostrils. She couldn’t see very well with the panties around her head and all she could make out was movement around her. She saw the shadow of Dave disappear rummaging about and then disapper before he appear again — nothing but a shadow.

She felt Dave reach out and pull her wrist to the side where it was tied. He walked around to the other side of the bed and tied her other arm as well. She could move her arms up and down and side to side a little bit but she her movements were restricted. She felt a movement at her legs again and she lifted her head, trying to see out of the panties. She felt a large, bulb, like a penis, pressing against her pussy.

Brenda lifted her legs further apart as she slowly pushed the strap-on into Steph’s pussy. The strap-on was huge. Bigger than Dave’s cock and jet black in colour.

“Unnnhh….” Stephanie moaned as the huge phallus pressed against her vulva, trying to force its way in. “It’s too big….please… its too big.”

Brenda smirked at Steph’s pleading and with a quick thrust of her hips, sent the bulbous head of the strap-on pulsing into Stephanie’s gash.

“AAaaahhhhgggghhh!!!” Steph screamed out as the large phallus penetrated her and stretched her pussy wider than it had even been stretched. Only the head had entered her but she could feel the girth stretching her. Brenda kept still for a moment and then slowly pulled out a bit and pushed again, entering deeper into Stephanie.

“No… Please! Please! It’s too big!” Stephanie cried out. “It hurts… oh God please…. It’s tearing me apart…. Plllleeeeasssse!”

Brenda düzce escort pushed, slowly getting deeper and deeper until half the strap-on was buried inside her sister in law. Stephanie kept crying out in protest.

“Shut the fuck up bitch!” Brenda said, not without a hint of nastiness in her voice. “Or maybe I should stuff your panties in your mouth so I cant hear your whining.”

“I’ve got a better idea,” Dave said as he walked to the side of the bed and pulled out his cock. Stephanie felt the panties around her face being moved slightly and then Dave’s cock was on her lips.

“Suck it bitch. Get me nice and hard again.” Dave said.

Steph stuck out her tongue to taste Dave’s manhood. She could taste the remnants of herself on his cock from when he had fucked her under the table. The thought of that lurid act sent fires raising within her. She lifted her head to take his cock into her mouth. She put her full concentration on his cock, trying to ignore the aching pain in her stretched pussy. She slurped on his fat cockmeat, feeling him grow within her mouth. She started to move her hands to cup Dave’s balls but realised that she was tied down. How she wished she had the use of her hands to toy with his balls and pull on his meat. The more she sucked, the less pain she felt in her pussy. In fact, she was almost beginning to feel pleasure. She sucked harder on Dave’s cock thrilling as it throbbed hotly in her mouth.

Brenda continued to plough into Stephanie’ cunt. As she fucked her, she looked down at the black rubber strap-on and noticed with delight that it was covered with Steph’s white fuck cream. This caused Brenda to fuck into Stephanie even harder. Steph started to moan around Dave’s cock using her tongue to tease the glans. She hollowed out her cheeks and started sucking firmly when she felt him pull out of her mouth with a pop.

“Oh don’t take it out please. Let me suck it!” Steph complained. “I want to suck your cock… Please”

“Looks like she’s stopped complaining about the cock in her pussy then, hasn’t she!” Dave laughed.

He moved again to the bag of tricks and took out a pair of nipple clamps. He attached them gently to Steph’s nipples and she sighed as she felt pressure being applied to her sensitive buds of flesh. Dave slowly tightened the clamps till her nipples bulged out. These clamps had a wire connected to them going back to a control dial. Dave made some settings to it and then pressed the on button.

Immediately a low jolt of electricity flew into both of Steph’s nipples.

“Aaaaahhhh!” She screamed, more in surprise than in pain. Her nipples reacted as they usually did with stimulation, sending a lust current down to her already lusty cunt. 10 seconds later, another jolt poured current into her nipples, this time a stronger burst and for longer.

“OOohhhhh Aaaahhhhhhhhgggg!!!” Steph screamed again as her thighs convulsed in ecstasy. “Ohh Godd…. Oh Goddd…what are you doing to me?!!!”

“Time to muzzle the bitch Dave” Brenda said softly as she started thrusting faster and deeper into Steph’s tunnel. Dave moved to the bed and pulled the panties from her face, giving her a clear view again. She raised her head to look down at the strap-on that was filling her so tightly and she gasped to see the size of it. She turned to see Dave reaching down beside the bed and lifting up a small pail. She wondered what was in it when just then another jolt stiffened her nipples. She opened her mouth to to scream again. Dave reached into the pail and extracted a pair of black lace panties from within. He stuffed them into Steph’s mouth, muffling her scream.

The panties were wet. More than wet, they were soaking. Steph felt some of the liquid from the panties dripping down her throat and from the acrid taste, she knew it was Brenda’s pee.

“Like my pee soaked Panties baby?” Brenda sneered, as if to confirm what Steph was thinking. Steph realised that Brenda had peed on her panties earlier and they were now stuffed in her mouth! A sense of torrid kinkiness pervaded her entire being and she started to fuck back at Brenda. Her eyes sparkled up at her Sister-in-law as if to say that she wanted it and couldn’t get enough. Brenda fucked her harder with the rubber schlong. Steph’s body began to tremble in orgasmic bliss and she sucked on the panties in her mouth, drawing out the pee in the fabric. The salty vinegar taste excited her and added to her climax. Her thighs quivered and shook and she would have shouted out in ecstacy if not for her mouth being stuffed.

Brenda slowed down her thrusts as Dave moved behind her to cup her breasts. He softly kissed her neck and then leaned over to look between her legs.

“She’s really sopping wet isn’t she?” he remarked as edirne escort he noticed streams of white cream running down Steph’s thighs. “Why don’t you get on top of her so that I can fuck you.”

Brenda readjusted herself, pushing Steph’s thighs higher and then almost kneeling on her. This way, she had maximum thrust into Steph’s pelvis while at the same time her pussy was available for Dave to fuck her.

Dave stared at Brenda’s wet gash, awaiting his spear of cock meat. He pushed his hard cock slowly into his desirous wife. Brenda gasped as his cock spread her pussy lips apart and drove deep into her. She pushed back at him, getting him deeper into her and that action caused the strap-on to pull out of Stephanie.

As Dave plunged deeper into Brenda, she in turn drove the strap-on into Stephanie and with each withdrawal, Brenda would pull back as well. Dave was now controlling the fucking and it wasn’t long before Brenda settled into a nice rhythm with Dave.

“Your cock always feels so good Dave.” Brenda moaned.

Dave grabbed hold of Brenda’s hips and started to fuck hard into her. Brenda moaned deeply and let her body ride in rhythm with Dave’s fucking. Steph could feel her pussy being penetrated deeply with every thrust of Dave’s cock into Brenda. The swell of an orgasm started building in the pits of her stomach again.

Stephanie’s breath was deep and raspy as each thrust from Dave into Brenda sent the gigantic phallus deep within her.

“Oh God… Oh Goddd…!” Stephanie moaned as her pussy, now fully acclimatised to the size of the big black dong, was responding to the hard fucking. It wasn’t just the feeling in her pussy but the sheer kinkiness of being fucked by Dave through Brenda.

Brenda started to gasp loudly too. The sounds of two pussies being fucked at the same time filled the room along with the sweet aroma of sex. Brenda reached forward to pinch Steph’s nipples, pulling and teasing them hard.

“I’m gonna cum lover,” Brenda moaned loudly. “Keep fucking your meat in my pussy. Oh yessss. Harder!”

“Unnnhh… too!” Stephanie cried out. “Fuck me! Fuck me harder!” Dave sped up his thrusts, causing both women to groan louder. He could feel his spunk racing up his balls and he fought to keep it down a little longer. He felt Brenda stiffen and cry out as her pussy clamped down on his cock. Her pussy started to spasm and he himself stiffened as the hot lava rushed up his shaft and started to spurt into his wife’s spasming pussy!

“Oh God! Yesss!! Oh Fuuucccckkkk!!” Brenda cried out as her pussy was filled with hot, molten cum. She thrust hard into Stephanie, triggering the climax of her sister in law.

Stephanie screamed loudly as her own body started shaking as her pussy throbbed and spasmed violently.

Dave slowly pulled his cum spent cock out of Brenda’s pussy. He patted his wife’s ass affectionately. Brenda sighed softly as Dave’s cock withdrew, leaving her pussy empty. Slowly, she pulled the strap-on out of Stephanies pussy. It came out with a popping sound.

Carefully Brenda scooted over Stephanie and placed her cum filled pussy over Stephanie’s mouth as Dave pulled the panties covering her face off. Brenda squatted over her sister in law, forcing her pussy down on to Stephanie’s face.

“Clean me bitch.” Brenda commanded.

Steph’s face was fully covered and practically smothered. She stuck her tongue out and deep into Brenda’s used cunt. Her tongue began to lick and scoop out Dave’s cum that was already leaking into her mouth. She lapped at Brenda’s pussy, hungrily, almost greedily. Brenda sighed and began to tug at Stephanie’s nipples as she ground her pussy harder on to Steph’s face. Brenda leaned forward on her knees, keeping her pussy firmly in Stephanie’s face as she herself buried her own face into Steph’s pussy and started to lick. Steph moaned and spread her legs wider, giving Brenda better access. Both women lapped eagerly at each others cunts, their breath becoming ragged as their bodies responded to the stimulus.

Steph licked furiously at Brenda’s gash as Brenda stuck one finger and then another into Steph’s gaping pussy. She fingerfucked her as she sucked hard on her clit. Steph bucked her hips upward against Brenda’s fingers and tongue as her own tongue swirled deeply into Brenda’s seething cunt.

Dave watched in fascination at the two women busy 69-ing each other. Both of them let out a muffled cry as their bodies tensed and their thighs started to tremble as they both orgasmed simultaneously. Brenda slowly rolled off Steph and turned around, moving up the bed to cuddle Stephanie. Both the women’s mouths were wet with each others juices. They kissed each other softly as Dave joined them on the bed. Steph’s hand moved down to cradle Dave’s cock.

“We’ve got the motel for the rest of the evening.” Brenda smiled as she grabbed Steph’s other hand and placed it between her own legs. “And we’re in town for a couple of weeks too.”

Steph smiled happily as Dave began to nibble on her nipple…

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