Fuck Me


Author Note: It’s been a while since I’ve written anything for here. Been busy doing non-eroic writing. This came to me this morning, so I wrote it. Feed back would be wonderful! Enjoy!


This must be heaven she thought as her tiny hand slid along the thick cock. It didn’t matter that at the base her fingers barely touched. At that moment it was the most glorious thing she’d ever felt. She turned her head slightly and flicked her tongue at the broad mushroom head with a sultry smile. The taste swept through her and caused a shudder. She fought the urge to pounce and devour the twitching monster in her hand, loath to stop the steady, deep thrust of the gifted fingers pounding into her dripping pussy. She gave a whimper and a half tug and was rewarded with a deep, melodious chuckle.


“Mmm.. duh.”

Another rippling laugh followed by a shifting that brought the magnificent cock within easy reach of her mouth. She let her tiny hand stop at the very base, and managed to leverage herself up on one elbow so that she was nose to cock. She could smell the rich muskiness and see a glistening drop of pre-cum almost taunting her on the tip. She tipped her head and swiped the tip with her tongue, but slowly this time. A soft happy moan escaped her at the feel and taste. Oh yes, this was definitely heaven. Another shift, careful to not disturb the clever fingers, and she could easily wrap her lips around the head, sucking insistently. Another chuckle from above.

“Tiny you might be my greedy one, but my arm will only reach so far. Decide what you want more.”

She wasn’t about the let go of her prize, not now. Talking with ones mouth full was rude, and risky. With a whimper she reached out with her mind. “I shouldn’t have to choose you sexy beast.”

“Have your cake and eat it too huh?” The fingers gave a wicked twist in her, bringing a slightly calloused thumb across her all to sensitive clit.

It’s hard to howl in delight with your mouth full, but she managed something close, nipping at the sensitive spot just beneath the head and arched her hips into the fingers. She was rewarded with a hissing indrawn breath and almost half on the massive cock in her mouth and down her throat. Gulping she let her tongue dance along the length she had, loving the slick velvety feel, made slicker by her own efforts. Her entire body tingled in a way that she’d come to savor. Every time his thumb brushed her clit it was like summer lightening through her. Every deep thrust of his thick fingers brought fire along her nerves. istanbul escort The taste of him made her head spin.

“Mmm.. clever minx.” His voice now not so controlled, but held a hint of huskiness. He knew exactly what she wanted, he’d seen it flitting across the surface of her mind, but part of education is learning to ask for what you want. His gray eyes drifted the length of her tiny body, seeing the fluctuating heat patterns and smiled. A week ago they’d been all over, now they held a slightly disorganized pattern. He traced a lazy path around her tiny breasts, watching the heat follow his finger. Her mouth was getting cleverer by the minute, each flick of her tongue sending fiery shivers through him. He half closed his eyes and just savored for a moment, opening himself to her sensations. The inner muscles of her dripping pussy grabbed at his fingers with each careful stroke. Slick and hot, he could feel the heat radiating from her every time his palm came closer. He drew a deep breath, savoring the sweet musk that was uniquely her. Her mouth demanded more of him, suckling frantically. How far she’d come from the initial tentative touches and licks to this wonton, greedy little thing. He flexed slightly, and was rewarded with a greedy pulling of more of his cock down her throat.

“Mmm.. moore” her mental voice something between a whine and a demanding howl.

“Really? You know it’s been said better longing than loathing, right?” He thumbed her clit sharply and pressed his fingers deeper.

“Then I’ll loath! Give me all of it drat you!”

“What..? No please?” As wicked as her mouth was and heated as her demands, he held onto some self control still.

Idle banter had been all good and well hours before, but she was done now. She wanted the entire glorious length of him in her mouth and she was going to get what she wanted. Driven by hunger and need she lunged upwards, pulling all but an inch or so into her mouth, moaning in rapture as the broad head slid easily down her throat.

He gave a hissing groan as she lunged. Gods but she’d learned that trick quick enough. The feel of her taking almost the entirety of his nine plus inches down her throat was nothing short of exquisite. So few early on could or would. He lifted his hand and slid it into her hair. She was so damn close. He paused his hand that was buried in her, ignoring the very muffled whimper from her, but not the sensation it sent through his cock still almost buried to the hilt. Oh goddess help me, he thought shakily, as avcılar escort he felt some of his self control slip. He tightened his hold in her hair, while shifting his hand in her dripping pussy so that his pinky could just reach the soft pucker of her ass. He felt her tense and flicked his thumb across her clit.

She could feel her own hand. She knew she was close to having every single inch of him down her throat. When his hand stopped she’s whimpered at the sudden loss of the sensations, and the new sensation of her entire body thrumming. Her body screamed for more, more sensation, more touch, more taste, more everything. The feel of his hand twisting, shifting brought a host of new tingles and fires. The lightest of brushes against her ass was like nothing she’d even begun to imagine however. Molten fire shot through her, zinging down her legs and arcing up her spine. It as so incredibly intense that her body tensed unconsciously. The thumb across her clit broke the tension and had her hand sliding from around the base of his cock to land on the top of his thigh.

With her hand sliding free of the base of his cock, nothing stood in the way of the last inch or so. He could feel her entire body quivering. Hell, his was quivering. He was seconds from throwing control to the winds. His hand slid through her hair and came to rest so that his thumb lay along her delicate jaw. He knew her mouth was almost at it’s limit, but it was too late to go back now. He studied her face, her mouth and jaw wrapped around his cock, her eyes half closed in bliss. Her silky blond hair tangled around his fingers and pooled on the bed. A war raged within him at that moment, a war between the growing urge to bury himself completely, to see her struggle to handle the last of him, to feel her tongue flail and writhe along his shaft and his training which said double check, make sure, do no lasting harm. He drew a shaky, ragged breath as training won, and tapped her jaw softly with his thumb. “Corri..” When her eyes fluttered open and met his, they were filled with raw need, hunger and something else that wasn’t definable. “Yes..?”


The anguish and raw hunger in her mental voice seared through his mind and wrapped around him. With his last ashes of self control he locked eyes with her as he simultaneously drove the last inch of his cock down her throat and his fingers into her, his pinkie sliding into her tight pucker. For half a second time froze, a crystal clear image of her at that moment seared into his memory. Her delicate body arched şirinevler escort up and into his hand, her mouth filled to such capacity that her lips were practically drawn back and her eyes burned with inhuman need and triumph. The moment broke and so did his self control. With a savage growl he began a brutal fucking of her face and an equally brutal fucking of her pussy with his hand. He never felt her hand lock around his thigh, digging in and drawing blood. He slammed his cock down her throat as his hand drew back, and as he drew back out of her mouth his hand slammed home with brutal force. At the savage pace he set, neither would last long.

The last inch of his cock filled her throat as her body was rocked by the forceful violation of her previously untouched ass. Seeing stars didn’t even come close. Her world became his cock and his magical hand. Her body was one big tingle. The new pressure of the invading pinkie only made her hotter. With every thrust of either cock or hand she burned hotter. “Oh… gods… yes yes yes… more… oh goddess yes…fuck me fuck me fuck me…fuck fuck fuck…” Her mind babbled and screamed as her body rocked with the force of the double savage fucking.

The world exploded into white hot nothingness. He threw his head back and roared as his cum shot down her throat, his hand locking her face against his body. She gave a mental howl as her body convulsed and bucked against his, her juices coating his hand, his wrist and halfway up his forearm.

Slowly his vision returned. With a ragged gasp he unlocked his hand from her head and shuddered when she swallowed and drew back enough to take a breath. He flexed his fingers, and she gave a deep shuddering whimper. “C…Corri…?”

She couldn’t see, or think or feel. She just was. She floated in a glorious haze. Something moved deep within her and she shivered as the haze vanished with the sound of her name. She swallowed, pondering the sweet muskiness that coated the back of her throat and then pulled back, slowly releasing her prize. Words were still beyond her, so she nodded.

“Corri… sweetling…greedy beast… I’d like the return of my fingers.” His voice still shaky as he tentatively wiggled his fingers. He didn’t dare just pull, as her still quivering pussy was locked around them tightly. He’d have to talk her down.

She recognized her name. She took a deep shaky breath and turned her head to rest it against his quivering thigh. “Mmm…”

He swallowed and smiled down at her. Progress at least. She was drenched in sweat and juices and had a trickle of cum from one corner of her mouth. Her mouth was going to hurt like hell, but by the gods she’d been magnificent. He settled back and stroked her hair. She’d be moving on in a month, but right now and probably for the next several hours he needed to talk her back to reality. Self control back in place, he began the process.

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