Fucked by co-workers husband


Fucked by co-workers husbandI was visiting my co-worker from out of town and after dinner and one too many I stayed over in the guest room. We had been out earlier for dinner and everyone was dressed up, his wife wore the sexiest pair of fuck me heels and black stockings. I noticed the garter bumps on her dress when she sat down at the table with just brief flash of stocking top. We went back to their place and had a few drinks and I felt a bit buzzed. I got the occasional glimpse of stocking when she would get up or cross and uncross her legs which made me really hard. I went to the guest room and as I was drifting off I could here that she was getting fucked wondering if she was still wearing the stockings I saw her in earlier. I fell asleep but had the attention to take a peak into the bedroom to catch some action. I have Fridays off so no rush getting up in the morning, I heard what I though was my co-worker leaving and her husband who she gets a ride from. My cock was hard so I was stroking myself thinking about my co-worker who has great legs and wearing a dress the night before with stockings. I looked around the spare room for something I could blow my load into so I didn’t mess their bed. I noticed a half open closet and when I opened it I saw every tg’s dream. A dresser with an open drawer and obvious lingerie inside with a few bustiers hanging in the closet. I knew I was alone because I heard both of them leave so I went took a shower and dried off very hard çankaya escort knowing I was going to wear her lingerie. I tried on a few things like a camisole, full slip which were a bit snug and a garter belt. I picked the blue bustier hanging and put it on and it fit perfect and found a pair of stockings to put on. I looked at myself in the full mirror my cock pointing straight out I thought I was going to cum while I rubbed my cock. I got on the bed and started to stroke myself slowly looking at myself in the mirror. I must have been stroking for a while I closed my eyes fantasizes about what my co-worker wears and now I would know if she came to work in a dress what she could have underneath. I was close to cumming when I hear a door open before I could react there was her husband no shirt just his shorts staring at me. I was stunned! There I was in the guest room wearing his wife’s lingerie my cock in my hand and pre-cum oozing from my cock. He turned around and walked out and I thought I have to get out of here, I jumped off the bed and grabbed my clothes. Just as I did that he walked back in no shorts and the biggest cock I have seen straight out. It was at least 8 inches with a big mushroom tip. “Where do you think your going” he said. I didn’t have a response and didn’t know what I should do or say until I noticed the camera and his hard cock twitching. I dropped my clothes and stood in front of him, he put yenimahalle escort his hand on my head and I knew what he wanted.I knelt down in front of him and as I began to open my mouth he guided his thick cock in my mouth telling me “She never sucks cock now that we are married” So I gave him what he wanted I started sucking on his cock slowly with just the tip. As I worked a little faster I went deeper until I started to gag and I heard him say “Your so good what a good cocksuker you are” “You need to drop by more when she is out” “Mmmm yeah suck it I want to hear you gag and slurp” I massaged his balls and sucked on him while I stroked his cock with my hands. “Do you like my cock baby”Mmmm I said as I looked up at him my mouth full of cock“Suck baby suck don’t stop until I say”I continued to suck his cock and swallow his balls in my mouth and lick them I could taste his pre-cum and was imagining this big cock fucking my co-worker.With my mouth full I worked his cock hard with my lips and tongue. Then he said “Stop!” unless you want me to cum in your mouth. I slowed down so he wouldn’t cum so fast and he then told me to get on the bed. I laid on my back then the next thing he did was put some lube on my ass and he started to penetrate me.Grabbing his camera he handed it to me and said “She wont do photos, I want to see my cock in you” I started to take photos as he began to fuck me. “Dam your tight, I have not been fucked in weeks once your married it dries up””Oh MY GOD” I moaned out as his cock fully entered me. He moaned also as he grabbed my waist and started to slowly move his hips. He begins to fuck me at an increased pace as I’m taking photos of his cock pounded me. Pre-cum dripping from my cock I thought what a wonderful fuck he is and how lucky his wife is to have his cock in her. He pulls out and then tells me to get on top, his cock sticking straight out I get on top and guide his cock into me. He moans, “OH MY GOD” as I slide down his hard cock and I can feel him deeper than before. I ride his cock as he takes photos of me fucking his big cock and he is not lasting long so we go back to him being on top so he can control the speed.I roll onto my back once again and just as he moves into place I spread my legs wide open and he guides his cock into my ass. Throwing my legs over his should he moves between deep hard strokes to really slow circular strokes and he starts to play with my cock. He leans down kissing me and I wrap my legs around his waist as he continues to fuck me. He whispers in my ear “You’re a better fuck than my wife squeeze my cock baby I’m going to cum. I can feel the who wait of his 6’4 300 pound body on my as he started to kiss my neck sliding his cock slowly in and out of me. Because of all the weight on me and movement I cum against his stomach letting out a loud moan. After a few moments he pulls out and strokes his cock a bit to shoot a big load of cum all over the tops of his wife’s stockings. I cant wait to stay over or visit while his wife is out so I can service his cock anyway he wants. (Photos of this and a video are on my profile don’t forget to watch it now that you know what happened)

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