Fucked Hard at ABS


Fucked Hard at ABSAPV Des Moines, WAKinda randy today, would love to suck some cock and get fucked but have other things that must be done today so I thought I would write briefly about my last ABS visit. This is from earlier in 2018.This may drift some and I am only hitting some basics and how I felt.I love this place, it’s easy, just the vibe of being here is electric, when you walk in anyone who see’s you knows EXACTLY why you are here. Such dirty perverted thoughts…….don’t you love it, I do and it’s what keeps me coming back. Not sure how many times I have been here but at least 10 times maybe 20. It’s like a guaranteed Hot time, always fun, always cocks and naturally a magnet for a cock slut like me. Your could say I’m dirty, a slut, cum whore receptacle, bitch, filthy cum pig or whatever you can think of and it’s all true.I walked in and everyone looked at me including the woman working, she smiled, she knew why I was here. No idea what she thinks of me but she knows I am good for business because guys love what I do for them and sluts like me make them return. I have my dark brown wig on, makeup is perfect with bright cocksucker red lips, tight white sweater showing nice sized tits, hot pink short skirt, black fishnet tights and hot pink CFM heels, yes it’s obvious what I’m here for.While I like the theater section the booths are where I normally go and after I walked around this is where I went. I don’t remember exactly what I did at first but normally I check out who is there and peek around the canlı bahis openings to see if anyone could use a hand!!!!!!!!Something about the anonymity makes me feel like such a filthy dirty slut. Here I am in this disgusting place kneeling on a cum covered floor with my face against a cum and piss stained wall and my mouth against a hole where some total stranger sticks his cock though and I give him a blow job that no real woman could ever give. I will make his day 10fold, he will be flying high and totally satasified! He would would love to have me hidden in his closet at home where he could open the door anytime he likes and get a fantastic BJ and deposit his baby batter down my throat. You know his wife or SO might even like this situation so she didn’t have to suck his cock on call???????? As normal when she is not in the mood (OFTEN) she would just say “Why don’t you step into your closet for a few minutes!”. Off subject there some………..I really don’t recall how many cocks I sucked today but I am sure at least 6 and 10 max. I would say this is normal when here, just typing this makes me tingle, my mouth is getting wet and my boi pussy has an itch. I had taken many photos and tried a few videos today (sadly gone in a started purge) and had them posted earlier but again gone now. Today I had my chastity tube on which is a curse and blessing, I am never sure if I like this or not, it keeps me super horny, if someone held the key I would do almost anything after a while to get out and if I wear it here bahis siteleri I will dribble a huge amount of precum which lets me pull on it for stimulation even though it’s a tiny amount. If I don’t wear it my hand is constantly wanking my sissy clit as I suck a man…… Most guys when they see me walk into the booth will come right in but I still like it though the hole so I usually ask the to go to the other side and of course suck them off likes there is no tomorrow. Naturally as you do this other guys come in and fondle your ass, OMG what perverts touching some sissy ass they want to stick there rod into while I am sucking someone else….. You know I can’t wait to turn around and see there cock out and them stroking it and my eyes light up before I suck them!!!!!!!! It must have been about an hour after I got there a larger then normal cock was presented and I sucked him for a long time, he had a shaft of steel for sure, I stopped sucking and asked if he would fuck me and being a gentleman obliged. I slipped a condom on and he started fucking me through the hole. To me this is one of the top slutty acts……. There had been one particulate voyeur today who had been watching me a lot and he was right there telling me how hot it was watching me suck off guys and getting fucked right now. I asked if he wanted me to suck him while I was being fucked but he said no. I also asked if he would video the guys cock ramming my pussy and unfortunately he declined but I still loved him watching. After getting bahis şirketleri fucked for a bit the guy pulled out and left me void (horrible feeling you know) but came into my booth and fucked me like I was his last fuck. OMG he was strong. I was standing, arms bent but out and against the wall and he jack hammered me. I swear he was lifting me off the ground as he drove home into me. It was heaven, I was trembling, when he was finished I could hardly stand, he was still a rock but left and I almost collapsed on the seat inside the booth, I am sure my pussy was gaping……… After I rested I moved to another booth and sucked a few more cocks and eventually he came into my booth. I sat on the bench and sucked him for a long time gagging on his magnificent man cock and when I knew he was close I stopped and asked for a facial and again being a gentleman obliged. I have to say that while I have had a facial before this was not like those-I mean this was a facial-you know the kind you see where cum is shooting out like a faucet with spurt after spurt…..My face and hair were drenched and it was pouring off my face onto my top. I was in shock how much there was, I licked some up to keep it from dripping and took a face pic (deleted now-my bad). After he came on me he left. I was spent by now so I to left. Walked out with my face soaked and still dripping. I ran into the voyeur who mentioned again how hot I was to watch and he said I was soaked….Through the store and outside to my car I walked-covered in cum and drove home before cleaning up. Nothing says slut more then crusted cum all over your face!Comments always enjoyed. I am not a writer and didn’t proof read or anything. Just typed as it came to mind.This is 100% for real

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