Fucked in Mexico!


Fucked in Mexico!I’m a 43 year old mother of 3, I’m 5.10, 220lbs. could be described as chunky with large tits and very wide hips. My husband and I were on holidays in Mexico at an all inclusive resort. My husband loves golf and played almost every day while we were there. On Wednesday morning we got up had breakfast then Chuck left for his tee time. I was wearing my blue Bikini, that didn’t cover much but hey what the Hell I’m on holidays and I’ll never see these people again. I sat by the pool for a couple hours drinking margaritas, probably a little too many it was getting later in the day when I decided to go back to the room to maybe have a nap and wait for Chuck to get back. I walked out of the elevator down the hall on the way to my room when I passed a room with the door open there was 2 young men drinking beer inside, I kept walking when one of them came out and asked if I wanted to join them for a drink. It might have been all the drink but I still have No Idea why I accepted and joined them for a drink in their room. They poured my a Rum n Coke, I sat on the edge of one of the bed, by this time I was buzzing! I think they could tell I was very tipsy, they introduced themselves as Dan & Ron, a couple students both 22 years old on holidays for a week. They were in great shape and very confident, Dan was sitting beside me on the bed asking me if I was enjoying my holiday here I told him it’s been a nice quiet time, told him my husband is a golfer so I’ve been alone most of the days he turned to me to say man that sounds boring, I said Ya well a few drinks in the Sun help! Yes it does he replied, Dan put his hand on my leg looked at me to say maybe we could help you with the boredom? He started rubbing my leg it felt so good, I started melting I had just enough to drink to make me horny and there I was with 2 young men in a hotel room. Dan continued rubbing türbanlı bayburt escort me, he now had his hands up around my waist, working his way to my Tits. Ron got up went to close the door I looked at Dan, I want to but I can’t do this, sure you can he replied Hot Woman like you deserves to be pleased, AWW I have sons your age, Dan just kept rubbing my tits then started kissing me as he unhooked my bikini top, my tits flopped out when he removed it, I was now laying back on the bed with my breasts totally exposed as the 2 young men started playing and sucking my nipples. I could feel a hand working it way down my belly then into my bikini bottom I was breathing hard and moaning at this point I was horny and getting wetter by the second. I wasn’t sure who it was by I could feel fingers inside my pussy as one of them started fingering my hole and clit! Dan got up undressed then put his cock in my mouth, I started sucking it, when I could feel Ron tugging at my bottoms, he slid them down my legs, then I could feel his tongue licking my slit this sent me over the edge I started cumming my whole body was shaking as he nibbled on my clit I lost all control and exploded all over his face. I grabbed Dan’s cock started pumping it hard as I sucked it, he started to shake I could feel it harden in my mouth then he grabbed the back of my head to start fucking my mouth then he released his hot cum and I swallowed it all down like a pro. Dan released his hold, his dick slipped out of my mouth then I could feel Ron between my legs he was now undressed his cock in hand as he climbed in to start feeding my cunt with his cock, I was sooooo Wet it slid in easily, he was larger than Dan probably about 10 inches he slid in till I could feel his balls hitting my Ass, he took my legs lifted them onto his shoulders and started türbanlı bayburt escort bayan pumping me slow at first Dan just lay there to watch his buddy fuck me, Ron continued pumping my hole, his pace started to pick up I could hear squishing noise coming from between my legs, I could feel his Balls slapping my ass, they were sticking there because of my juice flowing out of my cunt and down the crack of my Ass, Dan looked up at Ron said Hey Man she’s got Great Hips, Ron started plowing my hole harder now I could feel my Tits & Belly shake with every thrust, then all of a sudden I started cumming again he held my legs apart and just kept slamming me pussy, my body was convulsing shaking he just held on to my legs and Fucked me Harder and Harder. It wasn’t long after my orgasm subsided I could feel him start to cum he gave my hole a couple more hard thrusts then started to blow his load inside me, I could feel his juice flowing into my cunt as he just kept his dick deep inside me. Once he was spent he pulled out there was cum everywhere all over his cock bed sheets down the crack of my Ass. I lay there breathing hard, when I noticed Dan was hard again and ready to go, he flipped me over on my hands and knees got behind me to start guiding his cock into me from behind, I could feel him entering me I was so wet cum was still flowing out of me onto the bed as he fucked me doggy style I was loving it I kept backing up to meet his thrusts, Dan started slapping my Ass I turned to him to say Not too Hard I need to go back to my husband! he continued pumping me I told him to Fuck me Harder I wanted it Good and Hard, he took hold of my hips and started pounding me harder , I could feel my Tits shaking back and forth as he fucked me from behind, I collapsed on the bed my Ass high up then all of a sudden I felt türbanlı escort bayburt a finger in my ASS it was Ron he fingered my ASSHOLE while Dan fucked my Cunt, I lost control as my orgasm started again, I was screaming moaning Dan just held onto my hips and kept slamming his cock into me Ron now had 2 fingers in my ass I looked back at them groaned you guys are going to Kill Me I was completely out of it at this point I felt Dan’s cock start to cum and he now filled my pussy with his man juice he gave me a few more pumps them pulled out again cum was flowing out of me onto the bed. No sooner was Dan out I could feel fingers inside my pussy Ron scooped out some cum form my cunt to start lubing my AssHole I looked back cried NOOOOO but it was to late by this time Ron was behind me smearing the juice all over his cock then I could fee the head in the opening of my anus, he gave it a good hard push, I grunted and cried OH GODDDDD Please take it easy. Ron was now completely inside my ass the full length of his cock the pain started to be replaced with pleasure as he pumped my Big Ass he was standing on both feet plowing his cock hard into me it felt good I haven’t had anal since college with a boyfriend I never remembered it feeling this good. Ron grabbed my cheeks spread my Ass open as far as he could, he continued fucking my ASS I was in heaven Dan was sitting there watching I could only imagine what I looked like sweaty bent over Ass Up with his buddies cock plowing my Ass, after a couple more minutes of this I could feel Ron cock start to spasm inside my then he gave me one last pump then drained his sperm into my Ass. Once done he pulled out I collapsed on the bed cum flowing out of both my holes. I regained my senses looked up and said What the Hell am I doing? I need to get out of here, I jumped off the bed started to put on my Bikini and cover looked back at the 2 of them and left without saying a word. I got back to my room to find Chuck sitting on the patio having a drink he asked me where I’ve been I told him I met a few people and we had drinks, I said I’m ready for dinner just let me have a shower then we’ll go. Once in the shower I scrubbed myself I could still feel cum flowing out of my holes. What a day!

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