Fucked in the Ass

Big Tits


I was leaving Cinema X one Saturday night. It was busy, and I’d had to park toward the back of the parking lot. That was not always bad news. Often one could connect with another guy who wanted to blow somebody or be blown without paying the entrance fee. It was easy in the back of the parking lot to bend over and take the guy in your mouth or to lean on a car and get a quick blow job.

I’d had a pretty good night having been sucked off by one guy and having sucked three guys dry. One of these guys was black, my first venture into interracial sex. It’s not something I’d either avoided doing nor something I’d been dying to do. He come big and tasted good, which was all I could ask for. I’d also jacked another guy off, getting his sperm all over my blue scrubs. As I neared the car I passed three guys talking next to an old ford pickup. I nodded at them as I passed and they nodded back. They appeared to be skinheads, pretty heavily tattooed.

After I’d passed them, I heard a rustle behind me and I was grabbed suddenly. Two of the guys, the smaller of the three held me firmly while the big guy cut away all of my clothes with a large switch blade knife. I stood naked while they looked me over. The big guy took out his cock and stroked it to hardness. It was pretty large, say 9” long and pretty thick. He nodded to the other two who proceeded to throw me over the hood of the pickup. One of them held my head down on the hood, the other pulled my arms around behind me. My feet were still on the ground. The big guy grabbed my wrists and held them behind me, while the other two stood back to watch.

He şişli bayan escort then told the third guy he was going to stick his cock in my ass. My ass was pretty wet already from the blowjobs I’d given, and I could feel the cock going up and down my ass crack lubing it some more. It finally stopped at my asshole and the guy pulled me back by my arms, impaling me on his sizeable pole. It only went in a couple inches, but I cried out in pain. He pulled back almost out then pushed quickly in again eliciting another cry of pain from me. I was lubing up internally by now, so the third thrust into me was less painful. He began pulling faster on my wrists, thrusting into me harder and harder.

The other two guys were chanting now, saying things like, “Fuck his ass, Manny”, “Pack his dirt, man; make him cry for mercy”, and “Show the fag who’s boss.”

By the 4th or 5th thrust, the pain had turned to pleasure. I began to look forward to his thrusts, which came faster and harder. I began to push back into his thrusts, such as I could being held as I was. The guy holding my head had let go long ago, but I wasn’t going anywhere. My chest was pressed into the hood of the car.

This was the first time I had ever been raped in such a manner. He rammed me really hard, drilling my asshole in a rapid tattoo, his balls bouncing on mine, his pubic hair banging into my ass cheeks. He must have rammed me like that for 15 minutes, pulling me back onto his cock with my arms. We were both breathing hard. He began to grunt, and call out to some obscure deity. He said “Take this, fag!” when he gave me a particularly hard thrust.

I şişli escort could tell when he was about to come by the throbbing in his cock and by his increased vocalizing. He began to come in huge wads, depositing them deep in my ass. I also cried out, encouraging him to fuck me harder. He kept ramming me, pulling me hard onto his cock by my arms until his cock softened, then plopped out of my gaping asshole. He called the other two guys over to see how my asshole gaped after his rape. They all laughed at my predicament and he asked if they wanted to take a turn. They both turned him down, noting the dirt on his cock. He took the time to clean his cock off by rubbing it on my ass, then wiping it with some of the rags that used to be my clothes.

He let go of my arms and I fell, spent, to the ground. I kind of liked even the feeling of the rough gravel on my ass. The two smaller guys now moved toward me with their cocks out. They were both quite hard and they were jacking those cocks.

“We want to cum all over him,” one of them said. He sounded hostile about it, but I rather liked the idea. They were jacking hard, now. I sat on the gravel and waited for them to come. I realized my own cock was very hard, so I began jacking my own. So there were the three of us, jacking off together. The big guy was laughing at us. Both of them had cocks somewhat larger than mine. We were in kind of a race to see who would finish first. As they got closer to coming, they moved closer to me, which I liked, as I hoped to catch some of their spunk in my mouth.

As the first guy came, he shouted at me, “Take this, you fucking spic.” I had trouble mecidiyeköy escort being insulted since I was of Irish extraction. Intelligence didn’t seem to be his strong suit. The other guy came first, and I was able to catch some in my mouth, the rest was sprayed over my chest and legs. Then I came, spouting my come up and onto my legs and onto one of the guys shoes, but he didn’t notice it. Last, the third guy came, mostly on my chest and legs. I took my finger and got some off my leg, then sucked it into my mouth. It was tasty. They both tucked their now flaccid cocks into their jeans and gave me dirty looks.

The three guys got into the pickup, and I rolled out of the way, as they pulled out of the parking lot. I was aware of feeling a little disappointed that the other two hadn’t taken their turns at my ass. It felt as if I could have taken more cocks up my ass that night.

I had never had such a fuck! I had come twice. I wondered when he would discover my seed all over his grillwork. I had shot some huge wads myself. I also wondered if I could get home safely naked. I tried to put on my clothes, but they were entirely useless.

I covered my crotch with the rags and drove off. I was really careful not to break the speed limit or to cruise through stop signs. I didn’t need a cop peering into my car with a flashlight. I got home all right, running into my apartment buck naked. I don’t think anyone saw me, but who knows.

Remind me to keep a spare change of clothes in the car.

It took me a little time to clean up the mess on the car seat the next day. I had leaked a lot of the big guy’s spunk onto the seat. The car didn’t smell so hot either. I had fond memories of the event, and began to plot some ways I could put myself into situations where such a thing could happen again.

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