Fucked My Girl Friend And Her Mother Fucked Me


Fucked My Girl Friend And Her Mother Fucked MeI was a college guy and was having so many girlfriends and some of them were having i*****l affairs with me. One day one of my girlfriend’s houses, Kusuma (mother of girlfriend) dressed up and came into the hall. Suma (girlfriend) was watching the TV wearing dress resembling swim suit. Kusuma came near and said, Suma, I am going out in urgency please look out the house. Be careful and be alone that means no boys. Okay mom, no boys will come for me, said Suma. Next time please wore a complete dress please okay mom, don’t bother about me and go. She went out and immediately she called Vijay (It’s me) when I was at their house, the door was opened wide and she was sleeping on the sofa. I knocked the door and she woke up and called me inside. I went to her without closing the door. We sat for a while afterwards I asked her that why she called me. Why would I call you lonely? For that only I called you. Then come on, said I and pulled her head towards my pants. Do you want me to suck your penis? Then come inside.We went inside and later we fucked for half an hour and we both lay on the bed and I asked, “Where pinbahis yeni giriş is your mom? She was not here and so that I had called you. Hey I will go by now, if anybody see us now what would happen? Hey don’t be scared, no one will come because I and my mother only will stay in here. What about your father?What father? I mean your father, I don’t have any, what? Don’t you have a father? My mom didn’t have a father and I also didn’t have father, how, because my mom had so many boyfriends and hence she don’t know who was my father. Oh! I think you also got so many boyfriends.Yeah! But, I like you the most ooooh it’s my pleasure. Now stop this nonsense and fuck me. Hey Suma, I hear some noise outside the doors. Nothing fishy noise is coming actually Kusuma was coming into home as the room which we were in was open she saw us from hall. She stood for one sec and peeped for some time.At that time Suma was chewing my dick as I had a larger one as I can. I kept on firing my dick into her throat. Later we fuck for nearly thirty minutes. I fired cum into her mouth. She was swallowing slowly. I started again and was firing my dick pinbahis giriş into her mouth. We both were enjoying it.All of a sudden Kusuma came in wearing a pink middy up to her ass cheeks. I immediately fell onto the bed covering my tool. Suma stood up and kept her head down. Semen was oozing from her mouth and it was also dropping from her breasts. Kusuma said, Is that it what you are doing in my absence?No mother, I just what just? Who is he fucked you now? He is my boyfriend and we were in love even you were lovers you can’t do this nasty things in my house and on my bed. How dare you two to do this here? No mom, he came just now and asked that he can’t wait anymore and so I have to do this, I kept quite throughout the scene.Shut up you slutty and sit over there, said Kusuma and dragged my pants down. My tool was already erect and she got it with her hands. She held it for a while and said, “Oh my god you were not an ordinary one, you were a most special tool I don’t want to waste it.I said, No aunty, please leave me. I will go and never come to your house again. She said, “You were asking to leave you and your dick was asking pinbahis güvenilirmi to fuck you. What shall I do? Leave me aunty ok, we will play a game. I will count 10; if your erect dick didn’t calm down I will fuck you but if it cooled means I will leave you. She counted 1 2 3 and so on and will she was counting she was giggling her boobs violently and my dick didn’t come down but became stronger.She completed her count and said you lost your game and I won so I have to fuck you. I left my body to her and she fucked me. She used many positions and I co – operated her so much. My girlfriend watched all with tears in her eyes. I saw her but I can’t do any thing. She fucked me like there is no any day left. We fucked for nearly 1 hour. She as well as I was weak. Suma went out of the room weeping. I followed her and stopped her. She slapped me and said you were nothing but a prostitute and you will fuck any woman, I was cheated. Leave me and go out. No, your mother was not an ordinary woman she was very beautiful even in this age of her 50. You were just as beautiful as her and I wish your father was a great man to get a daughter like you Suma. I promise you that I won’t look at any one. Please believe me ok promise me that you don’t fuck anyone. I promise you, I will fuck you only and not anyone. She hugged me and kissed. Later from that day I used to fuck Suma and Kusuma simultaneously without their knowledge

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