FUCKED TO DEATH! CONFESSIONS OF A GAY HITMANThe corpse was still cooling on the bathroom floor where it had fallen Vincent had left it there after his cock had slid out of the victims mouth he had already cum and made his cock sucker swallow the load which he happily did people liked to please Vincent he is a gorgeous Italian male late twenties I think he has so many passports with so many different names and birth dates its hard to keep tract but I’m his lover and the teller of his tale so I have a better idea than most though even I am not positive and truth is I really don’t care as long as he shows up regularly and fucks me like he likes to I’m good with it! We met in a bar in Barbados I was on vacation but I was in full drag when we met most people can’t tell I’m not a girl but then Vincent isn’t most people nothing escapes his probing sea green eyes courtesy of his beautiful Mother whom adores him and his proud Roman nose he gets from his Father who runs a shipping company on the coast of Italy where I have no idea and don’t care like I said that’s not what matters Vincent matters and that’s all! I was in a really nice club one that is frequented by special ladies like myself I was just out for a good time and whatever you know!He spied me from across the room where he had a private table and found his way to the stool by my right side that’s my best side so if a stool beside me is to be empty that’s the one I leave open silly of me I know but vanity thou art woman! I have to admit I was looking especially hot that evening wearing a sexy dress that showed off my long legs and tiny feet which were encased in a pair of black sparkly fuck me pumps with a heel so high I felt like I was on stilts but they made my calves look spectacular so I wore them besides I was looking to get laid that night and these puppies just begged for it! Vincent slid into the seat next to mine and I turned to him slightly to check him out and he was so hot and sexy I couldn’t keep from smiling which he took as an invitation “May I buy the lady a drink?” He asked in a voice so deep and sexy I practically came in my panties…I turned to him fully giving him the full view flashed my baby blue eyes at him and said “Sure I could use a refill!” He smiled his best Vincent smile showing me his set of perfect white teeth “My names Vincent!” He said extending his hand to shake mine and as he shook it he looked deep into my eyes I was hooked he knew it the bastard and his other hand slid gently up my thigh I smiled and let him continue “You know don’t you!” I stated as a matter of fact looking deeper into those amazing eyes…He traced his finger down the front of my neck pausing at my barely noticeable Adams apple “Of course I know that’s why I’m here I think your hot I think your sexy and I think I’m going to sleep with you tonight!” He was as bold as brass… I liked that! Don’t bullshit me just tell me what you want! I hesitated for a moment just for effect there was no way this man was not going to fuck me tonight! I slid my own hand up his thigh to rest on his cock that was long and thick hiding behind the zipper of his expensive pants I gave it a squeeze and said “Lets introduce ourselves then my name is Jasmine!” I gave him my best expression that conveyed my desires! “Okay! but can we finish our drinks first?” he laughed took my hand in his and said “I’m Vincent your new lover!” I replied “So you are!” and so began our long relationship we finished our drinks quickly and left the club arm in arm when he got me inside the car which was a very sexy Alpha Romeo automatic which I liked because I could sit close and play with his cock as he drove but his tongue was in my mouth so fast I thought I imagined it his hands played with my nice tits they really are nice you know full with big nipples the hormones really went to work on me there I slid over closer and let my fingers do the walking and as I felt his tongue licking the inside of my mouth I just relaxed and kissed him back while massaging his cock with my right hand of course I did what kind of girl do you think I am anyway yeah you know the kind LOL and you love us don’t you! He broke the kiss and his eyes looked smoky they had that need for sex look all you guys get when your motor get going and Vincent’s was revving up to a high rpm mine was too I hoped he didn’t live too far away and thank God he didn’t after a twenty minute drive I put his cock back into his pants and lifted my face from his tipobet lap I couldn’t wait okay so sue me! I saw his house the man had his own house now I was really in love…It was a sexy looking Italian Villa all tiled roof and stucco with flowers in abundance everywhere he got out and came around and opened the door for me more points for Vincent I love being treated like the sexy lady I am yes I do…he walked me into his house closed the door and began removing my clothing we left a trail of my things all the way to the bedroom he had me down to my underwear and high heels I was wearing my sexiest undies tonight all black lace that didn’t cover much my cock I keep in its holster its a cock sling that pulls it tight against the crack of my ass so tight you can’t see it at all a black garter holds the leash and I love the feel of it rubbing between my cheeks so I stood there for a moment letting him drink in my beauty then I slid over to him and helped him out of his clothes God he was beautiful all muscle and sinew and the muscle between his legs was long and impossibly thick with ropy veins crisscrossing its length he had me drooling and he knew it I didn’t stay standing long for I began kissing him down the length of his body I stuck my tongue into his belly button on my way down that always gets them hard and Vincent did not disappoint me for as I kissed past his pubic mound a cock poked me in the throat so I backed up a bit to admire the thing and it was a cock to admire too all hard and ready for my attentions I grasped his organ with my right hand and stroked it a time or two just to get the feel of it then I said hello with my lips kissing his cock head over and over then my tongue said hello and I licked the head like a k** with an ice cream cone licking the length of him from the underside I popped him into my mouth and bobbed on his cock a bit Vincent liked what I was doing he was moaning and his hands were in my hair then I sucked on his big hanging balls taking them as far into my mouth as I could Vincent stepped back and his balls slipped out landing with a wet smack on his thighs he held out his arms to me “Come here Jazzy!” He said it was the first time he called me Jazzy but not the last from that moment on I was his “Jazzy” and happy to be so…Vincent for that’s what I called him I didn’t like the slang Vinny it wasn’t classy enough for my man I called him “Vincent” I liked the regal sound to it and that night I called out that name many times oh God so many times! He took me in his arms and kissed me deeply his hands entwined in my hair I have long thick blonde hair I get it from my mother she is from Sweden and is totally gorgeous I try to model my look after her from her pictures out of her photo album we could be sisters that what she says when I visit she accepts me totally Dad not so much but I gotta be me no matter what…Getting back to Vincent he let his hands roam over my body feeling my perfect tits to slip down the curve of my back to grab a big handful of my luscious very firm ass he slipped my panties off then reached behind me and unharnessed my cock taking off the garter so sexily slipping it down my milky white thighs so I could step out of them nicely untethered my cock sprang free after I parted my legs a bit that is and it stuck out its full nine inches proudly I got the cock from Dad just in case you were wondering LOL anyway Vincent’s eyes flashed when he saw it and a hot smoky look came back on his face he liked what he saw and he wanted me badly almost as much as I wanted him so when he pulled me to him I molded my body to his and we lay down as one on his soft bouncy bed his black satin sheets made my skin almost glow the contrast was so great and I looked up and saw myself in the mirror above the bed my God but we looked great together I spread my legs and wrapped them around his slender waist his bronze skin was gleaming and his back muscles rippled as he felt my lovely tits and kissed my oh so ready to be kissed mouth I felt my cock pressing against the washboard of his abdomen and his cock was against mine rubbing together our balls were playing happily too and he kissed my neck biting softly the sweet hollow there I raised my hips to position myself for him and he slid back tracing his cock over mine until he was pressed firmly against the rosebud of my bottom our eyes met and I saw forever in those sea green eyes just as he saw forever in my cobalt blue ones I dug tipobet güvenilir mi my heels into the cheeks of his sweet looking ass and I could see it if I peeked past the black curls of his hair I gasped as he entered me thank goodness I had lubed myself before pulling up my panties tonight hey a girl never knows does she…and as his huge cock began its journey into the tight recesses of my body I watched as his ass muscles contracted as he drove that love pole still deeper he worked it in nicely not going too fast giving me pleasure with his mouth and hands making me want him as far in as he could go soon we were joined completely and our moans were a symphony of sex noises as we copulated with abandon no need to worry about getting a girl like me pregnant not gonna happen its just happy lustful sex uninhibited unbridled passionate sex I saw my hair a golden halo splayed out over the black satin it looked like the sun was having an eclipse with his dark locks in the middle and that looked so hot I began to rub my cock against his stomach we were so tight together I could fuck his belly with every down stroke from his cock I was going to cum soon and hoped he was too I could hear his breath become more rapid I could feel the blood flowing as I pressed my lips to the artery in his neck the beat getting faster as we reached the pinnacle of our love making I let myself cum and I sprayed our bellies white with it Vincent felt me go and smiled into my eyes then he released as well filling my ass with a hot blast I cried out his name yet again and he pulled out of me and sprayed my body with long ropy cum shots one landed right across my lips and I licked it into my mouth with a contented smile he looked at my cum covered body and marveled at my sweet curves my flat stomach and amazing breasts all dressed in our cum even my tits had stripes of cum I looked like a zebra with all those stripes of white then he lay down on top of me and squished all that cum all over our bodies the smell of fresh cum permeated the air and as he slid around on me I ran my hands over his back muscles and massaged his cute ass with my feet a while later after he had kissed my lips bruised and had my tits sore he suggested a shower and so he led me off to the master bath that was done in amazing tile work frescoes adorned the walls depicting beautiful places in Italy I would learn all their names later right now Vincent wanted to shower me and I really needed one to tell the truth though I loved the smell of his cum and my perfume Cartier Baiser Vole just in case you ladies were wondering it costs a small fortune but its so worth it his nose will love you for it put some just above your clitoris or cock to attract him where you need him to be…I’m so bad! So Vincent decided we needed a bath instead and ran a nice hot one for us putting in bath salts and oils and even some bubbles I love bubbles the look so hot dancing on my titties and his felt like silk and cream combined Yummy he entered first and sat down then he helped me enter and positioned me in his lap I wiggled my bottom on his cock to get comfortable as Vincent began to lather his hands when they were full of suds he placed them on my breasts and massaged them gently I purred like a kitten getting a belly rub as he ran his hands over me my nipples poked out of the foam and he played with them happily arousing me again my cock rose out of the water like a periscope rising from a submarine and Vincent said “Look Jazzy there’s a pole sticking out of the water now where did that come from?” He whispered in my ear licking my earlobe as he spoke the words and as his hand now full of new soapy suds closed around my cock I moaned and rubbed my bottom on his now not so deflated penis which was finding its way back into my already well fucked anus it slid back in like a snake sliding into its den and we made more suds and more suds as our bath fuck commenced I didn’t think I had any more cum left in me but I was wrong and as Vincent’s skilled hands coaxed another orgasm from my body which I happily sprayed over the both of us what the hell we were having a sex bath weren’t we and I felt Vincent erupt like Mount Vesuvius destroying the Pompeii of my ass with his hot lava cum load and our moans rang throughout the tiled room and we splashed and soaped and kissed until the water cooled then Vincent dried me off like I was a Queen took me into another room laid me down on a huge tipobet giriş soft towel and proceeded to finish drying my body then he rubbed lotions and oils all over me and even my feet which he seemed to like very much they are small shapely feet soft because I take extremely good care of them they had just had a pedicure and were looking pristine I must say not even waterlogged a bit from our bath because they stuck out of the tub most of the time…Vincent kissed the soles of my feet and I fell in love with him as he did that then he kissed my toes one by one and began massaging a lotion into the skin my toes happily enjoyed the attention and wiggled with delight…when he finished he worked his way up massaging kissing massaging kissing I was such a spoiled girl but I needed this I wanted this and he gave it to me and more afterward he led me back to the bedroom put some fresh sheet on the bed and then we climbed under the covers and fell asleep in each others arms how romantic is that I ask you do you wonder why I love him so? Of course you don’t anyone would have fallen for Vincent I was just lucky that night and have remained lucky ever since…Before we fell asleep Vincent told me about what he is what he does and how he does it he told me about jobs he had performed for extremely wealthy clients that paid him ridiculous amounts of money to eliminate a problem whether the problem was male or female did not matter he would seduce either sex and then after he had sexual relations with them and had made sure that they were satisfied and happy he would kill them painlessly leaving no trace of his presence whatsoever he was a skilled assassin for hire that’s what he did and he had made himself very wealthy doing it the only thing he left behind was his cum which could have been very incriminating if he ever got caught but that was part of the thrill for him I guess…I listened to his tales and wondered if he would ever give up his profession to I don’t know be my full time lover and companion now that’s a job with plenty of benefits…we’ll see how this goes right now I’m happy to be in his arms and I have no fear of this man whatsoever he chose me remember!The days turned into weeks and the weeks to months and years and still Vincent and I were together I had moved in to his house that was now our house and we were quite the happy couple people turned heads to watch us pass we were so beautiful together and Vincent took only the occasional job which he always told me about no secrets between us did I think my knowledge put me in danger with this man the answer is no Vincent knows how much I love him and that I would never betray him not ever! What I was doing was changing him molding him if you like so that one day he would need me alone and give up his exciting life of crime and then one day he did…We were on a beach in Aruba sitting under one of those crazy trees the sun was just coming up over the horizon we had spent the night on the beach your not supposed to but Vincent charms everyone so permission was granted so that we could watch the sunrise in each others arms it was so romantic and so perfect and as the sun kissed the water Vincent turned to me and said “I’m retired! I intend to spend the rest of my life being happy with you we’ll travel see the world do everything we ever wanted to do and then go home… Think you can handle that?” I pushed a ringlet of his thick black hair back in place placed my hand on the side of his face and kissed him “Yeah Baby, Lets do that!” So we did and it was wonderful we climbed to the top of the Eiffel Tower saw the pyramids of Egypt walked in awe down a trail in the Grand Canyon we raced with dolphins on our jet skis by some island paradise that Vincent found one day it was magical it was wonderful it was everything I had ever dreamed of…We did it all and then some and then we grew old and still our love was strong we still turned heads walking along the street near the Palace of Versailles in France just a handsome older couple still in love…He still holds my hand while we walk…Still my Vincent! We have a chateau in the south of France that’s where we live now we don’t travel like we used to but we still have fun I’m always dragging him to some art exhibit or a musical I love musicals Vincent has even enjoyed them lately we are still in love…Time my dear readers time…once there was a lifetime left now there is a lifetime spent… I lost my dear Vincent yesterday he died still holding my hand he called me “Jazzy” one last time smiled and left me… The days are long now without Vincent to fill them for me and I hope he calls for me soon…I would not have changed a day not a single moment… I love him still I must confess!

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