Subject: Fuckery on My Birthday Have you ever had a moment when you wished you hadn’t agreed to certain things? Well, that was me on my birthday. I had agreed to let my friend plan my birthday party. This was a big mistake. You think I’m joking? Well, let me tell you about how it all went down…. I was waiting patiently in the rec room (I had rented it for the night). “Where are they?” I asked myself as I looked at my watch for the umpteenth time. “They were supposed to be here an hour ago.” I was not in a good mood. I didn’t want to leave, though. I trusted my friend to do as he promised. I just had to be patient. BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! I nearly jumped out of my skin! I was a bit nervous but, I decided to open the door. As I opened the door, the man rushed in. One other man followed him. When I got my bearings, I realized that they were my favorite porn stars and strippers: Bolo (stripper), and Sarge (Porn Star). Today was my lucky day…I thought. I have to admit, while my dick was starting to get hard, I was still a little nervous. What was even more trippy, for me, was the fact that they were all dressed as cops. My friend did me a solid… I think? “Hey, is your name, Charlie?” Bolo asked. “We hear that you’re looking for some cops to read you your rights.” Sarge said. “Is that true?” “Indeed.” I said with a smile. They looked me over, smiled and Sarge pulled out his handcuffs and placed them on a table nearby. “First, we need to strip you…. I mean, do a strip search.” Sarge said. “Let’s start from the bottom and work our way up.” Bolo said. Sarge came up from behind me, grabbed me up by my arms and stood me up onto my tip toes and said, you first.” I had no idea Sarge was so damn strong! He held me up in the air like I was nothing! “Oh shit!” I thought. Bolo began to take my shoes and socks off. He rubbed my feet and said, “You got some real pretty feet.” He tickled my feet gently. I tried to pull my feet away but, he was stronger than me. “So, we’re ticklish, are we.” Bolo looked up and smiled at me. “That’s good to know.” “Come on, bro.” Sarge said impatiently. “I wanna see that booty.” Bolo unbuttoned and unzipped my pants, letting them fall to the ground. “Well, damn!” He exclaimed. “He’s got a damn thong on!” He couldn’t resist groping my dick and balls. I tried not to moan but, damn, his hands felt so good! “And, that ass don’t look to bad, either!” Sarge said. “For real?” Bolo said. “Come take a look.” Sarge said. Bolo walked around to see my ass. He grabbed my ass cheek and said, rather lewdly, “Damn, that ass is fat!” When he grabbed my ass, my dick started to stir. Bolo looked down and saw my dick and said, “I think I got his dick hard.” He caressed my dick gently. “Mmmm.” I moaned. “Let’s put him on the table over there.” Sarge suggested. As he put me on the table, Bolo rummaged through a brown leather bag they had brought with them. When he came back, he had some shackles and a dildo. “Let’s see what we can do with these things.” With Sarge’s help, he chained and cuffed me to the table with my legs in the air. “I wonder what they’re gonna do with me now?” I thought. “Oh boy!” Bolo sat on my face and barked, “Eat my ass!” I slowly slid my tongue up his musty asshole. I had never eaten ass. This was bursa evi olan escort crazy and exciting all at the same time. “What the fuck have I gotten myself into?” I thought to myself. Suddenly, I felt Sarge slide two fingers… Wait! Did I just say two fingers? Yea, I said it. He shoved two fingers up my ass! “MMMMMFFFF!” I moaned. “Hush, boy!” Sarge said as he slapped my ass cheeks. This was gonna be a wild night! As Bolo continued to eat my ass, I felt Sarge’s other hand fondling my dick and balls. My entire body froze up…. And I think my toes curled! “MMMMFFFF!” I moaned loudly. My body trembled as Sarge felt me up. “MMMMMFFFF!” “You ready for this dick?” He asked. Then he stroked my hard dick. “Yea, I think you’re ready.” Next t5hink I know, he shoved his ten-inch dick up my tight ass. Man, I thought I was gonna pass the fuck out. “MMMMMFFFF!” I moaned again. It was like having one of those grain silos up my ass. Jesus take the wheel! “Damn, son!” Sarge exclaimed. “This ass is tight!” Meanwhile, my eyes have rolled up into the back of my head! I could feel his dick up in my intestines. Like, dude, what the fuck! Meanwhile, Bolo had gotten up off my ass and forced his dick in my mouth. “Suck this big dick!” He ordered. I nearly chocked on his humongous dick. It had to be, at least, a foot long! I had never had anything this big in my life… Ever! With a dick in my ass and a dick in my mouth, I was the happiest human on earth. Any time I get a dick in either end is a good day. When I can get a dick in either end, at the same time…. Now that’s an excellent day. In other words, I was loving life! Bolo grabbed my dick as I sucked his. He stroked my dick and my body trembled. FFUUCCKK! Bolo’s hands were so damn soft. Then, suddenly, he took his dick out of my mouth and said, “Kiss me, nigga!” Before I could protest on me that nearly wrecked me! At that moment, I was all his. …And, he knew it, too. “Let’s take this outside.” He said. “I want to let the entire world see us fuck you like I hoe.” Before I could even protest, they grabbed me up and carried me outside. As we went outside, we ran into four of the caretakers of my building. These were all black men except on. He was a dark skinned Hispanic dude. They asked why I was naked. Sarge told them that it was my birthday, and I was about to be fucked. I couldn’t believe he was being so bold. The caretakers took turns giving me birthday spankings. I tried to hold back the cum but…. That wasn’t gonna happen. As we walked away from them, I left a trail of cum all over the floor. “You’re gonna clean this up, when you get back.” One of them said. “I wonder what he meant by that. Anyway, I didn’t have time to think about that as they carried me to a picnic area near the main highway. Cars honked as they laid me, on my back, on the picnic table. “You ready for your birthday spanking?” Bolo asked. I turned and looked at him and said, “DO your worst!” That was a big mistake! By the time they were done giving me my spankings, my ass was several shades darker than it had been that morning! That spanking me horny as fuck, though. I wanted dick… NOW! “Give me that dick!” I growled as I looked up at Bolo. Bolo looked as if he altıparmak escort was afraid of me. “This happens when he’s horny as hell.” Sarge reassured him. He slid his dick up my ass as Bolo slid his dick down my throat. I backed my ass up on Sarge’s dick while simultaneously sucked Bolo’s dick down to his bush! “Oh my God!” Bolo exclaimed. I felt Sarge’s strong hands grip my shoulders as he fucked me harder and faster. Then… SMACK! Bolo smacked my ass hard, making me want his dick even more. I made my lips a tight seal and sucked his dick faster. “Damn… Fuck…. Shit!” “Fuck, this ass is so hot!” Sarge moaned. I could feel his dick deep inside me and… it felt good! “I’m gonna fuck you silly.” Sarge said as he grabbed me by my hair and yanked my head backwards. “You know that don’t you?” “Do… your… worst!” I said defiantly. I looked over as I heard people honking their horns. I had, briefly, forgotten where I was. Folks who were driving by, in their cars, were getting a free porn show. The idea of being fucked in public was a real turn on for me. “Man, you must really like giving folks a show.” Bolo said as he slapped my hard dick. “Look at that dick, man.” “Yea,” Sarge said as he slapped my dick. “he really does.” I moaned aloud as they smacked my dick for fun. Bolo held my legs over my head as Sarge slid his big ass dick back up inside me. “FFUUCCK!” I groaned. “GO DAMN!” Bolo pinched my nipples and said, “Shut up and take that dick!” I looked at Sarge, who said, “You’d better do what the man says.” He slammed his dick up inside me, piston fucking my hole deep. “Mmmmm!” I moaned. “Oooh!” Sarge was fucking my hole so deep and so well, I nearly came! I knew I needed to hold on. “How’s that ass?” Bolo asked, licking his lips as he looked on. “Tight… man.” Sarge said. “Tight and wet.” “Can you lift him in the air and fuck him?” Bolo asked. “I don’t know.” Sarge said. “Let’s see.” Sarge picked me up and bounced me on his dick. “FFUUCCKK!” I hollered. You’d holler to if a dick the size of a Pit Bull’s leg slid up your ass! I held on for dear life as Sarge fucked my ass as he walked up and down the block. By the time he got back, I had cum on his chest. “Well, damn!” Bolo exclaimed. “Did you leave anything for me to do?” “Trust me, he’s got a lot of cum still left up in him.” Sarge said as he placed me on the ground. “Alright, then,” Bolo said. “Then, suck my dick.” He smacked my ass as I got on my hands and knees in front of him. He shoved his dick down my throat, nearly choking me out. “God damn, that’s a lot of dick.” I thought to myself. Meanwhile, Sarge had grabbed the leather belt from his pants and was spanking my ass hard! Sarge put all his might into spanking my ass. In mere minutes, my ass felt like it was on fire. “MMMMFFFF!” I moaned as I continued to suck Bolo’s dick. I felt Bolo’s arms reach around my body. Seconds later, I felt his manly hands pinching my nipples. I nearly came everywhere! The more he felt me up, the more I sucked his dick. Then Sarge slid his finger up my ass. “Damn, this nigga’s asshole is tight again!” He exclaimed. “How the fuck….?” As Sarge fingered my hole, he groped my ass cheeks with his other hand. “Mmmfffff!” I moaned softly. “Shut up, boy!” bursa merkez escort He commanded as he slapped my ass harder. Involuntarily, my asshole tightened around his finger. Bolo pulled his dick out of my mouth, and asked, “Are you ready for this dick?” I looked at him and, breathlessly, said, “Yes!” So, they switched positions. Bolo rammed his dick up my ass. “OH FUCK!” I cried out. Then he made me stand on my knees as he began to fuck me roughly. “GOD DAMN!” As Bolo fucked my ass violently, sarge forcefully grabbed my dick and balls. “Look at that little dick and them little nuts.” He said derision dripping from his voice. He squeezed my dick and balls tightly. So tightly, in fact, I thought I was gonna pass out. “Lord Jesus!” I thought to myself. “I am so turned on right now!” “Turning you on, aren’t I?” Sarge asked. I looked at him and, “Fuck you!” Seconds later, he slapped me across the face! Then, as Bolo continued to fuck me stupid, Sarge groped my nipples. “Look at these little tits!” He said. Then he bent over and licked my entire face. “Let’s see what I can do with that little dick of yours.” He stroked my dick fast, making me moan aloud. His hands were all over my body. My dick was hard, again. This time, I couldn’t stop myself; I came all over the ground. Sarge put his hand underneath the geyser that was my dick and got cum in the palm of his hand. I didn’t have to ask. I knew exactly what he was gonna do with that cum. He smeared it all over my face! Then he put his bare feet in my face. “Now, suck my toes!” While I was sucking Sarge’s big toes, Bolo was tearing my ass apart! As he held me in a Full Nelson headlock, his dick slammed in and out of my hole like a fuckin’ jackhammer. “God Damn!” I thought to myself. “This dick is fuckin’ awesome!” This man was trying to beat my back out… and I approved. I tried to back my ass up and meet his stroke but, he was fuckin’ me too damn deep and hard. “Good Lord!” “I’M GONNA CUM!” Bolo warned as he dropped me to the ground. He grabbed my head and held it up to his dick as he stroked it furiously. “Open wide!” Seconds later, load after load slid into my mouth and down my throat. I gagged on his cum. “Damn, that man is cummin’ like a leaky faucet!” I thought to myself. “Shit!” As he was cummin’ in my mouth, Sarge was smacking my ass hard, which made my dick hard (again!) When Bolo had (finally) finished, my face was covered in cum and his cum dripped from my lips. “My turn!” Sarge proclaimed. He quickly positioned me to face him. “FFUUCCKK!” His cum was like a fire hose, spraying everywhere (Why did I have cum in my ear?) “FFUUCCKK!” I cried out as my own dick was shootin’ cum like an AK-47! This was crazy. “Well, that was fun.” I said with a smile. I was about to crawl away when Bolo grabbed my leg and asked, where do you think you’re going?” “We ain’t done with you, yet.” Sarge said. They grabbed me up and carried me to a fence on the median on the road. “Your boyfriend told us to leave you here.” Bolo said. “Where everybody and their momma can see your naked ass!” He and Sarge slapped my ass as they walked away. I fell asleep as I hung on the fence. Then… SLAP! I jumped out of my skin. Then I turned and saw my boyfriend, X-NBA star, Chris Webber. “Damn, that ass is still fat!” He said as he groped my ass cheeks. “You gonna let me go?” I asked. “What do I get in return?” He asked. “Whatever you want.” I said with a smile. So, he set me free. “Now, open that mouth!” He commanded. “Oh, yeah,” I thought. “This was gonna be a wild night!” The End

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