Full Circle Halloween


So, there I was, at a party going stag, a Halloween bash, of all things! Now, bear in mind that Halloween itself is my birthday and it happened to fall on a Saturday that year. I had just broken up with Selina, my girlfriend of two months, over something that I thought was petty, but she deemed a catastrophe. She had seriously overreacted and committed the unpardonable sin when dating me: physical violence. She had slapped me, I considered that to be abuse, and I told her so as I walked out on her.

Luckily, I was due to show up at my buddy Jared’s Halloween cosplay party in just a couple of hours, so I arrived early, much to the surprise of Jared and his newlywed wife Jamie. They already had my costume laid out for me, thankfully, being the good friends that they were. Jamie, who was actually the most experienced cosplayer in our inner circle, had helped me select my outfit, which was Zorro, complete with his sword and whip.

“Kinky!” Jamie told me with a playful smile on her face.

“Yes, well, you can always keep it for Jared to use later, if you both wish. It’s the least that I can do for you guys. I owe you especially a lot, not to mention him,” I thanked her with all sincerity, as this was a very useful escape for me from my relationship woes.

“Yeah, well you can thank me in bed later. Why make my husband do all the hard work? It’s you who owes me the favor, not Jared. I love and enjoy him, but I need to stray now and then and he knows it!” Jamie assured me with a kiss that promised that she wasn’t joking.

“He knows that you fuck other men and accepts it? He would be cool with his best friend screwing his own wife? I was best man at your wedding! Wow!” I exclaimed in astonishment.

“Yes, and don’t think that I’m unaware that Jared and you both fucked the stripper during his bachelor party. I know because the stripper was my friend Alexia. Sweet girl, that one, and yes, she really is a stripper. Jared knew that I planned to fuck the male stripper and did, because I told him so. I knew that he would regard it as a hall pass to fuck someone else, and he was right.

“That was hardly the first time we’ve fooled around with others. It’s not a completely open marriage, mind you. It’s just that each of us knows that some occasions are good to give each other permission to let our hair down and get some strange. So we both have occasional hall passes for each other, generally at any kind of party that involves drinking.

“Hell, during our honeymoon, while it was just the two of us for most days, on the last night of the cruise, we attended a party together and I ended up being gang-banged, while he did the social director. I couldn’t blame him and vice versa. It’s just in those situations, it’s best to suspend the rules and let yourself totally relax.

“Actually, we met at a cosplay convention during a gang-bang. He got my number later, while most of the guys scrambled away as fast as they could. He was the smart one. Not afraid to date the slutty superhero, where the others thought as me as not girlfriend material. Just good for parties and such. Jared had a more open mind.

“Anyway, my hall pass and Jared’s both have the same length of time as always: until the next morning. I don’t know who else you and he and I might screw tonight, but I’m honestly hoping for a threesome. You, me, and Jared. After the party dies down. In the marriage bed. Selfish, I know. But we’ve been discussing a possible open or poly marriage, anyway. You would be an obvious candidate for the other man. We’ll explain the details later.

“I’m really happy into double penetration and group sex, whereas Jared has tried the traditional threesome and found he doesn’t want the pressure. When he does other women, it’s often either one on one or part of a gangbang. Though he did one threesome with Jill and Jackie, but both were bi, which helped a lot. He was able to recharge while Jill ate Jackie out.

“Anyway, enough of that for now. Just know that after the party, you’re welcome to stick around and fuck the lady of the house in the marriage bed. Bareback, too. I know where you live and if you infect me, I will make you atone by becoming my slave for a year. If I infect you, I will return the favor. Jared and I have agreed on that penalty for anyone who infects us or for us if we infect someone else or each other.

“That’s another reason to explore an open marriage. We need to be free to arrange deals like that. But again, we’re still just talking about it right now. Right now, we’re only semi-open,” Jamie elaborated to my amazement, my cock hardening as I listened to her…Especially the part about owning Jamie for a year.

“Anyway, thanks for the costume. Seriously,” I told Jamie as Jared re-entered their spare bedroom.

“You should see what she picked for me,” Jared held out a Lone Ranger costume, which more than caught my attention.

“Nice. Reminds me of the Fred Karger photo where he’s the Lone Ranger, but without pants. I bet that look would be very popular with Jamie and the other ladies,” I teased him.

“Yes, well, Fred Karger have more than that in common. casino siteleri We both like the cock. It’s just that I like pussy even more,” Jared chuckled, grinding playfully against my ass with his bulge sticking out through his boxers.

“Oh, yeah, forgot to tell you that the social director was a man, didn’t I? Jared is bisexual,” Jamie winked at me.

“You think that you know your best friends, and then they still surprise you!” I said as Jamie put on her devil costume, complete with horns, tail, and pitchfork.

I was about to turn my head while she changed, but she laughed and told me, “Honey, sooner or later, you’re going to see me naked. Might as well be now. Vice versa. Jared and I both want to see you in the buff. Emphasis on buff,” she added as she fondled my biceps and pecs.

I had to admit to myself that both Jared and Jamie were a very handsome couple. Jamie’s body was pale, but not sickly, with a nice, healthy figure and sandy hair. Her pussy was bald, much to my shock, as Selina kept her bush trimmed, but still there. Both looks had their advantages. Jared shocked me even further, as he had no pubic hair or ass hair, either, though he had a full beard on his face. His head was shaved as always, of course.

Jared had a nice dick, longer than mine, but slimmer. Mine was shorter, but thicker. His looked even longer due to the lack of forestation, of course. He also had a foreskin, which I didn’t have, due to being Jewish. Jamie’s ass was…well, let me put it this way. It was by far her best physical feature, composed of nice, firm buns with real definition and cleavage to them. Selina’s plump bottom didn’t trouble me, either, but this was a neat contrast and a foretaste of new booty that had been essentially offered up to me on a silver platter.

“Like what you see? At the very least, we should agree to be each other’s booty calls. It’s really what all friends should be, if you think about it. Regardless of gender and sexual orientation. I think that if all friendships came with benefits, this world would be a much better place,” Jamie suggested, while we finished getting dressed.

“My sentiments exactly,” Jared said as he fondled Jamie’s butt through her clothes.

“It’s an interesting perspective on friendship for sure. It would work well if society was prepared to give up monogamy altogether,” I mused as Jamie groped me.

“So that’s a win-win, if you ask me,” Jared laughed as we headed to the kitchen, where Jamie made some sandwiches to give us something in our stomachs before we drank.

That was when I got a text from Selina, which contained a sad face and a message stating, “Are you coming home tonight? I can give you a birthday spanking, baby.”

“I’m at a party, not saying where, we’re done, and I plan to move out soon. For good. We broke up, remember?” I replied, realizing that Selina hadn’t taken my break-up announcement on its face…Women, why do they not only not mean what they say, but also doubt that we men mean what we say?

“That was just a silly fight. Just like you spoke in anger and said that silly bit about me slapping being abuse. I’m sorry that I slapped you, but I didn’t beat you up. It wasn’t abuse. Girls do that all the time. If I had punched you or hit you, that would have been abuse,” Selina informed me of her views.

“So if I had slapped you, that wouldn’t be abuse?” I retorted.

Seven minutes later, while washing down the corned beef sandwiches with coffee that Jamie so nicely brewed, I got a response text.

“But guys aren’t supposed to slap girls. That’s just…different!”

I shook my head and showed that to Jared and Jamie, both of whom scoffed.

“I have half a mind to turn her over my knee and spank her big butt black and blue. See what she thinks of girls hitting other girls!” Jamie snickered, winking at me, “Seriously, this girl of yours isn’t bad. She’s not evil. She’s immature and used to getting her way all the time. I bet that you even spoiled her rotten, she pushed you too far, and she now realizes that she mistook your sweetness for weakness. I see it with girls all the time.

“Jared’s ex-girlfriend was like that, too. Well, his last one, the one that he dumped when he got with me. In case you’re wondering, it’s not that I wouldn’t have shared him. It’s that there is no way in hell that she would have and we both knew it. Rhonda was all about Rhonda. It turned out that she cheated on him frequently and then got mad because he fucked me at that convention! Fuck her!”

“No thanks!” I laughed in response, “Yeah, Selina’s…a bit pampered. Partly my fault, as you said. I loved her very much and took great care of her, but at some point, she stopped being grateful and took me for granted, wanting even more and thinking herself entitled to things at my expense. I wouldn’t be surprised if she had cheated on me, but to be fair, I always get revenge when a girl cheats on me.

“I don’t believe in monogamy, anyway. It’s just something that I’ve had to endure because society is in denial that we’re fucking primates, that’s all. I don’t worry about if the revenge affair is slot oyna good for the relationship. I’m not doing it for the relationship. I’m doing it for me, for my own self-respect, so as not to be the schmuck that gets played, the cuckold standing around with his horns planted firmly on his head. Fuck the relationship! It’s only worth saving if it’s good for both of us, not just her. Otherwise, a relationship is nothing but poison that slowly kills you from the inside out.”

“Another good reason to fuck me tonight. Maybe even fuck Jared as well,” Jamie told me mischievously, “I agree with you. Turnabout is fair play. Sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. Retribution all the way and vengeance is mine, not some sky god’s. I’m an atheist, anyway.”

“I’m a very secular Jew. No time for religion. If God exists, he’s let man warp his message so long that he’s probably hiding out in shame. Fuck him! I’ll live as I please and deal with the consequences if they ever happen. Yeah, so I’m jaded! What else is new?” I chuckled now, while Jamie stroked my hand and Jared played footsie with her.

I sent back a text saying, “Face it. We’re done. I don’t agree with you about this and never will. You were cute and fun and I loved you very much, but you’ve become someone I don’t know anymore. I don’t love that person that you’ve become. If you were your old self, perhaps, but there would have to be some changes before I would take you back. We’ve had a relationship on what was basically your terms. Next time, it would be on mine.”

“Well, you told her! Anyway, look at the time! Let’s get ready for the party! Oh, and if you stick around until tomorrow, you’ll get the birthday cake that Selina should have gotten you yesterday. What kind of girlfriend forgets her boyfriend’s birthday cake, anyway? If she didn’t have time to make it, at least buy it!” Jamie winked at me again.

“Or put icing on her ass and let me lick it off her,” I laughed as we got ready.

“Oh, a butt man, are you? You like to eat, spank, and fuck ass, don’t you? You’re all about that bass, as Meghan Trainor sang. Plenty of ass right here, sweetie, as Jared can attest. He loves my tush, don’t you, babe?” Jamie asked her husband, who grinned and did the thumbs-up.

“Damn, woman, you’ve got some wild ideas!” I chuckled as we prepared for the Halloween bash.

It was definitely a hit, this party. By the time that most of the guests had arrived, the first ones were already a bit buzzed, including yours truly, who had downed two bottles of Killian’s, along with some kamikaze mix in a classic red cup (you know, like the ones in Toby Keith’s notorious music video). I didn’t even know what was in said mix, but in short order, my sword and whip both ended up disappearing on me (some Zorro I was, right) and I was off in the same spare bedroom as before with a girl wearing a Phantom of the Opera mask. I could tell that she had an olive complexion, which was a real turn-on and she was about average height and weight for a woman in what was probably her late 20s or early 30s. She also looked a bit familiar, but I couldn’t place where I knew her.

In any case, I started to go down on her and she lost any appearance of self-control, especially once my tongue reached the crack of her ass. For the next half-hour or so, she was a wild woman, riding me, bending over for me, letting me eat her pussy and ass between fucks, all for a complete stranger who wore a Zorro costume. Nothing that I wanted was denied me, and I didn’t hesitate to tickle her fancies, quite literally in the moment when she wanted me to use feathers on her. I even got to use her ass, bareback, no less, pounding her bottom for the hell of it with each stroke, making her squirm, squirt, and scream her pleasure in response.

This stranger’s pussy was warm enough, but her asshole was a sauna and she bathed my dick in its heat intensely with every thrust. I even licked her butt after I came inside her and it still tasted as sweet as before, though with a salty flavor added to it: my own jizz. We fucked the time away so well that Jamie slipped in unnoticed and watched us after deciding to search for me due to my conspicuous absence from the festivities. I kept fucking the stranger in the Phantom mask, unaware of our audience, when I saw her ring…her wedding band.

“You’re married?” I expressed surprise.

“Yes…to you, David. I’m Sana, your wife. Remember me?” she pulled off her mask and revealed that it really was her.

“We divorced, Sana. Remember, your parents wanted you to marry a Muslim guy, not a Jew like me. Grown woman, a nurse, and your parents wanted to treat you like a child nonetheless. And you just went along with it,” I reminded her.

“I remember a lot of things. I remember days and nights at the hospital, you and me getting it on secretly on breaks. I remember me sneaking in after you peed and washed your hands, just so I could suck your cock. I remember that time behind the copier, when you ate me out while I stood behind it as Dr. Courtney lectured me on some protocol BS, the whole time, my scrub bottoms were down, your tongue was between my canlı casino siteleri cheeks, and I had to fight hard not to make it obvious that someone was rimming my ass! I was always a devoted nurse, even then, but you were like this drug that I had to have, and the monkey was always on my back to have you.

“After a while, I decided that I just couldn’t stand to not be in your bed and in your arms. I had to marry you, whatever it took. So, yes, I made it appear that I would comply, I even got the divorce papers served on you, at work, no less! I remember…I remember that I got you, got both of us, fired for fraternization because we worked together as man and wife. I also remember getting the papers back from you, tearing them up, and refusing to serve you again. Our divorce never went through, dear.

“I still wanted to be your wife, always did, so I followed you to your next job, and then your next, living however I could. Mostly short-term work in free clinics and places like that. They didn’t pay much, but I wasn’t looking to settle down until I found you. I’ve spent the last two years tracking you down, and I finally found you. Look up the records of the new nurses hired at your hospital in the past six months. I’m there. You just didn’t see me yet. I knew that you had other women, but that wasn’t the point. Hell, I slept with other men to scratch the itch, but it’s always been about you.

“Can you honestly tell me, after fucking me again, that you don’t want your wife back, your secret, Kurdish wife, who just wants to be a wife to you in fact as well as in name? Please, David. Please, take me back! You know that I love you and will treat you very well! I know that you sometimes strayed. So did I. Then again, despite the wedding vows, I never promised or asked for fidelity. I just wanted your love…and well, your cock and your tongue, too. And that fine ass of yours! Damn, it’s good! I want to share a bed with you again, feel your arms around me. I’m sorry that I got us fired, by the way. What do you say?” Sana told me with a very passionate kiss, and then she saw Jamie with us.

“I’d recommend going for it. But I still want my pound of flesh, at least tonight. Maybe more if Sana doesn’t mind it. What do you think, Sana? You admitted that your marriage was not that strictly monogamous, and neither is mine to Jared, as David knows. Sweetie, some folks just aren’t cut out for monogamy, fidelity, all that jazz. That’s true of me. It’s true of Jared. And it’s true of our sweet stud here. Just think of it as a collector’s fee for helping you get your man back,” Jamie winked at both of us, while Sana reached out to her, to kiss her on the lips.

“Hey, if it weren’t for this party and all, I wouldn’t even stand a chance of getting him into bed, let alone back together with me. Sweetie, he’s a truly delicious man…I cannot blame you for craving him. You have some kind of arrangement with your husband, right? Some kind of deal. I wouldn’t mind it if David wants to reconcile on those terms. Look, if we weren’t all that faithful to each other last time, there’s no reason to start over that way, is there? We’re already breaking all of the taboos. A Jew and a Muslim together is not exactly something that our communities like very much, from either end.

“If that is, David wants me back. I swear, David, I will take you back, whatever the cost or price. I screwed up by filing for divorce, serving you at work, and getting you fired. I’m really, really sorry. I didn’t think ahead on that. I was just trying to make a big scene to get my family off my back. I never intended to go through with it, but I guess that I never did anything to make that known to you. Whatever it takes, David. Just take me back. Let me be yours again,” Sana begged me as I took her into my arms.

“Okay, but to be fair, I suppose that I have to take my girlfriend back, too, if she doesn’t mind dealing with my wife. If she does mind, then hard cheese on her. You’re willing to share. If she’s not, that’s her loss. And, yes, I do want to get it on with Jamie and Jared tonight, after the party. What do you think of that? Want to watch or join in or something? Or confront Selina with my terms. I think that you would be the perfect messenger for them, living proof that I can be reasonable with you, if you are with me. Or you can wait and deliver it with me tomorrow. Spend the night here with me, Jamie, and Jared. If they’re cool with it, that is,” I proposed.

“Honey, stick around, let’s have some fun, and if you want to hop on Jared’s dick, I’m sure that he’ll help out, just as he is helping some lucky bitch out right now with her needs. A menage a trois is terrific, a foursome is even better, and if we can convince Selina to mend her ways, we might even get a five-way situation here. Plenty of pussy and cock for all, and if you wish, you can all just move in with us. I know that Jared and I have only talked about it, but it sounds better by the second, and I don’t think that he’ll be hard to sell on it. We were already talking of an MFM triad. Why not a larger poly deal? It would be great for us, especially since otherwise, Jared and you would both want to stray now and then to get some extra pussy. I couldn’t complain, since I’d be getting plenty of cock. Want to try it out? At least the four of us, possibly five?” Jamie encouraged us.

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