Fun for Molly and Me


Fun for Molly and MeI am just about to put a load of laundry into the washer when my door bell rings. I stuff the clothes in as fast as I can as the doorbell is rung two more times. Slamming the lid shut I yell, “Alright, I’m coming!”I open the door to see my best friend Molly in tears standing there. Before I can ask what is going on, she rushes into my arms, hugging me tightly. Sobbing in my arms all I can do is try and comfort her.As she finally begins to settle down I asks, “What is the matter?”She looks up at me with tear filled eyes and says, “Donovan broke up with me today. He said he had another girlfriend and that he wanted to be with her.”I never liked the guy myself and without thinking I say, “Fuck that piece of shit.”Instantly, Molly starts to cry again. I pat her head, “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to say that.”She looks up at me again, “No, you did and it’s the truth. I just have failed to admit it to myself. Oh why can’t I have any luck with men? Why can’t I be like you and get married to someone wonderful?”Joking I say, “Maybe you should try women.””You think so?” she asks taking me seriously.Something in the back of my mind surges forward and I get an idea. “I know just what you need,” I say grabbing her hand and leading her up the stairs to my room. I place her on the bed and rush over to my closet and after a few moments I pull out a shoebox.I climb onto the bed next to her and opening the box. I pull out a dildo that looks just like a real cock.”Where did you get that?” she asks.”Bobby got it for me a few months ago for my birthday. He said it would be better than me just using my fingers when I masturbate. And it does feel so much better.”Molly looks at me and then she hugs me for a second before placing her lips onto mine. I kiss klasbahis yeni giriş her back, sliding my tongue into her mouth. My mind reels back to my college days when all I did was have sex with other women. It wasn’t because I didn’t like men, but because I had sex with another woman and really enjoyed it. Molly’s kiss makes me realize just how much I have missed it.I break the kiss and say, “How about we take your mind off Donovan.”She covers up her mouth. “I didn’t mean to kiss you. I just felt something there and you…”I smile at her. “It’s alright,” I say. “I forgot how much I enjoy the company of a woman.”Before she can say anymore I stand up and start pulling my pants off. I bend over giving her a view of my ass, then turn around showing her my shaved pussy. I put one leg up onto the bed and show her my pussy lips by parting them as I run a finger between them.I drop my leg off the bed and pull off my shirt, revealing my breasts to her. I didn’t have a bra on, I never where one around the house since my breasts aren’t really huge.”Come on Molly,” I say. “Let me see your body.”Molly acts almost shy, but after a moment she stands and pulls off her clothes, letting them fall to the floor. She has a great body and her breasts, bigger than mine, look so good on her.I climb into the bed with her and we kiss again, but as we do my hand goes to her breasts. I feel each of them for a second then break our kiss. I push her back down onto the bed. I get on my knees beside her.”I’ve never done this before,” she says.”Don’t worry, just relax and it will come naturally to you,” I reply smiling down at her. I scoop up the dildo and run it over and between her breasts. “These things need to be a little wet.”I bend down and my klasbahis giriş mouth is on one of her breasts. I kiss, lick and suck at her nipples. Soon I get her nipples hard and sticking up from sucking on them and flicking my tongue at them. I use my tongue between her breasts, running up and down between them. I leave a nice wet trail behind.My pussy is wet and tingling just from playing with her. I take the dildo and run it over and between her breasts. Then I run the dildo lower on her body, working it down her stomach and lightly over the top of her pussy, just barely hitting her clit.”Mmm, that feels good,” she moans softly as I run it over her and between her thighs.”That needs to be wet too,” I comment.I push her legs apart and she puts her hands to the back of her thighs. Already she is getting the hang of things. She pulls her legs up high into the air, spreading them wide for me. Her pussy lips part showing me the pink insides of her pussy. I smile and bury my face directly down onto her pussy.She moans loudly as I probe my tongue deep into her. I work my tongue on her pussy for a while. Her hands go to the back of my head, pulling it down as she pumps her pussy back up into my face. I flick my tongue over her clit, making it harden, before sucking it into my mouth.”Ooohh, fuck,” she moans as she has a small and quick orgasm.I remove my head from between her legs. I wipe her juices from my mouth and say, “I think you are wet enough.”I start to run the dildo up and down her pussy. She closes her eyes as I place it at the entrance of her pussy and I push a little bit of it in.”Ahhh,” she moans as it enters her pussy.I start to work it slowly in and out, just like a man teasing her with his cockhead. She starts to move klasbahis güvenilirmi her pussy forward, trying to take more of it. I only gave her just the head of the dildo.”Fuck me, give me more!” she moans out loud.I push the dildo fully and deep into her pussy. I don’t move it in and out and instead just hold it there. Her pussy sucks at it waiting for me to move it in and out, But I just hold it there and smile at her.”You want me to fuck you with this?” I ask.Molly starts to pump her hips at it fucking it herself. Taking that as her answer I start to run it in and out, slowly at first, working up to a steady pace. Soon I am slamming the dildo into her pussy.Her nipples go hard and her clit starts to throb as her thighs start to shake. I work the dildo faster in and out of her pussy. Her pussy is soaking the dildo and causing it to make wet sounds as I run it in and out.”Oohh, fuck. I’m going to cum!” she screams.I take a finger and start to rub her clit with it. In response, Molly breathes heavily, sucking for air just as her pussy is sucking at the dildo. She starts to roll her head around, screaming out, “Oh yes!”SH screams and moans as she has multiple orgasms, back to back. I flick her clit with my finger as I push the dildo in deeper.”Squirt for me,” I tell her as I plunge the dildo deep and upward.When I pop the dildo out of her pussy, a big gush of her pussy juice follows. Her pussy sucks at the air each time it squirts. Her orgasm is strong and intense as she squirts several more times, shaking wildly on the bed.When she opens her eyes I am just staring at her. Her eyes go to my breasts to see her juices dripping from them as she has squirted all over me.”Damn you’re a squirter,” I say.Molly sits up and takes the dildo from me and replies, “Well you said that your breasts had to be wet to use this.””That’s true,” I reply.She smiles and asks, “So when is Luke going to be home?”I laugh and say, “Not for awhile. I guess you have already forgotten about Donovan then.””Donovan who?” she says climbing on top of me.

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