Fun In The Pool


It was a couple of weeks after my 18th birthday when I decided to take up swimming. This was a first for me as I had not really been into sport before. I always thought myself a straight guy but I always liked seeing black cocks.

I walked into the reception and I saw a huge black man who was just walking towards the changing rooms. He was about 6ft tall and very muscular. After I paid I headed for the changing rooms looking forward to seeing the huge black man naked. As I got there the man had his back to me and was just putting on a pair of tight Speedos he turned around and he had the biggest bulge I had ever seen. I could see the outline of his cock perfectly. He walked past me to get to the pool; he gave me a little smile and went. I was really disappointed but I knew I would still have the chance to see his cock when he got out of the pool. So I got changed and went for my swim.

About an hour later I saw the huge man getting out so I raced across the pool to follow him. He went to the changing room but I was again to be disappointed he had wrapped his towel around him and I only got to see his arse, which was tight and muscular. It was a great view but I wanted to casino oyna see his cock. He got dressed and left and then so did I. I went home and I rubbed myself for hours just thinking about having his huge black cock in my tight arse.

I didn’t see the man for months after that. I had decided that I would go for one last swim before I gave up hope. I was running really late after my boss at work had made me work late so I had to go swimming at 9 but the pool was open late so I would be fine. I got there and to my surprise the black man was there just paying to get in. I nearly jumped for joy when I saw him it was great. I paid and went to the changing room. It was deserted apart from him and me, so was the pool. When he was getting undressed he started talking to me.


I felt so nervous.

“Hi” I said back. He started to undo his pants. I just kept staring at him undressing and he saw me. He didn’t say anything and carried on. He just had his tight white briefs on I could see the outline of his dark black cock. I started getting hard.

“Getting a little turned on are you?” He said looking at my now half hard cock.

“Like my big black cock slot oyna do you?”

“Yes” I said quietly and nervously I thought he was going to hit me.

He didn’t he pulled out his cock and started rubbing it. It was about 4 inches thick and was looking to be 11 inches when fully hard. He moved closer to me and carried on rubbing his now fully hard cock.

I knew what I had to do I got on my knees and he stuck his huge cock straight in my mouth.

“OH YER suck my big black cock you faggot”

I kept on sucking and sucking he started to moan more and louder. I moved my hand to his arse and started to rub his tight little hole.

“Oh god that feels good, rub my tight ass”

I could feel his cock harden even more I knew he was gonna explode in my mouth so I sucked harder.

“YES, YES, YES, drink all my cum” he said moaning with pleasure.

He had exploded in my mouth and he blew about a gallon of cum out his cock. He started to go limp in my mouth. He pulled out and I looked at the massive tool. I started rubbing it until it was hard again.

“Bend your little white ass over, I am gonna fuck your brains out”

I turned around and canlı casino siteleri bent over the plastic bench behind me. He licked his fingers and rubbed them on my virgin ass. It felt so good. I can’t believe I had been missing out on this.

“Your ass is so tight ohhh this will feel good on my huge cock.”

I then felt a great pressure against my ass. He plunged his big black cock into my virgin ass and I nearly screamed with pain but the pain went away and it turned into pleasure.

“Oh god yer. Fuck my tight little ass with your big tool.”

I could hardly even say anything, I was in that much pleasure.

He moaned more and more as he fucked my ass so fast. He pumped me so hard and fast I felt like I was gonna explode.

“Yes, you love my black cock and now I am gonna fuck you harder.”

He increased his speed and power, it was amazing. Harder and faster pumping me. He shoved his cock in me one last time before I felt him explode and he screamed with each spurt of cum that flew into my ass. He carried on fucking my ass until he had gone completely limp when he pulled out turned me over and shoved it in my mouth. I couldn’t believe I had just had this thing in my ass once his cock was clean he put on his tight Speedos. Then I licked the outline of his cock through the Speedos and then we went for a swim. We do that every week. I still like pussy but I love a black cock up my ass more.

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