Fun in the Sun


Fun in the SunFun In The Sun It was the fourth day of our holiday in Majorca we had been round the pool all morning and after lunch Paul said shall we go for a walk this afternoon instead of frying in the sun again. It was a very hot day and I couldn’t decide what to wear and decided on my light coloured patterned summer dress as it was nice and thin and being quite short I thought it wouldn’t be too bad, I couldn’t find my white bra to put under it but had a white bikini top that I thought would be ok but Paul said that looks stupid well I can’t find my bra, well don’t wear one he said, its not very thick people will be able to see through it, no they won’t so I tried it with out looked in the mirror and it was ok, Paul said ok but you should take the knickers off too, I said no way this is far too short to wear without knickers, well at least put some sexier ones on, I smiled and said which ones do you think then and he picked up my white tie side thong his favourite. So I changed to that and off we went into the local town.It was a very hot sunny day and as we walked I noticed a few blokes look at me and thought I obviously looked nice with my bit of a tan and my nice summer dress on, Paul said you’re getting a lot of looks aren’t you and I replied I know, he smirked and said you were right, I looked confused, then he said you can see the dark of your nipples through your dress smiling, my reaction was to suddenly cover my boobs up with my hands, Paul said don’t be silly you were sunbathing on the beach topless yesterday for everyone to see your tits, I suppose he was right and I relaxed a bit and he put his arm around me. As we walked I relaxed a bit more even though I was still getting a few looks. Paul lifted the back of my dress a couple of times flashing my bum and I kept pushing his hand away saying don’t be so naughty. We walked past some local young men leaning against there scooters they all eyed me up and down as I smiled at them as we went past them Paul lifted my dress again but this time I didn’t push his hand away instead I looked over my shoulder to see if they were all looking and they certainly were. Paul said who’s a naughty girl then as we walked away still with my dress lifted slightly, I laughed and said you’re the naughty one flashing my bum he bakırköy escort gave me a gently tap on it then the cheeky sod undid the bow on the side of my thong and it fell open and slipped down my leg a bit I tried to grab it but he undid the other side and it fell away he grabbed it and slipped it into his pocket laughing, I said don’t give it me back but wouldn’t saying its ok I won’t pull your dress up, it actually felt quite nice a bit cooler then my thoughts went to whether and one would be able to see my pussy through the material it they could see my tits so I looked down but as the bottom was a quite loose you couldn’t make anything out thankfully. We seemed to be heading out of the town now so Paul said shall we go back and have a drink at that little café we passed back there I could do with a drink it was very warm To get back we had to go past where the lads were with there scooters and they were still there and yes they all looked me up and down I smiled at them they were all chatting between themselves and laughing and nudging each other like young men do. As we walked away Paul lifted the back of my dress again there was a couple of whistles as I looked over my shoulder thinking to myself is it just because of how I’m dressed and flashing my bum or do young men of that age really fancy women probably 12 or so years older than them. Then Paul spun me round lifted the front of my dress and flashed them my now bare pussy I quickly yanked it back down with them all whistling and clapping and turned and started to walk away Paul caught up with me and said sorry I couldn’t help myself, I said its not funny lets go have a drink and see if I forgive you.We sat down at the café and Paul said sorry again do you want your knickers back so you can cover up, I said no I think I will flash all the blokes that walk past would that make you happy with a bit of anger in my voice. Paul apologized again and passed my knickers over the table to me just as the waiter came over, I quickly grabbed them as the waiter gave us a menu, he smiled at me he was probably mid twenties typically Spanish looking and I could see him looking me up and down and obviously he could see my dark nipples through my dress. Paul said I’ll just have beşiktaş escort a beer please and the waiter and what for the beautiful lady with a big smile on his face, probably says it to all the ladies, I’ll have a small beer please, ok he winked and walked away. Are you going to put your knickers back on babe Paul said, not at the moment I will in a bit just need a sit down and a drink its so hot. The waiter came back with our drinks and had another long look at my tits through the material of my dress and I leant forward to get my drink which forced them against the material and he smiled and winked again and set off to serve a couple of old gentlemen opposite. Paul said sorry again I said don’t worry it was just the shock of you suddenly grabbing my dress and flashing my pussy to those young men forget about it, as we sat sipping I heard some scooters coming up the road I thought oh my god are they looking for the naughty English woman lol. I quickly turned in my seat to face the other way but unfortunately my dress didn’t come all the way with me and the 2 old gentlemen had a great view of my pussy and so did the waiter who was putting the drinks on there table. I tried to adjust my dress as quick as possible but they had had a good look by then and were smiling at me, I felt a bit embarrassed and Paul said I thought you were joking when you said you were going to flash all the men. I was going to go put my thong on then I thought a bit late they’d already seen everything so we sat there drinking our beers and it wasn’t the young men going past on there scooters either.We hadn’t quite finished them when the waiter brought us the same again and in his broken English he told us they were off the 2 old gentlemen for making there day we smiled and waved and thanked them. As we sat and drank I moved slightly sliding in my sit so they could see my pussy again they were both grinning and Paul said you giving them another glimpse of your pussy babe, I smiled and said they did buy us a beer, me and Paul started chatting about how wonderful it was here when a voice said hello Paul and Beth mind if we join you it was a couple from the hotel we had been chatting with by the pool yesterday quite a bit older than us but nice enough beylikdüzü escort I straightened up adjusted my dress as they sat down with us. The waiter came and they ordered drinks for them and us and the waiter was still checking my tits out as he dropped the menu on the floor and looked straight up my dress the naughty sod. He stood up and grinned as he walked away Colin laughed and said he was probably looking at you pussy I know I did as we walked over very nice, his wife sue nudged him I didn’t know what to say but Paul laughed and said its all my fault and he told them how I’d ended up without panties and the extra drinks they thought it was great fun.We chatted for a while about how nice the hotel and the weather was, Sue said I love your dress Beth but I think I would have to wear a bra under it with my saggy breasts I said nonsense they looked fine round the pool yesterday the boys agreed and Colin said not bad for a 48year old hey Paul and Paul agreed very nice they were Sue. Paul then said ok we all agree you would be ok without the bra what about without panties, Colin laughed and said she quite often doesn’t wear panties because she hates the line through her tight dresses and skirts we all laughed and I could see Paul smiling away at the thought, then he said that skirt is quite tight isn’t it smirking, she turned and smiled at Paul and said not tight enough though love. Don’t look so disappointed Paul I said you’ve already got my knickers off in public today you greedy sod, to which Colin added and it’s the best looking pussy I’ve seen for ages to get another elbow off his wife. Paul got up to go to the loo and sue said I’ll come with you we came here the other day and they only have one and it hasn’t got a lock on the door so you can keep guard while I’m in there. As soon as they had gone Colin put his hand on my knee and said are you enjoying the sun Beth yes I love it just got a bit hot yesterday after noon by the pool so we thought we’d have a trip out, all the time I was talking his hand was moving along my leg I put my hand on his to stop him and he said it was worth a try it is the best pussy I’ve seen for years and smiled and removed his hand for a moment then it was back again as he talked about where they had been slowly getting further and further up my leg until it disappeared under my dress and touched my pussy I shut my legs together and pushed his hand away, and it feels fantastic he said as the other 2 returned. So what you to been doing then Sue said to which Colin said tried to feel Beth up but she wasn’t having any of it and started laughing ……..

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