Fun on a hot summer’s day

Fun on a hot summer’s dayThe 3 of us were heading out to the cabin in the Jeep. It was hot so we all had shorts on, but I was wearing a small tiny strapped t-shirt. Since it is a few hours’ drive. We were learning allot about each other. What we liked, music, food, a****ls, etc.We finally arrive at the cabin and toss our things in the bedroom. You wanted to go fishing right away.So, off we go again heading to a remote spot on the river that you found. It was pretty, a lot of trees and shade and secluded. We baited our hooks and set up and tossed in our poles. You were whispering how nice my breast looked and that you wanted to see more.You mentioned that you had another pole that needed attending too. You walked over to me and took my hand and rubbed it across your hard cock bulging in your pants. It made so excited that you were so hard. My pussy started to get wet right then and there. You reached down and pulled off my shirt and unhooked türkçe bahis my bra and took it off. I was now topless and my nipples were so hard. I turned around and Tim was standing there with his cock in his hand saying he thought my breast were beautiful and walked closer to us. You pulled out your cock and asked that I suck it. I started sucking it while Tim’s was just within reach and I was stroking his hard cock and balls. He said he could see why you liked how I sucked your cock. I was so good at it. It was turning me on sucking your cock and having another one in my hand.Tim stepped closer to my mouth and I went from your cock to his cock and started sucking away. He was moaning so much he couldn’t speak. I quickly stopped because I didn’t want anyone to come and stripped down completely naked.I went to the river which was clear as glass and floated around in the water cooling off. You commented that it looked like I completely güvenilir bahis siteleri shaved. You both were saying how nice my pussy looked in the water and asked that I spread my legs so you can see more of it. The water felt so cool against my pussy. I came out and my pussy was wet and neither of you could tell if it was from the river or if I was excited. My nipples were very hard this time. You both reach up and start sucking on them. I begin to moan – it felt so good. The two of you were sucking my nipples so hard – like the way I suck your cocks – nice and hard and deep. It felt really good and I was getting so hot and wet. Your other hands were running up and down my body stroking my pussy lips. I quivered underneath them. Both hands were petting. One finger went in and then another. I couldn’t tell whose was whose but at this point I didn’t care. It felt so good and I didn’t want it stop I was coming all over güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri you hands.You release me and strip off your shorts. Your cocks were really bulging now. You bend me over and slide your cock into my pussy and tell Tim how wet and warm it was. I was already exploding all over your cock and balls. Tim stepped in front of me with his cock in front of my mouth rubbing it over my lips. It wasn’t long before I sucked on to it. As you were slamming my pussy and making me come and come, I sucked wildly on his cock. You both reached down and started playing with my nipples again, tweaking and squeezing. I was getting really hot. I was grinding against you wildly making your balls all wet. I could really feel you balls now with my shaven pussy so I could really tell how wet I was making you. I sucked Tim’s cock even more and took it as deep into my mouth as I could. He kept saying how good it felt and how special I was. It was turning you on watching me suck another man’s cock as you fucked my wet hot pussy. Soon enough you two came – you exploded in my pussy and Tim exploded on my face and breast, rubbing his cum into them. We were all panting and hot. We went into the river to clean off………..

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