Fun Story Time for 36DDDchick – Part 1


Fun Story Time for 36DDDchick – Part 1The time was Thursday night. I had just gotten back from a long day of teaching and swim practice. I managed to muster up the strength to eat some dinner and then thought to myself, why not go and have some fun and do something different. I go into the bathroom. Freshen up, shower, brush my teeth and put my hair up. Make sure my pubes are shaven and head out. I put on nice khaki pants and a nice button up shirt, lose the tie that would go with teaching, and head out. I head out to the bar and sit down at an open spot, towards the back, right so I can see beautiful women start to come in to the bar. One comes in that has a nice busty rack, and bigger waist overall, but she is followed by her husband with hand firmly around her and no one was going to come in between them. The next person through the door is another solo guy, great, now I have competition. I take a sip of my coke and rum, it burns a little going down, then I see, a great goddess walk on in. She steps in wearing a sexy cocktail dress. Fully black with a sheer-mesh, almost see through type of dress. Her giant tits are pressed together. She is blonde and has long wave hair showing. The dress is tight fighting. Her hips are a little larger and her legs are shown from about mid thigh all the way down to her high heels. She has on tight sexy pantyhose on each leg, sex flower lace going on the thighs all the way down. Sexy high heels on and her legs look incredibly toned. She sits down about 5 seats across from me and I now realize my mouth is open and I am staring at her tits in the tight dress.Our eyes make contact, she winks, and it is clear that she knows I am staring. I fix my growing cock in my pants and then grab my drink and head over there. I sit down next to her and introduce myself to her. We hit it bornova escort off pretty well. I become more adventurous and test the limit. While we talk I graze her bare arms, gently graze her soft skin and give her a small kiss on her hand. She mentions that she has to use the ladies room, stands up and leaves. As she stands up she ever so gently bends down a little bit and I can see her pussy lips just barely under her tight cocktail dress. She walks away and just barely shakes her ass and teases me once more. I check my cock while she is gone, I have some small pre-cum on my stomach from where my growing thick cock has been cancelled from her view. As I stand up to fix myself she walks back, “you arent leaving me are you” she says to me. I respond, just stretching was all. Then she winks back at me and whispers in my ear, “lets get out of here and try somewhere new”. To be honest I was not 100% sure what she said as I was staring down her dress and seeing her tits concealed in a tight pressed lingerie that struggles to hold her tits in place, and my cock throbs in my pants. I nod my head and say lets go. She grabs my hand and leads me towards the door. Feeling her warm contact gets me excited for what later may hold for myself…should i say potentially us? As we head to the door I can almost make the outline of a tight thong under the dress with her firm fat ass. She opens the door and we walk outside more. Its a little cold out for summer, and I don’t mind but I am excited. We make it to a dance bar, and as I hold the door open for her I notice her nipples are hard and starting to poke out from her dress. I squirt a little cum on myself and follow her inside. We waste no time and head to the dance floor. First it starts out very friendly. Looking at one another and easy dance escort bornova moves swaying back and forth. I am struggling to keep an an eye on her face, looking at her soft luscious lips. I can see her tits jiggle as she sways and my cock continues growing. For as fast as it was friendly, it turns to much more very fast. I put my hands on her hips, while she looks at me, pull her body into my body, to where she can feel my cock under my belt against her stomach, feel her pointy tits on my body, her hair by my face nd on my skin. I can feel her breath on my chin and she can feel mine on her. My heartbeat speeds up and my hands move from her hips, up her sexy black dress, they grze the side boob of the dress and one grabs her head, caressing the back of her head and running fingers through her curly blonde hair, I pull her head in more until my lips make contact with hers. She clearly likes it as her hands wrap around my back, and the other on my hip, she pulls me in and runs a hand up my back to my head and pulls me in. Her lips open and my tongue slides in where our tongues intertwine and make out. We share each other and I feel my cock throb with every tongue touch. Her tits are squished against both of our bodies. I pull away to see her smiling back at me and her eyes just lost in my eyes. She grabs my hands and puts them back on her hips, she turns and pushes her big firm ass into my hips and starts by first slowly rocking her hips side to side. She then pushes harder and I can feel her outline of the lace thong grinding all over my cock still stuck under my belt. My hands take time to explore her body and her hips as they move all over me. The dance floor gets a little more crowded and I lean in, move her hair to the side exposing her neck and blowing it first teasingly then bornova escort bayan giving it a kiss, and sucking longer than expected giving her a small hickey. She moans slightly as I do and actually pushes her ass back more and slowly goes into circles, as if she is saying “give me that cock”.My hands leave her hips sides and then move upwards, I get closer to her tits and graze her bra. She takes a step forward and I instantly start thinking I am pushing my luck too far. However, she puts her hand under my belt, grabs my throbbing cock which oozes a little cum onto her hand, and is sitting straight up in my pants as she quickly conceals it in between her ass cheeks. She takes her hand, turns her head towards me, smiles and slowly licks off my cum from her hand, then pushes her ass into me harder than before. She grabs both my hands and makes me forcefully feel her massive tits. I have never felt anything as amazing as what I am feeling now. I have only been with girls with Bs, these have to be a D or bigger. They barely fit in my hand and I can feel her tits about to poke through her bra. I think it is a lace bra or lingerie that is trying to keep her tits held up and out for a show. I let out a subtle but noticeable moan as I feel and grope both large tits in my hands. She must enjoy teasing me. I slide my hands back down and lift up her tight fitting dress. My hand slips under and I feel her lace thong underneath. I grip her ass. It is toned and big. Almost reminds me of a PAWG ass. I love the smooth skin with the small lace on it. She pushes a hand back and grabs my cock in my pants, she starts stroking my cock as i can feel cum wanting to explode out. She then unzips my zipper, reaches in and grabs my bare throbbing cock. A little cum oozes out once again, but now down my shaft and onto her hand. She pulls my cock out and pushes it into her lace thong, then takes out her hand, licks it clean, puts her skirt down and starts twerking her ass and lace on my bare cock on the dance floor. My hips are on her hips and I love the experience as her naked skin grinds on my throbbing cock.

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