fun with a neighbor

fun with a neighborFirst time with a guy? Was not expectimg that, but now that I experienced it, I would do it over and over again. I’ll try to keep my story short and sweet, at the time I was almost 19, I was 5 ft 10 and a bit chubby, and had a big jiggly butt. I was really curious at the time to see what else was out there for sexual needs, but was always too shy to actually go out and try it, until one day that changed. I recently broke up with my girlfriend, and was pretty lonely at the time. I lived in a quiet neighborhood and knew pretty much everybody, atleast I thought I did. I would also go for walks during the evening and everytime I would go for a walk I would see the same people, and walk by the same houses and parks and so on. Right beside the park theres 2 baseball fields and a few tennis courts, and for a couple of nights I began to notice a tennis player that would always sit by himself in the parc after he was done playing and he was in his late 30’s, early 40’s Id say. It bugged me because I wanted to know what he was doing, so usually I walk alone the street but for a change walked across the park to see if he would notice me, and he was defne escort there drinking water, and relaxing? I wasnt too sure but he smiled at me and we did not say anythin, he was about 6ft id say bald, pretty muscular. A week later I see him again and this time he approached me and asked me if I had the time, so I kindly told him what time it was and than I made a remark saying your always here and he says I notice you walk by here quiet often, he turned out to be 41, and he was new to the neighborhood and lived across from the park. We talked and than we both left, however thimgs got imterestimg the next time we met up. 2 nights later I was out jogging and he came up to me as he was gettimg ready to leave and asked me if you want to come over to swi, at my place? Usually I would not trust strangers but he seemed really nice and in the back of my mind I was hopimg something sexual would come out of this. So we talked together to his house, turns out he is married no k**s yet he said, and his wife was at a meeting conference hundreds of miles away and that she was gone for a week. As I entered his house, he nazilli escort asked me If I wanted to borrow one of his bathimg suites? I said as a joke I can go in nude since I only have my shorts on, he laughed and had a grin on his face as if he would not mind. But its true? I wasnt expecting to go swimming hahah. So I told him ‘Rob’ was his name that I really would not mind going nude and he laughed and said that whatever you feel comfortable doimg im fine, besides theres no neighbors behind his property and on one side so its pretty well hidden. He insisted I try on one of his pairs so I said sure, he led me to his bedroom in his 1 story house were he took out 2-3 old pairs and said ill leave you be and was going to close the door So I said no need to close the door ill let you see if they fit me well so he smiled and said ‘great’ as I pull down my shorts, I than pull down my underwear and bend down right infromt of his were he can see my big ass, and all I hear him say from behind me is ‘wow’, and he said to me I really like your ass, and smiled and asked him if he was into guys and he admited he was curious beşiktaş escort like I was, so I sat down on his bed with only my t-shirt on and told me I wont be needimg a bathing suite he said good neither will I, but I will need help gettimg what im wearimg now off. So I smiled half naked he let me to the back gallery, where he sat down, and looked at me, I kind of bent down and pulled his shorts off, than oulled down his underwear to a thick nice cock, than stood up and pulled his shirt off, and thqn he did the same to me as he was squeezing his dick against my ass. I thanlooked at him and told him sit down, I got down and slowly started giving little kisses on his dick, than slowimg I started drooling and licking his dick than really started sucking it, for about 8 mins, than he got up and started squeezing my ass and led me inside to his livimg room where he sat on the sofa legs wide open, and I sat against him and thats where he started fucking me and spankimg my ass at the same time it felt so good. Than after I got on the floor and he fucked me from behind, we did it for about 30 mins, and at the end he cummed on my face and than made out with him with cum all over my face and lips I started sucking him off again for another 5-6 mins as I was lying on him I had my ass to his face so he was licking my ass and doing all sorts of things to it. Eventually we went swiming for about an hour than I go changed and left, and we met on a second occasion when he was able to!

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