Fun with Kevin


Fun with KevinI got the papers served to me.     It was official, I was going through a divorce.   It was going on about 6 months without have sex with someone other than myself.  And quite frankly, I was physically satisfied, but not mentally satisfied.    I had discovered porn, naughty chat, and occasional phone call, was not giving me what I needed – the interaction with someone.     My best friend at work, Christi who is 10 years my junior and very sexually progressive, encouraged me to find some one to have a night of sexual fun.   Later that day, Kevin, a truck driver that came in to drop off a number of parts, Christi suggested that I go over and talk to him.   I was a bit nervous, but asked him about his delivery and moved the conversation to the coffee room.   Soon, Kevin was off on the next delivery.   Christi, told me to relax, it may be time or two before he picks up the signals.  Kevin would be back the next day, I wanted to be ready.  I saw a number of stares as I walked in showing off in a v-neck top unbuttoned one button too far.  This time when I walked up to Kevin, he invited me to the back room for coffee.  Once in there we sat and talked.  Every chance I got i leaned forward giving him a very personal view of my ample bosoms.   He had trouble looking me in the eyes.  🙂 He got up for a second cup and i undid another button on my v-neck.  I think Kevin almost spilled his coffee as he was not looking at where he was going.  When the coffee room was empty, Kevin broke the ice and said he liked me very much and would like to see more of me.  He brought up me hitting on him and asked what pendik escort was my intention, fun or relationship.   “Fun,” I blurted out a bit too fast, but calmed down and explained I was just divorced and not looking for any relationship.”I am free Friday night he offered.”  I was already so horny i was wondering if I could wait 3 days, but confirmed that I could.   “Can I get you phone number?  I do not know when exactly i can meet, but will lock down a time in the next day.”  We started texting one another immediately, and it quickly got into pretty heavy sexting.  I texted a topless pic and he returned with one in his briefs outlining a pretty nice bulge.  I asked him to a more revealing pic, but he teased that I would have to wait.  We also texted about fantasies and told him that I really wanted to give a BJ.     He texted back emojis for with a devilish smile. “I will be forward to you getting on my knees and making me cum in your mouth.”  He said.  He asked how experienced i was , and i confessed i only suck to gt my husband aroused and a few times i let him cum on my tits.  “Well i was hoping for something a little more slutty of a bj,”  and he texted a picture of a sexy girl sucking cock with cum dripping out of her mouth.    This made me even more nervous, but truth be told I wanted what he wanted.  That night i went and surfed a little porn showing blowjobs and let my hand slip down between my legs bringing me to a very quick orgasm.   But I could not stop there, when I went to bed i brought up the picture he texted me and brought myself to a second orgasm.  kartal escort  Damn I was horny as ever.By Friday, I was so anxious and needed the attention.  The build up in my mind was amazing.  We agreed that dinner would be on our own and that it was purely a “fun” date.  I showered, shaved my pussy for the first time, put on my make up and did my hair.   I could not decide on an outfit, so I decided only to put on heals.   It felt like forever, but 7pm finally arrived and there was a ring of the door bell. I ran over to the door, confirmed that it was Kevin and the opened letting him see me in my heels.   Kevin’s eyes lit up which instantly brought a smile to my face since it has been a long time since someone saw me in a sexual way.   As he stepped in there was a couple on the sidewalk that got an eye full.   We quickly shut the door and he pushed me up against the wall as we started to heavily make out.  His hands spend not even a minute at my breast before moving down to my pussy.  I removed his shirt and then pulled at this belt.   Geez someone is in a hurry.   He said.   “Damn ,I been waiting all week to suck your cock,” I said.He pushed his pants down and told me to get on my knees.  Soon i was staring face to face with his rock hard cock.  But then i started to get cold feet.  Kevin was quite a bit bigger than my ex.   I reached out and lightly traced my fingers up and down it then started to slowly stroke it.  Kevin must have sensed my hesitation.  He said its time to put it in your mouth, babe.  A hand on my head gently brought me forward and it was all the maltepe escort encouragement i needed.  I brought his dick to my lips and took it into my mouth.  Kevin moaned”wow that feels fucking good.’  I licked his head and then bobbed up and down on the end 2-3 inches of his cock.  I looked up and our eyes met. “You look so hot babe, with on your knees with heels and my cock in your mouth.”   His hand on my head started to guide my pace.   He started to talk really dirty to me which turned me on even more.  “You fucking slut, suck that thick cock”   “You cheap cock sucking whore, I did not even have to buy you dinner.”  I had to reply to that one, “Oh yes, this is my dinner.”  He slowed the pace a bit, and paused. He had me take it slow and deep.   I looked up at him as i took about 3/4 of his cock into my  mouth and then i gagged.   “Good girl,” he said encourangingly.  I went back to licking, sucking and bobbing.  He still had a hand on my head as he talked about how i was going to get a huge mouthful of cum.  “Awe fuck you are going to make cum in that mouth of yours you cheap slut.”  I kept licking him.   He then said “This is gonna be good” as i realized the tension in his hand as he approached orgasm.  Suddenly, his body jerked as he screamed, and instantly i could feel his salty pungent cum fill my mouth as he firmly held my head on his spasming cock.  I sucked for all was worth trying to keep him in my mouth. Oh fuck that was great he commended, as he pulled out.  I just looked up at Kevin, and he said “you are a slutty mess!”  I felt slutty and naughty as well, something I had been missing for a while.  The night could have ended there, however,  we cleaned up and went into the bedroom.  We laid naked on the bed and then Kevin went down on me until I had my own earth shattering orgasm.  After I recovered, we fucked with Kevin pulling out and letting me taste his cum again.    

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