Further adventures in AMP mongering


Further adventures in AMP mongeringAddicted to AMPs: Biboting Spa – Alice (Jersey City)Since I hit pretty much every known AMP in JC, save for Euro Spa on Bergen avenue, I kept wondering to myself why no other spots were opening considering there really isn’t much (that we know of) in Union City, Secaucus and Hoboken (which is obvious because there there’s a strict LE presence), and lets face it, still home of the mob (no matter what anyone says). Bayonne, the only other town bordering Jersey City has several spots on its Broadway strip and although I have received some recommendations, I have yet to take the plunge, so to speak, but that time is coming soon. The last time I did this kind of activity, was in NYC’s Chinatown. I read of an off-the-beaten-track place on Madison street not far from Delancey and under the Manhattan bridge. A review by a fellow monger made it sound promising, but when I went, the older (which is fine) service provider started with the soft touch after 5 min, gave a half-hearted BJ, ending in a HJ and I felt she tried to upsell me for more $ when I saw how much he paid for all-in in his review. In any case, a return visit to see what else from the menu I could get wasn’t entirely out of the question, and I’ve been also toying with either a return visit to Pearl Street Spa (aka Sunny Spa) or the ladies at 98 Mott (although I’ve not had the 3rd floor yet, there). There’s also a place of interest on Lexington avenue and 51st street that seems to be Korean, and not too much more expensive considering the location. In any case, a few days ago I received a private message from a monger that a new place opened in JC, and he called it Qing Feng’s second location. I didn’t really have a great time at my one and done visit there about two years back but decided I would check it out because…because that’s what I do. On one evening I got off a bus and lo and behold, there it was right on the corner of Grace street where the bus stops. I turned the corner and took a pic of the fancy blue-gray awning with my cell, so I could have their number. The next day I planned my first visit and was about to call when the bus I was riding suddenly filled up with teenage geeks talking like the supporting cast of Stranger Things. I got off the bus, had a cig and noticed there was no bell to ring on the door, so I just opened it. A middle-aged Asian woman appeared out of nowhere. Mid-fifties, about 4’11 to 5’2, and a nice smile. After asking me if I wanted a massage, she led me to a curtained semi-circled area to towards the middle of the room. I paid the .50 house fee and disrobed with a wait and see attitude. It was all brand spanking new, with some thought given to the interior design as well. I could spot in the back the two out-of-the-way rooms the monger who sent me a PM told me about, but I was not back there and was close to the front of the shop. It was noticeably cold here too. I could hear the large turbo-powered heater blowing but I could not feel much warmth, and besides it would periodically shut on and off. She called herself ‘Alice’, and while she was massaging me she started in with that (essentially fake shemp) nonsense feigning interest in what I do, where I work, where do I live, blah blah blah. The massage was good, but I declined the hot stones. A few times I tried to grab her upper calves, but she would step to the side or not so much from my front while I was lying on my stomach. I eventually heard someone be let out the front door and could hear the click-clacking of heels. I heard someone take a shower, and then more walking back and forth, back and forth. I even heard (I assume it was a woman) her take a gusher of a piss in the toilet that was somewhere beyond the curtained walls. At this point I heard the curtains part, but no words, and the click-clacking heels moved on. OK, where was the soft touch, it hadn’t happened yet, and I was beginning to wonder? I was asked to flip, and istanbul escort ‘Alice’ started to lightly rub my chest and pinch my nipples but there was no talk or discussion of anything and she was strangely silent. She had covered my groin with a towel leading me to think ‘What is going on here?’ Eventually, she started working near my cock but in a lazy manner. I lowered the towel and she lightly touched my balls but then placed my hand on my own cock and suggested I wank. I’ve never had this happen before (that I can remember) and it was really killing the mood. I started jerking and getting harder until she finally took over and it really felt all kinds of not cool, not what I was used to, and weirdly enough close to some of my worse AMP experiences in my recent years of reviving my adventures. I couldn’t really get my hands in her spandex leggings and got under her blouse where I felt sizeable boobs covered by a rigid Victoria’s Secret type of bra. I scooped under the right one and felt a thick nipple and just grazed and touched it. All during this ‘Alice’ was pumping away without any kind of enthusiasm (and without any oil!). I started to feel guilty about feeling her body and stopped. I came, and there was a quick cleanup with minimal talk.After I got dressed as I walked towards the front of the spa I saw a very pretty young Asian woman. She looked Korean and must have been the girl with the customer in one of the back rooms that I heard walking around earlier. They have one of those ornate foldable room dividers near the front and I saw her in something sexy, with a blanket wrapped around her (probably because it was cold) and though we only saw each other for an instant, she stepped back behind the room divider as I said goodbye to ‘Alice’ and left. Will I go back? Depends, I tipped .60, so all in all it wasn’t a bad experience because the massage was that good. But, I came to fuck as well, and hopefully, she got the message for the next time that I come. I texted the spa that I thought the massage was good and asked for the name of the girl for next time? But received no reply.A twenty-minute walk and I was home. Yes, it’s that close to me. We’ll see how long before I return and what kind of service I get next time. By the way, in closing this chapter… the fellow who sent me a message mentioned that they really did not like reviews online drawing attention to this new spa (probably from LE), but a few times I could tell, in the quiet (and ‘Alice’ confirmed it later) that business in this location is very slow. Addicted to AMPs: Biboting Spa – Yuki (Jersey City)My second visit to this AMP was much more interesting, a bit odd, and dare I say, ultimately disappointing. I called when I was in JC about any availability and found out that yes someone is available. I asked ‘Who?’ and was rattled off a few names. I said, ‘That’s fine, they will do’.I got nearby and took a leisurely walk over to the spot on Summit avenue in Jersey City so I can collect my thoughts and have a cigarette. Once I opened the (already open, not locked) door Yuki appeared out of nowhere, grabbed my hand and took me to the backroom area where there were more rooms than I originally thought. In fact, there were quite a few massage beds in here, and more than one bathroom, all very nice, new and so very clean. Whoever put up the money for this venture sure had a good idea, but I personally feel the location sucks, and there’s very little foot traffic here to entice customers. Sure, word-of-mouth (which I am told they decline) would help, but if my sources were correct, this ain’t no legit joint after all.In any case, Yuki wore some sating lingerie, was a side of tall, about 5’5, 5’6, and definitely seemed to be of mixed Asian races. Although I saw her ever so briefly my first time here, it could have been Yuki then too. This girl looks either Korean or Malaysian, although avcılar escort she said she was Chinese. She definitely had a sort of exotic look, and I’d peg her as being in her early thirties the most. Yuki has one of those long faces (cute, impish) that one would find on Korean girls. In any case, once in the room, I handed her the .50 house fee, and she was all fun and games and acting charming. I disrobed and got on the massage table as I usually do and she asked medium or hard for the massage. I decided on medium. It was barely a massage. And, it didn’t last long. She switched to soft touch and said, ‘You like Soft?’ I said ‘Yes’ in my best tired, horny voice. However, she went back to the medium massage after a few minutes. The door opened to room and Alice whom I had a massage from the first time popped her head in and said ‘Hello’. Then Alice closed the door. A few minutes go by and the door opens again…it’s a different woman. I turned my head and this woman, whom I recognized crouches down to the side of the table and said, ‘Do I know you?’ ‘You know me?’. I uttered the wrong name and she said no. ‘Where you from?’ that sort of line of uncomfortable questioning. It was certainly taking me out of the moment.She said her name was ‘Linda’, and she left after a few minutes. Finally, the flip and Yuki asked what I wanted and I said ‘Everything’. ‘How much you pay?’ I said .100 and we were good to go, or so I thought. I gave her the money, then returned to the massage table but she still keeps her clothes on. ‘OK, I thought, what is going on here?’. Yuki then slathers oil on my cock and starts rubbing me all over, and pinching my nipples. Oh, a HJ?? I did not pay .100 for a HJ, and I was so disappointed. Yuki removed her panties but kept the rest of her lingerie on, including that hard, rubberized Victoria’s Secret – like bra. She had a bit of a hairy bush, and a nice long slit which she let me rub, but she did not allow any FIV.Once she got me off and post cleanup, I got dressed and walked back into the waiting area that doubles as the front office towards the front door. ‘Linda’ was there and asked me how everything went. I shrugged and said ‘OK’ it a kind of manner that I hoped would convey that I wasn’t exactly thrilled with what happened in the room. ‘Linda’ asked me how I knew of the place, and then told me to come back soon. I liked how clean and new the place was (although it was much colder in there than my last visit), and I liked how it about a ten-fifteen-minute walk to my house too. But I will make one more visit here and decide whether it’s worth pursuing a hedonistic good time or not. Addicted to AMPs: Biboting Spa – Kelly (Jersey City)I had quite a few spots on my menu to visit tonight (December 6, 2019), but I wasn’t sure where I would end up. At the last minute I called this place to, as they say, give them one more shot. Got off a bus, walked a few blocks and found the door was locked (first time in three visits). Maybe too many questionable folks walking in off the street. MMS greeted me wrapped in a blanket and then called out numerous times (in Chinese) for my provider. I was led to one of the far back rooms and Kelly appeared. I could have swore she was in her late twenties. We hugged, I gave her the .50 house fee and then undressed. I wasn’t finished when she entered the room. Which was warm and toasty. But Kelly thought it was too hot and lowered the heat til it was cold..no fun for me.A massage began, it was ok. Not the worst I ever had, nor the best. Just mediocre. No ST which kind of surprised me. And then the flip and ‘what do you want?’ ‘I said everything,’ and she laughed. I guess she was surprised I wanted everything. No haggling for dollars (which I liked) and she left to clean herself. She came back took off her clothes.Nice nips, B size I would say, and a semi-hairy pussy (YES!), kind of a slim frame (double YES!), and she began with a şirinevler escort CBJ, which was ok, but then I sat on the edge of the massage table and made her work for her money. I marveled at how attractive she was, and then she lied down and we tried standard mish, but I’m tall and it’s a lot of work, so we tried DS, which is my favorite, but she overlubed, so we went from her sucking to me fucking and back and forth. Small conversation and her Google translate wasn’t working so well for her and I made the mistake of showing her something with my real name (we all use aliases) but she got it and we moved on.Nice girl. Like Tina from Blue Sea, but about twenty years younger. I was let out into the back door parking lot at the end, I guess because someone else was upfront, or in another room waiting. I’d go back for Kelly no doubt.Addicted to AMPs: Jewely Spa (Jersey City – Eva)Physical Description: Tall, 5’6 or thereabouts, B cup, nice nipples, a bit of a curvy body, and for her size a sizeable ass.Private Details: So after taking a short break for a few weeks, the urge was upon me, could you believe two different places must have been so busy they did not pick up their phone? The third said, about 45 min. I hopped on a bus and called Jewel Spa in the Heights…now renamed Jewely Spa for some reason. I said I’d be therein 15min. Acting MMS greeted me (whom I had as a service provider in the past and she gives a really decent massage with a standard HE), in walked Eva. New to the place, barely spoke English so forget convo. Barely 10 min into the poor massage, I grabbed her sizeable soft ass cheeks and she moaned. ST began, and then asked me to flip. ‘You want to fuck me?’ Well, she evidently knew some English after all..LOL. ‘Yeah’ I said. She left, went to the bathroom came back and gave an uninspired CBJ, then laid down on the table, but I wanted to see That ASS. So we went right to DS. I noticed a slight scent of VJ which was a bummer, and she did NOT use lube so with the cover on, and she was a bit tight, it took a while working it in. But then during the 15 min fucking session she came three times, got so wet I was slipping outside of her and the cover almost fell off. She moans, and says fuck, fuck me, like a true champion.Ended with an HJ because I could not fuck anymore. Cleanup, was the usual, alcohol wipes, tried to have a talk but didn’t know what the fuck I was saying. Said she was new there. Works 10 days in a row (WTF?) miscommunication I hope. Thing is, the hour became like 25 min. and I was hoping at least a nice massage to cap it off. But she didn’t offer, and from the prelude, I guess that’s not her forte, so I got dressed.Addicted to AMPs: Blue Sea (Jersey City – Susan)I saw Susan again. Been aching for that almost GFE experience here. But was torn between a number of AMPs but in the end, Linda answered and said she and Susan were available. Good thing because during my massage I heard Linda had a wicked cough (she was drinking tea with orange peels when I arrived) and thought I made the right decision.Susan spent a lot of the time on the massage, not her best by far, and lots of arms and such. It was OK at best. She pressed down on a tender area of my lower back but when I tightened up she kind of moved away. On the flip she took off her clothes, and this time, first time in a long time, she pulled out a cover for the BJ. It wasn’t bad mind you, but uncovered gets me more into the zone. Regardless, I got a little rough with her and began facefucking her and she seemed like she dug it. Once I was ready to go, she lied down on the massage table, but I asked her to flip for DS.A good long session was had, and despite some whimpering, she was quitter that usual, despite any verbal goading from me. We were going at it so long, her entire back was wet with sweat, but I began to tire. A HJ ended the session. But she was definitely less chatty then last time, ‘Oh did I tell you we were moving?’ ‘Did I say that?’ no talk of exchanging phone numbers like last time, so I let it go. Nice wrap up, and cleanup. Now she works Thursdays and Sundays. Not sure if she will keep the Tuesday gig here as she is still hard at work studying. English courses too. Blue Sea is moving in February, I hope to a better spot.

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