Futa Naked In School 04 – Teacher’s Taboo Futa Pet Chapter 3: Johana’s Taboo Punishment


Futa Naked In School – Teacher’s Taboo Futa Pet

Chapter Three: Johana’s Taboo Punishment

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2019

Johana Jordan’s Week, Friday

Since Tuesday—when I had witnessed my mother masturbate as Samantha Herbert took my cherry and fucked me with her futa-cock—my life had been in turmoil. My mother taught at my college where I was selected to attend the week naked. This was my last day of being in the Program, then I could go back to being clothed and put this disorienting week behind me.

I could forget about my incestuous lust for my mother.

It didn’t matter to me that laws were passed that made it legal for consenting, adult family members to love each other, legalizing incest. I grew up thinking it was wrong. I should lust for girls, or even futas, my own age. I should be thrilled that every girl attending my college seemed to want to have sex with me. With the word being spread that I was a futa who could make a girl cum, they were all eager to have their pussies licked or even fucked by me.

I threw myself into it. I asked for relief at the start of every class. Sometimes not even getting off, just eating a girl’s pussy while trying not to think about how amazing my mother’s twat had tasted when she discreetly set on my face during Monday’s lesson. Other times, I would fuck the girls. Monica was a regular. She sought me out. If she passed me in the halls between classes, she would stroke my girl-cock and finger my pussy. Twice, she’d pulled me into the girl’s room and made us both late to class. During lunch the day before I didn’t get a chance to eat because she and Araceli cornered me.

I even had some fun with the futas.

After Samantha and I demonstrated futa-on-futa love for my mother’s health class, much to her masturbatory delight, I had grown a taste for it. On Wednesday, I hoped that I would like it enough to avoid lusting for my mother. I let Poise Ramsey, a lesbian futa, have her way with me several times.

I even fucked her. Futa-pussy felt a little different from a girl’s. I couldn’t quite explain why. Maybe it was her futa-cock pressing into my belly as I drove into her, or the way she splattered our tits with cum when she came.

The one thing I hadn’t done was go to my mother’s health class. The last two days, I had skipped it, hiding out in the bathroom watching porn on my phone and masturbating. I tried not to watch the Mother/futa-daughter porn that was cropping out on the internet since incest was legalized. My poor clit-dick was raw by the time classes were over.

I avoided going home as long as possible. I headed to Monica’s house and ate dinner with her family. Her parents didn’t care that I was fucking their daughter. They thought we were dating or something. Last night, I went to Poise’s home. Her parents were equally as accepting.

I slipped home as late as possible and went straight to bed. The next morning, I would be out the door and heading to class before Mom could talk to me.

I think she understood that she went too far with me. She didn’t seem to be pushing it.

“You should have gone to health class yesterday,” Samantha said, coming up beside me. She hadn’t brought up us having sex once. It was like she was pretending it hadn’t happened. That we hadn’t sucked each other’s girl-dicks and swallowed each other’s futa-cum. “Your mom taught lesbian sex. Genevieve and Adile demonstrated it. So hot.”

I shrugged.

“Yeah, probably too busy getting pussy left and right,” Samantha said. “I wish I was in the Program. I would get so much…” Her words trailed off. “Oh, hey, Rosario.”

Rosario Todaro, dark-brown hair framing her beautiful face, folded her arms and arched an eyebrow. She came to a stop a few feet before us. “If you want to go out with me again, then you better not be talking about fucking every girl you can.”

“Just joking around with Johana,” said Samantha, sidling up to the Hispanic girl. “You know, futa stuff. She’s the one getting all the pussy.”

“So I’ve heard,” Rosario said, her eyes growing smoky as she glanced at me. “I hear you perform.”

“I perform, too,” said Samantha, sliding her arm around Rosario’s waist. “I can prove it. Right now.”

“Oh?” Rosario arched her eyebrow. “I don’t have much time before I need to get to class. Like you do.”

“Enough time for me to eat you to an orgasm,” Samantha said, her voice firm. It was like she had to prove something. “Okay. I’ll make you cum hard. I know how, too.”

Rosario smiled then nodded. She pulled Samantha towards the futas’ restroom.

“Johana!” Genevieve said. The cheerleader darted up to me, dressed in her normal clothes and not her outfit. She grabbed my cock. “Ooh, you have to come to health class. It’s going to be your last chance to demonstrate for the class before you’re out of the Program. I hope me and you can have more fun. I bet your mom wants to teach anal.”

A hot thrill shot through me as I pictured sliding my girl-dick into my mom’s class. My dick throbbed in Genevieve’s grip.

“It’s just weird with my mom watching,” I muttered. “I’m sure Samantha will love to demonstrate it.”

“But it would be more fun with you,” Genevieve said, stroking me. “Mmm, I wish we had a few more minutes, I would practice with you.” The cheerleader leaned in. “I have lube in my back pocket.”

I groaned as the warning bell rang. I was going to need to ask for relief right away in my first-period class. My auburn hair swayed about my shoulders as Genevieve gave my futa-dick one last stroke before she darted away.

Pussy juices soaked my bush. I felt them trickling down my thighs as I headed to class. Anal sex with my mother… That was so hot. So tempting. I trembled, shuddering. I could have such a wild time with her but…


Be strong. This was the last day.

I burst into my first class, English. Miss Rustici, a tall woman with long fingernails, looked up at me, blinking brown eyes. “Oh, Johana, I assume you are in need of relief?”

“She’s hard enough for it,” said Michelle Deveruex, the futa flashing me a grin.

“Yes,” I moaned. “I need a volunteer to fuck!”

Five girls hands shot up, their eyes all quivering as they stared at me. I chose the nearest, Madeleine Dyer, a brunette cutie wearing a halter top and a pair of skinny jeans. Her round breasts jiggled as she hopped to her feet, her eyes bright. She unsnapped her jeans, wiggling her hips back and forth as she worked them off.

The Program was turning our college into a wild place. Sex was becoming so common. Society was changing so fast. Was that really a good thing? I wanted to think about it, but it was so hard as Madeleine shoved down her jeans. Her pink thong vanished between the peachy cheeks of her rump.

I was on her in a flash. I ripped her thong to the side, exposing her shaved pussy. Her lips gleamed with cream. A tart musk filled my nose. I breathed it in, my heart pounding in my chest. It was an intoxicating scent.

An inviting sight.

“Fuck me, Johana!” the girl moaned. “Monica says you’re the best fuck in our class!”

“So does Genevieve!” moaned Ursella Prescott, a cute girl.

I lined up my cock at her tight slit. She looked like a virgin. I thrust against her and groaned as I felt her hymen for a brief second. She was a virgin, and yet she was so eager to be fucked. Her back arched and then she groaned as her cherry popped.

“Johana,” she moaned, sounding like such a slut even though I was the first futa to fuck her.

What was the Program doing to our college? This was crazy. I was frozen there, buried to the hilt in Madeleine’s deflowered cunt. I swayed, all the students looking at me. I felt my teacher’s eyes on my back as this eighteen-year-old girl’s deflowered twat gripped me.

“Ooh, fuck me, Johana,” she moaned. “I’m so ready for it. Ever since you fucked Claire yesterday in class, I… I… Just pound me!”

Was it so bad if she was willing? If it made us both feel good? I didn’t know where love fit in with such rampant lust, with all the sex I’d been getting this week. I groaned as I drew back my hips, thoughts of my mother flitting through my mind.

Maybe I didn’t need love if I had delicious passion.

I slammed my futa-dick deep into Madeleine’s tight cunt. She gasped. My small breasts jiggled before me and my auburn hair danced about my face. She gripped the edge of her desk, rocking back into me as I thrust hard and deep into her.

The tight grip of her pussy felt incredible about me. I groaned with every thrust, loving her pants and moans. Futas and girls stared at me, envy in their eyes. I shuddered, my back arching. My hair swayed about my face.

“Madeleine!” I moaned. “Oh, yes, Madeleine, you feel incredible!”

“So do you!” she moaned. “Oh, yes, yes! Your cock is filling me up, Johana! This is the best! I’ve been masturbating all year imagining relieving a futa! Everyone’s watching me! I’m helping you!”

“Such a naughty helper!” I gasped, staring down at her peachy ass. It was so perky and delicious.

So spankable.


I gave her a light slap, nothing hard. She groaned and squeezed her pussy around me. Ursella fanned her face as she watched nearby. Michelle squirmed in her seat, her hand reaching beneath her desk to adjust her futa-cock. I reveled in it. I didn’t need love or my mother. I could just enjoy myself with eager coeds.

I gave her another light spank, loving the feel of her rump beneath my hand as I drove into her. A soft blush crossed her perky butt-cheek. I groaned, my ovaries growing tighter and tighter with each thrust into her depths.

With each plunge into her juicy twat, my dick ached more and more. Her deflowered pussy brought me closer and closer to the edge of erupting. I gripped her sides, my hands brushing the bottom hem of her halter top.

“Johana!” she moaned. “Oh, Johana, yes, yes! I’m so close. Please don’t stop. I want to cum on your cock.”

“Make her cum,” Ursella moaned.

“Yeah,” Michelle panted, her arm moving like she was jerking herself off.

“Your such a futa-champ, Johana,” Claire Nowell moaned.

“Things sure are different,” muttered the professor. “You have two minutes.”

I thrust harder, faster. I pounded Madeleine. I wanted her to explode around my girl-cock. I plunged into her as she wiggled across her desk, her brown hair swaying about her tossing head. She bucked back into me, thrusting that curvy rump at my crotch.

Her blushing butt-cheeks rippled from the smacking impact of my crotch. My breasts quivered. My dusky nipples şişli bayan escort thrust so hard before me. I whimpered, my pussy clenching, the pressure building and building at the tip of my girl-dick.

“Yes, yes, yes!” I gasped. “I’m almost there. Madeleine!”

“Johana!” she squealed as I buried into her.

“One minute,” the professor warned.

“Cum on her girl-dick, Madeleine!” Ursella whimpered, her blue eyes so bright.

“Yes!” the deflowered girl moaned as her pussy rippled about my cock.

I groaned at the hot feel of her pussy spasming around my shaft. The writhing delight sucked at my thrusting girl-dick. My twat clenched as I rammed into her. My back arched as my crotch smacked into her bubbly rump.

I exploded.

“Johana!” she squealed as my cum basted her once-virgin flesh.

“Yes, yes, Madeleine!” I moaned as the pleasure slammed through my mind. The rapture surged through me. My heart pounded in my chest. The ecstasy rippled through me. Powerful jolts of bliss shocked through me.

She purred in delight. Her pussy writhed about me. Milked me. I groaned, swaying. This was incredible. My pussy convulsed as my girl-cum fired into her. My mind drank in the dual delights. Juices dribbled down my thighs.

“Time,” said the professor. “Looks like you finished her off, Johana.”

“Yes, she did!” groaned Madeleine. “Oh, Miss Rustici, I need to use the restroom real quick.”

“Fine, fine, get yourself cleaned up. The rest of you, let’s get started, and Michelle, stop jerking off beneath the table. You had your chance to get off.”

I sank down into my desk, panting. My clit-dick softened, coated in Madeleine’s cum. My mind drifted through the haze of my orgasm. My mother’s face burned in my thoughts. I squeezed my eyes shut then focused on the lesson.

Just had to get through today.

I focused on getting relief. Second period, I sucked April Gore’s clit-dick while she sucked mine, the kicker of our football team making me cum hard. We gulped down each other’s salty cum while the girls all cooed in delight and snapped photos, practicing their photography. Well, that was the point of the class.

Third period, I ate out Audie Marlowe on the bleachers while everyone ran laps. She forgave me for ejaculating prematurely in her face on Monday.

Fourth period, I enjoyed Monica’s tight twat riding my dick, her skirt rustling around my waist, hiding her pussy while I enjoyed every second of it.

Firth Period, I ate Araceli out while fisting my futa-dick. She coated my faces in her juices and begged me to show up to Health Class with her.

I had to refuse.

I headed to the girl’s bathroom at the far end of the west wing of the college. It was a lonely part of the school with a few art classes in session during sixth period, providing a safe place to watch porn for the hour. I had a jaunt to my step. I was almost in the clear.

I rounded the corner and almost walked into President McTaggart. I smiled at her. “Afternoon.”

“We need to talk, Ms. Jordan,” she said, her words taut.

“Um…” I said, my stomach squirming. I shifted, my backpack suddenly feeling heavy on my naked shoulders.

“How has your health class been?” the president asked, her normally bubbly and excitable demeanor vanished.

“Um… fine.”

“Fine?” She arched a fiery eyebrow. Her green eyes blazed. “Just fine?”

I nodded, my cheeks burning.

“If it was just fine, then why haven’t you gone for the last two days?” she asked. Her eyes looked around. “And this isn’t the way to the science department, now is it?”

“No, President McTaggart,” I said, my stomach almost falling out of me.

“Walk with me,” she said and marched ahead.

I didn’t even consider flight. I had always been a good futa. I followed the rules. I had never played hooky from a school in my life. Never would have dreamed of skipping classes, not even one taught by my mother. If it wasn’t for these desires for my mother, for the frightening way she made my heart pattered faster, for the incestuous longing to touch her, stroke her…

Do things to her…

My futa-dick twitched and my pussy itched as I remembered her hand pumping up and down my shaft on Monday. I flicked my tongue over my lips, almost tasting her tangy passion instead of the lingering traces of Araceli sweet pussy. My bare feet padded on the floor as my backpack felt heavier had heavier. The halls were growing more and more empty, but the few students still rushing to class only glanced at me then hurried on.

They knew I was in trouble.

Just before the period was about to start, we reached the health class. President McTaggart opened the door, ushering me inside. I slinked in, feeling everyone’s eyes on me. Monica and Genevieve both straightened and smiled at me while Samantha sank down lower into her desk, her cheeks blushing.

Krysten was the first one to gasp.

A stillness rippled across the classroom as President McTaggart closed the door behind us. My mother rose from her desk, a wariness about her face. She wore a short, tight, dark-purple skirt and a flowery blouse that seemed to be wrapped about her torso. It was held shut by buttons on her left side. It had a V-neckline, showing off her round breasts to their fullest. Her fiery hair tumbled down to her shoulder.

“President McTaggart?” my mother asked. “What are you doing here?”

“Bringing your truant futa-daughter to class,” she said. “I heard a rumor she hadn’t been showing up.”

I noticed Michelle squirming in her seat and looking the other way.

“Yes,” my mother said slowly. “But that’s fine. She’s just—”

“She’s in the Program. She needs to participate.” The president’s voice was stern. “Since she wasn’t, she needs to be punished. Molly, I need you to spank her.”

My mother’s jaw dropped. Her eyes flicked to me. A shiver ran through my body. I hadn’t been spanked by mother since I was a little kid. My rump clenched and my futa-dick swelled a little harder, the hot itch building in my pussy.

“Me, Birdie?” my mother asked.

“You’re her professor,” the president said. “You should have reported her missing a class the first time. The Program’s rules must be followed. Now, you can administer it bare-handed or with a ruler. Your choice. Twenty spankings since she missed two periods.”

“Okay.” My mother beckoned to me. “Bare-handed.”

“And don’t go easy on her,” the president added, looming behind me. “I’m watching. If I don’t feel she’s been disciplined…”

“She will be,” My mother said.

I felt everyone’s eyes on me. It was strangely arousing like with the other lessons. My futa-cock twitched harder and harder. Monica and Araceli whispered to each other while Michelle watched with a guilty flush. Naked Krysten, her leash held in her hand, quivered in the back as she craned her head to see.

Then my mom’s hand touched my arm.

I gasped. An electric jolt shot through me. I caught her eyes, seeing this strange depth in them. This look of almost dazed lust burned across her face. Her fingers felt amazing on me as she pulled me close. Her breasts rose and fell. She licked her lips as she stopped me right before the desk.

What was going through her mind? What drove her to sit her pussy on my face, or give me a handjob?

“I’m sorry,” she whispered. “For everything. I went too far. I just…” She swallowed. “We’ll talk later.”

I nodded and bent down over the desk. I pressed my aching nipples into the smooth surface. I lost my virginities on the desk. Both of them. I fucked my first girl and was fucked by my first futa. I even ate my first pussy.

My mother’s left hand pressed onto my lower back while her right lingered on my rump. She gave my butt-cheek a squeeze and my dick throbbed. My pussy ached, the juices flowing. I felt all those eyes on me, watching, squirming.

I remembered spanking Madeleine in first period. Did my mom think I have a spankable ass?

Her hand drew away. I tensed, bracing for the pain. Everyone in the class drew in a breath. The room became silent. Then there was a rushing sound and—


Pain flared across my right butt-cheek. The first spank landed hard. My futa-dick twitched,

brushing the front of my desk. Someone groaned in sympathy as the heat melted down into my pussy.

I blinked and felt my mom’s hand shifting on my lower back, her fingers stroking me.


The second one fell hard. I groaned, the pain flaring. It hurt, but it felt so naughty. My heart thundered in my chest. Ragged breaths came from my mother while her fingers caressed my back. Her other hand cocked back again.


She landed lower, right where my butt-cheek met my thigh. It hurt more. My futa-dick twitched. My pussy drank in the sting. Juices trickled down my shaft, racing for my tip. I groaned as the heat rippled through my ass and reached my cunt.


The fourth spank arched my back.


I whimpered with the fifth spank, the ache swelling at the tip of my cock.


Another low blow, her fingers smacking the back of my thigh. I shuddered, my nipples rubbing into the table.


“Mom!” I gasped with the seventh, my ass burning. “I’m sorry, Mom!”

“Shh, it’s okay. You were just being a bad futa.” Her voice sounded throaty. Aroused. “Mommy’s going to straighten you out.


I gasped, and groaned, squirming on her desk. My nipples throbbed harder. My dick twitched. Pressure built at the tip. Somehow, I was rising towards an orgasm from the pain alone. It was insane.


It was like pain was linked to pleasure.


That the two fuzzed and blurred together.


The line between rapture and agony wasn’t neat, but porous, allowing one to permeate the other. They bled from rapture to pain, from agony to ecstasy.


Especially when someone special did the spanking.

“Mom!” I gasped, shuddering from my twelfth spank. “I… I…”


“I was scared of my feelings!” These words spilled out of the depth of my soul. “Feelings for you!”


The blow landed on my lower thigh again. Pain flared up to my pussy, melting my passion. My dick twitched and throbbed. It was incredible. My gasps choked off my words.


“It’s why I stayed away,” I panted, squirming. “Because… because… I felt so ashamed that I could have feelings for you. You’re my mother.”


“I know society thinks it’s okay for us, but… I şişli escort was hung up on the old ways. I tried to ignore my desires for you.”


“I tried to bury it with meaningless sex. I fucked every girl and futa I could.”


“But I always thought about you, Mom! I… I… I want you! I want to eat your pussy again!”


I could feel the breathless silence in the room. Everyone was watching me bare my soul to my mother. My ass burned after nineteen spankings. Tears spilled out of my eyes. The pressure at the tip of my cock was incredible. My pussy clenched, the agony bleeding into an ecstasy that fed the heat in my ovaries.

My cum boiled.

“What are you saying,” my mother groaned.

I could see it clearly. The shame I felt wasn’t because what we were doing was incest, but because she was my deceased futa-mother’s wife. I was taking Futa-Mom’s place by loving my mother. It was so clear to me. But Futa-Mom would want her to be happy.

Us to be happy.

“That I want you, Mom!” I moaned. “That I… That I love you.”

A gasp burst from one of the girls. Then sighing awe.

“I love you, Mom, and I’m sorry for skipping your classes and avoiding you, I was just so ashamed that I was… was… betraying Futa-Mom. I tried to convince myself it was wrong. I lied to myself that it was only that we were committing incest. But I thought about you with every girl and futa I fucked this week. I wanted it to be you. It was so hot when you set on my face while Genevieve rode me. I loved watching you masturbate while Samantha fucked me. Now… now… I love you!”


The final spanking landed not on my ass or my upper thighs, but on my pussy.

It was partially cushioned by my bush, but my labia felt it. The pain burst through my delicate folds. This amazing rapture that shot pleasure down to the tip of my girl-cock. My back arched, my auburn hair dancing around my face as the agony of the twentieth and final spanking slammed into my swelling orgasm.

I exploded.

My girl-cock erupted. My hot cum fired out the tip of my clit-dick. My pussy convulsed. As my jizz splattered the front of my mom’s desk, my cream gushed down my thighs and shaft. I quivered on the desk, stars exploding across my vision.

It was incredible.


I drowned in the pain-fueled ecstasy. I moaned out in wordless delight. My pussy convulsed, aching to be filled by something. My futa-cock spurted a final time, wasting my girl-spunk on the side of the desk. I trembled, my ass burning.

My orgasm peaked.

I died into gasping, panting shuddering bliss.

The silence held the classroom. I could hear my mother’s breathing and the shift of chairs. Desks creaked. Clothing rustled. Everyone was staring at me. They heard my confession. My feelings for my mother. My professor.

It went against the rules for professors and other staff members to have relationships with their students. Only during the Program, and only as part of lessons, could a professor do anything to a student. I swallowed, trembling, realizing this was our only chance to have each other.

Once this period ended, my time in the Program was over. We’d have to wait until I graduated or she quit.

I tensed, realizing I wasted the last few days with my pointless guilt and shame. My cheeks burned as much as my ass. I felt so terrible. I could hear her panting. Her breath ragged. Then she cleared her throat.

“Aftercare,” Mom said, her clothing rustling. “Aftercare is important in BDSM. If you and your partner go down this road, you have to make sure that if you’re the dominant that you make sure your submissive is okay. That you soothe her hurts.”

“Aftercare?” President McTaggart asked.

“Yes,” my mother said. “If you love the futa you disciplined, you have to take care of her after spanking her. I’m giving a lesson, President McTaggart. My futa-daughter is enrolled in the Program.”

“Of course,” the president said. “Teach away. I’ll just… observe.”

I lifted my tear-stained face from the desk and peered over my shoulder at my mother. She had her wrap-like blouse open, her round breasts constrained in a purple bra. She shrugged out of her top, her tits heaving.

My heart beat faster as I watched her strip. There were twenty other people watching us, futas and girls that I had fucked mixed in with them, and yet there was only my mother. Her fiery hair fell around her flushed face. Her green eyes held this wild passion in them.

She felt the same thing I did. This same attraction. How long had it grown in her? How long had she wanted to act on her desires, to touch my eighteen-year-old body and love me the way a woman loved her futa?

Did she finally seize her chance only to think that she’d ruined it when I’d acted so strange? I wanted to apologize to her. To fall to my knees and eat her pussy out in apology for what I had done to her. I didn’t want to make her feel terrible.

She unhooked her bra, her eyes locked on me. She shrugged the purple straps off her shoulder. Her breasts rose and fell, her cheeks flushed and burning. She licked her lips as her bra cups slipped away, revealing her lush breasts.

They weren’t as perky or firm as the coed hotties and futas I’d been enjoying, but they were still lovely. They still had a delicious shape and a wonderful sway. They were the breasts of a woman, mature and lovely. Her dusky nipples thrust hard before her, begging to be loved.

“Mom,” I groaned, loving the sight of my mother’s tits.

“Mmm, Johana, you are just such a delicious thing. Mommy’s going to take care of you. You’re forgiven.”

I shuddered, my eyes widened. Those simple words. I nodded my head. “Thank you. I… I won’t ever skip class again. or…” I swallowed. “Or pretend I don’t desire you. Don’t love you.”

Her smile grew as she slid her hands down her toned stomach, her daily workout paying off. She reached her short skirt. Her hands slid around it and found the clasp on the side. She unfastened it then a short zipper rasped.

“Damn,” Samantha moaned in the background as my mother’s skirt dropped revealing she was without panties.

“Forget something when getting dressed, Molly?” the president asked.

“No,” my mother said. “Never liked them.”

“Your mom is awesome,” said Monica. “Oh, Johana, I’m so jealous, but… but… I get it.”

“Hell, yeah,” said Samantha. “You’re lucky.”

“Quiet,” admonished the president. “Let Miss Jordan teach her lesson.”

“Mmm, so you need to love your futa,” said Mom as she leaned over me. “If you’ve spanked her ass, then you should kiss all over butt-cheeks.”

Her silky hair brushed my bringing rump. I groaned at the soft caress. My pussy clenched and my futa-dick throbbed. I wiggled more, my heart racing as the pleasure surged over me. I bit my lip, wanting to moan out in wild need.

Her lips brushed my ass.

“Mom!” I gasped.

“Yes, yes, you want to kiss her butt-cheeks.” Smooch. “And lick her everywhere.”

My mother kissed and smooched over my rump. Her tongue licked out, cooling my ass. Everywhere her lips touched sent soothing delight through me. I relaxed, the pain fading as she moved around my right butt-cheek, her touch fleeting, teasing.

I wiggled and groaned, my dick throbbing. Pussy juices dribbled down my shaft. My nipples ached as her lips crossed my butt-crack and smooched along my left asscheek. Her tongue flicked around one stinging spot.

“Just take away all her hurt and show her how much you love her,” purred my mother. This incestuous thrill shot through me. It felt so right.

Her tongue licked across my butt-cheeks, soothing it all away. My pussy grew hotter and hotter. Wetter and wetter. Her right hand stroked up and down my thigh. She brushed through the trickles of cream leaking out of me.

She traced one up. I quivered, my cunt clenching as this tingle raced up my thigh ahead of her touch. My breath quickened, my nipples throbbing against the desk. I whimpered, wiggling back and forth as she went higher and higher.

Then she brushed my pussy folds.

I gasped as the rapture surged out of me. I whimpered, my eyes squeezing shut. This wild heat rushed through me. I panted, my nipples throbbing. I swallowed as she stroked up and down my labia, from my cock’s base up to my taint.

“Mmm, stroke your futa’s pussy while you do this,” Mom said. “And even lick her asshole. She’ll like that.”

Chairs shifted. Clothing rustled behind us as my mother pressed her face between the cheeks of my rump. I groaned in delight as her tongue darted over my asshole. She teased me. Her caresses were wicked. They made me tremble. My hips wiggled back and forth as she rimmed my asshole and stroked my pussy.

Then my mother thrust her fingers into my incestuous depths. She filled me with her passion. I groaned, my pussy clamping down on her digits. This wicked heat rippled through me. I groaned, my heart pounding in my chest.

“Yes, yes, Mom!” I panted. “Oh, Mom, you’re making me feel so good.”

“See how relaxed she is,” purred Mom. “Mmm, she loves it when I lick her asshole.”

“I had no idea futas like that, too,” Genevieve said.

Adile giggled. “Yes, you do like it, don’t you?”

“Hush,” said President McTaggart, her voice strained. “No talking but… but… masturbate if you have to.”

Clothing rustled loudly now. I didn’t care as I heard panting breaths from my classmates. I had my mother’s tongue rimming my asshole and her fingers plundering my pussy. My girl-cock twitched and throbbed. My toes curled as this wonderful heat rippled through my body.

I loved it. I drank it in. The pleasure rippled through me. I smiled in delight. This was such an incredible treat to enjoy. A wonderful, wicked passion. My body shook, my cunt squeezing down on the fingers reaming in my cunt.

“Mom!” I moaned, hearing my classmates masturbating as they watched. “Oh, Mom, you’re making me feel so good.”

“Even wiggle your tongue into her asshole,” Mom continued. “That’s a wonderful thing to do when fingering your futa’s pussy.”

“Or for a girl?” asked Samantha. “Is that something you should do, too?”

“For Rosario?” asked Araceli.

“Yes, yes, do this on a girl, too!” Mom moaned and then thrust her tongue into my asshole.

My anal ring parted for my mother’s tongue. She wiggled it around inside my bowels. It was so different. My toes curled at the wicked delight of it. I groaned, my heart racing as she feasted on me, her fingers plunging in and out of my cunt.

I mecidiyeköy escort groaned out in pure rapture, the pain in my ass almost all forgotten. My heart hammered in my chest. The delight pumped through my veins as my mother thrust her two digits faster and faster in and out of my pussy. My bowels savored her tongue’s stroking delights.

“That’s incredible,” I groaned. “Oh, Mom, yes. Yes!”

Incestuous delight shot through me. My cock throbbed. I was so hard. My tip ached. Pussy juices gathered on the tip, beading there. They tickled my cock’s tip as I squirmed. My butt-cheeks clenched about her face, tripping her as she feasted on my asshole.

Her fingers thrust faster and faster into me. She plunged her tongue in and out of my asshole while I moaned and gasped. My back arched. My nipples drank in the smooth feel of the desk. My orgasm built and built.

“Mom, Mom, please, stop!” I gasped.

“What?” she moaned, pulling her head away, something like trepidation in her voice.

“I’m going to cum! I don’t want to waste this load. I want to cum in your pussy!” I shuddered. “I want to flood the pussy that birthed me with my futa-seed!”

“That’s beautiful,” whimpered Monica. “Do it, Miss Jordan, make love to your futa-daughter.”

“Yes, yes, this is so hot!” groaned Adile.

“Incest is amazing!”

“Continue your lesson, Molly!” panted the president. Was she jerking off her cock, too?

“When your futa is ready, and your pussy is dripping for her cock, she’s ready,” moaned my mother as she rose. She ripped her fingers out of my twat. “You make love to her in whatever way you prefer. Missionary, cowgirl, doggy style, bent over a desk, pinned against the wall, spooning, or even peg her with hour favorite strap-on.”

I shuddered at that.

“I’m going to make love to my futa-daughter,” my mother said. “Incest is a beautiful thing.”

“Yes!” I moaned in agreement.

I rolled over to face her, a gorgeous woman flushed with her arousal. My ass ached against the cool caress of the desk. I didn’t care; my eyes locked on her. She sucked my pussy juices off her finger as she mounted the desk. Her lovely breasts heaved while my eyes flicked down to her flat stomach to her fiery bush.

Her curls glistened with her juices. I remembered the tangy flavor from Monday.

She wanted me. She burned with the same incestuous passion that had my clit-dick hard and throbbing. She straddled me. My hands went to her breasts, grasping those plump mounds I nursed from as a baby. She grasped my girl-cock.

I shuddered as she raised me up towards her fiery bush. Towards the pussy that had birthed me. My mother wanted me. I groaned as she pressed the pink crown of my cock into her silky pubic hair. Her juicy curls brushed me.

Then I felt the wet heat of her incestuous hole.

“Johana,” she whimpered.

“Mom,” I groaned as she wiggled her hips, sliding her labia around my cock, sending delight rippling down my shaft.

My cunt clenched in anticipation.

Then my mother impaled herself down my girl-dick. I gasped as she swallowed my girl-cock. I groaned, my back arching. The pleasure rippled through me as she engulfed every inch of my futa-dick. I throbbed in her, savoring this wicked moment. I squeezed her breasts as I groaned in delight.

“Johana, yes, yes, yes!” she moaned, her pussy clenching around me.

To my shock, she orgasmed.

It was like the taboo thrill of engulfing her futa-daughter’s clit-dick set her off. An incestuous thrill that detonated her climax. Her pussy convulsed around my cock. I groaned at the silky writhe. I shuddered on the table, my heart screaming through my chest.

“Johana!” she gasped, her back arching, her breasts jiggling in my grip.

I heard the students and the president panting and moaning. They were pleasing themselves, watching us share in this taboo delight. I didn’t care. I focused on this wonderful moment of my mother’s pussy spasming around my girl-dick.

Then she rose up me. She lifted her convulsing twat up my cock. It was incredible to feel. The best pussy I’d been in all week. Better than Monica’s or Genevieve’s. Better than deflowering Madeleine’s virgin twat.

This was my mother’s pussy. The woman whom I loved.

She slammed her pussy down me, her flesh rippling around me. I groaned as her breasts shook. I gripped them, my small titties quivering. Mom rotated her hips, stirring her pussy around my girl-dick while her fiery bush pressed into my darker-auburn pubic hair.

“Mom!” I groaned. “Oh, damn, Mom.”

“I know!” she gasped as she rose again, her pussy sliding up my cock, gripping me in spasming heaven. “Oh, goddess, I know. You’re incredible. So thick and hard. Oh, yes, yes!”

She slammed back down me. She took my cock to the hilt. I groaned, my back arching. My futa-dick throbbed and ached in her cunt. The pleasure spilled around me. I whimpered, my toes curling. My heart pounded in my chest.

Her hips swiveled from side to side. She worked that wonderful, delicious, amazing pussy up and down my girl-dick. I groaned, my toes curling. It was such a treat to experience. A delight to enjoy. I never wanted this to end. I wanted this passion to burn through me for all eternity.

Her twat rode up and down my girl-dick, spasming, convulsing, teasing me. My hands kneaded her breasts as I loved every moment of it. I stared into her green eyes, saw the love shining down at me. My sexy mother smiled at me, her hands stroking up my sides.

She cupped my little titties.

“Mom! Mom!” I groaned. “I love you.”

She leaned over farther, her hands squeezing my A cups. Her thumbs swept over my nipples, sending delight shooting down to my clit-dick buried in her pussy. I gripped her breasts, her nubs rubbing into my palms.

“I love you, too,” she purred. “Johana… My darling futa-daughter. I carried you in my womb. I made you. You’re perfect.”

A surge of passion washed through me. My hands shot from her breasts to cup her face. I pulled her down, pressing her tits into mine. Our nipples kissed as our lips devoured each other. I tasted the sour musk of my asshole. The naughty flavor enhanced our kiss.

With a groan, I rolled us over. I had to be on top.

She squealed into the kiss as I drove my clit-dick into her juicy pussy. I fucked her the way a futa should fuck her woman. Her sexy mother. Incestuous passion rushed through me. This wild, wanton drive propelled my hips, my cock burying into her juicy depths again and again.

She moaned and gasped. She shuddered on me. I buried into her over and over. Her fingers grabbed my fiery rump. She squeezed me. Kneaded me. I kissed her with such passion as she dug her digits into my asshole.

The pain sweetened it.

As did her squeals.

She came again on my clit-dick.

My mother’s incestuous flesh writhed about me. Her pussy spasmed around me, massaging me as I plunged into her hard and fast. The ache built and built at the tip of my girl-dick. That need to erupt into her swelled.

I was so close. I would explode into her. Our tongues dueled together. I plunged my tongue into her. I reveled in this wicked delight. My heart pounded so fast. My hips buried into her again and again. Her pussy gripped me.

That delicious twat held me.

I kissed her with so much passion. My tongue danced through her mouth as we loved each other. Pants and moans echoed around us. Girls and futas cried out in their own ecstasy as my orgasm built and built, my mother’s pussy bringing me closer and closer to my eruption.

I broke the kiss, staring into her eyes.

“Do it,” she whimpered. “Cum in me, Johana. I love you.”

“I love you, Mom!” I gasped and buried my cock into her twat.

My futa-seed erupted into her.

I spasmed atop her. I shuddered as her convulsing pussy milked my cock. I moaned out in incestuous delight as I spilled blast after blast of my girl-cum into her. My twat spasmed. Waves of rapture and jolts of ecstasy filled my body with bliss.

My mind melted.

“I’m not on the shot,” my mother whispered into my ear. “Give me another baby.”

“Mom!” I gasped, my orgasm intensifying.

My futa-cum fired out of my clit-dick with powerful eruptions. The ecstasy slammed into my mind. My pussy convulsed harder. Waves of rapture washed through my body as I trembled atop her. If this was the only time we could make love until I graduated in four years, then we would make the most of it.

I kissed her hard as her pussy writhed about me. She milked out my incestuous girl-seed. She drained my ovaries as she quivered beneath me. Our breasts rubbed together as I hurtled towards that amazing peak of pleasure.

I reached the plateau of ecstasy. I shared it with my mother.

Then I crashed into reality. I panted and groaned, squirming on my mother, my cock softening in her pussy’s juicy embrace. She had such a huge grin on her lips. I kissed her again, loving her, wanting to make the most of our lesson.

What fleeting time we had together.

“That was a fascinating lesson,” President McTaggart said, her voice sounding throaty. She had definitely cum. “Just once her time in the Program is up, Molly, remember you’re a professor at this institution. At home, well, what you two do…” She shrugged, smiling.

The class whooped and hollered. They were so excited as I stared into my mother’s eyes, hoping I bred her. She smiled at me. There was such joy in her eyes. This wasn’t over. We didn’t have to give each other up.

“You grew up into such a beautiful futa,” she whispered, her pussy squeezing around my half-hard cock. “Just like your futa-mother. You’re so much like her. I love you, Johana.”

“I love you, too, Mom,” I groaned and kissed her again. Our tongues danced together.

Hot, wanton, wild sex with random girls was fun. It was amazing, but there was something special about making love to the woman you loved. She might be my mother. She might have birthed me. She might be twice my age. None of that mattered. She was my lover.

My sexy, beautiful, gorgeous mother. I didn’t have to be ashamed of my desires. That was the old way of thinking. This was the new future. One where consenting, mature humans could do what they wanted. Love whom they wanted.

Make babies with whom they wanted.

I was so glad I was chosen for the Program. It had changed my life. It had given me something amazing. My breasts quivered against my mother as our kiss deepened. The sounds faded as the bell rang.

Class was over, but I didn’t care. What my mother and I had would last far, far longer.

I couldn’t wait to meet our child. Girl or futa, she would be loved.

To be continued in the next Naked in School Tale…

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