Subject: GALAHAD RIDES OUT GALAHAD RIDES OUT Galahad Rides Out Part Four � Van T Z Boi 2018 (The usual disclaimers apply, this remains the property of the author and you do not have permission to download and post this anywhere else without the author’s permission. Please remember this is just a story and keep yourself safe. If you enjoyed this then please support and make a donation; without you would not be able to read and enjoy such fanciful creativity and they need your financial support so you can continue to enjoy stories) (HEALTH WARNING: Due to the number of comments from readers you are warned that reading this material may involve the self-indulgent loss of bodily fluid. Please ensure you have a supply of water, vitamins and minerals including vitamin C, calcium, chlorine, citric acid, fructose, lactic acid, magnesium, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, vitamin B12, and zinc to replace that which may be lost whilst reading this further chapter. A good supply of tissues should be close at hand in case of sudden emergencies!) (Thanks to all who have written it is nice to be appreciated, I do enjoy reading your comments and observations and suggestions and I always look forward to reading your views on this or any of my stories. Please note the new email address ail. Now please read on. Till the next Time Van T Z Boi) From Part Three Declan placed a hand on the bedhead, his fingers instinctively counting the notch’s, `Five, six,’ he numbered them mentally and he gazed down at the flummoxed face of the shivering expectant boy beneath him. `Would Juggs Minor be number seven?’ he wondered, `I have been after him since the first day of term’. The beautiful blonde haired ivory skinned boy with the deep violet eyes had stirred his dreams and his package daily. Up till now the boy would only allow sucking and stroking but tonight with the strange excitement spreading sensually through the school he had been happily surprised when Juggs Minor had approached him. “You ready?” he growled throatily, his fingers clutching the space where the seventh notch would go. Part Four Juggs Minor trembled, his head swam with the images of Galahad being penetrated and fucked in the Common-room, he groaned as he felt the twinge between his legs, an irritating itch that demanded to be scratched. He felt the dripping of Declan’s precum as it drooled down his body. ‘I want this,’ he told himself despite the continuing trembling of his body which did not help his resolve at all. “I’m ready,” he whispered as his head swam with indecision and the irritating strange tingle that made his legs drift wider and wider. Hs voice not the loudest in the world was low and soft but Declan heard the offer clear enough. Declan leant heavily on the small figure, his pulsing five inches of teen meat rubbed against the slim crayon, the stiffest he had known Juggs Minor to be. He wriggled his hips so that whilst retaining the pressure on Juggs Minor’s body, ‘he is not getting away this time’ Declan thought relentlessly, he could position himself for the penetration. Juggs sensed the moist warmth at his boypussy and he tensed. `Am I really ready?’ he asked himself as Gladdy’s face flickered before him, the smile of raw delight as Sam’s cock fucked him drove Juggs onward. “Relax,” Declan’s tone was one of irritation rather than consolation but Juggs Minor screwed up his eyes and screwed up his courage. ‘Galahad took a bigger member than Declan’s’ he reminded himself and did his best to calm his uncertain mind and body. Declan rubbed his cockhead across the wrinkled skin of Jugg’s Minor’s boypussy, the object of his desire was in his grasp, all he had to do was push. His initial thrust was slow and gentle; his cock met the resistance, the resistance with the softening gap. He dug his toes in the sheet and anchored himself as he pushed with just a little more force. Jugg’s Minor could taste Declan’s panting breath and then as his boypussy was penetrated he caught the intense aroma of frightened pussy and hormonal teenager, the combined odours made a tantalising perfume and as he inhaled the intoxicating scent, his virginal boypussy widened and relaxed. “Ooommmpppffffhhh,” grunted Declan as he felt his dick rush inside the warm heated tunnel that led to heaven. “Crruummpphhhhffff,” grunted Juggs Minor as Declan’s shove had broached his bumhole and the sharp pain that accompanied the dropping weight of Declan’s body which had caused him to gasp heavily was joined by the even fiercer blunt jolt of agony s Declan’s swelling dick surged inside him. Unable to speak as he was desperately trying to get air into his lungs all he could do was to thrash about uncontrollably underneath Declan who mistook the panicked writhing for acceptance. Declan ground himself against the trapped figure, relishing the sensation as Juggs Minor’s writhing was making his dick feel wonderful; the scrabbling of Juggs Minor’s body sent harder surges of delight rattling along his dick, `fucking great virgin fuck this is,’ he beamed to himself as he worked his five inches of teenmeat, crunching his hips against Juggs Minor’s torso, which made it even more difficult for Juggs Minor to catch a breath. The frightening shock of lack of breath broke across Juggs Minor’s mind and he commanded all his strength into one heavy upwards shove; his raised knee unfortunately catching Declan’s balls. Declan let out a mighty shout and fell to the side, his hands gasping his suddenly painfully aching scrotum, pressing and comforting the squashed ovids that screamed their ache inside his body, the sick sensation gathering in the pit of his stomach as he sucked in the gasping breaths to provide the oxygen to release the endorphins that would ease the piercing pain. As he lay there crying and panting Juggs Minor was doing exactly the same thing with the exception that his hand was grabbing at the gape of his bumhole which felt it was on fire. “What the fuck did you do that for?” Declan grunted, “my balls feel like they’ve been squashed flat.” He turned to look at the small figure that also panted and groaned beside him. “I’m hurt, you hurt me,” Juggs Minor repeated and repeated the phrase as his mind sought to appease the agony and to provide the air for his breathless lungs to breathe properly. Tartent groaned into the pillow, his teeth biting the goose feathers as the aching pain inside his teenpussy swelled again, his hand sought his own rod, rubbing the so stiff and so hard tube, working his foreskin furiously over his drooling helmet was the only way to assuage the probing pain of Barty’s slim five inches of thrusting teen crayon. The pointed tip delved further and then Tartent growled, not the gurgling one of pain, this time it was of the sudden pleasure that shook him, the sharp wave of delight shot up from his teenhole to warm him in a specially torturous pleasurable way. For a moment the fifteen year old was back at home in his bed, his tutor behind and inside him, beating his backside with heated palms red from the slapping he was giving the ten year old. “I’ll teach you how to fuck,” Mr Guard had screamed and another hot sharp slap had reverberated around his bedroom. Tartent’s screams slowly wafted downstairs where the staff were enjoying a final glass of port before retiring for the night. Samuel’s the Head Butler looked over at Mrs Higgs the house cook and smiled. “About time if you ask me,” Toker the young under-butler sipped at his glass, the ruby red liquid glinting in the heat from the open oven where the dying embers were beginning to fade. “the master’s son has been the very devil since his parents went away zonguldak escort for the summer.” He looked over at Samuels, his eyes closing on the growing lump in the Head Butlers trousers; he felt a similar pulse in his own and the start of a warming expectant tingling ache in his backside. Mr Samuels caught his glance and casually stroked his growing length. “A good beating will do wonders for the boys attitude,” he sipped his own glass, the sounds of the young masters sobbing voice and the echoes of the sharp slaps sounded echoing softly in the quiet kitchen, he felt his own lusts being raised, another round of the smacking echoes brought a rush to his head and between his legs. He imagined the young master bent before him, the plump backside red with the slapping flogging and his nostril flared as a rush of pleasure shot through him. “Bed Toker,” he instructed, the younger butler stood up, his trousers protruding where his young cock readied itself in expectation. Mrs Higgs looked up, she noticed the expansion in both the men’s trousers and a twitch in her own body suggested that she herself might seek sexual solace, `none here,’ she thought to herself knowing Samuels proclivities. “I’ll just take a turn around the garden, get a bit of fresh air before I turn in,” she drained her glass and stood up, her heavy apron dropping straight and uncreased. “The cool air will be welcome after a day cooped up in here, the master might be away but the work has still to be done.” She put her hands to her head, checking her cap was in place. “Take the key please Mrs Higgs,” Samuels kept the smile out of his lips, “I’ll lock you out, always dangerous when it’s known hereabouts that the master is not at home,” he winked at Toker, both knew where the cook was headed. “As you say Mr Samuels,” Mrs Higgs nodded at the butler and followed him down the corridor to the back door. Samuels watched her waddle away straight in the direction of the Gardener’s cottage, there was no sign of any pretence. “Goodnight Mrs Higgs,” he called, “see you in the morning.” A floppy wave of her hand and she was gone from his sight. In the kitchen Toker was standing by the door which led up to the mansion, his trousers were undone and he was gently stroking his slim organ, the five and a half inches of manroot gleamed pinker in the light from the dying embers. He turned towards Samuels. “Listen,” he said softly. Both stood by the door, the sobs and cries that echoed downwards from the nursery were different now, the occasion smacking sounds as palm was applied to naked flesh still echoed the same but now the young master’s cries were more of pleasure than agony. “Young master has changed his tune,” grinned Toker. “I know of a similar tune I can play on your flute,” Samuels grasped the warm tube projecting from Toker’s flies, as he squeezed tight and stroked the pink skin, Toker’s agreeable moan sounded similar to the one Tartent was making. Up in his bedroom young master Tartent mewled loudly, the pillow was supportive under his palms now and Mr Guard ploughed his arse deeply and repeatedly. The accompanying slaps making the heavy sensations that coursed through his body elevated his passion with torturous pleasure. “That’s better my little colt,” Mr Guard muttered as he thrust his hard six inches inside the hot arsehole, “I’ll show you how to ride cock, little bugger you are and buggered you shall be,” a hard stinging slap accompanied the grunt and Tartent shook as a wave of such excellent joy burst within him. Unable to stop himself Tartent sobbed, “Faster, faster,” his body shaking with the need for the delight to continue. “What do you say boy,” `Slap’ the sound of hand on reddened skin smacked into the air, “mind your manners boy when speaking to a better.” Another slap shattered the air and Tartent’s buttocks quivered blushing with the rough spanking. “Please, please sir,” Tartent begged, pleaded, “please Mr Guard, go faster, please,” Tartent spread his legs wider, feeling the forceful whack as his tutor’s ballsac bounced against his stiff boymember, the hairs caressing somehow the animated skin of his cocklet. “Better boy better,” Mr Guard slammed forcefully against the steadied buttocks, his hands grasping the soft cheeks as he ground himself inside the wet moistness of the boys fuckhole. Tartent yelped as another painful pleasure shot through him and knew he wanted this never to end. Helpless and controlled by the dissolute tutor he cried into the night as Mr Guard pounded both his inner bud and smacked and battered his fleshy buttocks. In the kitchen two naked men coupled before the open oven door, Toker lay on his back on the kitchen table, the scrubbed pine hard against his back but not as hard as the member which drove back and forth inside his youthful pussy. Samuels plundered the youth with masterly strokes and caresses. As Tartent’s cries of ecstasy echoed around them Toker’s own sighs joined them mixed in with the satisfied grunts of Samuels. A hard slap which caught his balls broke Tartent’s reverie. “What the,” he started to speak but Barty’s hand closed around his mouth. “Hey I’m fucking you not whomever Guard was,” Barty was ruthless as he slapped and smacked his fellow dorm monitor. `So this is what the bugger likes,’ he relished to himself as he enjoyed the violation of both Tartent’s teenhole and his fleshy backside. `now I know his weakness I’ll work this to my advantage,’ he leered as he thrust deep, grinding his cock inside the willing fuckhole. Tartent yelped as the deep shove caused a hot wave to rush through him. “Faster, please, faster master,” he snivelled; Barty sniggered and stored the memory of the use of `master’ in his mind. `I’ll show him whose master here,’ he thought and with a might thrust forced Tartent downwards onto the mattress. Tartent collapsed mewling with pleasure as the stiff teenrod inside him provided more pleasure and delight. His own teenrod fucked the rucked sheets, trapped by the two bodies above it. The moonlight through the open curtains flickered above and about the two teenagers as they fucked on. The silvery rays ghostly illuminating the trembling pale skins as they pulsed and writhed. Barty grunted as he contained himself, he knew how to master a submissive and Tartent was exposing more and more of his submissive characteristics. `Who would have thought that a bully such as Tartent would turn out to be such a subservient passive boy,’ Barty thought as his cock delved deeper and harder in the willing fuckhole, Tartent grinding his own hard dick into the mattress just as he had done under his old tutor’s dominations was lost in ecstasy as the pain torture pleasured him. Galahad moaned as the two cocks inside him swelled and butted each other inside his teenpussy, then jerked and rubbed along his boybud, the wave of joy washed through and over him. He inhaled the intoxicating scent of teenagers in rut, the combined sweat scents and sex musks which filled the air around him elevated his own passion. He drank in the fetid aromas and his lips sought the face of the boy beneath him. Terry Mallpall sucked at the slim tongue, he felt good, very good and he blessed the day Galahad had been invited to the senior dormitory, he always looked forward to the special session with Gladdy and as Captain of the school’s Gymnastic Team his own suppleness when fucking the teenager made sure his pleasures were greatly enhanced. The session in the locker room had only heightened his lusty passion for the boys’ so seductive fuckchute, the anticipation had always been tunalı escort satisfied and he imagined as he often did when alone in his bed, the idea of fucking Gladdy in the middle of the arena as the rest of the school and gymnastic squad gathered around to watch this most athletic of performances. Simon Bensen who was his co-fucker grunted above them as he energetically pounded his teenrod. “Gladdy you are so tight tonight,” he gasped as he felt the amazing contractions around his dick as well as the subtle sensations when his own shaft rubbed up against Terry’s. Terry held the combined weights as the two bodies above him moved, the pressure was intensified as Simon started a forceful rush, he could feel the satiny skin of Simon’s rod rub strongly against his own. “Gladdy’s pussy is built for dick,” he panted and using his considerable strength managed to push both Gladdy and Simon up in the air as he arched his back, allowing his cock to probe deeper inside the spermy pool that filled Gladdy’s love funnel. Simon moaned as the hard ridge of Terry’s flaring cock helmet butted his own, the tingling delights burst upwards inside him. He felt the tickle of Terry’s balls up against his own, the four spongy spheres juggled together and at each other as the two joined shafts throbbed and pulsed inside Gladdy’s tight lovesheath. “Now, now,” yelled Simon as he sensed the rush of spunk flow upwards. Terry recognising what was happening redoubled his efforts to thrust hard and steely inside the closing tunnel, sensing Simon’s’ shaft swelling as the tubes filled with his sperm, his balls responded and he jerked as the rush of special tinglings announced that his orgasm was in process. The two teenagers thrust fiercely at the hapless Gladdy who managed to remain relaxed as his body was compressed from front and back, allowing the two strong hunky lads to fuck him with lusty pushes and shoves. He could sense the bloating of the two helmets as they filled ready to unload and then the disparate jerks and shudders commenced, Gladdy being thrown about like a ragdoll as the two teenagers panted and gasped through their orgasms, butting both Gladdy’s and each other twitching bodies as they climaxed to huge electrifying ejaculations. “Oh fuck was that good,” panted Simon as he sank down heavily in sated sexual relief. “Better than good, fucking amazing,” replied Terry as he breathed heavily, the weight above him now becoming too much to cope with. “Fuck it, Si,” he bleated, “shift yourself, you’re too heavy after spilling like that,” he collapsed under the two thrashing bodies. Simon fell sideways and lay on his back, he puffed and wheezed as his own lungs grabbed for oxygen. Beside him Gladdy was kneeling astride the dormant Terry who was, moaning and groaning. Gladdy was hot, very hot, the two cocks exploding had elevated his passion and he needed to come himself. The scent of spent sperms floated into the air, mixing with the musky ardour that saturated the oxygen in the dormitory played with his head as he inhaled the erotically invigorating aroma. Ignoring Terry’s bleats he quickened his compressing muscles around Terry’s stiff still solid teenrod and started to bounce up and down compelling Terry to fuck his hidden teenbud. “Fuck, no, no, more,” Terry limp and exhausted attempted to push Gladdy off but in such heat Gladdy would not be denied. “NO PLEASE ITS HURTS TOO MUCH!” he squealed as the torturous pressure around his cock became just too intense, too painful. Gladdy continued to ignore him but Terry’s body had other ideas, as Gladdy thrust himself forcefully downwards, the pressure on Terry’s scrotum became the ignition point and as Gladdy desperate now for his own special joy worked his inner teentube, Terry’s dick softened rapidly, the engorging blood swiftly departing so that his cock and shaft became limp and squidgy, a flaccid worm. “No, no not now,” Gladdy was shrieking as loudly as Terry had been. He strived to get the slimy worm to reload but to no avail and was pounding his hands on Terry’s chest when two hands grabbed him and pulled him off Terry’s body. Gladdy found himself slung onto his back, before he could compose himself a body dropped between his open legs. As the hard dick slid inside Gladdy renewed his intent, his hands seeking to grab Jack’s body as the teenager’s eight inches of teen steel impaled him to the mattress. Jack Thanet delved deep and hard, he was back where he wanted to be; hard and throbbing inside Galahad’s teenpussy. `No matter how many times I fuck him it’s always the best,’ he said to himself as he sensed the tightness gather around his glans and shaft, a slight push and his balls tingled against Gladdy’s bum. Jack could feel Galahad’s strong pulsing of his teen prick which was trapped between their bodies, Gladdy’s soft gonads twitched to let him know they were very active. Running his hand beneath Gladdy’s back stroking and caressing the soft skin he reached down to grasp the firmer buttocks of Gladdy’s arse, now he could thrust harder, anchoring himself against the two glutes’ with his powerful arms as he pounded away with febrile passion. Gladdy squashed delightfully between Jack’s hard muscular body and his so powerful arms, moaned as the fat eight inch rod butted and banged his inner bud. Together their lips sought each other, Jack slipping his tongue inside the hot moistness of Gladdy’s mouth to fuck towards Gladdy’s throat. Ignoring the other teenagers who watched avidly the two teenagers fucked hard and swiftly, their bodies combining in a natural formation to allow for the most best and energetic fucking they could. Even Terry discovered his flaccid dick swelling and filling as the sight of the two engrossed lovers coupled and writhed before him. `Amazing,’ he thought to himself wondering if he would ever find someone he could love like that. Jack grunted growling into Gladdy’s mouth as his dick heaved and shuddered inside Gladdy’s teencunt. He felt the bloating teennub respond and made several hard swift passes across the bulge, enjoying the way that Gladdy grabbed at him attempting to drag him even deeper inside. “Oh I so love you,” Jack spoke aloud, luckily his mouth was deeply engrossed with Gladdy’s kissing at him so the phrase was not clearly heard by his fellow dorm mates and his cock swelled and then jerked and throbbed as it expanded heavily. Gladdy close himself, grabbed at Jack’s body, writhing and rotating his hips so his own cock and his bud could be wrangled to explode as well. Declan sighed gently and looked over where Juggs Minor was quivering beside him on the bed. “Are you okay?” he asked quietly, his balls still ached but the need to empty his scrotum was an insistent urge within his groin and mind. `Even if he won’t fuck maybe he’ll suck me off,’ were his thoughts as his hand instinctively carefully massaged his aching gonads and shaft. “S, s, s, sorrrrryyyy,” mumbled Juggs Minor as he rubbed his fingers across his bumhole. The pain was gone but the irritating internal itch he could not quite reach was annoying him. Waking to the question posed he shook his head and replied softly, “I’m okay now that hurt has gone, faded away,” he turned to look at the muscular and handsome teenager. Quite how and why, he did not know, the flashing gaze in Declan’s eyes made his spine tingle and the strange inside tingle jerk and itch even more. Declan considered the possibilities, he could see that there was a look of desperation and want in Juggs Minor’s eyes and his cock drooled, dribbling a dollop of his precum as he surveyed the naked young body. In the candlelight Juggs Minor’s pinky ivory body shone tunceli escort in greyed shadows, the flare from the candle caused the boy’s cocklet to weave a misty shadow pulse erratically on his tummy, the shadow cocklet appearing much larger than its actual three inch stiff size. He reached out and grasped the hot shaft between his fingers, running them up and down the hard boy shaft, Juggs Minor involuntarily grunting and purring as the delicate touch sent erotic delights rising and coursing through his blood vessels and sensual nerves. Encouraged by Juggs Minor’s reaction Declan opted for slow seduction rather than forced deflowering, `Some like me to be rough’ he thought, `but I don’t think Juggs Minor is one of them,’ his fingers squeezed the dark tip of Juggs Minor’s cocklet, he could see clearly the slit pulse and gape and Juggs Minor’s empty boysac jerk below the so stiff shaft. Juggs Minor twitched in anticipation, he watched his lips slightly parted as Declan moved, the teenagers head close to his chest. Declan’s tight lips kissing and suckling his boyteats made Juggs Minor quiver and tremble, the moist sensation as Declan’s expert tongue slicked over his pointed nubs, biting with taut lips at the succulent fleshy points made Juggs Minor writhe with joy as his excited body shuddered with the exquisite delights. Declan kissed down the soft flesh, relishing and ravishing the satiny silky skin, Juggs Minor’s body was soft, babyish still and the plumping softness was exceedingly arousing for the rampant teenager. His lips slicked and probed the wrinkled skins of Juggs’s bellybutton, delving into the small hollow. “Tickles,” Juggs Minor whispered giggling delightfully arousingly for Declan. Declan continued his kissing licking journey down the satin skin, he tickle tongued down to the base of the pencil shaped crayon and then swooped to swallow the entire boystiffy, roughing his tongue against the exposed boy helmet, Juggs Minor twisting with joy as the shooting pleasure shot through him. Juggs Minor mewled and purred throatily as the pleasures mounted and mounted before the white sparkling tingles caused the sparkling lights to sparkle across his eyelids. He jerked, arching his back as he exploded his boy dry cum inside Declan’s swallowing sucking mouth. Gasping as the brilliant tingles sparkled again he twisted and writhed as the joys rose again and again, three times he shuddered, three hot heavy dry explosions of boyjoy before his eyes glazed and he sank down limpid and compliant on the soft mattress. Juggs Minor gazed up at Declan who grinned at him. “Ready for some proper fun?” Declan chuckled, more sure of his target this time. Realisation dawned in Juggs Minor’s head and biting his lower lip he nodded. “Yes,” he replied slowly and timorously. Declan knelt astride Juggs and presented his throbbing teenpole. Juggs Minor looked up at the fleshy tube that twitched and jerked above his face, drips of sweet juicy teen nectar fell onto his lips and he slicked out his tongue to taste and swallow Declan’s juice. Declan leaned forward and his cock slid inside Juggs Minor’s mouth, he moaned as the moist heat warmed his cockhead and further raised his desire. Faster and wetter Juggs Minor worked his tongue around Declan’s rod, licking off the drool of precum as it issued forth and slavering his saliva and the natural lubrication all along the pink shaft. Declan watched seeing his cock glisten as it finally all coated with the natural oils. Swiftly he moved, not giving Jugs Minor even a chance to think. He positioned his body where it had been, it just took a few seconds to lift Juggs Minor’s backside up so he spit at the gaping boypussy pucker; his tongue pushed his spit right into the opening, he could even taste the traces of his own emissions from the previous attempt. Juggs Minor tentative and scared tried not to think about anything, images of Galahad allowing the sizeable cock of Sam Cropley to sink easily into Galahad’s arsehole flittered across his mind. `If Gladdy can do it I can,’ he told himself defiantly. Declan moved again, his cockhead stroked the wet warmth of Juggs Minor’s mostly virginal boypussy and he grasped his shaft to rub his dick over and around the sensitive nerve endings he knew existed there. `Slowly this time,’ he instructed himself. He watched as Juggs Minor reacted well to the sensations his gentle cockstroking was having. Increasing the pressure of his caresses, he bided his time as Juggs Minor relaxed sensing no danger in his calm actions. Balancing carefully on one hand, the other working his cock across the pulsing pucker he leaned down to kiss Juggs Minor. The boy opened his mouth to accept the sliding tongue and as he relaxed even more, comfortable with what was happening Declan eased his dick inside Jugg’s boypussy as his tongue slid home. Before he knew it Juggs Minor was impaled on Declan’s dick, so content with the caressing and kissing his boycunt had opened easily to admit the pushing probing knob. Declan sank down, using his weight to trap Juggs Minor, his tongue and lips continuing to excite the boy he tried a gentle thrust. He felt the resistance and held his breath, pushing with increasing force as the squidgy obstacle held his dick at bay. His slow gentle pushing finally held sway and the boy tunnel opened up before his drooling cock, his precum spilling on into the dark tube and then his helmet made contact with the swelling to the side of the satiny velvet constriction. As his dick passed the bulge Juggs Minor moaned, a deep drawling moan filled with obvious delight. Declan grinned and hipped backwards to stroke the same spot. Juggs Minor moaned heavier and grabbed at his arms. “Oh, ohhhhh, ohhhhh,” he mewlingly purred. Declan hipped once more and then increased the pressure and strength of his thrusts. Juggs Minor felt the tingling itch inside him announce its happiness at being scratched in this peculiar way, a so satisfying and delightful tingling that sent exciting pulses and waves of joy pounding inside him. Instinctively he opened his legs and Declan sensing the further relaxation thrust harder, Juggs Minor yowled into his ear and Declan rapidly thrust harder and deeper. Juggs Minor writhed and wriggled as the sensation heaped up inside him, he grasped Declan’s arms pulling him tighter against him, informing the teenager what he already knew, Juggs Minor was ready for fucking and fucking hard. Grunting Declan slid his dick so that it was almost out and then he shoved it back inside, hard and fierce, Juggs Minor growling and panting and twisting under him. “Oh Declan,” Juggs murmured throatily and for the first time added, “Fuck me Declan, fuck me.” End of Part Four To Be Continued…?????????????????????????????? (Oh we seem to be right back to where we were or are we finished? Has Galahad ridden his story to the finish line? Is this ride well and truly over or do you want to see where Galahad’s ride will take him? Right then if you do want more and really want me to continue this story then you have to write and tell me or this story could really be passing the winning post. Don’t forget if you like this then I have plenty more stories to whet your appetite, just look me up on ‘s prolific authors listing fty//authorslist.html scroll down to V for Van T Z Boi ) . Please also remember to make a different deposit in ‘s coffers for without them you would not be able to enjoy this and further chapters. All the best, Van T Z Boi) (In response to all those who are interested; the Lost/Rejected stories are still undergoing editing and once they have been posted I will announce the link. The good news is that good ole’ have provided copies of `Detained at Daddies’ and `Mummy Said’ from their records so now I have recovered all the missing stories, so mucho thanks . Sorry I can’t be more forthcoming at this time as to when I will be able to post them but please watch this space. Van T Z Boi)

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