Game of Stamina


Game of StaminaI was bored as hell tonight. It was probably going to be one of those nights where nothing was supposed to happen but I couldn’t have been more wrong. Tonight will be the night my whole life changed, for better or for worst.I’m a typical 23-year-old guy who loved to go out on weekends, meet different girls in clubs, and then just fuck the shit out of them in the end. Pardon my French, but that’s the way I am. I think that’s the way any guys are, whether they admit it or not. We, as boys, are born to make sure more assholes like us are born.I had plans to go out with this hot girl I met in college but since the radiator in my car wasn’t working and she didn’t have a car of her own, the date was cancelled. I was stuck home on a Friday night with my two younger sisters. To make matter worst, I was horny and I was looking forward to a long night of jacking off. Masturbating was going to be a lot less distracting since my parent was ready to leave for a late cocktail party on the other side of town. I was so pissed at the idea of not going out that I stayed in my bedroom and watched ESPN, waiting for them to leave. Instead of wearing my nice clothes, I had on my sweatpants and a T-shirt. I heard my mother telling my two sisters they were leaving. A minute later, my father opened my bedroom door, a big, burly man, and smiled, “Okay, Billy, we’ll see you tomorrow.”I turned and gave him a little smile of my own. “All right, Dad, try not to party too hardy tonight.”He chuckled. “We’ll try. We hardly ever go out so don’t expect us home before midnight, son.””I won’t be expecting you until at least tomorrow morning.”My father laughed and closed the door. I heard my parent leave the hallway. Minutes later, I could hear their car backing out of the driveway. Then they were gone. I tried watching the baseball highlights on ESPN but I couldn’t help but hear my two sisters laughing in their bedroom. I turned up the volume and tried to watch the T.V. but there was a sudden curiosity growing in me. Wondering what they were talking about, I stood and quietly moved down the hall. I stopped outside their bedroom and tried to listen to their conversation through the door. Before we get on with their conversation, I want to tell you about my sisters: Priscilla and Veronica. Like most brothers, I love them and I hate them. They were both gorgeous in their own different ways and definitely heartbreakers like me.My youngest sister, Priscilla, just turned eighteen last week. She was often described as cute but I knew she was more than that. With long, dark hair, she had a high, rounded forehead and huge violet eyes. Her nose was straight with just a hint of a tilt at the end. Her lips were full, appearing if she had a pout. She wasn’t tall but she made up for it with a seamless, defined ass that was to-die-for. She looked like one of those young lingerie models but with a small, well-rounded booty that always stretched tight in her clothes.Veronica, my other sister was 20-year-old but she was more voluptuous and full-breasted than her little sister. She had high Nordic cheekbones and an exquisite, cock-teasing smile. Unlike Priscilla and our father, she was a natural Swedish blonde like her mother. Her eyes were sensuous, exotic with a touch of azure and unfathomable depths of passion. She was a tall girl (she’s five-eleven) with breasts that were the size of cantaloupes and a slim waist that made her even hotter. Good genes ran in this family. All the hours of weightlifting and swimming paid off for me. Back in high school, I hadn’t been as well-defined or confident as I am now. I’m six feet tall with a smile that was boyish, charming, and I weighed a solid 180 pounds. Since then, my sisters had been complimentary and affectionate with me from time to time. “You’re a hottie,” Veronica would say as she caught me coming home from the gym. She even gave me a kiss on the lips, lingering for just a long second, and whispered, “I’m glad I’ve got a big handsome brother like you.”Priscilla wasn’t as obvious but she had been checking me out. Whenever she saw me sunbathing by the pool, she would bring me a glass of lemonade and try to strike up a conversation so she could occasionally touch my biceps. “Mm, not bad,” Priscilla cooed, rubbing my arm with a cute smile. “I just love men with big arms.” With Mom and Dad out for the night, I kept wondering if their blatant affection was intentional or a just harmless tease. My hormones was so off-the-chart tonight that I was surprised I was this horny. I haven’t had sex in a week and I even managed to avoid masturbation so that would explain my abnormal longing. In a way, I had been saving myself for that stupid date. I heard some more laughter and some excited talking. I leaned against the door of Priscilla’s bedroom and listened. Before I even heard a word they said, I had an immediate impression they were talking about boys and sex. It definitely wasn’t fast cars and sport.”I swear, he was so small,” Veronica’s voice said, ” it wasn’t even funny. It was actually pretty sad.”Priscilla giggled. “Oh, my God, are you serious?””I’m dead serious. A big hunk with a small cock, and he’s a point guard for the college basketball team!””Did you tell him anything?””No way! You never tell boys that they have a small cock. It can scar them for life. But I had the courtesy to at least give him a pity fuck. The little prick came before I could take off my bra!”Another giggle from Priscilla. “Well, you do have nice tits.””Aw, thank you, sweetie.”Just the idea of seeing Veronica taking off her bra gave me a semi and I realized my way of thinking about my own sisters was changing tonight. Maybe it was the full moon or the fact that I haven’t had a release in quite a while. The way she was talking in her hushed tone turned me on and I suddenly had a pornographic image of fucking her senseless. My semi was slowly turning into a full-fledged erection. I tried not to lose control of my imagination but I started to think what it would feel like fucking not just Veronica but Priscilla as well. An unthinkable threesome. “Guess what?” Priscilla was saying. “Trent finally asked me out to prom.””Oh, honey, I’m so excited for you! Do you think he’ll be the one?””Uh-huh, I think so.” A pause. “I hope so. I’ve been saving myself too long for the right guy but I still got to get with the program.”I almost fell into the door. Priscilla was a virgin? As beautiful as she was, I was surprised how many boys and all the peer pressure she had to dodge in order to keep herself intact. This was the kind of era where it was extremely rare to find an 18-year-old virgin as stunning as her. No doubt she was in heat for some serious carnal education. I remember being with her in a supermarket a couple years back and she was wandering down the aisle by herself. A tall, older black man who looked like an ex-NBA player asked for her number. I can imagine an innocent, spectacular brunette like Priscilla would be thoroughly fucked by that man; an interracial corruption of her white flesh being violated by a black flesh. My father was a racist so that was would be an interesting tragedy. So it was no question she had a line of men waiting to pop her cherry. I felt my cock grew even harder, forcing a tent in my sweatpants. There was a feeling of guilt and ultra-excitement mingling together, somehow heightening the sexual tension.Breaking in sweats, I felt at a loss for control. I thought about going back to my room and watching porn but suddenly that didn’t appeal to me anymore. I wanted my own sisters now. When and where would a better opportunity come than now? I took a deep breath and made the decision to gamble. And it was a gamble for several reasons. They were my sisters, making the stake even higher. I had no idea what I was going to say or what I was going to do once I walk in there. But the idea of having both of my young sisters was too overwhelming; I didn’t care about the consequences. Ironically, I also didn’t think about the consequence if I’ve succeeded.With another deep breath, I opened the door, very aware of my straining cock, and stepped inside. Priscilla’s entire bedroom had that feel of teenage decoration, especially with the pink walls and posters of her favorite movie stars. A queen-sized bed was placed at the center of the room where the two of them were lying together and giggling. My big cock was straining to break out of my sweatpants.Oblivious of anything else, I remained standing before them, feeling the adrenaline of exhilaration, fear, and sexual anticipation. Priscilla was wearing a tight pink tank top and gym shorts which revealed her taut ass. Veronica was still wearing a large T-shirt and those tight blue sweatpants as for her pajamas. In the midst of her laughter, Priscilla was the first to see me. She stopped laughing and stared at me. Veronica followed her gaze and saw me. She stopped smiling, stunned. There was a long, deep silence in this room.Just when I thought I made a mistake, I suddenly realized I didn’t have to say anything. I could feel my spur-of-the-moment plan working now.Maybe it was the full moon out there because I could immediately see the lust in their wide eyes. The sexual tension in the air was warm and thick, causing me to sweat. Common sense was dead in this room; only the guilt-free awareness of how taboo the whole situation was.Unable to take her eyes off my pants, Priscilla whispered, “He’s so big.”Veronica licked her lips and made an absent nod. “Yes, Prissy, he is big indeed.”With a smile, I couldn’t help but think of Little Red Riding Hood saying to the wolf with wide-eyed innocence, “My, Grandma, what BIG cock you have!” These two girls were my little red riding hoods and I was becoming their big, bad wolf.”Billy, could we see it?” Veronica asked. Her voice was low, very husky. Priscilla’s naive eyes grew wider with excitement, watching me.I stared at the two of them, feeling my heart thudding hard in my chest, and forced a nod. Then, without saying a word, I pulled down my sweatpants. Suddenly, my cock sprang out like a springboard, bringing a great sense of reliefs. They gasped as they saw what I was born with.”Oh, my,” Priscilla whispered. “You’re so long.”Veronica nodded. “Unbelievable.”I had to look down to make sure of that. My cock was a long, thick purplish-red monster filled with veins and sweats. I never measured my cock but I would have to say it was roughly the size of a large cucumber when it was flaccid. Right now, with my monstrous erection, I can even begin to describe how big and rock-hard my cock is. I’ll just let you use your imagination. My two sisters were still staring at my gift. I flexed my penis muscle, making the cock convulse on its own.”Wow,” Priscilla muttered. “Oh, wow.”I also realized I was in control of the situation. They were already getting hungry by what they were seeing so why not make them want it even more? Tease them a little? “Okay, girls, that’s all you’re gonna get,” I said as I hiked up my pants. My cock was back pushing against the fabric of my boxer, uncomfortable as hell. “I just wanted to let you know there are some guys out there with cocks like miner. Good luck finding them though.””No, wait!” Veronica stood from the bed and hesitated. “Can I touch it? I wanna see what it feels like.”Priscilla shot her a jealous look. “But I wanna touch it, too!””Shut-up, ” Veronica said. “I’m your older sister, so you’ll wait your turn.”I couldn’t believe what I was hearing but I hid my amazement with a cool smile. “And I’m your older brother. What make you think I’m gonna let my own sister touch my dick?”Veronica looked at me with those passionate eyes and smiled. “You’re telling me you wouldn’t let me touch you?””Nope.”Suddenly, Veronica was in uncharted territory. She had never been rejected before. A look of embarrassment and anger slowly became obvious in her face. “You’re scared, aren’t you?” she snapped. “That if I touch you, you’ll probably cum like all the other guys!”I laughed, shaking my head. “I don’t have what you call ‘premature ejaculation.’ I can hold it in as long as I can.””Bullshit!””I’m not lying.” Priscilla finally spoke out, “Prove it to us, Billy.”I stopped as a fantastic idea dawned on me. “Okay, you want me to prove it? ” Quickly, I took off my T-shirt, revealing my broad shoulder and abs muscles. I gave them a grinning smile and took off my sweatpants. Now I was standing there in front of them wearing nothing but this undying hard-on. “We’re gonna play a game.”Priscilla moved off the bed and stood next to her sister. “A game?””A stamina game.” I paused, looking at the two of them together. “I’ll only tell you how to play if you take off your clothes first. Both of you.”There was no need for persuasion. My wish was their command. I grabbed my cock and gradually began stroking it.Veronica was the first to do take off her clothes. She started off with deliberation and style; indicating she had put on this kind of show before. She slowly removed her tight sweatpants, revealing her beautiful long legs, and she kicked it across the room. With a broad smile, she took off her T-shirt and shook her blonde hair loose. She stood before me, wearing only her black nylon bra and panties. I took a deep breath, wondering if my stamina might even last long at all. Despite years of experience with other girls, Veronica and Priscilla were without a doubt the most beautiful creatures I’ve ever seen. What made this tougher and interesting is the fact that they were my flesh and blood. I didn’t think it was possible but I could feel my cock growing even harder, and it was starting to hurt. “I said all of it,” I croaked.Veronica smiled, turned her back to me, and slowly unsnapped her bra apart. Now I could see the perfect tan on her back. Then Veronica stuck her ass out to me and slowly pulled down her panties, showing me a beautiful ass on top of two incredible thighs. A cute tattoo of a butterfly on the small of her back was revealed to me. As she bent over to take off the panties, I briefly saw her pussylips and almost went weak in the knees.I knew it would take a lot of work trying to push my cock in there, and I felt lightheaded at the idea. I was this close to just deciding to fuck her. No foreplay and no warning. But I had patience and a little self-control to wait.Veronica looked at me and smiled. “You like what you see, Billy?””Turn around, bitch. I want to see your so-called legendary tits. “Staring at me intently, I can tell she like being called a bitch. She turned around, showing me her entire body completely buck-naked. I first looked at her pair of cantaloupe-sized breasts, and finally after all those years hiding behind shirts and swimsuits, I was able to see how great they were. Her nipples were hard and actually pink with quarter-sized aureoles. She had a taut stomach and a perfect waist. Then I saw her crevice; her cunt completely shaved and definitely looked as if it had never been fucked by a cock before, let alone a cock like mine.Feeling my heartbeat going faster, I looked at Priscilla and waited.Priscilla hesitated and I somehow felt turned on by her very shyness, her coyness. She was so beautiful; I was still amazed no one popped her cherry yet. There was an intense hope that I would have that honor if she let me. I massaged my cock in a long caress and she seemed to like that.Little Prissy made an awkward smile and started off by just simply taking off her small tank top, quickly exposing her titties to me. Her breasts were like a pair of small melons and her stomach was tight, well-toned. I would probably be able to see the shape of my cock if I pushed myself deep into her ass. And I wondered how she would scream if I did that.Then Priscilla turned halfway around, never taking her violet eyes off me, and slowly took off her bahis siteleri gyms short. This time my cock twitched in excitement. I had to stop touching myself to avoid ejaculation. If there was a Beauty Pageant for Greatest Ass, she would be Miss Universe. That’s why I’m surprised she’s a virgin. Her butt was firm, perfectly-shaped, and her thighs were just as toned. She also had a tight, puckered asshole, and the best sight of all was her beaver. She had a little brown bush around her cunt but somehow that appealed to her innocence. “You look beautiful, Prissy, ” I told her.She blushed, showing a rush of confidence, and bit the bottom of her lip. Veronica was still looking at my cock, never mind the fact that the little sister she always been overprotected of was very close to losing her virginity.I think my cock just got even harder. It literally felt harder than a baseball bat. My one-eyed b**st was a now rock-hard shaft pulsing with thick veins and drips of pre-cum.”So what’s the game, big brother?” Veronica asked, smiling. “Both of you girls will get to touch this cock but you have to take turn. You both have five minutes to try to prove that I don’t have any stamina.”Veronica frowned, looking disappointed. “Only five minutes?””First you’re gonna have start off with a hand job. That’s five minutes for each of you. If you failed, then you’ll give me a blowjob. Another five minutes. If you both failed, then you decide what you want to do with me. But only for five minutes. It goes on and on.”Suddenly, the fire in Veronica’s blue eyes came alive. She started to rub her breasts down to her stomach. “Then I hope you can last, Billy. I really do.”Priscilla was starting to look a little nervous but there were no denying the excitement in her eyes. She was still biting her lips, ready, despite her inexperience. I loved it when she does that.Veronica walked over to me and gave me a sensual kiss on the cheek, lingering for a moment. Then she dropped to her knees. I took intake of breath as Veronica let my unbreakable cock rub against her belly, grazing up between her ample breasts until it sprang in front of her face. She looked up at me and smiled and one-handed my large cock. Her fingers couldn’t even meet around my girth. She spat on my shaft, using her saliva as lubricant, and started to jack me off.It was tough to give me a hand job with one hand. So she sat up and put both fists around it, firmly stroking them all the way up and down it.”Oh, fuck,” I muttered.An electric rush went from my shaft to my loins, a tingling sensation shooting down my balls. The vigorous motion of her arms was making her huge tits dance up and down. I tried to bear as much as I could. Veronica let out a moan as she tried to use both hands to please me. The warm smell of sweats, wet cunt, and pre-cum began to fill the bedroom. “Ungh,” I grunted. “Oh, fuck, baby, jack it. Jack my big cock!””You like that, huh?” Veronica sneered, trying to go even faster. “Huh? You like it?””Yeah, I love it.””You know what we’re doing?” She tossed her blonde hair back and hissed at me, “This is i****t. Yeah, that’s right! i****t, you fucking pervert!” “Oh, fuck.” Now a rush of guilt was making me even harder. I closed my eyes and tried to think of anything but the image of Veronica’s almost feeble existence jacking off my monstrous cock was too much. I opened my eyes and looked at her, wanting so bad to just cum on her jumble titties. Priscilla was in awe at this sight. Her one hand was instinctively rubbing across her lower belly.Veronica’s mouth was so close to my cock that her hot breaths moisturized my entire shaft as she jacked me off. She looked as if she was very close to just sucking me off but she held her end of the bargain. Then she released my cock.I blinked at her. “It isn’t five minutes yet.””I know.” Veronica let one hand fall between her legs and she started to rub her fingers on her clits. “I’m so wet for you, Billy, you sure you don’t wanna cum on my tits?”I muttered, shaking my head.She cocked her head, still fingering her pussy. “Huh? I didn’t hear you?””I can wait,” I managed to say.Oh, she was wet for me indeed. She proved it to me by using her own pussy juice as lubricant, grabbing my shaft with two dripping, wet fists. Her smell was intoxicating and the feel of her pussy juice rubbing on my oozing pre-cum was euphoric. She squeezed her hands and gave me a tug. The tension was starting to grow. She jacked me even faster, her boobies bouncing as she used her best effort to make me lose it. I watched as she arched her back and rubbed my cock between her cleavages. She used my helmet to rub around her aureole and her nipples stiffened. She squeezed her globes together and grinded against me. I let out a low grunt. Pre-cum leaked down on her collarbone, dripping down to her breasts. She groaned, staring at me as she grinded up against me. I realized I might have to eat my own words and just cum on her face.”My turn,” Priscilla said chirpily, stepping to her side.Saved by the fucking bell. Both hands still on my cock, Veronica gave her the evil eye and reluctantly moved aside. Priscilla stood before me, looking at me dead in the eyes. Then she decided to come closer, letting my dripping-wet cock rub against her belly as she gave me a lingering kiss on my neck. My cock was throbbing along with my heart, and it was her purity that made this anticipation even worst.Then Priscilla dropped to her knees and grabbed my monster with her two small hands. She made a weak tug, and flashed a smile at me. She flopped her dark hair back and jacked me again, very slow and methodical. I realized this was going to be even tougher. While Veronica used vulgarity and speed to get me, this little angel was using a slow gentleness that was unlike anything I’ve felt before.The head of my cock slapped against her titties. Then she made sure my cock slapped against the side of her face. I felt another jolt and an ounce of pre-cum leaked out, dripping on her chin. Her tongue licked off my semen and she batted her eyes at me. Suddenly, she gave me a hard stroke and I almost came. I had to hold my breath to make it didn’t happen.Another hard stroke and I felt an electric sensation in my balls. “If you come,” Priscilla whispered, “I’ll let you come on my ass.”I closed my eyes and cursed, tying not to think of that magnificent ass.She continued to speak softly, “Or I’ll spread my leg and I’ll let you come on my virgin pussy. Then I’ll let you lick it off me. How’s that, Billy boy? You know you want to. You want that? Huh? Mmm? “I clutched at her hair for some kind of control as she slowly kept jacking me with both hands. She made a little giggle and that almost did it. I clenched her hair and yanked her hair back hard, trying to get her to slow down. Priscilla showed no letting down, still jacking me with her little hands. She had this determined look in her eyes as she hand-fucked me. I didn’t think it was possible to see both but it was the look of pure love and lust.”Time’s up,” Veronica said in a soft voice. “My turn, little Prissy.””Shit.” Priscilla looked at her with disgust and released my cock.Before I even had to chance to recuperate, Veronica was grabbed my cock and spat another ball of saliva on it. She gave three quick strokes, dropped to her knees, and pressed my cock on her beautiful pouting lips. She gave my helmet a kiss, letting her hot breath making it even tougher for me to keep control. Without another word, she wrapped her right hand around my dick and guided it into her wide-open mouth.Her soft, full lips consumed only the tip of my cock while she flicked her tongue. “Fuck,” I moaned. “Oh, fuck, that feels good.” My cock was too rigid as she strained to keep her lips around it. Then she began to take in more of it, bobbing her head down farther with every attempt. Her lips made a loud slurping sound as I watched her inhale half of my monster. She massaged my nuts with one hand. “Mmm,” she moaned, pushing my tool deeper into her mouth. She sucked on my helmet like a vacuum cleaner and then pulled out to take a breather, saliva dripping on the carpet. She shoved my cock deeper into her mouth and I could feel the head going down her throat. She was only able to take half of my cock so far.Then she used her other hand to grab my balls, and that brought another intense jolt of excitement down my shaft. When she pulled out, spittle of saliva and pre-cum dripped from her mouth to my cock. The carpet was already stained.”You like that, didn’t you?” Veronica smiled.”Of course, you stupid bitch, I love it.”While crouching, she grabbed my cock and slapped it on her breasts. “Oh, baby, don’t you want to fuck my beautiful titties?”I thrust my hips forward, feeling my dick pushing between her cleavages. “Hell, yeah. You’re so hot.””Ooh, you bet I am, cutie-pie. That’s right, rub your fat cock all over my melons.”She let her head fall back as I grinded my wet cock into her large titties. Then Veronica grabbed the base of my cock and this time shoved two-third of my cock into her mouth. I felt weak again, incapable of making any coherent sound. I could feel my shaft going down her hot throat. I didn’t hear her gag or anything but it was becoming too much for me. Then she shoved a finger up my asshole. “You fucking bitch,” I cried out. I felt cheated by this act but this made a whole new sensation starting from my toes to my balls. I knew ejaculation was inevitable and I think Veronica knew that, too. She pulled my dick out of her mouth and began licking the bottom side of my head, right where it was the most sensitive. I made a loud groan and grabbed the base of my cock and did everything I could to turn my explosion to an implosion. I held my breath and used my entire discipline to hold it back. Only a small spittle of cum spurted out but the semen was gone as soon as my sister licked it off. “Come on, big brother, do it for your sister,” she moaned, waiting for me. “I want more of it.”I tried to hold the rest of my orgasm down, and there was a moment of intense silence rippling inside my cock. There was a series of tremors making my cock constantly twitch involuntarily, causing my right leg to shudder. Despite Veronica’s nasty effort, I felt my ejaculation slowly subsiding. Veronica’s smirk disappeared, looking amazed. “Holy shit,” she whispered. “B-But I swear you were about to come.””Time’s up!” Priscilla said. With an excited smile, she grabbed my hand and led me to her bed. “Lay on your back,” she told me. “This is going to be very special.” I crawled on her bed, turned on my back, and watched as Priscilla crawled between my legs, right towards my high arching cock. Without a word, she crawled over to me, wrapped her left hand around my dick and guided it into her wide-open mouth.She inhaled and tried to take in as much as Veronica did but she couldn’t. She pulled out and just let her lips caress down my cock like a giant Popsicle. She flicked her tongue from the bottom of my shaft all the way down to my balls. Then she massaged my nuts with one hand. “Mmm,” she moaned. “You taste so good.””Yeah, keep licking it like a little sex kitten you are.””I’ll be your sex kitten anytime you want.” She sat up and put both fists around it, firmly pumping them all the way up and down it. “Anytime, anyway, anywhere. I’ll be your fuck slave for life. Only if you can just hold it in for me.”The excitement was getting too much. As good as she was, I was confident I could last for four more minutes. She certainly didn’t have the blowjob talent like Veronica so I knew my odds in this round were good.Priscilla released my cock and drew a long, rasping breath. “Okay, Billy boy, I hope you’re ready for this.” She crawled over me and stood on the bed, showing me her cunt from a very tempting angle. If she just sat down, my cock would impale her virginity once and for all. Then she turned around and showed me her incredible ass. Then she bend over, reaching for her ankles, stretching her butt cheeks apart and letting me bask in that sight a moment longer. With desperate desire, I could see the tight asshole and pink pussylips. Then she slowly crouched down near my cock, cautiously letting her ass fall closer and closer. My helmet rubbed against the crack of her ass and I swallowed uneasily.”You can’t fuck him yet!” Veronica cried. “You have to wait until the next round! That’s the rule, you little brat.””Oh, don’t worry, big sister,” she said breathlessly. “I’m just showing him a simple technique call dry-humping.””Dry-humping?” I moaned, suddenly realizing my challenge. There was no way I could resist that ass grinding against my cock.Priscilla squatted over me and pushed back against my rock-hard cock hard; then immediately lifting her ass in the air. She hunkered down, allowing her buns to push against me once more. I felt my helmet touch her cunt and that caused watery spittle of pre-cum to spew out.”Billy, be careful,” she cooed. “You could get me pregnant doing that.””Oh, shit,” I cried as my big, hard log grazed against her crevice, smearing more of my white stuff on her crack. Her body hadn’t tensed in the slightest. Then she did a little booty-shake that only black girls can do, sending an unnerving ripple of lust in my spine. The constant slapping of that ass was becoming too much.My stiff cock was standing like a flag-pole, pulsing and sporadically spewing pre-cum. The head bounced and slapped against her beaver. Quickly, I took my cock, hoping to maybe get the tip inside her pussy. But she raised her ass high in the air and my cock was left unsatisfied. Priscilla looked over her shoulder with a teasing smile. “Billy, you naughty boy, were you trying to fuck me?”I moaned, “No, baby.”I was breaking in sweats all over my body. She was also drenched in sweats. Across the bed, Veronica was watching us in amusement, constantly squeezing and rubbing her nipples.Priscilla spun around and sat on my stomach. I could feel the credence of her pussy grazing on my stomach, and I knew she was wet not just from me but from herself. She leaned down with a big, innocent smile and surprised me with a deep French kiss. It was a long, wet, and sloppy kiss filled with tongue and hot breaths. Her breasts were pressed against me and she held my shoulders down as she oral-fucked me.There was a symbiotic closeness to our kiss. As we licked each other lips and sucked the air from each other’s mouths, I felt my cock bumping against Priscilla’s ass. She liftedd her head, a strand of saliva dripping from her chin, and looked at me with a serious expression. “It’s been five minutes,” Veronica said. She was standing right next to us, smiling. “I’m impressed. You did very good, Prissy, but you’re gonna have to wait your turn.”Priscilla sighed and rolled to her side, saying nothing else. I thought I detected genuine jealously in her eyes.I watched as Veronica crawled toward me and whispered to my ear, “Now, I want to feel your big cock inside of me.”I swallowed. “How did you want it?”She glanced at my cock and smiled. “I’m not sure yet. How do you want me?””Missionary-style. I want to see the look on your face when I fuck you.”She gasped, breaking into a broad smile, and collapsed on her back. I positioned myself over her and looked down on her, already feeling my long pole between her legs. Then I looked down between us, getting ready to fuck her. My hips were high in the air and my stiff cock was hovering over her shaved beaver. I paused for a second in brain-lock, checking out her voluptuous body. I was about to fuck my own sister.”Hold on.” Veronica was suddenly nervous for a second, breathing heavier and shakier. She reached for her pussy and started rubbing herself. “Let me make sure I’m wet enough for you.”I took my cock in one hand and aimed the head to where she was fingering her pussy. She looked canlı bahis down again. “Wait, Billy, not yet. You’ll hurt me.””I’m not putting it in,” I reassured. “I’m making sure you’re wet enough.””Okay,” she said softly. “I’m a little nervous. I’ve never had a cock as big as yours.”I pressed the tip of my cock against her clit and rubbed it up and down tenderly, then more firmly. Her hand stayed there, the middle and index finger continuing to rub her cunt. Then she took her hand away and sighed, trusting me. I was feeling a whirlwind of a****listic impulses. I kept working my glans against her clit.”Yeah, there you go,” she said, looking down. “Rub your stuff on my pus—”She gasped as I pushed the tip of my monstrous head into her cunt; only the tip. She suddenly tensed, gripped me around the arms, and looked into my eyes with resent. “You sneaky asshole,” she breathed.I pushed the head farther between her lips, which began to stretch taut around it.”Ahhhh, ” she moaned. “Slower, Billy. Let me get used to you first.”Her hands gripped my arms harder. Veronica arched her head back and stretched her boobies toward my face. I quickly sucked on her hard nipple hard, and I think that send her over the edge.”Ooh, yeah, Billy, my pussy’s all wet and ready for you,” she huffed. “Give me your whole thing.” She gave me a sensuous kiss that told me she was ready for me. “Fuck me, big brother.”I repositioned myself, exhaled, and pushed the huge head inside her a little more. She was even tighter than I had expected, gripping my member in a very warm padlock.”Oh, fuck!” she screamed. “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!””That’s right, baby,” I said. “You are fucked.”With a moan, she flexed her hips a little for angling and I felt my throbbing cock expanded in her vagina. I bet it would have looked weird, seeing someone as large as my thing trying to shove just the head inside. Her pussy gripped me like a hot, wet vise but I drove farther into her. Somehow, it just kept going deeper. “Ooh, Billy, give me all of it!” I went in a couple of inches and she screamed. I grunted, “Ungh, this is going to be so fucking good.”Suddenly, she looked like she was waking up from a dream. “Oh, fuck, Billy, shouldn’t you be wearing protection?”I didn’t listen. Most of my mind was already locked and programmed to fuck her no matter what. I grunted savagely and pushed deeper into her cunt. She made a loud wail and completely forgot about what she was just asking me about. “You’re hurting her, Billy,” Priscilla said with a jealous stare. I shot a wild look and called out, “You’re next, so be ready.”I finally went as deep as I could into Veronica’s pussy and it was a great feeling. I met a dead-end and I pulled back out as far as I could. Then I shoved my cock back into her dead-end. Veronica was in such ecstasy that some distant part of me was worried. I began fucking her, meeting her with long strokes and sometimes short, quick humping. I pulled back until the tip of my cock was almost out and then slowly grinded forward, pushing in to the hilt.”Oh, big brother, you feel so good,” Veronica gasped, breathing faster. “I want this to be a regular thing for us.””We’ll do this everyday when Mom and Dad not here.””Fuck, no, we’ll do it whenever we feel like it! Fuck Mom and Dad!””Christ, you’re so tight, Veronica!””That’s it, Billy boy, fuck me harder. Yeah, yeah! YES!” She let out a long, continuous shriek, then barely catching her breath, yelled, “I’m gonna cum! Ooh! Ooh! OH GOD! I’M COMING! I’M FUCKING COMING, BIILLLLLEEEEEY!”I felt her pussy contract violently and I immediately slammed into her home, giving her the ultimate climax. This time I felt my balls slapped against her ass. She was suddenly screaming, her orgasm overwhelming her entire body. Her cunt kept squeezing and contracting that it finally hit a sensitive point of my cock. I felt a jolt of electricity rippled through my balls. I couldn’t hold it any longer. “Oh, fuck, I’m about to come,” I croaked, still ramming myself in and out of her. “Veronica, I have to come! I HAVE TO COME!”She blinked at me, tears welling in her eyes. “Come with me, baby, give me everything you got. Just let it go.” “I’M COMING!”She screamed, “Yes! Do it! DO IT!” Then she clawed at my chest and wrapped her legs around my lower back. Then she screamed at me. “Come inside me, big brother!”It was about time. The stamina game was over and I felt all pressure disappeared.My balls tightened up. It was now point of no return. Three stroke. Two stroke. I gave her one last furious stroke and shot the first explosion deep into her womb. It was a blast that made her yelp. I held her down as I released another explosion into my own sister’s cunt. Veronica looked at me with a fixed expression that was both awe and rapture. I groaned, discharging another amount of semen, and then pulled out.Her pussy made an actual plopping sound.I felt another unnerving discharge as a long white stream of cum squirted and landed on Veronica’s stomach. I jacked myself and aimed at her beautiful cantaloupes. It splattered on her nipples, forever violating her very beauty with brotherly love. As she was moaning and sucking on her finger, I groaned and two huge cords of semen jetted; one on her collarbone and one blast on her face. She licked the white seeds off her upper lip.I couldn’t believe how much cum I was shooting. It wasn’t just a week of sexual build-up but it was the fact that I was doing this to my sister. “Fuck, Billy,” she said in wonder, starting at my convulsing cock. “You come in gallons!”My dick kept blasting. Another load hit her chin, and then another stream right on her right side of her cleavage. I swung my cannon back and stroked one more big salvo right across her left nipple, completely covering her in semen. Now her face, her neck, and her massive breasts were coated in white jism. The final spurts of my load showered on her stomach and her hands. Finally, my cock was just leaking semen into her beautiful navel. Dazed and a little calmed, I gazed down at this gorgeous blonde and looked at the sin I’ve committed to her. She was covered in my cum from the chin, to her breasts, to her stomach, and finally to her cunt. Leakage of semen dripped from her once-tight pussylips. She looked and smelled like a whore she was. “You came,” Priscilla said, now looking hurt. She was standing next to the bed, still stunned at what she just saw. “But I wanted you to have me.”I stared at her, probably looking like a drunken madman. “Come here,” I said. “Who said I was finished?”Priscilla was in heat. She bit the bottom of her lips and looked at me with those innocent doe eyes. Her hand kept rubbing across her belly, and there was something very biblical, and very primitive about that habit. Then she moved forward and crawled back on the bed.Veronica moaned and moved aside to the side, now just a spectator watching a show. Priscilla came to me like a cat and then kissed me. This time it was a full-on, wet-and-sloppy tonsil inspection. She was very loving, very passionate about the whole situation. While probing her soft palate with my tongue, I felt her small hand wrap around my spent snake. She stopped kissing me and started to give me a long and slow stroke. “Billy, I want you so bad.” She released me and just looked at me. “Will you take my virginity? I think you’re the one.””Good choice,” Veronica moaned, rubbing her clit. “You won’t regret it, little Prissy.”I was suddenly hard again. In fact, my cock was harder than ever, looking like a rigid cum-stained b**st with a vengeance. Still rubbing her tummy, Priscilla saw this and nervously bit the bottom of her lips again. God, I love it when she did that. “No regret,” she whispered, looking back at me with wistful eyes. “I know exactly how you want me.”She crawled on her hands and knees, and turned her ungodly ass towards me. I was speechless as I saw that perfect creation; the tight pussy and an even tighter asshole. Throwing her dark hair around, she dutifully stuck her butt up in the air. I could tell her pussy was aching for me. She was wet and she was definitely ready for me, no lubricant required.Heart thudding and dripping entirely in sweats, I moved behind her and touched her beautiful ass, tentatively letting my cockhead touch her pussy. She let out a small moan as she felt me. Her head was pressed against the pillows, waiting for me to pop her cherry. “I’ll be gentle, Prissy.””Okay, I trust you.” She was still biting her lips. She spread her legs a little wider and exposed her entire taut pussy at me.I swallowed, realizing it was a good thing I already came. I would have ravage her and probably even killed her. But I felt a calm excitement I’ve never felt before. “Okay, baby, I’m about to go into you.” I grabbed my cock and moved the head farther between her pussy. Her lips resisted my head for a second. I grabbed her hips, holding her in place, and pushed.She let out a yelping noise.Her sound got me even harder. I paused, watching as I got my head inside her ever-so-tight cunt. I pushed farther into her pelvis, and again she made that yelping sound that sent fire into my bloodstream. “Fuck, Priscilla, you’re so fucking tight.”She moaned; the side of her face still buried against the pillows, her hands clutching the bedspread for stability. I felt goosebumps as my oversized cucumber violated her upturned ass. I was a quarter way inside her when I felt her pussy contract. She gritted her teeth and whimpered.”Priscilla, you’re getting too tight.””I don’t care,” she gasped. “Keep going in me.My hard cock slowly pushed apart her cunt, feeling the wet, tight warmth of her vagina. I grabbed her waist and forced myself into by kicking forward. She writhed and let out a high scream. “Go slow,” Veronica called out. “I think she’s ovulating. And she’s a virgin, remember?”But I did go slow and that made Priscilla even crazier. The long, slow entrance was making her squeal and cry in delight. She was tight, almost muscularly tight. I was halfway inside her when I felt that protected virgin wall; I pushed into her and at last deflowered her.Priscilla let out a groaning wail. I couldn’t tell if she was in pain or ecstasy so I continued to wedge into her. Watching her ass getting reamed and stretched by her own brother, it was the single best sensation in my life.She shrieked, “Oh, BILLLLLLEEEEE!” Then I saw the trickle of blood seeping from her ass. She was no longer pure, no longer divine and innocent, and worst she was a sinner. She was so wet that my shaft was actually slippery inside her. I groaned and began pumping in and out of that sweet rump doggy-style, pressing deeper and deeper. I think was going harder on her than Veronica. At one point, my pelvis actually touched her naked ass and I was all the way in. She yelped, throwing her head up, and squealed my name. I held her down as I continued to her fuck her, ramming and thrusting and gyrating into the tight depths of her vagina. Wet, sloppy noises and moaning sound filled the bedroom. Her pussy contracted and she could barely make a sound.”UNGHHHHHFF,” she groaned, suddenly bucking her ass. “Something’s happening to meeeeee!”Holy shit, she was having an orgasm! I gave her two hard strokes and rammed into her, feeling chills crawling all over me. Her cunt was swallowing me whole and that was something I’ve never felt, especially from a girl as tight as my baby sister. I gave her long strokes and I gave her quick, short fast ones to make sure she was enjoying her climax.I angled down into her ass to feel the bottom of her cunt. She looked at me with loving eyes and smiled. I think that was the trigger-point. Suddenly, I was feeling that shivering seizure taking over.”Ooh, Billy,” she gasped. “I love you so much.”It was all becoming too much. Down to my final strokes, she clenched her ass just for me. “UNGH! OH! ARGHHHHH!” I grunted. I gave her one more deep thrust, heard her yelp again, and felt a rush of rip-roaring electricity rising from my loins.I think I came so hard into her, she farted. The first explosion lifted her ass and her legs in the air. Our muscles, our limbs, and our soul became one shuddering affair. Each convulsing thrust into her twat was its own unique and heavenly sensation. I didn’t care about her getting pregnant because of me; I just wanted to feed my seeds into her awaiting ovaries. And I knew after seeing the way she was rubbing her belly, she needed this.”I’m about to come again!” she yelled. She squirmed under me and shuddered.I almost fainted as another eruption spewed into her. “Oh, baby,” I moaned. “Oh, baby, I’m shooting everything I have into your pussy.”She bit her lips and moaned, accepting her fate as my new fuck slave. I felt another quart squirted. Then an even harder squirt. When I pulled out my pole, there was a wet POP from her cunt. I shot a long, thick jet of semen shoot on her buttock. Another blast hit the crack of her ass, and then another squirt splattered on her lower back. “Oh, yeah, that’s right, ” Veronica said. “Keep her wet and warm for me.”I sure did. Stream after stream, warm liquid drenched her ass, her thighs, and especially her bedspread sheet. Mom would be the first to see all this. I looked at my little sister and chuckled. “I fucked you up, didn’t I?”Moaning, Priscilla’s ass remained sticking toward me, her wide, gaping cunt staring at me. A long trickle of white jism spewed from her pussy. Just when I thought was finished, I groaned and another load on her cum-dripping ass. A couple more weak squirts on her calf and her feet, then I collapsed on my back.A few seconds later, I blinked and watched as Veronica came to her little sister. Priscilla rolled on her back on a pool of wet semen, legs sprawled, and waited as her older sister kissed her. It was an all-out tongue inspection filled with moans and saliva. Then Veronica went down on her and licked my entire semen off her belly. To my dismay, I felt another semi growing again. Veronica licked down her little’s sister pelvis, her matted beaver, and then began lapping into her wet cunt. Spreading her legs apart, Priscilla’s eyes rolled back and she arched in pleasure as Veronica sucked her pussy dry.”Yes!” Priscilla shouted. “Yes, lick me. Right there! Yes! That’s the spot, keep licking me there. Ooh! Oh! OOOhhhh, FUCK!”Screaming, moaning, and slurping noises filled the room. Watching them, I felt a sudden overwhelming need to fuck again. It was as if I’ve never came in the first place. My cock stirred and slowly became rock-hard again, dripping watery bits of semen as it expanded.I rose to my knees and crawled toward Veronica’s sopping wet cunt. I gave her a quick lick, tasting her juices, and basked in the womanly stink. Veronica squealed excitedly and l began lapping her cunt. She kept eating her own sister, rearing her butt into me. I consumed her cunt, actually licking and gulping her juice like it was water.”I want you now, Veronica,” I told her, wiping the juices off my chin. “I want to give it to you side-saddle.”Veronica stopped and smiled at me. “Okie-dokie, big brother.” She rolled to the side and lay on her hip, waiting for me. I spooned up behind her, grabbed her shoulder and lifted her top leg with my other hand. This left me with no hands free.”Guide me in, ” I whispered to her air. I used my other hand and started rubbing across her full-size breasts. Veronica reached down, seized my pole, gave it a couple of strokes, then aimed it into her cunt. Without a warning, I thrust into her with my hips and drove the head deep into Wonderland. She squirmed in my embrace as I fucked her with deep, primeval strokes. I fondled her large melon, squeezed her nipple, and pushed farther into her.”Ack,” she croaked. “God, I love the way you feel,” I told her. “You and Prissy.””Billy, you’re the greatest man I’ve ever met.”We looked at each other and güvenilir bahis kissed. Since we weren’t exactly facing each other, it was a mid-air, tongue-teasing kiss. Priscilla was fingering herself, still biting the bottom of her lips with c***dlike enthusiasm.I fondled Veronica’s big right tit and continued to give her long, powerful strokes. Soon she had her eyes closed and let out a deep sigh. Her face was blushed and she looked like a girl in love. She looked at me. “Can I ride you?””Yeah, baby.” With some effort, I pulled out of her and waited on my back. Veronica stood over me with a serious look of desire and slowly descended down my cock. She remained staring at me with those passionate blue eyes. I realized I was in love with her and Priscilla.Her hands clutched on my hard chest and she hunkered down on my cock, impaling herself with a loud moan. Before I knew it, she was sitting on me with my entire dick inside her. Then she raised her whole body and I saw my slick rod being revealed to me from her cunt. She dropped again, groaning. “You like cowgirls, huh?””I fucking love cowgirls.”She started to grind against me, leaping up and down. Her large melons were bouncing along with her body. I cupped my hands under her cleavages and squeezed as she rode me. There was loud slapping sound whenever she landed on me.”Fuck,” I muttered. She gripped my shoulders and panted in rhythm to my thrusts. My cock was making a slicking sound in her pussy and her ass was getting wet with her juice as my nuts slapped against it. Deep to the hilt, I felt like I was being fucked by this girl.She grabbed her blonde hair and threw it back, keeping both of her hands behind her hand as she rode me buck-naked. Sheen of sweats and dried-out cum stains was stretching across her breasts. Suddenly, an unexpected electricity shot out of nowhere and I was about to explode.Veronica must have saw the contorted expression on my face so this time she pulled out and let my giant monster rest in front of her. With both hands, she began jacking me harder and faster. I cried out, “Ooh, GAWWWD!” The first jet of semen shot up so high, it actually landed on Veronica’s forehead. She kept at it, jacking me as another explosion squirted on my chest. A gushing geyser of semen was pooling her fists and my stomach. The smell of sex was so thick; it probably wouldn’t leave the room for days. She licked off her fingers clean and, with a finger still in her mouth, smiled. “That felt good, didn’t it?”Breathing hard, I was unable to speak for a moment. “Can I go now?” Priscilla asked softly.I gazed at her and nodded. She was tired and she just lost her virginity to her own brother. I figured she needed take a long shower to feel clean again.But I misunderstood the question.As Priscilla climbed over me, I realized she meant if she could go fuck me again. Without hesitation, she sat on my stomach, her back facing me. I saw her ass and knew I was going to get hard again.I felt her hands stroking my almost-flaccid b**st. In a minute, I felt her jacking me faster and, before I knew it, I was completely reinvigorated. “There’s my baby,” Priscilla cooed. “I knew he come back for me.”With more confidence, she raised her gorgeous ass above my gorging pole and slowly skewered herself on me. I couldn’t see her face but I did have this great view of her ass being impaled. “Oh, my God!”She gasped as she reached halfway down, stopped, and rose herself up. Then she went down again, a little father this time and rose her ass up. My cock was stretched her pussylips apart; it was like watching a big baseball bat being shoved into a wet golf ball hole.For some reason, despite how hard I fucked her earlier, she was unable to go all the way down. So she remained shaking her ass ghetto-style, stirring a series of wonderful stimulation. A black man would kill for a while girl like this. Actually, any man would.Priscilla pulled herself all the way up, a wet POP, and she fell forward on her bed. She remained facing down on her bed, her ass high and exposed for another fuck. I thought she wanted it doggie-style again but then I saw Veronica climbed on top of her, and there I was looking at two beautiful asses.I crawled toward them and admired the scene. Without thinking, I pressed my cock into the nearest hole. It was Priscilla’s pussy. She let out a loud moan. I fucked her royally and savagely for several strokes, then yanked myself out and shoved the monster into Veronica’s cunt.”Uuuggh,” she moaned.I gave it to her harder, feeling my balls slapping into the base of her canal. Then I stopped, remembering something else.I looked at their offering flesh and saw the puckered assholes. “Oh, my, God,” I whispered. Quickly, I grabbed Veronica’s ass, mounted on top her, and with ungraceful command, shoved the helmet into her anus. She let out a shriek, twisting and fighting. I held onto her and kept shoving deeper into her asshole. She screamed again. We both fell off of Priscilla and this time we were back to our spooning position. I gave Veronica another hard push, feeling that dirty warmness inside her hole. She embraced my arms and shuddered silently, painfully trying to take in the newfound sex act.”Urgh, you got a great asshole,” I grunted. “The fucking best.””Fuck you,” she hissed, looking at me with resentment.”Fuck me?” I pounded farther up the hilt. “How’d you like that, huh?!””Fuck you! Fuck you! FUCK YOU!” She let out a howling scream.Turned on by her anger, I hammered into shithole and felt her jumping from each thrust. She furiously started fucking her clits. She moaned louder, slapping and fingering her clitoris. I shoved my rod into just at the right moment; Veronica climaxed from the asshole to the womb. Sprinkle of ejaculation squirted from her pussy, staining the bed even worst. She squealed in delight as another long gush of juice shot out. “You never had anal before, huh?” I whispered, rubbing her wet pussy with her. “Feel good, doesn’t it?”She was gritting her teeth as she waited for the last of her orgasm to subside. With a sigh, she moaned and let out a little laugh. “Real fucking good,” she mumbled. “I should have fucked you a long time ago.””My turn,” Priscilla said. She looked extremely anxious about this anal experience. “I don’t know, Prissy,” Veronica muttered, still trying to recover from her orgasm. “You’re awfully tight up there.””But I want to feel what you just felt!”Veronica showed some sisterly concern for her. “You might get hurt. Fuck, how am I going to explain to Daddy that I can’t walk for a few days?”I laughed. “How are we going to explain to Mom about all the cum on the carpet and the bed?” I dimly realized it was getting late. “Christ, they could be home any minutes.”Priscilla looked at her defiantly. “Fuck Mom and Dad, I want this. If you don’t give this to me, I’ll never talk to you again, I swear.”I was hurt by this statement and I didn’t want to lose her. She was beautiful and she was still innocent in my eyes. “Lay on your back,” I commanded.”Billy,” Veronica said.”I know what to do,” I snapped back. Despite her disapproval, I wanted Priscilla anyway. Priscilla turned on her back and spread her legs apart, exposing her wet cunt. Her puckered asshole was definitely smaller than Veronica; an anus that was perfectly dotted and untainted. I leaned toward her, facing my cock against her ring, and said, “Are you sure you want this?”Priscilla looked at me with deep affection, caressing her tummy again, and smiled. “I want anything with you, love.” And, to make sure I got the message, she opened her legs even wider.Pressing one hand against her stomach, I held my cock and guided it into her loophole. The A-ring immediately refuses to accept my head, so I had to push a little harder. Priscilla’s whole body tensed as my helmet popped in there.Veronica came to her side and gave her a loving support by holding and caressing Priscilla’s rounded forehead. “It’s okay,” she said softly. “It’ll hurt at first but after that you’ll love it.””Fuck,” Priscilla whispered, biting the bottom of her lips again.I groaned as I saw this. With some effort, I was managed to get another inch in her. She gasped, eyes widening. Another inch went inside her. This time she yelped, squirming and bucking her pelvis against me. Veronica held her, making sure she was still as possible.Her struggle excited me, which made my cock bigger again. She felt the shaft enlarged and yelled out my name. I slowly wedged my way into the hot tunnel of her asshole, pushing deeper into her anus. Another inch went in and I felt her rectum break. “Oh, Lord,” she whispered, breathing harder. “Help me.”I felt her shit being pushed in as I found two more inches for my cock. Despite being gentle with her, I think I was deeper in Priscilla than I was with Veronica. I could feel her sphincter muscle and she was tightening against my cock.Inch by inch, I went in. Her expression was priceless. I felt my balls touched her ass. I was stunned I even reached this far.Veronica stared at my cock, also stunned at this act. “No fucking way,” she said. “I’ve never seen anything like this.”Like a woman giving birth, Priscilla was still holding onto Veronica’s hand, gasping and panting. Teary-eyed, she looked down at our bizarre intimacy and groaned out in wonder. She was breaking out in sweats and pain. She muttered something incoherent and let her head fall back on Veronica’s laps.I pulled back out, hearing a wet, squishing sound as I did this. Then I pushed back in. Clutching to her sister, Priscilla jumped and yelped. I repeated my rhythm, pulling in and out of this beautiful girl. She was longer as tensed as before but her asshole was still tight and hot. My heart thudded in excitement.It was a spectacular sight to see something as large as my meat slide in and out of this once-tight asshole. I began fucking her in a slow, deliberate motion. I gave her fast strokes. Deep, short strokes. Long and teasing strokes. No matter what, I kept the tempo exciting and unpredictable. Her eyes, when open, stayed glued to the sight of my cock disappearing into her.Priscilla was suddenly fingering herself, slapping and rubbing her clitoris. Her finger was moving so fast on her clit that her hand was a blur. Then she made a sound. Her eyes went wide, her mouth felt open, and then she was still.Scared and concerned, I immediately pulled out of her. That very act made Priscilla scream in pleasure. I watched her furiously fucked herself as the gaping A-hole the size of a fist remained open. Then she slapped her cunt, groaned out loud, and a long sprinkle of juice squirted. Part of her juices landed on my cock.With almost motherly delight, Veronica slowly fondled her sister’s tits as she watched her reached the peak of her orgasm.Squirt after squirt of her ejaculation sprinkled across the bedspread sheet. Her hands were clutching the bedsheet. She closed her eyes, sighed, and let out a moaning smile.I was in a complete haze. With one hand, I was slowly jacking off my cock, trying to maintain an even blood flow in my cock. Veronica noticed this and crawled toward me on her hands and knees. I stood on the bed and made sure my pole was perfectly aimed at her face. On her knees, she grabbed my cock and began to rub the shaft. She licked the bottom of my shaft and made sure it was drenched in saliva. Her large breasts began to shake and bounce. The expression on her face was determined, serious, possessed with hunger. Priscilla crawled to her side and decided to help her sister out. She grabbed the base of my cock and sucked my long tool with her mouth. “Mm, wouldn’t you like to come on us one more time?” she asked softly. “Just one more for your two baby sisters?”Veronica’s big globes were heaving up and down as she slobbered all over my humongous cock. Priscilla was licking me between my balls and anus. I felt a primitive form emotion taking over me. I grunted, pushed their faces away, and started jacking myself off.Veronica was on her knees while Priscilla was sitting on her ass, staring up at me as I gave my long shaft a good stroke.”You gonna come all over us?” Priscilla asked innocently, rubbing across her stomach. “Yeah, you want to come on my big titties?” Veronica giggled, squeezing her rack together. “We need your cum sooooo bad, Billy.””I’m gonna be coming any second now,” I panted. I could smell their pussies from up here. Sheen of different fluids was dripping down my shaft, the veins, and the balls. They began to move closer to me, waiting with hopeful, lustful eyes.Then I heard the bedroom door opened. “Honey, are you still awake in there?” My Dad stepped inside and stopped, a look of horror growing on his face. “What the fuck?”Mom came alongside him with a smile but when she saw her son and her two daughters on their knees before him, her smile vanished. In fact, she let out a cry of despair.”Oh, Christ Jesus, no!” Dad screamed. “Not my k**s! Not my k**s!”To my horror, I still wanted to finish the job. Both Veronica and Priscilla didn’t seem to give a shit about them. Still moaning out loud, their eyes were locked on my cock, waiting for the final firework. They were in a semi-conscious daze, needing and caring about only one thing. The guilt and the pleasure of being caught by my parent was the ultimate fuse.My balls were boiling now. I screamed out, “Dad, I’m gonna come on your daughters!” I was stroking faster and harder, aiming the monster right at their faces.”You bitches,” Dad shouted, pushing away my sobbing mother. “You fucking bitches!””Oh, yeah,” Veronica moaned, pinching her nipple. “Put on a show for Mommy, Billy. Squirt all over our faces.”Priscilla batted her eyes diffidently while staring up at me. “Come for your bitches, big brother.”My knees went Jell-O. I flexed my ass high on my toes as I felt the surge of voltage sparked through my cock. “OH, FUCK, HERE IT COMES!”I grunted savagely and the first long white stream of cum squirted. Veronica got the first stream on her large breasts. The second stream of hot white cum landed on Priscilla’s cheek. I shot another obscene amount of semen on Veronica’s open mouth. She moaned, turned to her little sister, and spat a large ball of saliva and semen into her mouth. Lines and pools of my warm cream were oozing down their bodies during this cum-swapping exchange.And I wasn’t done yet.My next thick cord landed on Priscilla’s pouting lips and chin, dripping from her face in a sticky, white slime. She opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue and I gave her one right on it. “Mmmmm,” she said, swallowing my jism with an audible gulp. My cock was still on fire and I spewed another river of hot semen on Veronica’s taut stomach. A long line splattered onto her shoulder, giving her a nice pearl necklace. She rolled her head back in ecstasy, loving it. Priscilla took my spasming cock and for the first time, shoved the entire shaft into her mouth. Her tongue manipulated my glans and I felt a shuddering blast shoot into her throat. She swallowed but couldn’t keep up with my explosion.”Argh, you fucking whore, ” I groaned, making sure my parent heard me. White semen was running down her chin and dripping to her stomach. Then I gave Veronica some more hot cum. Then Priscilla. I aimed it between them and blasted a few long ropes on their faces and tits. As a final thank-you gift, Veronica took my dick in her mouth and sucked out the rest. I went cross-eyed and groaned.The entire room was a choir of loud moans, stirring naked bodies, and the addicting smell of i****t. Their semen-soaked faces and beautiful, heaving breasts and the bed were our center stage. And for Mom, I squirted one more weak rope on Priscilla’s matted beaver.I heard my father break into a desperate sob with my mother. I threw my head back and felt the two of them licking me clean. I thought about my future in life. I thought about the fatal corruption of this family. I thought about the abortion clinics for my sisters. I even thought about how bad my father was going to beat me. But you know what?It was worth it, and I’d do it all over again.

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