Game Show Winners


The day was finally here. Lisa and I were going to be on the cable television game show “We Dare You” tonight, live.

We had seen the show before and decided to try out for it since the grand prize was an all expense paid trip for two to Hawaii.

All we had to do was to be the last couple completing the final “Dare.”

Lisa and I decided we would do anything to win the contest, no matter what the dare was.

When we arrived at the studio we were told that we would be competing against two other married couples. We were prepped for the program and went into makeup for last minute touchup. We were now ready.

On stage we met the MC who showed us where to stand and then met the other two married couples who were older than us.

We still hadn’t been told the theme of the show which we would be told once we went live.

The clock ticked down and we were now live. The MC introduced the three couples as the audience applauded.

The MC called for quiet and then announced the theme of tonight’s show. He said, “Ladies and gentlemen, tonight’s theme will be “Sex” with no limits.”

He said there would be TEN DARES and the couple who completes all of the dares will be the grand prize winner. If there was a tie, the audience will decide the winner.

Also, if a couple quits, the remaining couples must still compete. And, if one of the remaining couples quit, the couple left MUST complete all dares to be declared the grand prize winner.

One couple immediately dropped out and we only had one couple to beat. Lisa was determined to win, no matter what.

The MC advised us that the dares would become more “daring” after each successful dare and asked if we were ready.

The FIRST dare was easy: Tongue kiss your partner for two minutes.

Both couples did it.

The SECOND dare was easy, as well: Remove your wife’s top and feel her tits for two minutes.

Both couples did it.

The THIRD dare got things interesting: Remove her top and suck her nipples for two minutes.

Both couples did it.

The FOURTH dare started to really get things going: Have your wife come to the center of the stage and remove all of her clothes. shanty town izle She has two minutes.

Lisa went to the center and removed her jeans and g-string, baring everything to the world, without any hesitation. The audience roared their approval.

The other contestant did it, but hesitantly.

The FIFTH dare really tested us: Have your husband come out to the center and remove all of his clothes. He has two minutes.

I went out and took off my shirt then removed my jeans and finally my shorts, without any misgivings. I got a wink from Lisa.

The other guy removed his clothes too but a lot slower and hesitantly.

The SIXTH dare was pushing the limits: Both couples come to the center and suck your husbands cock for two minutes.

Lisa and I went to the center and Lisa knelt in front of me and started sucking my cock as the cameras got in real close.

The other couple did it but stopped after one minute and quit.

Now, Lisa and I were the last couple but we still had to complete the remaining four dares to win the contest.

The MC gave us time to think if we wanted to continue.

After a few minutes, he asked us for our decision. Lisa, still naked, looked at him and said, ” Let’s keep this going. We want to go to Hawaii.”

The SEVENTH dare was a real test: Have your wife finish giving you the blow job and shoot your cum into her mouth. If she gets it all in her mouth and swallows it all, you will be exempt from one of the last dares. You have two minutes to complete this dare.

I looked at Lisa and said, “You don’t have to do this. Everyone is going to see this.”

Lisa looked at me and brought me to the center of the stage and immediately knelt in front of me. She took my cock into her mouth and started sucking my cock.

As she sucked my cock, I could feel it pulsating and I was ready to cum. The camera got a good closeup of Lisa opening her mouth. As she did, my cock started shooting stream after stream of cum directly into her mouth as the camera got in really close. She did get it all in and swallowed every drop of cum.

The MC congratulated us on completing the dare and shape island izle said we now only had only two more dares to win the trip.

The MC told us to take a ten minute break before the next dare and we did.

As we rested, I told Lisa that we will probably have to fuck as the last dare and if she was ready for that. She looked at me and nodded a yes.

After our break, the MC called us out and asked if we were ready for the next dare. We told him we were.

Just then, a bed was rolled out. The MC gave us the next dare: For your next to last dare, your husband has to perform anal sex with you and you have five minutes to complete the dare.

I whispered to Lisa that we should quit but she adamantly refused and got on all fours on the bed. I lubed her up and we got ready.

I got on the bed with my hard cock lined up with her asshole. I slowly inserted my cock into her. A quiet came over the audience as my cock slowly disappeared into her ass.

I watched the clock and with a couple of minutes left, I sank my cock all the way into her ass until my balls touched her. I gave her a couple of thrusts and the MC yelled out that we completed the dare.

I pulled my cock out and Lisa fell onto her stomach.

The curtain closed and the MC told us to take a ten minute break.

I told Lisa that she was incredible and that I loved her. She smiled and said she loved me too.

We couldn’t imagine what the last dare would be but Lisa said she was ready for it.

The MC called us back and the audience applauded us for what seemed like ten minutes before they quieted down.

Then the MC told us that we had one more dare to compete and asked us if we were ready. We told him we were.

The MC then told Lisa to pick ten numbers from 1 to a 100, which she did. The MC called out the numbers: 5, 9, 40, 60, 19, 75, 80, 100, 1 and 15.

Then he said, “Gentleman, when you arrived, you were all given a number, please check that number and if it is one that was picked, please come up to the stage.”

One by one, men started coming up to the stage and were made to stand in line on the stage.

The MC told Lisa she hulk attorney at law izle that each man has a number that she picked. He then said the dare: “Lisa, I dare you to match the number with the man. For every number or man that you don’t match, you must let them fuck and cum in you.”

I looked at Lisa and shook my head no. She looked at me and told the MC that she was going to go for it. I shook my head in disbelief.

The MC had the men line up and Lisa stood naked in front of them.

She went up and down the line with her numbers in her hand. As she approached each man, she handed them her number.

Then the MC went down the line and at each man asked them to show their number and the one Lisa gave them. If the numbers matched, they went back to their seat. If the numbers didn’t match, they would get to fuck and cum in Lisa.

The first two guys weren’t a match and went to the side. The next guy had a matching number and went back to his seat. The next guy didn’t have a matching number and joined the other two.

By the time the MC finished, six guys had numbers that didn’t match and four did.

The MC told Lisa that, in order to win the grand prize, she would have to let the six guys fuck and cum in her. He told her she had two minutes to decide.

Lisa and I discussed it and I asked her if it was worth it. She asked me if I would hate her if she did it and I told her no but that she would have to live with it for the rest of her life. Then she said that it was a local cable show and she decided to do it.

She turned to the MC and told him to get the guys ready.

The bed was brought out and Lisa got on it, laying on her back, legs spread.

One by one the men undressed, their cocks hard and erect. As one by one got on the bed, they each put on their condom before entering paradise

Lisa fucked each man and each man came in her. When they all finished, the audience went crazy with applause and calling her name. I brought her a robe and the MC congratulated her.

As the show was ending, the MC gave Lisa the grand prize, an all expenses paid, one week trip for two to Hawaii. He even included a $1,000 cash bonus to spend on the trip.

Lisa kissed him and even let him give her a quick feel as the show ended.

The MC told us we were the best couple ever and welcomed us back anytime.

Lisa looked at him and said, “The only way I would come back if I could get all the numbers wrong.” And gave him a wink…

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