Subject: Ganymede Middle School – Chapter 1 (Gay male/Incest/Adult-Youth) Ganymede Middle School – Chapter 1 I was 11 when I started seventh grade at Ganymede Middle School, an all-boys school for grades 7-9. I was barely able to get to sleep the night before orientation because I was so excited about starting a new school. I knew most of my friends were enrolled there too, but I wondered about my teachers. I was definitely a math and science geek but I also like to run. I wanted to try out for the cross country team. Dad woke me up at 7:30. He quietly came into my room and sat down on the edge of my bed. He put his hand on my shoulder and gently shook me awake. “Tim, buddy, wake up. Come on, son, it’s the big day. Orientation.” I slowly opened my eyes and yawned. My handsome father was looking down at me. My father was 39 and divorced from my mother, who had come out as a lesbian about 4 years ago. They were still close and both took part in raising me, but this past summer my mother had moved away to be with her wife. I still talked to her regularly and saw her on breaks and holidays. I took in my father sitting on the edge of the bed. He was wearing his bathrobe that was open enough to display his chest full of hair. He had a short, tidy beard and close cropped hair. The belt of the bathrobe was tied around his stomach, which was starting to spread out a little when he sat down. His hairy legs were bare and spread, leading my eyes toward his crotch. Even though it was covered up, I knew that Dad’s uncut penis was about 6 inches flaccid and he low hanging balls. I had seen Dad’s penis a few times around the house when I inadvertently walked in on him in the shower or shaving. “I’d ask if you were excited but i can see that you are,” Dad said looking down at the small tent in the bed sheet right above my erect boycock. Underneath a blanket, a sheet, and my superhero underwear, I had a morning boner. Dad wiggled my erection through the bedding. “You’ve got some time if you want to take care of that now,” he said resting his hand on the blanket above my cock. He gently rubbed my stiff cock through the sheets. “God knows I could stand to do it too,” escort bayan he added spreading his legs to reveal the head of his long cock peaking slightly out of the leg of his boxer shorts. I didn’t understand what he was talking about and it must have shown on my face. “You know, jerk off? Beat off? Masturbate?” I knew the familiar words from the playground – they meant playing with your dick. But how was that going to get rid of my boner? With his left hand, Dad started moving his hand up and down around the shaft of my young penis. His right hand began to stroke his adult cock through his shorts. Each stroke made more of his erection visible. The feeling on my boycock was intense but pleasurable. He eased up a little. “Do you know what masturbation is?” “Yes, Dad.” “And have you ever done it before?” “Well, I’ve played with my penis. It feels good.” “But you haven’t made it cum yet? You know, shoot sperm? You’re at the age where boys start to make sperm.” “No, Dad. Not yet.” “But you have some pubic hair, right?” “Yeah, a little bit. Not like Shaun Maloney who’s almost shaving already.” “Can you show me? I think it’s time I taught you a few things about growing up. Don’t worry about being late for orientation, we’ve got plenty of time.” I nodded excitedly. Dad was going to show me how to play with my cock! And maybe more! He stood up and took his robe off. He ran his hand over his chest and stomach, feeling his man’s body. He kept eye contact with me as he hooked his thumbs in the waistband of his boxers and shucked them off. His cock bounced up when it was release from his underwear. I had never seen Dad’s erection before and it was amazing. It curved up towards his stomach, exposing his hairy, low hanging balls. Dad’s pubic bush was thick, dark and full. I felt my small cock strain even more against my underwear. I pulled back the sheets and lay there in just my underwear, tented under the force of my rigid boy boner. Dad sat back down on the side of the bed with his penis in reach of my hand. “Let’s start by getting you out of this underwear.”, he said as he lifted up the waistband of my underwear and pulled them down. kocaeli escort bayan Dad looked at my 4-inch boycock approvingly. He traced my small pubic bush around the base of my cock with his finger. He slowly stroked my small, hairless balls with the back of his fingers, then he ran them up the underside of my erect shaft. “You’ve gotten to be such a big boy lately. I swear the last time I saw you naked you were completely smooth. And now look at you. Now, show my how you play with your cock, Tim.” I looked down my smooth body to my small cock standing upright. It was slightly thicker at the base, tapering to my foreskin which extended beyond the head of my cock. I reached my right hand over to grip the shaft of my penis. I held it tightly and began pulling my foreskin back and forth. “Ok, hang on. Watch me for a minute.” He took his fully erect penis in his hand like I did, but he had a gentler touch. His hand slid up the shaft and when he got to the head, he used his thumb and two fingers to gently rub it back and forth. Then his hand went to the base of his cock and he started again. “Trying using a lighter grip. The head will give you the most pleasure but it can be very intense so don’t forget about the shaft. I know yours isn’t as long as mine but you’ll get the hang of it. I’ve got an idea, Stand here in front of me.” I stood between his legs, our cocks almost touching. He held my arms and said, “Turn around.” With my back to him, he guided my hand back onto my cock, but this time he kept his hand on top of mine. Together we rested my hand gently on my cock and he began to help me stroke it. At the head of my small cock, he used just a few fingers to pull my foreskin back and forth, exposing the the dark cherry head of my dicklet. I imitated his movements and felt the pleasure growing between my legs. My small balls began to retreat upwards. I was masturbating and Dad was helping! I couldn’t believe it. With his left hand, Dad held me firmly while feeling my chest. He pulled me back closer to his cock and balls. “How does that feel, Tim?” “So nice, Dad. Do you think I’ll shoot sperm?” “I’m kocaeli escort not sure, but I bet you do. I know I’mg going to.” “Really, Dad? Can I see?” “Of course, Tim, but let’s get you taken care of first.” The warmth of my Dad’s body against my back was comforting. I wanted to shoot sperm for him to show him I could do it. As I stroked, I felt his erect penis push up against my ass. It was so hard and long. I shifted my hips back and forth to get his cock right in the grove of my small, smooth ass. Dad moaned. “You’re a natural, son. Turn around and let’s shoot together.” I turned around and faced my father. His erection was throbbing and dripping. “Keep stroking, son,” he said as he resumed stroking his dadcock. We both stared intensely at each other’s erections. He watched me learning to masturbate my young penis, and I was aroused by his large, hairy cock. “I feel something, Dad.” “Keep going, Tim, you’re close. I’m close too.” With his left hand he reached between my legs and began to fondle my smooth balls. It was just what I needed to get me to shoot. The build up and release let loose a large amount of boy cum all over me and Dad. A lot of it landed on his cock and hand. “Fuck yeah, son!” I reciprocated by reaching out and feeling his big, hairy balls. They were warm and Dad liked it when I touched them. I held them underneath and gently ran my hand back and forth. Dad moaned some more. Dad took my hand that was covered in my cum and placed it on the shaft of his penis. He put his hand over mine and continued stroking. He stroke was faster and faster with my hand feeling every inch of his dadcock. With his left hand he reached around my back and began fondling my butt. Seconds later his cock exploded. His sperm shot upwards towards his face. Some of it landed on his chest and some of it hit him in the face. He was covered in cum, both mine and his. “I love you, Tim” “I love you, Dad.” He held me close coating us both in cum. I never wanted to leave the comfort of being held in his arms and standing between his legs. He kissed me lightly as our leaking cocks began to deflate. “Thanks for showing me that, Dad. It felt really good.” “I”m glad, son. Your grandfather showed me, so I’m happy to continue a family tradition. Plus, it’s a great start to the new school year. Now, we’re going to be late if we don’t get a move on. C’mon, get in the shower and get going.”

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