Subject: Ganymede Middle School – Chapter 9 (Gay Male/Incest/Adult Youth/Young Friends) Thanks for the continuing feedback. This is my first time writing a story for Nifty and it’s been very fun. Please remember to donate to Nifty to help keep this amazing fty/donate.html Ganymede Middle School – Chapter 9 “Mr. Summers? Mr. Summers!” Ramon excitedly slapped the top of his desk with his open palm making a louder than expected bang. “Is there a problem, Mr. Navarro?” our homeroom teacher asked. “No, Mr. Green. I’m sorry about that.” Mr. Green was our homeroom and history teacher. He was about 45, 5’10” and weighed about 260 pounds. He was chubby with a large belly and a shapely, thick chest. Because he was clean shaven and had a full face, he looked younger than he was. He was a nice man but very reserved. In some ways he was the opposite of Mr. Summers. He wore a suit, dress shirt, and tie every day. Ramon and I were catching up before homeroom started. I had told him about how I sucked Mr. Summers’ cock during cross country practice the day before. “He wasn’t just telling me what to do, he was teaching me how to do it,” I told Ramon. I had good memories of Mr. Summers’ penis in my mouth. And I was definitely looking forward to the next time. “That’s it. I’m trying out for cross country,” Ramon said jokingly. “And, here, I thought I had the good story.” “Tell me everything,” I insisted. “During lunch period yesterday, I met those two older boys in the third floor bathroom. There’s a hole between the stalls that lets one boy stick his penis through so a boy in the other stall can play with it. It sounds weird but it’s so hot. It’s just a boy’s boner, maybe his balls, and nothing else . I sat in the one stall and the other two boys put their dicks in the hole and I sucked on them. The first boy, Ted, had a long thin cock that was rock hard. He was circumcised and the head of his cock was very sensitive. I could hear him moaning on the other side of the stall wall while I went down on him. I loved being in control but he came almost immediately.” “Dang.” I looked over at Mr. Green who shifted in his seat. I wondered if he could hear us. Or see my cock tenting out my pants. “The second boy, Aaron, was also cut but his cock was thicker and shorter. Probably about 5 inches. But it filled up my mouth. He lasted a while longer. I sucked the loads out of both of them and swallowed every drop.” “Gosh, Ramon, that sounds like so much fun. And some really great practice.” “It was. I’m going back over lunch today and you should come with me. We can eat lunch quickly and get up there escort bayan so I can show you how it works.” And that’s just what we did. We asked Tyler if he wanted to join us, but he had homework to finish for his next class. Ramon and I climbed the stairs to the third floor. When we got to the bathroom, two boys were just leaving. “Have fun,” one boy said smiling. “We will,” Ramon said, turning to watch the boys walk away. The boys looked back at us and smiled knowingly. The bathroom had two stalls and a few urinals on one side and a row of sinks and mirrors on the other. It wasn’t as musky as the locker room, but it had that unmistakable smell of boys going through puberty – a mix of body odor and semen. The bathroom was empty. “Good. You go in there,” Ramon said pointing to the first stall. I went in and sat on the toilet lid. Sure enough, there was a vertical hole between the two stalls. The edges of the hole were covered in a dingy fabric tape. The walls of the stall were covered with graffiti, some drawings and some writing. Crude pictures of cocks and asses and phrases like “Gotta suck them all,” “Good to the last drop,” and “Coach Burr sniffs jockstraps.” I made note of that last one. Ramon moved into the other stall and stood in front of the hole. In one quick move, he undid his belt and dropped his pants and underwear. He stood so that his crotch was pressed against the hole. I leaned forward and admired his soft cock and balls. His uncut cock tapered to point where his foreskin overhung the head of his dick. His small balls were starting to get covered in dark hairs. I licked my lips. I reached forward and lifted up his soft boycock with my hand to give me access to his balls. I pressed my lips to his balls and gently suckled them in my mouth. The skin of his scrotum was incredibly soft. I moved my tongue behind his balls and licked his young taint. I could feel his cock getting hard between my fingers and gave it a few encouraging strokes. Ramon moaned. I worked on his balls for another minute, continuing to give his cock a few strokes. I moved back from his balls and let go of his boypenis. It was hard and starting to pulse. His dick had a slight upward curve and was thicker at the base than at the tip. The small pink head of his cock was barely visible under his foreskin. I pushed my tongue under his foreskin and sealed my lips around his cock. I swirled my tongue around the head of his cock a few times. “That feels so good,” Ramon sighed. I moved my mouth up and down on his four inch cock. I tried to not use my hands. Instead, I practiced bobbing my head up and kocaeli escort bayan down on his cock. Sometimes, I would let his cock slip out of my mouth so that I could press my lips against it and force it back into my mouth. I played with his foreskin in my mouth – sucking it forward, pushing my tongue underneath, and using my lips to pull it back to expose more of Ramon’s cock head. “Suck my cock, Tim. Make me cum. I’m so close.” Just then, the door opened and someone walked in. Another boy to suck! I couldn’t contain my excitement and started sloppily devouring Ramon’s cock. “I’m cumming, Tim. Yes, take it, Tim.” Ramon thrust in time with the movements of my mouth. With one final thrust he shoved his small cock deep into my mouth and released his load. I felt it hit the back of my throat. Greedily, I swallowed my friend’s load. Spent, he removed his cock from my mouth. He leaned his face towards the hole as he pulled up his pants. “That was amazing, Tim. And you’ve got another customer,” he laughed. “Send in my next victim,” I said, trying to sound like a mad scientist from a scary movie. Ramon opened the door to his stall. “Hi, Mr. Green,” Ramon said brightly. Mr. Green! I thought it was another student, but here was my chance to get my mouth around another teacher’s cock. “Hello, Ramon. That sounded satisfying,” Mr. Green said. “It was. Tim’s just the boy for the job,” Ramon said, leaving the bathroom. Alone, I could hear Mr. Green breathing As he entered the stall, he said, “I just want you to know that I’ve never done this before.” Done what, I wondered. Come to the third floor bathroom to get his dick sucked? Had his dick sucked by a student? Had his dick sucked by a boy? Regardless, I was more turned on than ever. I heard him hang up up his coat on the back of the stall door. He stood in front of the hole I could see the outline of his cock in his suit pants. I nuzzled his hardon with my face. It felt firm and warm. He exhaled loudly. I took down his zipper and rubbed his bulge with my hand. He stepped back and pulled his cock and balls through his boxer shorts and the zipper of his pants. His cock was a thick six inches, cut, with a large mushroom head. His balls were shaven and completely smooth. From what I could see, the rest of his crotch was shaved bare as well. I nuzzled his cock and pressed my face into his balls. He could feel my breath on his thick erection and I moved my face around his genitals. His moaning told me that his anticipation was building. A single drop of precum formed at the tip of his penis. I lapped kocaeli escort it up with my small tongue, and teased his piss slit. It was time. I gently pressed my lips against his big mushroom cockhead, making it seem like I was resisting having his cock on my mouth. I pressed my lips more firmly until his cock forced its way into my mouth. My warm, wet mouth engulfed his throbbing cock. He gasped. At that point my boy urges were in complete control. I wanted to worship this man’s cock with my mouth. And pleasure him until he released his load into me. I tried to start slowly, but my mouth was greedy for his cock. I took the shaft all the way into my mouth so that his cock head was poking the back of my throat and my nose was touching his boxer shorts. Then very deliberately I moved my head back, coating his cock with my saliva as I went. Again, all the way down and back. I held just the head of his dick in my mouth, feeling it throb and tasting the precum dripping from his pee hole. Mr. Green just moaned my name, “Tim. Tim. Tim.” His smooth balls were retreating upwards, so I knew he was close. “Yes, Tim. Just like that, Tim. I want to cum, Tim.” Saying my name made me want to devour his cock even more. I sucked faster, wanting his man juice inside me. “Suck me, Tim. Make me shoot, Tim.” I held my head in place and let him fuck my mouth. Powerful, deep thrusts in and out of my mouth with his thick cock. He went faster and faster until with one big, final thrust, he shoved his cock into the back of my throat and his load erupted inside of me. I gagged a little but managed to swallow it all, choking down the flood of cum. With a slurping sound, Mr. Green pulled his cock from my mouth and slipped it back into his pants. As he zipped up his pants, the bell rang, meaning I had five minutes to get to science class. As we stepped out of the stalls, a few boys came in to take care of business between classes. Mr. Green and I stepped into the hallway. “Thank you, Tim,” he said seriously. “That was very pleasurable. And it was very special for me.” “Me too, Mr. Green,” I said excitedly. i moved close to him and hugged him. I could feel him relax as I pressed my face against his big chest. “I hope we can do that again. And more,” I said, breaking the hug. “I would love that. You’re a very talented boy. I’ll see you tomorrow. Thanks again, Tim.” I rushed to science class. Mr. Summers was saying hi to the boys as they came into class. “Hello, Tim. It was great spending time with you yesterday. I’m going to enjoy having you on the team.” As he spoke, his eyes traveled down the length of my young body until they reached my crotch. My pants were displaying a prominent wet spot. Mr. Summers put his hand on my upper arm and pulled me close. “I can’t wait to help you with that.” I didn’t stop grinning for the rest of class.

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