Subject: Garrett’s Summer With Grandpa 1 Can you imagine life without Nifty? Please show your support with contributions to keep the Archive online. You can find out how fty/donate.html This story is completely fictional. I hope you enjoy this story. Please send any comments ail and I will reply as soon as I can. Bill GARRETT’S SUMMER WITH GRANDPA “Please, Mum. I don’t want to spend the summer in a tiny fishing village,” Garrett pleaded. “And I hardly know Grandpa. It’s been over two years since we last visited him.” Single mother Helen sighed. “I’m sorry, Garrett, but there is no alternative. This cruise ship contract is the best job I’ve had in years and it could lead to better things.” “I could stay with Mason. I’m sure his parents would agree,” said Garrett. “For a few days maybe but not for seven weeks,” responded Helen. “Besides, I’ve already spoken to Dad and he’s willing to have you. He’ll probably enjoy having someone share that big, old house and it will be good for you to get to know him better.” “But I’ll be bored,” whined Garrett. “Garrett, you’re thirteen…nearly fourteen. Don’t act like a baby,” said Helen. “You can go swimming, help in the garden and…well, plenty of things. Now go and pack your suitcase.” *** Two days later Garrett was on a train heading west. He was still feeling sorry for himself as he chatted online with his school friend Mason. “You might love it,” Mason said, trying to cheer up his friend. “If it’s a fishing village, there must be a beach. You might meet some cute girls in bikinis.” “I suppose that’s possible,” Garrett typed in reply. He couldn’t tell his friend that he had no interest in girls. “Anyway I’d better log off as I’m nearly at my station. See ya.” As he packed his laptop away, Garrett thought about his last visit to his grandfather when he’d gone with his mother. He had happy memories of visits to a small rocky beach, picnics in the country and occasional trips to the nearest big town. He remembered picking and eating strawberries in the garden at the back of the house and then the fact that his grandfather had done most of the cooking. “He’s a better cook than Mum. At least I’ll eat well,” he said to himself. Garrett remembered his grandfather as being a big man, with less hair than in the old photo on the mantelpiece at home. He also thought of him as kind, never complaining at his constant questions. He worked out that his grandfather would now be sixty-eight and wondered if he was still as physically fit as he remembered. The announcement by the train manager that the train would shortly reach his stop interrupted Garrett’s thoughts. He collected his suitcase from the luggage rack at the end of the carriage and followed other passengers to the door. Moments later he was going through the ticket barrier and looking for his grandfather. A tall, heavily-built man stepped towards Garrett. “Garrett, is that you?” Garrett looked up into the smiling face. “Grandpa!” he grinned. “I almost didn’t recognise you.” Matt grinned. “Yeah, I have put on a bit of weight. But I could say the same about you. You’ve grown since I last saw you.” “That was two summers ago,” smiled Garrett. “And I’m still tiny compared to you.” At 160 cm (5ft 3in) Garrett was about average height for his age and Matt was 193 cm (6ft 4in). “Well, you are definitely much more handsome than I ever was.” Matt opened his arms wide. “Give your old grandpa a hug.” Garrett blushed at being called handsome but he dropped his bags and hugged the man. He quickly realised how different it felt – how much better it felt – compared to being hugged by his mother. Suddenly Garrett felt his little cock begin to stiffen and he froze. “Let me take your big bag,” Matt said when they pulled apart. “The car is just around the corner.” The pair checked each other out as they walked to the car. Garrett thought that his grandfather was balder and had a bigger belly than before but was still a handsome man. Matt thought that Garrett looked adorable with his fair hair, blue eyes and flawless pale skin. “Are you still singing in the church choir?” he asked. “No, I gave that up when my voice broke. What made you ask that?” Garrett responded. “Because you look angelic,” smiled Matt. “Looks can be deceiving though. You’re probably a little devil.” Garrett laughed. “Mum would tell you I’m no angel…but I don’t get into much trouble.” “I bet you’ve been warned to be on your best behaviour when you’re here with me,” said Matt. “Don’t worry. I’ll try to make sure you have some fun.” “Thanks, Grandpa,” smiled Garrett. The drive to the village took little over forty minutes and the sun started shining as they arrived. “The sun has come out to welcome you,” said Matt. “I hope to send you home with a nice suntan. You’re much too pale.” “A suntan would be nice. It’s a bit late now but I’d like to go swimming tomorrow if that’s okay with you,” Garrett said. “Of course that is okay. It’s the school holidays and I want you to have fun,” Matt responded as he turned into the driveway of his house. “Welcome to your home for the next seven weeks.” Garrett got out of the car and took a deep breath of sea air. At that moment he felt happy to be where he was. Matt carried Garrett’s suitcase into the house. “I’ve made up the bed in the room facing the back garden – the room your mum used when you were last here. It’s bigger than the one you had then. I hope you’ll find it comfortable.” “Thanks, Grandpa. I can manage my case,” said Garrett. “Okay, you go upstairs and unpack while I organise dinner,” Matt said. “You must be hungry after your long journey.” Garrett took his bags upstairs and dumped them on the bed. He looked out of the window at the garden and the hills beyond. He could see a few other houses but none overlooked the property. “So different from home,” Garrett said, thinking of the apartment back in London. He put his clothes away, changed from jeans into shorts and then took out his laptop. “I will need to find out the wi-fi password,” he said to himself. He walked downstairs, making no noise as he was now barefoot. As he approached the kitchen, he heard his grandfather’s voice. “I tell you, Charlie. He’s gorgeous,” Matt said. “Not the little boy I was thinking of but a sexy teenager.” “Is he talking about me? Does he think I’m sexy?” Garrett asked himself. “Of course, I won’t touch him, Charlie. I’d never do anything to harm him,” Matt continued. Another pause. “No, Charlie. I promise. I’ll just look and dream. Okay, got to go. We’ll speak again soon.” Garrett stood motionless in the hall. “Grandpa thinks I’m sexy. Does that mean he is gay?” Garrett remembered starting to become aroused when they were hugging at the station. “We are alike. I get stiff thinking about men and it seems he likes boys.” Suddenly the kitchen door opened and Matt came out. “There you are, Garrett. I was about to come to ask if you’d like something to drink.” “Eh? Oh…um, no thanks,” said Garrett. “I just wanted to ask for the wi-fi password.” “Wi-fi? I’m afraid broadband hasn’t reached this village and I never bothered asking about a dial-up connection,” Matt explained. “Even mobile phone reception is poor.” “So I’m cut off from civilisation?” Garrett wasn’t happy. Matt laughed. “It’s not that bad. You youngsters spend too much time online from what I’ve heard. You can connect with civilisation, as you call it, every time we go into town. You can use the land-line if you want to chat to your friends back home.” “Um, okay,” said Garrett. He was happy that he could still phone Mason but he was going to miss access to gay porn. That was something he’d come addicted istanbul travesti to in recent months. “I think you should phone your mum to let her know you have arrived safely,” Matt told Garrett. He tried to avoid looking at the boy’s smooth legs but he couldn’t help thinking he looked great in shorts. “I’ll do that now,” Garrett said. He went into the kitchen to use the phone and Matt took the opportunity to adjust his semi-hard cock before going out into the garden to pick what he needed for a green salad. “Is everything okay?” Matt asked when he came back indoors. “Yeah. Mum’s onboard the ship in Southampton and will be sailing in a couple of hours,” Garrett replied. He watched as his grandfather washed the salad ingredients and said, “Something smells good. What’s for dinner?” “Lasagna. I prepared it this morning and it will be ready in about thirty minutes,” said Matt. Neither spoke for a few minutes and then Garrett asked, “Grandpa, who is Charlie?” Matt turned to face the boy, looking slightly worried. “I wasn’t spying but I couldn’t help overhear the end of your conversation when I came downstairs,” said Garrett. Matt swallowed, wondering how much Garrett had overheard, and decided that he would answer honestly. “Charlie is my best friend. I’ve known him since I joined the Royal Navy when I was seventeen. He was a few years older than me but he took me under his wing. We later served together in the Merchant Navy.” “Maybe Mum has the sea in her blood too,” Garrett commented. “She was dead keen to work on a cruise ship.” “Maybe,” smiled Matt. “You couldn’t have been at home much in those days,” said Garrett. “Is that why your marriage broke up?” “You’re not shy about asking personal questions, are you?” smiled Matt. “Yes, that was one reason. Your grandmother – God rest her soul – loved this village and wasn’t interested in travelling at all. I don’t suppose you remember her.” “No. She passed away when I was a baby,” said Garrett. “Does Charlie live near here?” “He lives some miles along the coast,” replied Matt. “He’s got a dinghy so I’ll ask him to take us out for a sail one day if you like.” Garrett smiled. “Yeah, I’d like that. I want to go swimming tomorrow.” “Okay, we’ll do that,” said Matt. He tried not to think about what Garrett would look like in swimwear. “I remember you being quite a good swimmer on your last visit.” “I’m probably better now. I go swimming every week at home,” said Garrett. “Do you swim a lot?” “Yes, a couple of times a week,” replied Matt. “Not quite as often in the winter though. Now what would you like to drink? I seem to remember you loving Coke but I also have orange juice, pineapple juice and sparkling water.” “I don’t drink as much Coke now,” smiled Garrett. “Sweetened drinks aren’t good for my teeth and I try to take care of my body. I’ll have sparkling water, please.” “Very wise!” Matt declared. “And you do have a very nice body.” He looked his grandson up and down and them immediately regretted it. “I shouldn’t have those thoughts,” he told himself. Then he smiled at Garrett and said, “I’m going to have red wine. I like having wine with pasta dishes.” “So does Mum,” smiled Garrett. “She likes wine with most dishes but she normally only has it at the weekend.” Matt poured the drinks, set the table ready for the meal and then checked the lasagna. “I think it’s ready,” he announced. “Take a seat and I’ll dish it up. Help yourself to salad.” Garrett loved the lasagna and had a small second portion. Ice cream and strawberries from the garden rounded dinner off. “That was a wonderful meal, Grandpa,” said Garrett. “You really are a great cook. Even better than Mum.” “Maybe I can teach you a few dishes while you are here and you can cook for your Mum when you go back home,” suggested Matt. “Yeah, that might be fun,” smiled Garrett. “Now I’ll wash the dishes. That’s my job at home.” Matt looked at Garrett strangely. “Are you really a teenager? You’re polite and offering to help with the chores. I heard that teenagers nowadays were often rude, lazy and obsessed with social media.” Garrett laughed. “Mum wouldn’t let me away with that kind of behaviour. Anyway it’s only fair to help you. You are looking after me and you’ve just cooked me a fabulous meal.” “Well, I appreciate it, Garrett,” smiled Matt. “You wash the dishes and I’ll dry, and then we’ll take a walk around the village. I don’t think it has changed much since your last visit but you probably don’t remember much.” There wasn’t much to see in the village. Apart from houses, there was just the pub and a small convenience store. As they stood overlooking the fishing boats in the harbour, Matt said, “There’s not a lot for a young lad to do here, I’m afraid. Not many youngsters live in the village either so I hope you won’t get bored.” “I’ll survive. It’s only for seven weeks after all,” said Garrett. “And I like being with you.” “Phew! That’s a relief!” Matt wiped his brow theatrically and then grinned at Garrett. Garrett smiled back and then looked out to sea. He took a deep breath and then asked, “Do you really like me? I mean really like me?” Matt didn’t know what the boy was getting at. “Of course, I do. You’re my grandson and I love you. You’ve shown me in the last few hours that you’re a really nice person so I’d like you even if we weren’t related.” “I don’t mean like that,” Garrett said. “I heard some of what you said to Charlie. Did you mean it?” A knot gripped Matt’s stomach. “What did you hear?” “That you think I’m handsome…maybe even sexy,” replied Garrett. Matt swallowed. “I’m sorry. It was wrong of me and I should never have said them. Can you forget that I did? I’d never do anything at all to hurt you.” “I’m not upset, Grandpa. Just a little confused,” Garrett began. “I’m going to tell you something I’ve not told anyone else, not even Mum.” “Okay,” said Matt as he looked into Garrett’s blue eyes. “I promise to keep your secret.” “I’m…um, Grandpa, I’m gay.” Garrett’s eyes began to fill with tears. Matt hugged the boy tightly. “Please don’t cry. There’s nothing wrong with being gay these days. In fact, I have heard that many schools have those…what-do-you-call-them…societies.” “LGTB societies,” said Garrett, moving away slightly. “My school has one but I’ve never had the courage to talk to anyone in it.” “You’re still very young. Perhaps you will feel more confident to ask for advice when you return after the summer break,” said Matt. “You’re sure it’s not a phase…” “It’s not a phase!” Garrett almost shouted. “I’ve felt this way about men for years,” he added in a normal voice. He saw his grandfather’s eyes open wide. “Yes, men – not boys. Are you shocked?” “No, not shocked. A little surprised perhaps but I won’t tell you it’s wrong,” said Matt. “We can’t explain what turns us on. I have a confession for you. I’m gay too. Let’s go home and we’ll talk more.” They walked the short distance home in silence and Matt made tea before they sat down at the kitchen table and talked. “Things were very different when I was young. Men could be sent to jail for having sex with another man until I was in my teens,” Matt began. “Even after that horrible law was abolished, things didn’t change a great deal. There were no discrimination laws in those days so you could lose your job if your boss discovered you were gay. So like most gay men I tried to hide my feelings. Being at sea with no females around, there was no pressure from those around to go dating girls.” Matt smiled and said, “And sometimes you could meet other guys who felt the same way.” “That’s where you met Charlie,” said Garrett. “Was he your kadıköy travesti boyfriend?” “He was for a few years,” smiled Matt. “But the Royal Navy split us up. We think some officer found out and arranged for him to get transferred to another ship. We kept in touch though and then later served together on merchant ships.” “But you got married,” Garrett pointed out. Matt sighed. “Probably not the wisest move I’ve ever made but there was pressure from my family to settle down. Betty was a sweet girl and I did love her. Fortunately, even when I was home from sea, she was never eager for sex.” Matt smiled. “We were blessed with your mum though.” “What about Charlie? Did he get married too?” asked Garrett. “Not to a girl…and only a few years ago,” replied Matt. “He married the man he has loved for over thirty years.” “That’s nice,” smiled Garrett. “Yes, it was nice. I was at the small ceremony in the Registry Office and at the celebration meal afterwards,” said Matt. “It’s a shame you never found anyone else,” said Garrett. “There have been a few others over the years but nobody serious. I just make do with my right hand.” Matt smiled and made the well-known gesture for masturbating. Garrett grinned. “I wank a lot too. Usually while watching porn videos or reading stories at Nifty.” Matt frowned. “You’re not old enough for watching porn.” Garrett laughed. “All the boys at school are into porn. I just happen to prefer gay porn with hot daddies. It’s a shame you don’t have internet because I won’t be able to get anything new.” “Charlie downloads some gay videos for me onto a thumb drive and I can watch them through the USB port on my tv,” said Matt. “What’s this Nifty thing?” “It’s a website where you can find all kinds of gay stories. No pictures or drawings, just words,” said Garrett. “The stories are divided into different categories like adult friends, young friends, high school, interracial relationships and so on. My favourite is the adult youth category which is about guys under eighteen having sex with older men.” “I don’t think that’s really appropriate for someone your age,” Matt said. “Don’t be an old fuddy-duddy, Grandpa,” smiled Garrett. “It’s a good place to learn about sex. If you’re not into stories, perhaps you can share some of your gay videos with me. I can show you some I have on my laptop.” Matt frowned. “I don’t think your mum would approve.” “Possibly not but she doesn’t need to know,” retorted Garrett. He paused for a moment and then asked, “Do you really think I’m cute?” Matt nodded. “Very cute…but you’re jailbait. Find a boy your own age or wait until you’re over sixteen if you really want a man.” “I really want a man and there’s no way I can wait until I’m sixteen,” responded Garrett. He suddenly yawned. “Sorry. I was up very early this morning.” “I know and I think it’s time you went to bed. We’ll talk more tomorrow,” said Matt. “Okay, Grandpa.” Garrett went over and kissed Matt on the cheek. “I’m glad we’ve had this talk. I feel happy having told someone else about being gay.” “I’m pleased that you felt able to trust me.” Matt hugged Garrett. “Goodnight.” Garrett lay in bed thinking about his talk with his grandfather. He was happy about having come out to and wondered if he should tell his mother when he returned home. “I’ll ask Grandpa what he thinks tomorrow,” he said to himself. “It’s great having someone I can talk to about sex stuff.” Downstairs Matt felt less sure of how things would turn out. “I can’t really ask Charlie for advice on how to handle a gay grandson,” he thought. “I will have to do what seems right…and stop thinking about how attractive he is!” *** Matt was enjoying a cup of coffee on the patio at the back of the house when Garrett joined him shortly after seven-thirty the following morning. “Morning, Garrett. You’re up much earlier than I expected. Did you sleep okay?” “I slept great, Grandpa,” smiled the teenager. “Good,” said Matt. “I’ll make breakfast in a minute. What do you fancy?” “Actually I was wondering if we could go for a swim before breakfast. I’m wearing my speedos under these shorts,” replied Garrett. “Seriously?” Matt asked. Garrett nodded. “Okay, I suppose a bit of early morning exercise would do me good. It won’t take me long to get ready.” Matt stood up and Garrett saw that he was still wearing pyjamas under his dressing gown. “What are you smiling at?” asked Matt. “Your old-fashioned striped pyjamas,” grinned Garrett. “I slept naked last night.” “Too much information!” Matt gave the boy’s bum a gentle spank as he passed him. Five minutes later the pair set off for the beach carrying towels. Garrett had added only flip-flops to his earlier outfit while Matt was wearing a short-sleeved shirt, baggy shorts and sandals. They were the only ones present on the small rocky beach. Garrett quickly stripped down to his speedos and Matt had to fight the urge to stare at the youngster’s body. He did however glance towards him several times, noting the slim waist, the beginnings of a defined chest topped by large pink nipples, shapely legs and a pert little bum. He deliberately avoided looking at the crotch area of the red speedos. Garrett waited patiently for his grandfather, looking out to sea. “Do you think the water will be cold, Grandpa?” “We’ve had warm weather for a few days so it won’t be freezing. I doubt it will be warm though,” replied Matt. Garrett turned to look at his grandfather. “Nice,” he smiled. “I’m not sure I like those baggy swim-shorts but you’re looking good.” “Now I know you’re daft,” laughed Matt. “I’m bald, fat and…” “Talking rubbish,” interrupted Garrett. “I don’t know if it’s true or not but I’ve heard people say that baldness is a sign of virility. What I do know is that there are lots of sexy bald men. Look at Bruce Willis, Jason Statham, Vin Diesel and Patrick Stewart to name just a few.” “I don’t know who all those guys are but you can’t deny I’m fat,” said Matt. “You might be a little overweight but it suits you,” argued Garrett. “You’re tall and broad-shouldered. So what if you’ve got a bit of a belly? I like it. I also like the grey hair on your chest and stomach – it’s so manly. Yes, you’re definitely looking good.” Garrett could feel himself chubbing up looking at his grandfather so he turned and hurried towards the water. “Let’s swim.” Matt was dumbfounded that Garrett could possibly think he was attractive but eventually he started running after him. Garrett shrieked when he hit the water. “Is it cold?” Matt asked with a smile. They swam and splashed about for only twenty minutes before Garrett decided he’d had enough. “Maybe we can come back in the afternoon when the sun has warmed the water up more,” he said as he walked ashore. Matt said nothing. He was too busy staring at the rear of Garrett’s red speedos. Being wet, they seemed to cling even tighter than before and they emphasised every curve. Fortunately the chilling effect of the water meant that he was able to avoid becoming stiff. When he reached his towel, Matt looked out to sea while he got dried. He put the towel around his waist while he replaced the wet swim-shorts with his other shorts and then turned to catch a glimpse of Garrett pulling his shorts up over his naked butt. He gasped as the sight of the smooth flesh and then forced a cough to cover up. “Okay. Let’s get back for a shower and breakfast.” “Yeah, I’m hungry now,” smiled Garrett. “That was fun though. We should do it again.” “We’ll see,” said Matt. “What are we going to do this morning?” Garrett asked as they washed the breakfast dishes. “My only plan was to go into the town and stock bakırköy travesti up at the supermarket,” said Matt. “I’ve got some stuff in the fridge but I decided it was best to wait until we could go together before buying a lot. Maybe there are things you’re not keen on eating.” “There’s nothing I really hate but shopping together is a good idea,” Garrett said. “Maybe we can find a cafe with internet and I can download…stuff.” He winked. Matt laughed. “Not just emails then.” “No but now I know I can share them with you,” grinned Garrett. Matt rolled his eyes and then smiled. The wi-fi connection in the cafe was too slow to attempt downloading videos but Garrett downloaded a bunch of stories from his favourite section at Nifty – adult youth – and some photos of male porn stars to add to his collection. Garrett had to ask his grandfather father to wait a little while before heading to the supermarket to allow his erection to subside. Matt was amused by how open the boy now was about sexual matters. Garrett’s willingness, or eagerness, to talk about sex was shown again in the supermarket when he noticed Matt gazing at one of the young male shop assistants. “Do you think he’s sexy, Grandpa?” he asked. “Eh? What?” Matt was a bit flustered at being caught but then he smiled and whispered, “Yes. I do think he’s sexy. I’ve seen him a few times.” Garrett grinned but waited until they were in the car until he said any more. “That guy in the supermarket – the one that you fancy – can’t be any more than eighteen or nineteen. Does that mean that you like guys who are younger than you?” “I’ve never been with anyone a lot younger than myself,” Matt stated firmly. “That wasn’t my question. Do you fancy young guys in the same way that I fancy mature men?” asked Garrett. “Well, erm…I might fantasise about cute young guys,” Matt began. “There’s nothing wrong with admiring a good-looking young man. It’s not as if one is going to consider a sexual relationship with someone like me.” “Why not? I would,” responded Garrett. Matt gasped. “Garrett! I’m your grandfather and you’re underage.” Garrett smiled. “I actually meant a man your age�if I was that guy in the supermarket.” “Oh! Well, I suppose that’s not quite as shocking,” said Matt. “Still very unlikely to happen.” They drove in silence until they reached the outskirts of the village. “It’s much warmer now. Can we go back to the beach after lunch?” Garrett asked. He wanted to see his grandfather in swim-shorts again. “Yeah, I don’t see why not,” said Matt. After lunch, Garrett helped water the plants in the greenhouse before changing for the trip to the beach. He wanted to be useful and to get his grandfather in a good mood. He also wanted to try and get him aroused so he wore last year’s swim briefs rather than the speedos he’d worn earlier that day. The old swim briefs were tighter than the speedos. There was an elderly couple and a woman with a toddler on the beach when they arrived. Matt knew them and introduced Garrett. Garrett was polite and made small talk before walking some distance further on. Then he put his towel down, took off his shorts and sat waiting for his grandfather to join him. “I’ve known that family for years,” Matt said when he caught up with Garrett. He smiled and added, “Everyone knows everyone in this village.” “Very different from London,” said Garrett. “I hardly know any of my neighbours. Anyway I won’t do anything to embarrass you in front of anyone.” “I didn’t think you would.” Matt smiled and patted Garrett’s knee. “I see you’re wearing different swim briefs.” “Yes. The ones I wore this morning were a bit damp.” Garrett stood up. “Do you like them?” Matt looked the boy up and down. “Do you think I look sexy in them?” Matt croaked, cleared his throat and said, “You know you do but it’s not a word a grandfather should use to describe his grandson.” Garrett crouched down and said, “Well, I think you’re sexy.” Then he smiled and walked off into the sea. Matt didn’t comment on Garrett’s remark when he eventually joined him for a swim. He also avoided looking at the boy when they changed before leaving the beach. “Are you mad with me, Grandpa?” Garrett asked as they walked home. “No. Why would you think that?” asked Matt. “Because you’ve hardly spoken to me since I said you were sexy,” replied Garrett. “I didn’t mean to upset you. I was just being honest.” “I’m not…upset,” said Matt. “I never expected anyone to call me sexy at my age, much less a teenager. And that teenager is my grandson!” Matt sighed. “Mum often says I speak before engaging my brain,” Matt responded. “I didn’t mean to complicate things between us.” “It’s okay, Garrett. I’m the only person you have talked to about being gay so I guess it’s natural to want to tell me more about your feelings,” said Matt. “However thinking I’m sexy is something you should really have kept to yourself.” Garrett nodded. “Yeah, I suppose I was a bit stupid saying that…even though it’s true.” They walked in silence for a few minutes and then Garrett asked, “Can I sunbathe in the back garden for a while? I’d like to get a tan and your garden is very private.” “Yes, of course,” smiled Matt. “I think I’ve got some sunblock you can use.” While Matt went to fetch the sunblock, Garrett went into the back garden and stripped completely. It took a lot of willpower but he managed to avoid getting an erection. “Garrett! Why are you naked?” Matt asked when he came out into the garden. “I want to get an all-over tan and nobody else can see me here,” replied the teenager. “Will you rub some sunblock on my back, please?” Matt didn’t want to make a big fuss. He also tried to focus on Garrett’s face when he replied. “I suppose so. Turn around.” He groaned at the sight of the neat little bum and then stepped closer. Garrett enjoyed the feel of his grandfather’s hands on his shoulders and back. Inevitably his cock began to stiffen. When the hands reached his lower back, Garrett said, “Please do my upper legs as well. I don’t want to miss bits and get sunburned.” Matt had to kneel down to do his legs and that meant he got a close-up view of the two perfect globes. Almost as soon as his hands touched the upper thighs, Garrett said, “You should do my bum as well. Getting sunburned there would be quite painful.” “I don’t think that’s really appropriate…” Matt began. “Please, Grandpa!” begged Garrett. “But…” Matt started to object but then found he couldn’t resist touching Garrett’s smooth buttocks. He squeezed more cream onto his fingers and then gently rubbed it over the silky smooth skin. Almost without thinking, he spread the arse cheeks and gazed at the hairless crack and the tiny pink rosebud. “Yes, Grandpa. Do my bum crack too,” said Garrett. “The skin will be very tender there.” A cream covered finger gently ran up and down the crevice. “That feels so good, Grandpa.” Matt suddenly realised what he was doing and pulled away. “Sorry. This is wrong.” Garrett spun round and Matt found himself looking at a very stiff 10 cm (4 inch) boy-cock. “No, it’s not. Put sunblock on my cock too, please.” “No, you can do that yourself.” Matt backed away and stood up. “I will get you a towel,” he said before rushing into the house. Garrett lay on the grass on his back, gently rubbing sunblock on his cock and balls while waiting for his grandfather to return. “I wonder if Grandpa’s cock is as stiff as mine,” he said to himself. Suddenly Garrett thought, “I can’t let him seeing me playing with myself like this. I want to turn him on, not freak him out.” He let go of his cock and turned to lie face down. Moments later Matt re-appeared and threw a towel on top of Garrett’s bum. “Take care not to overdo it. The sun is strong now,” he said. “I’ll be inside if you want me.” Matt was making himself a cup of tea when the phone rang. “Charlie! I was just about to call you.” To be continued

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