Gassed by Mrs Preston


Gassed by Mrs Preston(Author unknown)It was 1962, I was nearly s*******n years old, and I was getting really interested in girls. I had met Penny Preston at the Technical College where we were both studying and had really hit it off with her. Although she was slim and very attractive, she was the innocent type and had not really had a great deal of experience with boys. We had been out on a couple of dates together, and as our relationship began to develop, I suggested that we spend a weekend together, camping in the Forest of Dean. Penny thought it was a great idea, but she wasn’t too sure how her mother would feel, so she suggested that I call around that evening so that I could be properly introduced to Mrs Preston.Handing me a slip of paper, Penny said, ‘Come over at about 7.30 tonight and I will introduce you to Mum. Here’s my address, and don’t be late!’Penny had already mentioned that her mother had been a widow for some years, and that she had never really known her late father. Mrs Preston was therefore very protective towards her daughter, and would want to know every detail about the forthcoming camping trip.At 7.30 that evening, I parked my BSA outside the address that Penny had given me. It was a big old Victorian property, and as I approached the front door I noticed a large brass plaque that said, ’Dental Surgery Ground Floor. Press bell and enter.’ Underneath was a smaller sign that read, ‘Mrs J Preston, Top Floor Flat.’ I pressed the appropriate door bell and waited for someone to answer the door.‘Hello Paul, I’m so excited that you’re here,’ said Penny as she opened the door and gave me a big welcoming kiss. She was wearing some very stylish Italian slacks with a red sweater, and her hair was done in the latest bouffant style. ‘Mum is really looking forward to meeting you this evening. She’s just finishing off a few things in the Surgery, so come upstairs and have a coffee while you’re waiting.’I followed Penny into the hallway and up the stairs to the next floor.‘I didn’t realise that you lived above a Dental Surgery.’ I said, (I’d always had a bit of a secret thing about women in uniform, especially those nurses that wore nice seamed black stockings with high heels).‘Yes,’ said Penny, ‘Mum owns the property, but she rents out the ground floor to Mr Smyth for his dental practice. In fact, Mum is a highly qualified dental nurse, so she is able to help out when Mr Smyth is particularly busy.’ This was sounding better all the time. ‘I suppose she has to wear some sort of nurses uniform then?’ I asked hopefully.‘Yes of course,’ said Penny, giving me a quizzical look, ’Why do you ask?’‘Mmmm, just interested,’ I said, but really wanting to know more.She led me into the lounge and said, ‘Have a seat and I’ll make the coffee.’ With that she disappeared into the kitchen, and I sat down on the sofa.‘Hello, I’m Judy Preston, and you must be Penny’s friend Paul Morton, from the Tech?’Mrs Preston had entered the room and now stood before me. She was about forty years old, and had dark shoulder length hair and a slightly fuller figure. She was still very attractive, and wore a regulation dark blue Nursing sister’s uniform with a crisp white apron, held in at her waist by a wide black belt that exaggerated her feminine curves. Everything about her dress was standard except that the length of her skirt was a good two or three inches shorter than normal, which seemed to be in line with the fashion of the early sixties. She wore black patent stiletto shoes with my favourite black seamed stockings, and her outfit was topped off by a standard white lace nurses cap giving her the appearance of someone who had just stepped out of the set of ‘The Royal’.Having been somewhat taken back by her appearance, I eventually said, ‘Hello Mrs Preston, I’m really pleased to meet you.’As she sat down on the armchair opposite me and crossed her legs, I could clearly hear the hiss of her black seamed nylons.‘Please Paul, you must call me Judy. I’m so sorry to have kept you waiting, but we have had a really busy time in the Surgery this evening. I suppose Penny has told you that I help Mr Smyth with his ‘Special’ patients, and we’ve had a couple in this afternoon. I haven’t even had a chance to get out of this awful uniform yet!’ I wanted to tell her that she looked fabulous in the ‘awful uniform’ but this wasn’t the time.After more small talk, Penny eventually reappeared with a bottle of wine and said, ‘You two are obviously getting on really well, so why don’t we forget the coffee, and open this bottle instead?’ The next half an hour was spent reassuring Mrs Preston that I would act as a hiltonbet giriş gentleman at all times with Penny, and it was finally agreed that she could accompany me for a weekend in the Forest of Dean. Once this was settled, the conversation gradually turned to other subjects, and inevitably found its way to the subject of Dentistry.The glass of wine had its relaxing effect, and Mrs Preston went on to describe her strict training regime as a dental nurse, with anaesthetics as her speciality. She seemed very proud of the fact that she was also taught how to handle and restrain difficult patients, which appeared to be her favourite subject. ‘Once I have them nice and comfortable in Mr Smyth’s chair, I give them a little whiff of gas and they are like putty in my hands,’ she said wickedly. She was still sitting opposite to me in her uniform, and owing to the fact that her skirt was slightly shorter than usual, I had a wonderful glimpse of her black stocking top and suspender strap as her uniform skirt inadvertently worked its way up. The thought of being overpowered in the dentist’s chair by a mature strict nurse was causing me to become very aroused indeed, and I seriously considered the idea of making a swift departure before I embarrassed myself.I must have looked quite flushed because Penny said, ‘Are you feeling O.K. Paul? I hope mum’s stories aren’t making you feel unwell.’Mrs Preston then said, ’ When did you last visit a dentist Paul?’‘I can’t really remember Mrs Pres – er, Judy. Quite a while ago. In fact, I have been having a problem recently with a broken tooth that I keep meaning to get sorted out.’‘If it’s a broken molar Paul, it really needs to be treated immediately or you could end up with an infected gum. Why don’t you let me take a look at it while you’re here?’ she said.‘Yes, go on Paul, we don’t want you suffering while we’re away on our weekend.’ Added Penny with a knowing glance. There was no way that I could get out of this!With the thought of a raging toothache while I was attempting to sew my wild oats, I reluctantly agreed to Mrs Preston giving me a quick once over.‘Very good then Paul, this is what we will do. I will quickly get changed into something more suitable for an examination, and Penny can assist me as my nurse. It will require her wearing the correct attire of course, as I insist on proper procedures at all times. Penny and I will go down to the Surgery and prepare things, and you can come down in about fifteen minutes. Come down and ring the Surgery bell so that we know you are waiting.’ With that, they both disappeared downstairs engaged in heavy conversation.I sat alone for the next fifteen minutes having no idea what might happen next, feeling rather wary, but at the same time being very interested to see what outfit ‘Nurse’ Penny would be wearing. The time had arrived for me to make my way downstairs, and ring the Surgery bell.Penny opened the Surgery door, but I did not immediately recognise her because she looked so different. She was wearing a ‘just above the knee’ white dental nurses uniform, with a wide blue belt and silver clasp, and a little silver fob watched pinned to her breast. She wore a white nurses cap with a full surgical face mask and wrist length surgical rubber gloves. She could see that I was lost for words!‘How do you like my outfit Paul, its one of Mum’s old ones and you look as if you approve?’ I could tell she was smiling behind the mask. ‘Mum also suggested that I put these on.’ she said as she did a quick twirl to show off the black patent stilettos and shear black seamed nylons that she now wore. ‘Mum has the impression that you’re a leg man, so I’ll have to remember that for future reference!’ She was getting me very horny, and I tried to make a grab for her, but she pushed me away. ‘Don’t worry Paul, there will be plenty of time for that on our weekend away,’ she promised. The obvious bulge in the front of my trousers gave the game away. ’I thought as much,’ she said, ‘You seem to have a thing about nurses uniforms don’t you. I was wondering why you were asking all those questions about what mum wears when she’s working. Anyway, she’s waiting to examine you now, so just play along with her and follow me.’ It had all started to sound a little strange, but as I had an ulterior motive, I decided to go along with the game anyway.I followed the sound of Penny’s patent stiletto’s into the green and white tiled surgery. In the centre of the room stood a large and menacing looking dentist chair in stainless steel and black leather, surrounded by the usual equipment of torture. Judy Preston hiltonbet yeni giriş greeted us just inside the door . In one hand she held a large red rubber bib, and with the other hand she took my arm and firmly guided me towards the chair. She was smiling.‘Thank you nurse,’ she said, ‘You can wait in reception and I’ll ring when I need you.’She had pinned her hair into a tight bun, and now wore a full length white surgical gown held together at the back with little white ties. Over this she wore a full length red rubber apron, tightly tied so that it gave prominence to her ample breasts. She still wore the black seamed stockings and high heels, and now wore the same type of surgical face mask as Penny, which was loosely tied under her chin. ‘Hop into the chair Paul, and we’ll get you nice and comfortable.’ She was still smiling and it was clear that I was becoming apprehensive. ‘We’ll soon have your little problem sorted out, and you won’t feel a thing,’ she said as I sat in the chair. She was very efficient, and placed the large red rubber bib around my neck, and attached it at the back of the chair. She adjusted the headrest and reclined the chair slightly. ‘I thought you were just going to have a look at the broken tooth er- Judy, but it sounds like you are planning something else?’ I said nervously.Ignoring my question, she attached a heavy leather strap over my arms and around my waist and tightened it at the back of the chair. A combination of the heavy rubber bib and the thick restraining strap meant that my arms were now firmly pinned to my sides. ‘Paul, I’m afraid that the tooth must come out straight away. The restraints are just a security precaution, as I will need both hands free to put you under. You ought to consider yourself lucky, because all of Mr Smyth’s ‘Specials’ have this for their GAS sessions, and they usually pay for it!’ She had taken on a distinctly different persona. I definitely hadn’t agreed to this, but before I could protest any further Mrs Preston quickly placed one arm around my head and with her other hand, forced a solid rubber wedge into my mouth. I was now gagged and totally helpless in the dentist’s chair, and praying that Penny would come to my rescue very soon! Mrs Preston moved around to the front of the chair, smoothed down her long rubber apron and checked that her hair was still in place. ’Right young man,’ she said, ‘There’s no getting out of it now, I’ll be performing your extraction in just a few minutes.’ She pulled on a pair surgical rubber gloves and tied her facemask into position. ’But before that I am going to have to give you a little whiff of gas!’ She walked across the room to a small intercom unit that was fixed to the wall and pressed one of the buttons. ‘Penny, this is Mum, I’ve got Paul ready now for his black rubber gassing so can you bring in the Nitrous trolley?’‘Yes Mum’, came the reply.Instead of coming to my rescue, it appeared that Penny was part of the conspiracy!The Surgery door opened and Penny reappeared wearing a similar white surgeons gown and apron as her mother. She was pushing a metal trolley that had two large cylinders attached to the side, a number of gauges and chrome fittings, and a length of corrugated black rubber hose that had a black rubber facemask fixed to the end of it. While Mrs Preston selected various surgical instruments from one of the glass cabinets fixed to the wall, Penny parked the anaesthetic machine next to my chair and un-hooked the facemask. She held the black rubber mask against her breast, leaned over me, and while gently stroking my forehead whispered, ‘I’m sorry about all this Paul, but Mum insisted that you get the gas. I’m only doing it for our weekend away.’ ‘It had better be worth it.’ I thought!Mrs Preston returned to the chair and stood behind me. Taking the mask from Penny she said, ‘Now Penny, I’ll quickly show you how to administer the Nitrous Oxide. First you have to adjust the flow of gas and oxygen so that the patient feels comfortable. Not too much pure gas or the patient will panic and try to escape.’ She leant over and adjusted the taps. I could hear the hiss of escaping gas, and noticed that the black rubber re-breather bag had started to expand.‘We call this type of mask a ‘Black Beauty’ and you have to place it firmly on the patients face, making sure there are no gaps where the gas might escape.’ I felt her firm hand placed under my chin pushing my head back onto the chair’s headrest. The mask was firmly clamped onto my face. I could smell the sweet sickly odour of the Nitrous and began to struggle and moan.‘Just hiltonbet güvenilirmi keep the mask firmly in place Penny, the patient will not be able to move because he is fully restrained. It may take a few moments for him to start to go under so you must try and reassure him. If he tries to hold his breath, you must force him to inhale the mixture by squeezing the re-breather bag.’ She gave the bag a full squeeze causing me to take a whole lung full of gas. ‘This technique will hasten the effects of the gas.’In my state of semi-consciousness I felt the mask being removed, and momentarily felt relieved that the ordeal must be over. Somewhere in the distance I heard Mrs Preston‘s voice. ‘Its your turn now Penny, ‘ Making some adjustments to the machine she continued, ‘I’ll just increase the Nitrous to 100%, which we call ‘Black Rubber Gassing‘ , and you‘ll see that he will go under very quickly now.’Mother and daughter changed places and it was now Penny’s turn to clamp the ’Black Beauty’ over my nose and mouth while Mrs Preston stood next to me. Penny repeated the procedure that her mother had just demonstrated, and held me firmly under the chin.‘Just breathe deeply my darling, and it will soon be over,’ whispered Penny, as she squeezed the re-breather bag again and again, ‘Just a few more deep breath’s for me my love.’ I was now beginning to slip away, ‘That’s wonderful Paul, just two more big breaths and it will all be over.’ I finally gave in to the powerful anaesthetic and slipped pleasantly into the swirling pool of oblivion. The last thing I remember before I completely lost consciousness was the advancing silhouette of Mrs Preston holding a pair of evil looking extraction pliers! When I awoke, I found that I was lying on my back facing the ceiling. I had a horrible taste in my mouth and my jaw felt as sore as hell. My tongue told me that there was now a gap where the broken rear molar used to be. Penny’s serious looking face came into focus.‘Are you O.K. Paul? You’re in the recovery room at the moment but mum say’s that you should be as right as rain in about ten minutes.’ She was sitting on my bed and was still wearing the dental nurse’s uniform but the surgical mask and rubber gloves were gone. ‘I’m sorry it got a little bit rough in there, but you really did need that tooth out. That was the first time that I’ve had the opportunity to administer Nitrous and I’m so happy it was you. In fact, I think I was beginning to find it a little bit exciting. I hope we can do it again sometime? ‘The door opened and Mrs Preston came into the recovery room. She had changed back into her regulation dark blue Nursing sister’s uniform and was wearing a stethoscope. She looked magical and very efficient. ‘Well done Paul, I hope you didn’t find that experience to painful? Penny, you can go upstairs and get changed and I’ll bring Paul up when he’s ready. Make sure you put that uniform away properly, because you may need it again soon. He will probably need a nice cup of tea before he goes home, so put the kettle on. Penny gave me a small peck on my cheek and disappeared.Mrs Preston sat by my side on the bed. Once again I caught the hiss of her sheer seamed nylons. ‘I‘ll just check you over Paul‘, she said as she took my pulse and listened to my chest with the stethoscope. ‘I’m hoping that Penny will follow in my footsteps and go into dentistry, but she is quite a shy young lady and will need lots of encouragement. This is where you may be able to help, Paul. She tells me that you have an interest in certain items of attire associated with the medical profession, which is a bit odd, but not unusual for a healthy young man. If you are prepared to act as a patient while I train her in rudimentary dentistry, and this will include having gas from time to time, and also going under the drill, then I will make sure that regulation uniforms are worn whenever you come for treatment.’ This all sounded too good to be true, but before I had a chance to reply she took hold of my hand and said, ‘Perhaps this may help you to decide?’She crossed her legs and raised the hem of her uniform skirt so that her black stocking tops and metal suspender clips became clearly visible. She then took my hand and guided it up her leg and I began to caress her thighs. ‘I know that this is what you’ve really wanted to do all evening Paul, so just to seal our arrangement, I’ll just give you a little bit of stress relief before we go upstairs and give Penny the good news. During the following months, I took on the role of volunteer patient as agreed, and was given a variety of treatments by Penny and her mother. Mrs Preston was true to her word, and on every occasion they both wore the appropriate attire. I was gassed a number of times both by Penny and Mrs Preston, and after Penny had won a place to train at dental school, as a special treat I was allowed to gas Mrs Preston. But that’s another story.

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