Gate to the Neighbor Lady


Author’s note: Despite being told in the first person, this is entirely a work of fiction.

I’d gotten a promotion to a position in another city. A real estate friend of mine found a nice house in the suburbs of the new city. The old house was in a prime location, close to schools, stores, and jobs, so it sold fairly quickly. My wife, Cindy, and I packed up the house and her two kids into to U-Hauls and made the move.

Cindy was my high school sweetheart, but we drifted apart when we both went to different colleges after graduation. I met someone else, got married, moved to another state. She ended up with my best friend, got married, had a couple of kids. Both of our marriages crashed and burned, and we ran into each other at our 10 year reunion.

Drinks that night led to dinner the next, then her spending the night in my motel room. Six months of calling and writing each other after I went home, then I proposed. Her and her kids moved to be with me, and Cindy and I had a quick wedding in Vegas. That was two years ago. Now, our marriage was rocky already. The dreams and anticipation of being married to each other didn’t match up with reality.

The main problem was her kids. I understood from the start that I was going to be a step-father and accepted the role. It was a hell of an adjustment to go from being by myself and carefree to having kids, but I managed. However, it sucked the romance right out of our marriage.

It’s every mother’s right to dote on her children, but she took it to extremes. Nothing happened without it involving the kids. If we went out, she refused to leave the kids with a babysitter and insisted that they come along with us. Even when we got married, she brought the kids with us to Vegas even though her parents offered to watch them while we were gone. It’s hard to have a honeymoon with two kids in the other bed in the hotel room.

It didn’t help that her oldest, Adam was a spoiled little seven year old shit. Glenn, my best friend from high school and Cindy’s ex-husband, doted on him and spoiled him rotten. When he misbehaved, I wasn’t allowed to punish him because Cindy thought it would be “mean” and was afraid that Adam would want to go live with Glenn if I did. Luckily Melinda, her daughter, was a sweet little thing. She had only been 4 when Cindy and Glenn divorced, so Glenn didn’t have much chance to spoil her. Her and I got along well.

That was the situation when we rolled up the driveway to the new house. I’d known my real estate agent for years and trusted her judgment, so we’d only seen pictures of the house. She did well, and the house was just about perfect. We all explored it and Adam tried to claim the master bedroom as his, throwing a temper tantrum when I laughed and told him “no”.

We’d arrived in late afternoon, so we quickly unpacked the essentials: beds and kitchen. Dinner was fast food, and Cindy found a store nearby for essentials like milk and bread.

The next morning, we unloaded in earnest. Adam kept wandering off and I glared at Cindy to get him under control. He was bored with unpacking and made it plain that he didn’t think he was supposed to pitch in. When I finally forced him to help, he grabbed a box marked “FRAGILE” and picked it up.

“Be careful with that,” I warned him. It contained a lot of Cindy’s and my personal mementos. Quite a bit of it was glass. He glanced around to make sure that Cindy wasn’t around, stuck his tongue out at me, then deliberately dropped the box off the U-Haul and onto the ground. The crunching sound of glass was sickening, and my heart dropped to my stomach.

I beat that boy’s ass. He was screaming and crying when Cindy walked out of the house. That set up a huge argument between us. She refused to believe that he’d done it on purpose, and I refused to apologize to the little fuck when she demanded I do so.

Cindy took Adam into the house, and I continued unpacking. Some of it was stuff we didn’t need any time soon, so I loaded a bunch of boxes on a dolly and carted it around to a large wooden shed that was in the huge back yard. I didn’t want to go into the house any time soon. Seeing Cindy comfort the little monster was more than I could stomach.

I was backing out of the shed when I heard a voice behind me. I turned around and saw that there was a gate in the privacy fence between the back yards. A heavyset Hispanic woman stood in the open gate. If I had to guess her age, I’d say it was mid-50’s.

“Hello, neighbor,” she said cheerfully. “I’m Veronica Gonzales. My husband and I live next door.”

I introduced myself, mentioning Cindy and the kids. We talked for a few minutes, and she told me about the previous owner.

“Such a shame,” she said. “Mr. Heller was such a nice young man. He and his wife were killed in a car accident a year or so ago. He and I used to have such long talks out here by the shed.”

I knew why they had such long talks…she was a talker. Every time I started to leave, she’d start a new branch taksim grup yapan escort of the conversation. I found out that they’d lived there since the subdivision had opened, they had no kids, and that her husband was a grumpy old man that didn’t like people.

She deftly pried our story out of me and at some point in the conversation, I brought up my issues with Cindy. She commiserated with me, her hand patting my shoulder and stroking my arm. I thought “Now why did I tell her that?”

I finally managed to get back to unpacking. Cindy was sullen and refused to talk to me. Dinner was a horrid affair, and when we went to bed she rolled herself up in the sheets, turned on her side away from me, and ignored me when I reached out and touched her.

“Great,” I thought, “there goes any hope of sex.” Sex usually dried up at the slightest of my infractions, and was a long time returning.

We finished unpacking the next day, and got the house in order. I didn’t go into the back yard at all, so I didn’t see Veronica.

The third day, Cindy left with the kids to register them in school. I was puttering around the house, putting up pictures and other decorations. I remembered that I had put the box that Adam had dropped in the shed, and decided to finally open it and see what the damages were. I was so heart-broken over the possibility of losing all those prized items and didn’t want to look inside before.

As I came out of the shed, carrying the box, Veronica was standing in the gate again.

“Good morning!” she said, brightly.

“Hi, Veronica,” I said, setting the box down and closing the shed door. I knew it was going to be a long conversation.

“How is everyone?” she asked.

I told her that everyone was fine, and that Cindy and the kids were out getting registered for school and buying school supplies. Her eyes seemed to brighten at that.

“All done with the unpacking?” She asked.

“Mostly,” I said. “It’s livable, but it’ll be a while before it’s done.”

“Do you mind if I come in and look around? I’d like to see what you’ve done with the place. Mrs. Heller was a wonderful decorator and I’m curious how you did things differently than her.”

I shrugged. “Sure, come on in.” I picked up the box and led her into the house. I showed her around the kitchen, living room, and Melinda’s bedroom. Adam’s room was trashed, as usual, so I skipped it.

She ooh’d and ahh’d at the house, which was a bit strange since there was nothing spectacular about what we’d done. Every time she pointed out something she liked, she would reach over and stroke my arm.

We stood in the hallway outside of Melinda’s room. I was ready to end the tour and check the damages in the box, but she had other ideas.

“Would you mind terribly if I took a peek in your bedroom? Mrs. Heller had painted the trim so beautifully. I’d love to do the same thing in my house but I never really got a good look at it,” she said.

I knew what she meant…the trim was painted in bright colors and really made the room look distinct. There was also a floral pattern painted across the top edge that looked like it took quite a bit of time and effort. I nodded and led her into the bedroom.

Veronica looked around, examining the paint scheme closely. She made a full circuit of the bedroom, and ended back up at the door. Closing it, she remarked that Mrs. Heller never got around to painting the inside of the door.

She turned towards the bed and sighed deeply.

“Everything ok?” I asked, slightly concerned.

“Well,” she said, “it’s just that I was remembering Mr. Heller. He was such a nice man, and it’s sad that he’s gone.”

Then, she leaned in close to me and said in a conspiratorial voice, “We had such NICE times together in this room. He was such a ….. vigorous young man.”

Me eyes flew open at her comment. Was she suggesting that the previous owner and her had a thing going?

Suddenly, I realized I was alone in the house with a woman that I really didn’t know that well. I wasn’t concerned for my safety or anything, but the possibilities began to bloom in my mind. My dick twinged, reminding me that I was under the Cindy Sex Ban, and it would be a long time before it was lifted.

She walked up next to me, and put her hand on my arm again. “Thank you for showing your bedroom to me.”

“My pleasure,” I said. Neither of us made a move towards the door.

She smiled at me and said, “I do so love a man with manners and who tries to please a woman.” She stepped in a little closer, and her hand slid from my arm to across my chest.

That was the decision point for me. Really, I didn’t want to cheat on Cindy. I’d had opportunities galore since we’d married, and I’d passed every one by. Plus, this woman was anything but spectacular. As I mentioned before, she was heavyset and even through her clothes I could tell she had small flabby tits resting on her prominent taksim masöz escort belly. She had to be about 20 years older than me.

Still, as soon as she started flirting with me, her demeanor changed. For an old fat woman, she was acting very sexy. Her eyelashes batted at me, her smile was sly and knowing. By the look on her face, she already knew that we were going to get into that bed together and that we were going to have wonderful, marvelous sex.

Her hand slid down my front, resting lightly against my hardening dick. I didn’t move away, didn’t stop her. I suddenly wanted this fat old woman.

She put her hand behind my head and pulled my face towards hers as her hand began stroking my dick through my pants. I didn’t need any encouragement and my lips almost crushed hers. Our tongues dueled as her hand continued masturbating me.

She broke the kiss, stepped back, unbuttoned her blouse, and took it off. Her shoes, pants, and panties followed.

My estimate of her body was correct. If that body had appeared in a porn flick I was watching, I’d have turned it off. That body standing right in front of me, however, was appealing as hell. Hurriedly, shucking my clothes, I stepped up to her. One hand cupped one of her floppy tits and my mouth dove on the other one.

She hissed in pleasure like it was the first time a man had teased her nipple with his tongue. Pulling my head tightly against her tit, she reached down and found my throbbing, bouncing dick. She moaned as my tongue danced across her nipple, and her hand stroked me firmly.

I truly loved playing with this woman’s tits. I’m a tit guy, I’ll admit…I love ’em. However, Cindy didn’t like it much…she DEFINITELY didn’t react to my mouth like Veronica did. Cindy would let me play for a minute or two before getting on to the “main event”, as she called it.

I probably would have stayed there a lot longer playing with Veronica’s tits if she hadn’t pushed me back onto the bed. I sat on the bed with a thud, still reaching out for her tits.

“I want to get acquainted with it,” she said almost hungrily, dropping to her knees in front of me. She pushed my legs wide apart, necessary to accommodate her girth, then leaned over and took my dick in her mouth.

Blowjobs were another Cindy no-no. She’d done it once or twice, but always made it obvious that she was doing it because I asked (begged) her to do it, not because she even remotely liked it.

Veronica, however, seemed to LOVE sucking dick. She made excited little noises in her throat as her mouth worked up and down my dick, her hand caressing my balls. I watched as she took my whole length in, and between the sight and the sensation, I almost blew a load right then and there in her mouth.

I cautioned her, telling her that it felt pretty damn fantastic and she was going to make me cum if she didn’t slow down. She ignored me. I think she was enjoying having my dick in her mouth as much as I enjoyed it being there.

After a minute or two of bliss, I tried to reach down to pull her off my dick. Her sexy demeanor made me want to fuck her hard, rut between her legs like it’s the last time I’d ever get laid. She batted my hand away and kept working her mouth on my dick.

Well, if I was gonna cum, I wanted to cum hard. I laid back on the bed and grabbed her head in my hands. That must have turned her on even more, since she started sucking my dick harder and faster. Grabbing handfuls of her hair, I started fucking her mouth.

I didn’t last long. Shot after shot of thick cum boiled out of my balls and into her mouth, sliding down her throat and into her stomach. She was moaning in excitement between swallows.

My dick’s throbbing slowed, then stopped. As I slowly released the handfuls of hair that I held, she let my dick fall out of her mouth and starting licking all over it. My dick was super sensitive, and each time her tongue darted out, it jumped.

I’m normally good for one cum. I can face the fact that I’m approaching middle age…..35 is still middle aged, right? With Cindy, my orgasm usually signaled the end of sex for the night. Veronica, though, never let up. She purred with pleasure as she teased my cockhead with her tongue, and ran her mouth up and down my shaft. It wilted, recovered, and started growing again.

“I was afraid you were going to go soft on me,” she said wickedly, then gave my cockhead a few kisses. Heaving herself up to her feet, she urged me up further on the bed, then climbed on and straddled me.

“I really need this,” she said, suddenly sounding plaintive. Her hands dove under her belly, found my dick, and she slowly lowered herself onto me. Her eyes closed in rapture as her pussy slowly engulfed my dick.

God, she’s wet, I thought. My dick was encased in hot, wet velvet and she began rocking back and forth. My dick slid in and out of her pussy, making her moan louder.

My hands found her ample hips and I started fucking taksim otele gelen escort back, matching her rhythm. She was a loud one, her moans getting stronger and stronger as she rode my cock.

It was plain that she loved this…loved my dick deep in her pussy, loved the way it slid in and out of her wet warmth. Her weight pressed down on me, making it difficult to do much besides flex my hips to get a little deeper in her pussy.

Her eyes shut tightly and her mouth opened. “Oh….ohhhhh…..ohhhhh…..OHhhhh….OHHHHHH!” she moaned loudly. Her pussy ground down on me and convulsed around my dick, the spasms making her fat belly and floppy tits quiver. She rode her orgasm, and looking up at her face I could see her enjoying every second of it.

She finally ground to a halt and looked down at me with an almost surprised expression on her face. Her aged face took on a look of little-girl wonder, and it made my dick throb even more.

“Roll over,” I commanded.

Too big for us to roll over together, she quickly pulled her pussy up off my dick with a little gasp. She almost dove on the bed next to me, and I moved around between her legs. She pulled me on top of her, her legs sticking straight out next to me.

My dick sank back into her pussy. I was ready to cum again, and I wanted to shoot my cum deep into her. Her arms went around me and crushed me against her belly.

I wanted nothing more than to pound her pussy, slam it deep into her again and again until my dick exploded inside her. I wanted to crush my lips on hers as my hips bucked back and forth.

Her belly was big enough that I couldn’t bend my head far enough over to reach her lips, so I settled for grabbing two handfuls of her floppy tits and use them as leverage. I fucked her like a madman.

She lay underneath me, moaning wildly and tossing her head back and forth. She loved it, she wanted it, she enjoyed every time I slammed my dick into her. It was a rough, hard fuck, and both of us were lost in it.

Suddenly and unexpectedly, my dick erupted again. I shoved myself as deep into her hungry pussy as I could go, the muscles in my leg and arms shaking and quivering. She was moaning, almost screaming…she might have been cumming too, but I was so wrapped up in mine that I couldn’t tell.

As suddenly as it had hit, it ended. Still straining into her, my arms gave out and I collapsed on top of her. I felt her legs shudder as they slowly lowered back onto the bed.

We lay there for a long time, my dick and her pussy twitching as I slowly deflated inside her. It finally popped out, accompanied by a rush of her and my juices.

Now, I’m also a cuddler. I like basking in the afterglow, stroking the woman and playing gently with her tits. Unfortunately, she wasn’t. When I rolled off of her, she almost jumped up out of bed and went to the adjacent bathroom. Spending a minute to clean herself up, she came back into the bedroom and began getting dressed.

Despite the fact that she seduced ME, I was afraid that she was having regrets about fucking me.

“Hey,” I said, “are you having second thoughts about this?”

She smiled, her pants halfway up her thighs. She half-walked, half stumbled over to me and gave me a kiss on my forehead.

“Oh, no, dearie,” she said. “If your wife catches us, we’ll never be able to do this again.”

She quickly finished dressing as I threw my clothes on. The rawness of the event had made me forget about Cindy. We both walked quickly to the back door, and she gave me a quick kiss.

“I’m SO glad that someone as talented as Mr. Heller moved in here,” she said, smiling. “If you need me again, just turn on the light to your back yard.”

She left, and I went back to the bedroom. The sheets were soaked with her juices and mine. I quickly changed the bed and threw the wet sheets in the washer.

I had just gotten the sheets out of the dryer and folded them when Cindy and the kids came back. She was in a foul mood as Adam had misbehaved the entire time, and tried to pick an argument with me. I was really relaxed and didn’t feel like rising to the challenge. That just frustrated her more.

After dinner and putting the kids to bed, we went to bed ourselves. She didn’t take notice of the fresh sheets, nor did she notice that I didn’t even try for sex that evening.

I met Veronica’s husband about three weeks after we moved in. She was right…he was a grumpy old man. Veronica and I were talking (flirting, actually) at the gate between our yards when he walked out of their house and into their back yard. She led me over and introduced me to him, and he simply grunted and walked back into the house. When I asked about whether he suspected anything, she just shook her head.

“No,” she said. “He just doesn’t like anyone. He’s an old man with a bad attitude and a tiny dick. He’s good to me, though, and I know deep down he loves me.”

From that first day on, every chance I had to turn the back yard light on, I did. If Cindy and the kids were gone, Veronica and I fucked like rabbits in the bed. If Cindy went to bed early, I’d turn the back yard light on and meet Veronica in the shed. We had a hunger for each others body that never seemed to be sated. Cindy never noticed and actually seemed happy that I’d stopped trying to have sex with her.

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