Gay Days Ch. 08


Some 30 years ago I wrote, with pen and paper, a long history of my gay sexual experiences, from my first sexual fumblings — right up to the day of writing. Then I added events and chapters as they happened for the next ten years or so, ceasing only when time and freedom ran out and then I found out all about computers so I transferred everything into electronic words.

The whole thing was too long and rambling but that didn’t matter because I never intended to publish my sexual autobiography. However, since I hit my 60s, (and now my 70s) I’ve felt that I should really let others partake in some of the fun that I enjoyed.

So I’ve attacked and divided up the story, edited it to the best of my ability, made it more readable and turned it into eight parts for you to read.

The original writing was also very much in my 1980’s/90’s style — comparatively polite and lacking conversation, so I hope that my efforts to liven the stories up meet with your approval.

And the stories are in English from England, so please put up with my British spellings and phraseology.

This therefore is the EIGHTH and final one of those segments of my life — “My brother Greg and me.”


Having moved back down to the south of England, my brother Greg came back into my life and then, as I’ve previously mentioned, we shared my wife Julie whenever he came to visit us.

Despite starting our early life hating each other, over the years we’d learned to be friends and we’d eventually come to know one another pretty thoroughly. Our friendship allowed us both to be very open about sexual matters but although we’d talked broadly about our sexual preferences we’d never previously enjoyed sex together.

In our late teens we’d shared a house as part of a communal student renting arrangement and it was there that I’d found him enjoying the favours of some nubile female student, just as he’d caught me too on another occasion. Our unintentional discoveries had at least enabled both of us to know that our cocks were pretty well a matching pair and that neither of us had anything to be shy about!

Being brothers and students we shared a lot between us, not least a stack of porn magazines that we just couldn’t divide up and it was when we had each ‘invaded’ the other one’s ‘private’ room to borrow particular magazines that we had, in turn, also come across each other wanking furiously.

Greg had burst into my room one evening and had caught me naked, erect and hard at work on my cock and then not more than a month later I’d done the same to him — both instances being entirely unintentional.

It seemed strange somehow that it felt more horrifying to discover one another wanking rather than fucking and inevitably our shocked faces led to some shyness for a while but we soon let it pass and instead, our close conversations led us to accept that a certain amount of exposure was almost inevitable — a solution that led us to comparing cocks one evening. Hell, we knew why we wanted the magazines so why not be open about it!

Nothing more happened between us but before we left the student accommodation we’d opened up to each other and admitted our sexual preferences to one another and from that day onwards we became much closer as brothers. Closer because it turned out that both Greg and I considered ourselves to be bisexual, a discovery that led us to a sudden and happily warm brother-hugging situation.

But getting together for some sex — well, no way!

In those days and at that relatively tender age it was bad enough to be rumoured to have any kind of sex with another man and thereafter, our ways parted and although we met at our parent’s house occasionally, nothing further had happened until I met Julie. I’ve already described what went on so I won’t repeat myself here but suffice to say we were even closer thereafter and Greg reappeared sociably whenever he was passing, dropping off the occasional video, magazine or sex aid to add to our fun. Occasionally and if he had time he’d also share the delights of my wife Julie with me.

It came to the point that I always found myself becoming that much more aroused when his visits might be anticipated and although we enjoyed a number of threesomes I wanted them to happen more and more because I kept wanting to get to grips with his lovely penis.

I kept hoping for repeat performances but Greg was a busy man and although he availed himself of our company and pleasures, overall he was wasn’t in our area very often and seldom for long.

However, once Julie and I had separated and since I was now on my own, Greg accepted my freely offered invitation to stay over for a weekend. He arrived early one Friday afternoon, hot and exhausted from working hard and driving around all week.

“Hi bruv!” we both yelled as he arrived and we bear-hugged in the driveway as with arms linked around each other’s shoulders we renewed our brotherly friendship.

“How’re you going Greg?” I asked, as casino siteleri I slapped him on his back, “You’re looking fine.”

“And you. Hey, I’m fuckin’ warm but otherwise I’m doing well,” said Greg, panting theatrically as he turned to lug his bag from the car, “Long day at work today; long drive too; what I’d give for a nice shower and a good cold drink!”

“No problem, I can provide both; you go and get yourself a nice shower and I’ll see to your drink,” I said as I helped him bring his bags in, “Go and enjoy yourself.”

“Hey, before I forget, here’s a couple of hot videos for you,” he said as he handed the boxes to me with a wink, “Some fucking good bisexual action in there, mate.”

I went to the kitchen and opened two cans of chilled lager while Greg lugged his bags up to his room and while I perused the covers of the videos. I felt my penis start to thicken as I looked at the lurid pictures but I let it pass as I remembered our drinks so I put the videos on the table and took Greg’s drink upstairs to him where I found him already showering happily.

“Hey Greg, brought your drink up,” I said, “Where do you want it?”

“Is it cold?” he asked.

“Of course!” I answered as I took a slurp at mine.

“Great! I’ll have a swig right now,” said Greg and with that I heard him turn off the shower before he pushed the shower curtain back.

He was facing me now as he took the can from me and I could hardly avoid looking at his penis. It was partially raised — nowhere near erect but certainly far from limp. He lifted the can to his mouth and drank deeply while my eyes drank deeply of his body and his cock in particular.

I couldn’t help but desire it; it was the first time I’d seen for a while; it belonged to my brother and it looked very enticing.

“That’s better,” he said — and I agreed wholeheartedly!

Greg finished the can, wiped his lips and gave the empty can back to me before reaching for the liquid soap and squirting some into his hand.

“So, how have you been?” he asked as he began creating a sudsy foam all over his chest and abdomen, “How’s work, how’s your love life?”

“Me? My love life! I’m on my own now, what d’you expect?” I moaned.

“Well, you’re free Chris,” he answered, “Thought you’d have had a whole harem of beauties here by now!”

“As if,” I groaned, “Wish I did. What about you?”

“Huh!” he grunted as he soaped himself, “What love life? I haven’t had time for that for ages — too much work and not enough play.”

We drifted into an exchange of pleasantries while Greg absentmindedly rubbed the bubbles everywhere and while my eyes followed his hands — until he enveloped his penis in his moving hands, then lifted them back up to his chest.

But his seemingly innocent actions had caused a side effect — his cock was now far less droopy and even as I watched it climbed in jerks until it was fully erect and pointing at the ceiling.

“Oops,” said Greg, “Sorry Chris. Didn’t really mean that to happen — never mind — couldn’t help it.”

His soapy fingers closed around his penis and he slid his hand up and down his shaft, driving a ring of bubbles before him, bubbles that slid away to reveal his glowing plumped-up knob.

“I don’t mind,” I answered, feeling my own penis growing inside my jeans, “Looks pretty good to me.”

“Haven’t had a chance to do much with it for ages,” he said as his soapy hand continued to slide up and down his penis, “Been way too busy.”

I, on the other hand had been way too idle recently, having been off work during the company’s annual refit, but at least my idleness had allowed me to enjoy my own cock every night as well as several times each day. But I’d had no partners to share it with.

“Guess I’d better make sure the dirty mags are by your bed!” I quipped, “And a towel I expect!”

“Get out of it!” said Greg with a laugh, “Go and find us something to eat!”

I knew just what I could eat, soapy bubbles and all but I didn’t follow up my ideas, so with a final glance I left him to it and headed downstairs to tend to some simple cooking. I was no expert in the kitchen but I could at least create a good wholesome meal and before long Greg and I were stuffing our faces and downing some more lager, then doing the washing up together before heading to the lounge to while away the evening with some drink and a good natter.

As I said in my earlier story, Greg was an Area Manager for a major sex shop group and he always had a good supply of sex samples of one kind or another including a fair selection of blue videos. So, once we’d finished putting the world to rights we settled down for a dirty night’s viewing of the latest videos that he’d brought with him. It was a pleasantly warm night and we were both only wearing shorts, our chilled cans at our sides.

As we watched the first video, Greg reminded me of our college days and then of our shared fun with Julie.

“Are you still bisexual?” he asked, his eyes glued to the slot oyna screen.

“Would be if I had a chance!” I exclaimed, “Can’t see many guys around here, or girls for that matter!”

“Well, there’s me!” he answered flippantly and his hand reached out and slapped my thigh sociably.

“No I mean blokes for me to play with,” I said, “Or girls; I don’t mind which.”

“Won’t I do then?” he asked, “Do you still play with cocks?”

“Well yeah,” I muttered, feeling my face glowing and my penis stiffening.

His hand was now resting over the ridge where his penis protruded down the leg of his shorts. “And suck them?” he asked, his eyes now moving to catch mine.

“I would if I could,” I replied, my eyes now locked onto the bulge of his penis, “Well, I’ll be honest, I’d like nothing more than a nice cock to suck. Think I’ve gone right off women at the moment.”

“Nor surprising after the way Julie treated you,” Greg murmured, “Enough to turn anyone around.”

There was a small and peaceful hiatus as we watched the action on screen.

“What about you?” I eventually asked, “You said you were bi — do you still play with men too?”

“Yeah sure, I’ve sucked a few guys off,” he admitted, “But somehow I never seem to meet the right people to stick with; I can’t even find anyone to marry, not like you! Then again, I am a bit like you, I think — I just love sex of any kind.”

He smiled and winked at me.

“Like I said though, I’ve been too busy to look around much recently,” he added, “What a waste of a whole lot of fun!”

We laughed together, drank some more lager and slapped each other’s thighs sociably while the sexual tension grew around us.

“I’ll be honest,” I answered, “I’ve had way too much time on my hands in the last six months — glad I’ll be busy again next week.”

“Bet you’ve enjoyed yourself then!” he said with a big smile, his hand mimicking jerking off and I laughed.

“Yeah, that’s about all,” I answered, “No-one else to play with.”

“What’s your definition of ‘play?” he asked, “I mean, how far have you gone sexually, with men?”

“All the way actually,” I said bravely, “I’ve done lots of sucking and even some fucking; I mean I’ve had several blokes up my ass. It’s ok so long as it’s done gently and then I quite like it, especially when they cum.”

I felt my cock stiffening just as I saw Greg’s eyebrows raise up and his hand move on his bulging penis.

“So you like being fucked do you?” he asked, “You like it up the arse?”

I felt myself glowing redly as I nodded, also feeling my cock pressing hard within my confining shorts and my arsehole pulsating with excitement.

“Why, do you want to try my arse for size?” I asked, feeling my own cock jerk with excitement.

“Mmmm, I suppose I could give it a try,” said Greg with a wink, “Let’s see what comes up, eh?”

We carried on watching the film — a non-stop succession of gaping cunts, gushing cocks and plugged arseholes and we made numerous ribald comments about the various pieces of sexual equipment on view, both of us appreciating the massive endowment of the studs and the perfect bodies of the girls.

My own cock had been erect since the first few minutes of the film and by now it was urgently in need of some attention. Rubbing myself through my shorts wasn’t enough, by a long way!

“Greg” I said eventually, my eagerness overcoming my semi-shyness, “You’ve seen my cock and you’ve seen me cum so you won’t mind if I have a wank, will you? My cock’s just about busting for some attention. Would you mind if I get it out?”

“Why should I?” he said, “In fact I’ll join you, if you don’t mind. It’ll be a waste not to.”

“Come over here and perhaps we can play just like old times.” I suggested, “Be nice to have a wank together eh?”

I was entirely sure that we had both wanting this to happen but we’d both been too shy to suggest it until now.

“Ok for a start, then we can see how we got on,” he said quickly, “Let’s get our kit off first.”

We both quickly sprang upright and began stripping off until we stood facing each other, naked and aroused. I stroked my own erection briefly, feeling it pulsing in my fist as a little trickle of precum oozed out, an offering that I now spread around until my knob shone brightly.

Greg’s penis looked long and very stiff with it’s foreskin already peeled back.

“That looks nice,” I said softly as I licked my lips, “Tasty!”

“Hey, I reckon you’ve grown!” said Greg, now rubbing his own cock, “Reckon you’ve added another inch or so since I last played with you.”

“Nah, no way,” I replied as I pushed his hands away and took hold of his penis, “Be nice if it had!”

Greg’s cock felt heavy and strong in my hand and I could feel his muscles as they drove his erection through my fingers.

“Yours is still bigger than mine — it certainly feels bigger,” I said as I stroked his penis.

“Mine’s about eight inches,” he said as his hand closed around canlı casino siteleri my cock, “Not that you’ve got anything to be ashamed about.”

“Sod you — you are bigger…I’m a bit over seven,” I admitted, “Still, it’s what you do with it that counts!”

“So what do you reckon I should do with mine then?” said Greg with a glint in his eye.

“Well, for starters, let’s just wank each other and maybe suck each other off, if that suits you?” I said, wanting to keep things slow until we felt completely comfortable, “After that we’ll do anything else we feel we want to.”

“Sounds like a good idea. I’m think I’m definitely game for anything!” said Greg as we now sat down side by side on the settee.

I felt my hand become wet and saw that Greg’s penis had leaked copiously.

“Feels good,” I murmured as I used his lubrication to rub my thumb around the helmet of his cock.

For a while I just concentrated on the lovely feeling of his slippery juice helping his penis to slide in my fist and while I was at work his hand was busy wanking my shaft too. We both slumped back on the settee as we settled to do some serious wanking, our hands now moving faster and with more determination.

Greg grunted, his hips thrusting his penis up into my hand.

“Need to get this one out of the way,” he said as his hand slid up and down my slippery pole, “You’re doing fine, keep going like that.”

“You’re doing great too,” I added, feeling my hips jerking as the feelings increased, “We both need to cum — then we can settle down properly.”

The action on the screen now became more appropriate as we watched; the two guys shared each other as the woman reclined nearby and watched, her hand stroking her pussy. The guys rubbed each other in turn and then settled into a 69 position to enjoy some hot oral action.

Back in our room we steadily stroked each other, our hands tight around each others cock, our hips rising and falling with our arousal as we enjoyed the film but the main action was soon to move closer to home because I could feel my orgasm rising quickly now.

“It won’t be long Greg,” I warned him, “I can feel it started to cum — oh yes, any minute now. Oooh no, any moment now — ooh damn, uhhhhh, here it comes!”

He wanking me harder now as my spunk erupted up my chest, my jets of cum rising strongly until I was covered with five or six considerable streams and splatters of hot spunk. As soon as I’d finished Greg moved off the settee and now knelt between my legs, making a show of wiping my cum from his hand onto his penis, then leaned forward, his erection rubbing between my legs. I almost asked him to shove his cock up my hole but instead he leaned over me and began to rub his face in the spunk on my chest while he continued wanking his cock.

“Oooh fuck, I’ll be coming soon,” he said, panting with his exertions.

“Come up here — shoot it in my mouth please,” I asked, leaning forward and opening my mouth wide.

Greg stood up, his face streaked and glistening with my cum, his hand jerking his cock faster and faster even as I prepared to receive his offering.

“Ohhh yes, I’m coming,” he grunted, “All for you! Ooh, get ready — here it comes!”

His cock slid deep into my open mouth and I felt squirt after hot squirt of spunk erupting as I closed my lips tight around his penis. It felt thick and sticky and delicious and even after I’d swallowed it the flavour seemed to cling in my mouth.

We disengaged and I leaned back, my chest heaving while Greg knelt on his haunches at my feet.

“Thanks bruv,” he said as he panted, “Needed that!”

“That was good,” I admitted, “Great mouthful you gave me!”

“I’d got a big load saved up!” he said, “Could do it all over again in a little while!”

I was still covered with traces of my spunk and Greg now wanted to rub his cock in it. He knelt upright, then leaned over me as I slouched in the settee, and pressed his rather limp cock into the small pools of cum, sliding it around erotically and as he moved it around, so it began to stiffen again and very soon his cock was rigid once again.

“Do you want to cum again?” I asked, as I took hold of his sticky cock.

He nodded and I began to masturbate him until he knelt back down between my legs, his penis extending towards my groin.

“Do you want to try fucking me?” I offered, “Come on, I’ve had a mouthful so now fill me at the other end too!”

“I haven’t had any practice at that,” admitted Greg, “I haven’t done it at all, to be honest; never really found anyone I wanted to do it with.”

I noticed that he was now looking more excited than I’d seen him for a while and knew instinctively that he’d be willing to try.

“It’s good — give it a go. Use some of my spunk if you can find any,” I suggested, “Wipe it over your cock and then just push inside.”

“Actually I’ve got some KY in my bag — some free samples — just a mo,” said Greg as he quickly stood up and stepped away.

In seconds he was back, his erection waving before him. He squirted some KY around my hole and smeared some onto his cock.

“Ok, I’m ready,” he said as he settled between my legs, his erection held out, “Here I come.”

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