Geist Ch. 03


Avery ducked into the bar and looked around. It was rumored to be a gay bar, but it was really hard to tell. It wasn’t as obvious as Avery had hoped it would be. He walked over to the bar and sat down on one of the wooden stools. He glanced up and his eye caught a strong looking man. His hair was cut short and it fell in waves just above his eyes. Avery was instantly attracted to him. He watched the man a little longer, not knowing how to approach him. Finally, the man looked up and saw his admirer. Avery blushed and looked down. Finally the man stood and walked over to him.

“Hello.” He smiled.

“Hello.” Avery nodded.

“May I…” The man glanced up around them discreetly. “Can I buy you a drink?” he asked. Avery blushed.

“Yes, I would really like that.” Avery nodded. “I’m Avery.” He held out his hand and the man shook it.

“I’m Thomas Night. It’s nice to meet you.” The man smiled.


Thomas Night was the best thing that had ever happened to Avery. The man was charming, and sweet, and gorgeous on top of all of that. He liked classical music just as much as Avery and they went to the symphony a couple of times. He was also discreet. They both knew it was socially unacceptable for two men to be together, so they kept their little secret together. it helped that Thomas had already had a child with a woman. He was twenty now and his kid was two years old. He wasn’t together with the mother though, they just raised the kid together. It made it easy for people to see him as a family man.

Avery on the other hand was a loner. His father was never around and his mother had died of cancer four years ago. He was left to care for himself and was fine with that. It meant he got to see who he wanted, when he wanted. Such as Thomas.

Thomas, at least, hadn’t fallen into the ‘peace and love’ phase of the 70’s. Avery was convinced it was a phase. No one could be that high for that long, anyways. They both preferred to stay inside and entertain themselves with more…physical activities.


“Avery, this is Martha.” Thomas introduced Avery to the mother of his child. The small four year old boy walked up, a toy in his hands. “This is my son, James.”

“Hello, James.” Avery smiled.

“Hello.” James blushed and hid behind his father’s leg.

“How old are you?” Avery asked, though Thomas had already told him.

“Four.” He held up a finger for each year.

“That’s pretty impressive.” Avery winked at him. He giggled and hid behind his fathers leg again.

“Go and play, James.” His father said. There was a reason they had come there that day. James took off with a plane in hand, making engine sounds.

“What’s wrong?” Martha asked, already aware that they were on a mission.

“Give us a second, Avery?” Thomas asked. Avery nodded and went to keep James company. He sat there playing with toy soldiers with him when he saw Martha cover her mouth and start to cry. Thomas tried haphazardly to comfort her, but she refused to let him touch her. Instead, she slapped him hard across the cheek. He sighed and tried to say something but she interrupted by screaming something at him. Thomas lost his temper and screamed back at her. James and Avery both watched this and Avery couldn’t help but feel guilty.

“Come on, Avery.” He said. Avery stood up and waved goodbye to James before running after Thomas. The reason they had come there that day was because Thomas insisted on telling Martha what was going on between him and Avery. Avery felt her hateful gaze on his back as they walked away. Thomas was tired of sneaking out and didn’t care what it meant for their safety, he just wanted to be free.


Martha told everyone. Soon, the entire little town they lived in was against them. Thomas and Avery packed quickly, and fled to California. They settled down in a small town where nobody knew anything about them. Thomas knew he had family there and they had offered their home to them. Avery and Thomas had moved in right away, but were shocked when they saw the very large mansion they would be staying in. Avery loved the house. It was old and rustic and had a wise feel to it. Thomas always just saw it as a house, only the flaws were obvious to him. Thomas’s Aunt and Uncle owned the house. The three story mansion was kept spotless and Avery and Thomas were each given a room, though they always snuck into each others at night to sleep together.

“One day, we’ll own this house. We’ll live here together and we wont have to worry about what anyone thinks. We can just be together.” Thomas said.

“Promise?” Avery asked, he wanted nothing but that. he would be completely content if all he ever had was this house, and his lover.

“I promise.” Thomas said. Avery fell asleep in Thomas’s arms. Happy with the promise of peace, and the rustic mansion.


Thomas’s Aunt died 12 years later. When his Aunt died, his Uncle moved to Florida. It took longer than they had hoped, casino oyna but their dream was becoming a reality. His Uncle gave him the house, and everything in it. The door shut as he left and Avery and Thomas stared at each other, it was theirs. Their dream was theirs, their house was theirs, and they had each other. It was all either of them could ever want.

They began living together. Sure, they had been living together before, but this was different. Avery would walk around the house singing and smiling. Thomas would pinch his ass playfully and they would stop and kiss like horny teenagers every five minutes. The master bedroom was theirs now. They were loving it. The large Casement window was Avery’s favorite place. He would just sit there for hours. He would read a book, or listen to music. But it would always be by that window, with the two glass sides swung open. Months after the house became theirs, Thomas got a phone call.

“Hello?” He answered the phone. Avery looked up, they didn’t get many calls. The person on the other end spoke and Thomas went a little pale. “Yes…” He said, and waited for the other person to speak. Avery put down his coffee and watched Thomas who stared blankly into space. “Wow…Yes of course. When?” he asked. Avery turned his head to the side and mouthed ‘What?’ but Thomas waved his hand at him dismissively and turned away. Avery walked around so he was facing him again. “That’s great, I’ll be there as soon as I can…Congratulations.” He said. They said their goodbyes, and he hung up.

“Who was that?” Avery asked.

“My son.” Thomas looked up at him, still holding the phone.

“How is he? He’s about sixteen now, right?” Avery asked, putting a bowl in the sink and washing it quickly.

“Yeah…He just had a son.” Thomas looked up at Avery who raised his eyebrows and turned to face him. “I’m a grandfather.” Thomas laughed. Avery smiled a little.

“He’s…young.” Avery said..

“I know…But he’s responsible. I’m sure he and his girlfriend will be fine.” Thomas took a drink of coffee.

“You don’t seem very worried.” Avery leaned against the counter.

“Well…I’m not.” Thomas wrinkled his nose. “I don’t know the boy well enough to judge him anyhow.” Thomas said.

“Do you ever regret that? Don’t you want to know your son, and your grandson?” He asked.

“That’s none of your business.” Thomas snapped. Avery looked down, clearing his throat after an awkward silence.

“Sorry, you’re right. I need to go start laundry.” He excused himself, and walked out.


Michael was the cutest thing. Avery couldn’t help but coo and make baby noises at him. The small child was always smiling and grabbed at Avery’s fingers. It made Avery feel warm inside, babies were always happy. A week after the phone call from Thomas’s son, they flew down to meet his new grandson. Thomas wasn’t hiding his love for the baby very well. He was cold towards his son, and his son was cold back. But he couldn’t help but giggle and coo alongside Avery every time the baby was in the room. Michael always cooed right back.

“He’s just so adorable.” Avery said, for the thousandth time that day.

“Isn’t he?” Thomas looked over his shoulder as Avery rocked baby Michael to sleep in his arms.

“Would you…ever want more kids?” Avery asked quietly.

“We’re getting a little old for that, love.” Thomas pecked Avery on the temple. They were alone except for little Michael. They had to be careful around Thomas’s family. Martha hadn’t spoken to either of them since they arrived. It was an unspoken fact that hovered around their heads. Everyone knew they were together, but no one said a thing.

“I’m only 31, and you’re 32. We’re not that old…And there’s always adoption.” Avery smiled a little.

“You’re serious about this?” Thomas looked surprised.

“Well…Yeah. I’ve always wanted kids.” He said. “I think I would be a good dad…” He whispered almost only to himself, though Thomas heard him.

“I think you would be a great dad.” Thomas hugged him from behind. “I have to say though, I don’t like the idea of having to share you with some drooling baby.” Thomas joked. Avery laughed and shoved him playfully. He set baby Michael down in his crib, asleep. He couldn’t help but stare down at him. Thomas walked up behind him again and kissed his shoulder.

“Maybe some day.” Thomas said.

“Maybe…” Avery agreed.


‘Maybe’ turned into never. Before Avery knew it, Michael was eleven years old and coming for a visit. His parents were going on a little vacation and Avery and Thomas were their last hope for a babysitter. Avery hadn’t seen Michael since he was four months old, but he was excited to see the boy again. He was just so cute!

“Calm down, sweetheart.” Thomas hugged Avery, stopping him from pacing the floor.

“I’m sorry, I just cant wait for him to get here. It’s been so long since you’ve seen him. Aren’t you excited?” Avery canlı casino laughed.

“Of course I am. He’s my grandson.” Thomas said. “It just sounds so weird.” Thomas said. “I’m only 43. It makes me feel so much older.” Thomas frowned.

“You’re not old. Because if you’re old, then I’m old.” Avery frowned, before pointing a finger at Thomas angrily. “And I am NOT old, you hear?” Avery scowled. Thomas laughed and hugged him again. A car pulled up and Avery peaked out the window before squealing.

“He’s here!” He shouted, and ran to the door. Thomas looked out and saw the bright yellow cab in the driveway. He smiled and followed Avery outside.

“Do you think he remembers us?” Avery asked.

“Avery, he wasn’t even a year old yet.” Thomas looked down at his partner.

“Right….So that’s a no?” Avery looked up at him, worried, when the door opened. Michael stood there awkwardly, looking around the large house. “Hi!” Avery smiled, and waved Michael looked at him and wrinkled his nose a little before looking at Thomas.

“Hey, kiddo. I know you probably don’t remember us, but I’m your Grandpa Thomas, this is…Uh…” Thomas got an evil gleam in his eye. “Call him Grandma Avery.” He laughed. Avery turned and scowled at him, slapping his shoulder.

“You can just call me Avery.” He turned back to Michael with a smile. Michael shrugged.

“Avery, why don’t you show him up to one of the guest rooms. I’ll go get dinner on the table.” Thomas said, and walked towards the large kitchen.

“Sure, come on.” Avery smiled, and led Michael up the stairs.

It didn’t take them long to get Michael unpacked in his bedroom, but Michael still hadn’t said a word.

“So are you excited to stay here, with us? It’s a pretty big house. I know it looks boring, but I’m sure you can find something fun to do.” Avery said.

“I guess.” Michael finally spoke.

“What do you like to do at home?” Avery asked.

“Hang out with my friends.” Michael shrugged.

“That’s cool.” Avery said, it was obvious Michael didn’t want to talk to him. Avery sighed. “Did I do something? To make you upset? If I did, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to. I’m just really excited to have you here.” Avery gave a warm smile, the warmest he could possibly bring up.

“You didn’t do anything, I just don’t like fags.” Michael said coldly.

“E-excuse me?” Avery was taken aback.

“My mom and dad said that you and Grandpa Thomas are a bunch of queers, and that I shouldn’t talk to you if I don’t need to.” Michael said, without batting an eyelash.

“Dinner!” Thomas called from downstairs. Avery watched as Michael hopped off the bed and walked down the steps of the mansion to the ground floor. He sat there, stunned, before following him.


Dinner had been quiet. Avery didn’t feel much like eating after what Michael had said to him. It felt as if all the hate that he and Thomas had escaped from, had followed them. This time it had followed them into their own home, and they had invited it in warmly.

“What’s wrong?” Thomas asked, as they got ready for bed. Avery sat down on the bed and bit his lip. He knew that, even if he didn’t say it, Thomas loved Michael to death. He didn’t want to hurt that by mentioning what Michael had said. But Thomas needed to know.

“Earlier, when I was helping Michael unpack, he was giving me the silent treatment.” Avery started.

“Well, you know kids their age. He was probably just tired and hungry.” Thomas said, climbing into bed.

“Well, I asked him if I did anything to make him angry…He told me that he hates queers.” Avery said.

“What? He didn’t say that.” Thomas shook his head dismissively.

“He did, though. He said that his parents hate us and that they told him not to talk to us unless he had to.” Avery said sadly.

“Well, what do you want me to do? He’s my grandson.” Thomas said, becoming a little angry.

“I know…I’ll just try to give him some space I guess. Maybe he’ll warm up to you since you’re related.” Avery said.

“Maybe. Goodnight.” He turned over, his back to Avery.

“Goodnight.” Avery laid back. He waited a second, before curling up behind Thomas, holding onto his broad shoulders. He fell asleep before he knew it.


Michael had been with them for three days already, and Avery tried his best to give the boy his space. It was a large house, but they always seemed to run into each other. Avery picked up a book and was reading in his window for most of the three days. He would come down for meals, but would give Thomas and Michael time to get to know each other, and from the noise he heard they were. The house was full with laughter and stomping as the two ran through the house. Thomas had bought a new video game system and was getting a beat down by Michael. Once Thomas dragged him into board games, it was Michael’s turn to lose.

Avery wished he could join the fun, but whenever he was in the room Michael froze kaçak casino up, and would only give him cold glares. Thomas sympathized with him, but was too wrapped up in Michael to really notice. So Avery spent his time alone. He didn’t really mind though. He was glad the two were having fun, and it did give him time to read.

However, it was when Avery found himself alone with Michael that things got bad. The more time Michael spent with his grandfather, the more he hated Avery. Eventually, Michael stopped ignoring Avery, and began insulting him every chance he got. Avery tried his best to ignore Michael, but now it had grown to the point that when Michael wasn’t busy with Thomas, he was seeking Avery out.

“You know he hates you.” Michael leaned against the doorway.

“Excuse me?” Avery scowled. He had to admit, he was beginning to hate the little brat.

“My grandpa. He wishes that you would leave.” Avery scowled at the sneering Michael.

“Look, Michael. Whether you like it or not I’m here to stay, and you won’t be able to change that. Thomas loves me.” Avery said.

“No he doesn’t!” Michael shouted.

“Why do you have such a hard time dealing with this? Do your parents really hate us that much?” Avery said, throwing his hands up in frustration.

“You WILL leave him alone.” Michael said, and stormed out of the room. For an eleven year old, the boy was frightening.

“What was that all about?” Thomas walked into the room. “I heard you guys yelling from downstairs.” He looked upset.

“He’s practically threatening me, Thomas. You need to talk to him.” Avery stood up, setting his book down on the window seat.

“Avery, we talked about this. He’s only here for a few more days. Can’t you just deal with it?” Thomas crossed his arms.

“Fine, Thomas. Just go spend time with your bigot of a grandson.” Avery scowled, and sat back down. He picked up his book and refused to look at Thomas who stood there for another few seconds. With a sigh, Thomas shut the door behind him.


Avery stretched as he woke up. He looked around the room and saw Michael sitting in a chair across from the bed.

“What the-!” Avery began, when Michael interrupted him.

“Grandpa Thomas had to go to the store.” Michael said, his arms crossed against his chest.

“What are you doing in here? Go play outside or something.” Avery stood up, heading towards the door.

“I’m giving you one more chance, leave him alone.” Michael stood up. Even at eleven he was getting tall. Only a few inches shorter than Avery.

“What are you going to do, Michael? Grow up. Maybe start thinking on your own and not believing everything your parents brainwashed you to believe.” Avery said, losing his temper.

“Why can’t you just leave us alone?” Michael shouted, and uncrossed his arms. Revealing a knife he had been holding the whole time.

“What the fuck, Michael? What are you doing with that?” Avery cursed, backing up.

“Just leave us alone. Then everybody’s happy.” Michael said.

“You’re really jacked up, you know that?” Avery said quietly.

“Just leave!” Michael shouted and stepped towards Avery. Avery grabbed for the knife and Michael pulled back, before sending the knife forward again. The shining blade pierced Avery’s pale skin. He fell back against the wall and stared down at the knife handle in his stomach. It took him a moment to realize what had happened. His breathing was labored and he was beginning to feel dizzy as his entire shirt was soaked in dark blood.

“What did you….” Avery started, his voice airy and weak. Michael stared, growing pale quickly. Avery’s knees went weak and he felt himself sliding down the wall. He coughed and blood sprayed forward. The entire wall was caked in quickly drying blood. Avery heard the door open and close downstairs and the sound of bags being set down in the kitchen. Michael stood silently and stared, a horrified look on his face. “T-thomas…” Avery whimpered. He grabbed the knife handle, but didn’t have the strength to do anything more. He heard Thomas climbing the steps and prayed he would hurry. Michael looked as if he was going to be sick.

“What are you guys-…Avery!” Thomas shouted. He dove to the ground, trying to help the dying man in front of him.

“Thomas…” Avery said, voice growing ever weaker.

“What did you do?!” Thomas shouted at Michael, who still stood in the same spot, paralyzed.

“I just wanted to scare him…I wanted him to leave us alone…I just wanted….I…” Michael’s voice faded as he stared at the growing puddle of blood soaking Avery’s shirt and the floor.

“I’m sorry, I should have done something. I should have listened to you.” Thomas said, sobbing.

“Am…Ambulance….” Avery begged, blood leaking from his mouth.

“I…I have to…” Thomas stood up, searching for a phone. He froze for a second, looking down at Avery and then back up at a frozen Michael. He swallowed. “I…I have to protect my grandson.” He said quietly. Avery wrinkled his brow as he gasped for air, the simple act becoming harder and harder to accomplish.

“T-thomas….” He whispered, eyes beginning to glaze over.

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