Subject: Generational Bro-cest part two This story contains sexual situations between two bothers and other males. If you are under the age of 18 and are legally not allowed to read this story, or if material of this nature is offensive to you, then you should skip this story. The author claims the copyright to all parts of this story and no duplication or publication of this story is allowed except by the author. This is my fourth story for NIFTY. Other stories: Danny’s First Love. Last posted on June 27th 2019 in High School. I didn’t pee the bed. Oct. 27, 2020 in Incest. Jordan and Billy. Nov. 15 2020 in Incest I’m not a writer, but I thought I’d again try my hand at fiction. I’m a college graduate who majored in the hard science, did post-graduate work in medical research. English has always been my worst subject. So here goes. I hope you enjoy it. Let me know what you think. Please donate to Nifty! Generational Bro-cest Part Two By Anthony Scordato. This part of the story takes place 18 years prior to part one – It’s the story of James and Cory, Christopher’s father and uncle. My name is James. I have a two year older brother, Cory. We were raised in Lake Charles, Louisiana. Our parents were very conservative Christian evangelicals and did the damnedest to raise us as the same. They were good parents, loving, supportive, generous and kind, but they had many rules. They wanted us to follow in their religious beliefs. We went to a Christian elementary and middle school, but were allowed to attend a public high school. Cory quietly, but relentlessly resisted being indoctrinated and I followed his lead. He was a great older brother and I looked up to him. We had a unspoken pact between us. We would never say anything to get the other into trouble. We’d tell a lie to cover for each other and we had secrets, many secrets that we promised each other `we’d take to our deaths’. My father owned a car dealership in town. We lived outside of town in a fairly rural area. We had a nice two story house with a pool and Cory and I each had our own room and own bathroom, which was unlike many of our friends. One of the rules that Cory could not get around was that in order to play sports, we had to maintain a B average. I remember when Cory was fourteen, he got his end of year report card for the eight grade, which was mailed to the house. He had all Bs and one C in math. I sat in my room and heard my dad lecturing and then punishing him. He was grounded for two weeks. It was the beginning of the summer between middle school and high school and Cory was one of the best little league first basemen. He was supposed to go to a baseball camp, but now wouldn’t be able to go. He was angry. Another rule my parents had was that once we were sent to our room at night, we were to stay in our room, unless we asked permission to leave. I never understood the rule, but many of their rules never made sense. But every rule they made, Cory found a way around. Our bedrooms faced the backyard. Our parent’s bedroom faced the front yard. If Cory wanted to visit me, or I him, we’d go out our window and walk the roof over our patio to the other’s window. After I heard my parent’s go to bed, I climbed out my window, quietly walked the roof and then slowly opened Cory’s window. He put his pillows on the floor and against the crack of the door. “You can’t go to camp.” “I’m going to run away.” “No you’re not.” I watched him take a sock and put it under his mattress. “Why you doing that?” “I was going to beat off. It’s my cum rag.” “What’s a cum rag?” “When I jerk off, it’s an old sock and I clean up with it and then hide it.” I stared at him. “Don’t you hide yours.” “I don’t have one.” “What do you do with your cum? Silence. “Aren’t you jerking off yet?” “No,” I said feeling embarrassed. “Why? You don’t believe all that religious stuff, do you?” “No.” “Don’t you want to?” “I just didn’t know I could.” “You’re eleven and you’ve got hair down there. So, you can. Do you want to?” I shrugged. “I’ll show you how to do it. Once you do it you’ll do it all the time.” “Okay.” He took off his pajama bottoms and then his underwear. I had seen him naked and up close (I’ll explain) before and he had seen me, but it was when my parents were not at home. My dad worked six days a week at his car dealership. Sometimes he wouldn’t be able to make it home for dinner. My mom would feed us and then would pack up food and drive into town and have dinner with him. She’d be gone for at least a couple of hours. It was amazing what two young boys could do at home during two hours. We’d wrestle, which always lead to grabbing each other’s junk and pulling each other’s clothes off until we were naked. Naked we’d wrestle around and go for each other’s junk. Cory usually got the upper hand, but I gave him a good fight. I was not stronger than him, but I was quick and agile. When I was nine or ten, Cory decided that the loser of each round had to kneel down and the winner would rub his junk against the losers face. I often had his cock and balls in my face, but once in a while I’d get to grab his head and rub my junk all over his face. It was not long before we were both sporting erections. We’d grab at each other’s hard on, pulling and squeezing it. When I’d get pinned, I’d get on my knees. He’d take his cock in hand and rub the head of his dick over my face, over my nose and over my lips. Then he’d press my face against his balls. “Take your PJ’s off,” he said. I undressed feeling nervous. I had heard guys joking about jerking off and had heard stories in bible study about sex being a sin. I didn’t believe the stuff I heard, but I had never tested it out. Cory told me it was all bullshit and I believed him. Sitting on the floor across from each other, I watched as Cory stroked his cock. I started pulling on mine. “Here let me show you.” He reached over and put his hand on my cock. That was nothing new, but this was different. He wasn’t yanking and squeezing. He gently held my four inch flaccid cut cock in his hand and began gently stroking. I sat there staring down at his hand and my cock as it became erect. He continued stroking. “How’s it feeling?” “Great,” I said. He moved closer. “You want me to do it for you?” “Yeah. Okay.” He stopped. istanbul travesti “We’d better go into the bathroom. You’re cum is going to go flying and it’ll get on the rug.” We sat on the floor of the bathroom. I leaned against a wall and he sat facing me. “After I do you, you’ll do me, okay?” “Sure.” My cock was now fully erect and at almost 8 inches. Cory’s cock was bigger and thicker but he said that mine would grow as I got older. He stroked my cock with his right hand and played with my balls with his left. I sat enjoying the feeling and watching his hand moved up and down my cock. “You’re going to feel good all over your body and then your cock will get really hard and sensitive and you’ll feel like stuff is going to explode out of your cock.” “It’s starting to feel like that now.” “Cool.” My legs began shaking and I felt like I wanted to thrust into his hand. “Fuck, Cory.” “Yeah, let it explode out.” My body began to tense and shake. “Fuck,” I called out and then felt and saw this thick white stuff shoot out of my cock and into the air. I kept thrusting my hips and he kept stroking my cock. “Cory,” stop. He sat back and smiled at me. I kept taking deep breaths and moaning. Finally, I relaxed. “Fuck that was awesome.” I looked down at my chest. “That’s cum?” “That’s cum.” Cory ran his fingers through my cum. “It’s kind of cool, don’t you think?” I ran my fingers through it. “It’s gooey. Can we do it again? “We can do it as many times as you want. But first you do me.” We clean me up with toilet paper and tossed into the toilet but didn’t flush. We decided we’d better wait until we were all done. We switched places. Cory’s dick was over eight inches long and thicker than mine. He spread his legs and I scooted toward him. I took hold of his cock and began stroking it. “Tell me if I’m doing it wrong.” “You’re doing great.” I kept stroking his cock never taking my eyes off it. I played with his balls. He said, “Maybe next time we wrestle and I win and rub my cock on your face, I’ll do it until I cum.” I chuckled. “Then there would be cum all over my face.” He laughed. “Exactly.” I laughed. “We should have contests,” he said. I kept stroking. “Like what?” “Who can come first and who comes the most. We can see who shoots the farthest, stuff like that.” “Okay. I’ll do that.” “We’ll have to figure what the loser has to do.” I smiled. “You want to rub your cock on my face.” “I’ll let you rub yours on mine. How about this. The winner does it to the loser first, then the loser does it to the winner.” “That’s fair.” I kept stroking. “I’m going to come,” he moaned. I kept stroking. His cock was rock hard. He began to thrust into my hand as I stroked his cock. Then streams of cum shot out of his cock. Shot after shot flew into the air and landed on me and him. “Wow,” I said. “That was cool.” “Fuck,” he said. “That felt better than when I do it.” There was a lot of cum. And a good amount on my hand. I stared at my hand and then ran my fingers through the cum. “Taste it,” he said. “You’re crazy.” “Watch.” Cory ran his index finger over his chest and gathered a big glob of cum. Then he scooped it up and put it on his tongue. He gathered up more cum and put it on his tongue and then closed his mouth. He swallowed and then stuck out his tongue. “Try it. It isn’t bad.” I tentatively ran my tongue over my fingers and then tasted his cum. I stared at him and then said, “It’s not bad.” He scooped up more and put on this tongue. I did the same. He laughed. “We’re cum brothers.” “Yeah, but you didn’t eat mine.” “Jerk off and I will.” “You jerk me off,” I said. He jerked me off and after I came we both ate my cum. Then I jerked him off and we ate more of his. We cleaned up. I climbed out the window of his bedroom and then into mine. I lay in bed thinking about what we had done. I wanted to crawl back to his window and tell him that that was the best fun I’d ever had. I wanted to tell him that he was the best brother ever. I wanted to tell him that I’d do whatever he wanted. But I didn’t. Instead I jerked off again. The next day when we were having breakfast and my mother walked my dad to his car, I said, “I want to do it again with you.” “Me, too.” “I’ll do whatever you want.” “Me, too.” “You’re the best.” “You, too,” he said and smiled. “And you know you’re going to go first because you always lose.” I laughed. During that summer, Cory and I did a lot of three things: we played catch, threw the football around and jerked off every chance we could. We also hung out with friends and went to the Calcasieu River. We’d head to a part of the river where they had a rope hanging from a tree at the edge of the river. We’d swing out over the river and then dive in. We usually hung out with his friends and sometimes they’d give me shit about being the `kid’. But Cory was always close by and no one went up against Cory. But the most fun we had was at night when I’d sneak into his room, or he’d sneak into mine. We continued jerking each other off and licking up each other’s cum � more and more each time. Finally, my mother headed out for dinner with my dad. Cory said, “So, let’s just get undressed and wrestle.” We both undressed. “What does the loser have to do?” I said. “You mean what will you have to do.” He laughed and pointed at me. “Yeah, so�” He smiled. “I get to jerk off on you.” “Where?” “Okay, we have to stand in the same place when we do it. I’ll stand up and you have to lay down on the floor and I aim at you.” I laughed. “Then I aim at you.” “Of course. Fair is fair.” We went into his bathroom, again to be sure not to get cum on the rugs. I lay down on the floor and he stood over me his feet straddling my hips. He laughed. “I can’t miss from here,” he said and stroked his cock. “Yeah, so then I get to be where you are.” He shrugged. “I have better aim.” “You’re going to shoot on my face.” He laughed. “Open your mouth. Give me a target.” “Are you going to open yours.” He stopped jerking. “Okay, here’s the deal we both make. If I do something kadıköy travesti to you, you get to do it to me. If you do something to me, I get to do it to you. Deal?” “Deal.” He stroked. “Tell me when you’re going to come and I’ll open my mouth.” He laughed and nodded. He stroked for a while and then said, “I’m going to come.” I opened my mouth He moaned and then stopped stroking and aimed his cock at my face. I had my mouth wide open. He shot and shot and shot, but I closed my eyes. He always shot a lot of cum, but so did I. His cum hit my forehead and hair first and then my mouth and nose and neck. I opened my eyes. He stood over me and smiled. “You look great.” I swallowed the cum that was in my mouth and stood up. I looked in the mirror and the licked the cum dripping off my nose. “Come here,” he said. He pulled me toward him and began licking my face. I laughed. I stood over him and stroked. He kept looking up at me and laughing. “Stop laughing. I’m getting close.” He closed his eyes, but kept laughing. “I’m going to cum.” I shot a huge load and most of it hit his face. The rest was on his chest. I got a good amount on his lips and tongue. He stood up, licked his lips and swallowed. I licked his face. We played a lot of games. Jerking off on each other was always the endgame. We jerked off on each other’s junk, butts, butt holes, feet, and then directly on to each other’s face. When my parents were in the house and we’d sneak into each other’s room we’d jerk each other off and then lick up the cum. It was toward the end of the summer, right before he started high school that he suggested that he jerk off and shoot his entire load into my mouth to swallow. I knelt in front of him as he jerked off. When he was ready to come, he put his cock head on my tongue and shot his load into my mouth. Swallowing a load of cum rather than licking it up was different. I liked it better. There was something excited about feeling the power of his cum exploding into my mouth that really turned me on. Shooting into his mouth really turned me on too. As I came into his mouth, I heard him moan. He swallowed and then looked at me. “That was kind of hot.” I am not sure why neither he nor I thought about giving each other head other than we didn’t know about sucking cock. He had heard about blow jobs, but blowing on his cock didn’t make much sense to either of us. But his starting to go to public high school instead of bible school changed that. How is it possible that in the 1970’s two middle school kids hadn’t heard about sucking cock? When you are raised in a conservative evangelical community and your friends and you go to bible school, you hear little about actual sex, see pictures or videos. And, besides, the Internet didn’t exist and there was such thing as a cell phones. So, porn, except girlie nudes, was almost impossible for a kid to get. As a freshman in a high school, Cory was taken onto the junior varsity baseball team and began working out for the upcoming season. In middle school, Cory had a crush on a girl named Ashley. She was very pretty and athletic. Every once in a while, when all of us guys headed to the river, we’d run into Ashley and her friends. They were the same age and in the same class. In high school, Cory got to know her better. She played on the high school girls basketball team. But, of course, one of my father’s rules was that we were not allowed to date until our senior year. But I knew that would never stop Cory. I never really liked school. I liked hanging out with friends. And I like physical education. I loved working out and sports. Any sport. My favorite was football. I was always fast and could catch a football, but I was always picked as quarterback because I had a good arm and for some reason had a great ability to put the ball where I wanted. One of the coaches in my seventh grade PE class noticed my abilities. He called me in to his office and asked if I enjoyed football. “I love football. I like basketball too, but football is my favorite.” “You enjoy being quarterback?” “Yeah. I like being a receiver, too.” “Well, you’ve got a good arm and you’re talented. You interested in working on your skills?” “Yeah, sure.” “Okay, take PE sixth period and I’ll make sure you get skills training.” When I got home I told Cory and not my parents. My dad would have argued that football will get me nowhere. My mother would have said it was too dangerous. Cory said, “Go for it. The quarterback is always the star.” It was mid-October after tossing the football around in our backyard that Cory said to me, “Ashley and I are a thing.” “She’s your girlfriend?” He nodded. “She’s not supposed to have one and you know Dad, so no one can know.” “Have you done anything?” “We kissed and I touched he tits.” “Did she touch your dick?” “No. I didn’t get to touch her skin, just touched her tee shirt.” “She seems cool.” “She has nice tits.” “If Mom goes out tonight, I have something new we can do.” “What?” “Suck cock.” “Suck on it? Why?” For some reason eating his cum seemed kind of cool to me, but putting his penis where he peed from, into my mouth seemed a bit gross. “The guys say when a girl sucks you off, that’s what a blow job is, it’s better than fucking.” “Really?” My mother leaving us alone and going into town with my dad’s dinner was becoming more often. The dealership was always busy on weekends, evenings and especially in the fall. As it turned out she did leave after giving us dinner. As her car pulled out of the driveway, we undressed and stood naked in his room. “So, do I have to go first,” I said as we each stroked our cocks. “I’ll do you first. Billy says that you have to be sure your girl doesn’t use her teeth.” “That makes sense,” I said, feeling butterflies in my stomach. He got on his knees. I moved toward him. I stared down at him as he licked the head of my cock and then took it into his mouth. I immediately moaned loudly. He took my cock from his mouth and said, “Feels good?” “Wow, fantastic.” He smiled and again took me into his mouth. He moved his tongue around and then began to move back and forth on my cock. I pulled my cock from his mouth. “What? he said. bakırköy travesti “I have to sit down. My legs are shaking.” I sat on his bed. He knelt in front of me and again began to suck my cock. It was not a minute when I was ready to come. “Cory, I’m close.” “Already?” “Yes. It feels fantastic.” “Okay, come,” he said and took me into his mouth. Seconds later my climax hit like a bolt of lightning and cum exploded from my cock. I moaned loudly. He moaned as he swallowed my cum. My legs shook as shot after shot of cum exploded from my cock. He kept sucking. Finally, I had to pull his head from my cock. “Fuck, Cory. That was so intense.” He wiped his mouth and smiled. “You came a lot.” “I feel like I’m still coming.” My legs were still shaking. “Wow, it felt that good?” “You’ll see.” After I calmed down a bit, he sat on the bed and I knelt down in front of him. I took hold of his eight inch cut cock and ran my tongue around the head. “Fuck, that feels good.” I took him into my mouth. He moaned. I began moving up and down. I thought I might not like having his cock in my mouth, but it felt fantastic. I loved the way it tasted and the way it felt and I loved that he was moaning. He pulled me off his cock after less than a minute. “Fuck, I’m almost ready to come.” “I know. Isn’t it fantastic?” “We have to do this a lot.” “For sure,” I said wanting to get his cock into my mouth. I took him into my mouth. He moaned. I moved it toward my throat and stopped when it felt like I was going to gag. I moved and licked and then he called out, “I’m going to come.” The power of his cum exploding from his cock surprised me, but also turned me on. He was squirming, moaning and coming. I swallowed. He kept coming. I kept swallowing. My cock was rock hard. When he stopped coming, he pulled me off his cock. “Fuck, Jimmy.” “I know.” He started laughing. “We are going to do a lot of this.” “I liked sucking your cock.” He smiled at me. “I liked you sucking it. I liked sucking yours so it’s a win win.” He gave me another blow job which seemed more intense than the first. As soon as I was done climaxing, I got on my knees, excited to have his cock in my mouth. I sucked his cock and again he came quickly. We sat on the floor and talked about how much we enjoyed what we had done. We calculated how much time we might have left before my mother came home. We decided to do it again. I came a third time, which I had done before and then got him off again. We dressed and went outside and started tossing the football again. Moments later my mother came home. Sucking cock became our favorite pass time. I was never sure how into sucking my cock he was, although he never said anything to make me think he didn’t enjoy it. What I knew was that I loved having his cock in my mouth. I gave him head every night that school year. By November we were trying to figure out all different kinds of positions and places to give head. It wasn’t long before we discovered sixty-nine. Typically, he’d blow me first, then I’d give him a blow job, then we 69ed. When school was over for the day and I’d get on the bus to head home, I’d always pull wood. Just thinking about sucking his cock turned me on. We’d toss the football, or play catch. He could really throw a baseball. We were on two acres of land, so I’d pitch to him so he could practice hitting. Then we’d sit at the dinner table knowingly glancing at each other. Then it was up to our rooms to do homework. Every once in a while, I would get home and my mom would be out. I’d pace hoping that Cory would arrive before my mother. He’d slow walk toward the house. I ran outside, “Mom’s not home.” “When will she be back?” “Don’t know. You want a blow job?” “Sure.” “Then hurry.” We got to the house, ran up to my room, which was closest to the driveway. I opened the window so I’d hear her car and got on my knees. He had his dick out. I took his flaccid cock into my mouth. “Fuck, Jimmy, you are so good at this.” I just kept sucking. Quickly he was hard. I knelt in front of him sucking his cock while my rock hard cock was locked away in my jeans. I learned to tell when he was getting close. I stopped sucking his cock and licked his balls. “Why’d you stop? I was close.” “That’s why I stopped.” “If I don’t come soon, there won’t be time for me to blow you.” “I’m good `til tonight.” “Fine, take your time. I love you sucking my cock. The longer the better. I’m sure when Mom drives up, there’ll be time for you to get me off.” I went back to sucking his cock. He put his hands on my head and began thrusting slowly, moving deeper into my mouth. “Fuck, Jimmy, I love your mouth.” Slowly, he thrust each time pressing deeper into my throat. “You okay.” I nodded and pressed forward taking his cock deep until I gagged. “Fuck, that feels so good,” he moaned. He kept thrusting. “Fuck, Mom just drove in.” He nodded and started working his cock hard with my mouth. Seconds later he exploded into my mouth. We both moaned. He dropped his load into my mouth and I swallowed. He pulled his pants up. I stood up, wiped my mouth and said, “I’ll go down and help her.” “You’d better pull your shirt out. You’re boner.” “Right,” I said making sure my shirt covered my pants. Our parents always turned in early. Dad left for work at 7:30 a.m. We’d listen for them to turn in, wait a while and then climb through the windows. We had practice drills in case my dad or mom got up and started checking on us. Out the window and into the room and into bed. We had locks on our door and they’d be locked. So they’d have to knock and wake us, which gave us time. We practiced. Cory and Ashley continued the furtive relationship. Cory told me that she was giving him head but that she wouldn’t let him come in her mouth. He told me he was eating her pussy. I asked what it was like. He said that he like the idea of it and that it turned him on, but that he enjoyed sucking cock more. He also told me that he was slowly moving her toward having intercourse. “You gonna use condoms?” “Definitely.” “You’ll have to get them. Where will you keep them. You can’t let Dad find them.” “I know. I’m sure she won’t keep them. I’ll have to figure a place.” Both her parents worked, so they had time after school to hook up. “Has she said yes,” I asked. “No. She said she’s not ready.” “Why won’t she let you come in her mouth?” “She says it’s gross. Girls.”

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