Subject: generational bro-cest part 7 This story contains sexual situations between two bothers and other males. If you are under the age of 18 and are legally not allowed to read this story, or if material of this nature is offensive to you, then you should skip this story. The author claims the copyright to all parts of this story and no duplication or publication of this story is allowed except by the author. This is my fourth story for NIFTY. Other stories: Danny’s First Love. Last posted on June 27th 2019 in High School. I didn’t pee the bed. Oct. 27, 2020 in Incest. Jordan and Billy. Nov. 15 2020 in Incest I’m not a writer, but I thought I’d again try my hand at fiction. I’m a college graduate who majored in the hard science, did post-graduate work in medical research. English has always been my worst subject. So here goes. I hope you enjoy it. Let me know what you think. Please donate to Nifty! Generational Bro-cest part Seven By Anthony Scordato. Please let me know if you are enjoying the story. Anthony My freshman year started with me playing freshman football. Like my dad I was the quarterback. Brian and my mom came to all my games. My dad came to the games he could when he wasn’t on the rig. After my first game, my dad and I went out to run errands. Brian usually chose to stay at home. I’d always accompany my dad so that I could spend time with him. On the way to the grocery store, I said, “So, I have a proposition.” “What’s that,” my dad said. “Well,” I said, my heart pounding in my chest. “How about if for each touchdown we win by I get one point. And we subtract a point for each touchdown we lose by.” He glanced at me and then looked back at the road. “So, if we win a game 21 to 7, I get two points. If,” “I get what you’re saying. So what are the points for?” My cock started getting hard. “I was thinking that for each point I get at the end of the season, we can do what we did when Brian was gone.” “You mean you fucking me.” “Yeah.” “And what if at the end of the season you’ve got minus points?” Silence. “I hadn`t thought about that. I guess we’d subtract from the summer.” “I thought that we agreed that would happen when your brother wasn’t at home.” “Yeah, I guess, but I was just thinking,” “Here’s the thing Chris. It’s dangerous for us to mess around when your brother is at home. Either your mother is home, like on the weekends, or your brother comes home during the week during the school year.” “Yeah, I guess.” “Is he letting you fuck him?” “Not really. I told him that he couldn’t fuck me unless I got to fuck him. He let me get it in for about ten seconds and then he said he wanted to fuck me. I told him he could for ten seconds. He kind of got pissed.” “Let him be pissed.” We did our shopping and started to head home. “Let the season play out. See how many points you have after the season is over.” I felt my face burning. “So, you’re saying we can.” “What I’m saying is let the season play out. Let’s see how many points you get using your system. Keep it up with your brother. Let’s see how that goes.” We drove for a while. Then he said, “You are not to ask me about this again. If I see an opportunity that is safe I’ll mention it to you. My guess is that you’ll be up for it.” I chuckled. “Up for it. Yes, I’ll always be up for it.” He smiled. “If we don’t get through your points by the summer, we’ll figure out a way to add those points to the summer.” Brian had just turned sixteen and my parents got him a used Dodge truck. He had to promise to keep his grades above a B average and that he would work during the summer at our grandparents car dealership. “I hope he’ll work.” “Don’t worry about that. If he doesn’t he’ll lose use of the truck.” I had a raging hard on. He noticed. “What are you going to do with that?” “I guess I’ll jerk off in the bathroom when we get home. I don’t think I can wait for tonight for Brian to suck me off.” “You can work on it now, if you want.” “But we’ll be home in a few minutes.” “I’ll drive around until you’re done.” I pulled down my joggers and underwear. I took hold of my almost nine inch cut cock and started stroking. I noticed my dad glancing from the road to my cock which turned me on even more. I loved it when he watched me jerk off. “You have a beautiful cock,” my dad said. I held it from the base. “It looks a lot like yours.” He smiled. “I think you’re right.” “I don’t think I should come.” “Why?” “I make a lot of cum like you do. It’s going to go everywhere.” “Hold off for a minute.” I stopped jerking my cock and let it rest on my stomach as we drove away from our house toward the river. We drove around for several minutes and then pulled off the road. “Okay, when you’re ready to come, let me know.” “What are we going to do?” I said and started stroking. “I’m going to put my mouth over your cockhead and take your cum. So just jerk off into my mouth.” My body was on fire. My dad had tasted my cum before but he never put his mouth on my cock and he had never taken all my cum. I stroked my cock as he watched. “I’m get close,” I moaned. He leaned over and put his lips over the head of my cock. I kept jerking. I moaned loudly, thrust upward as cum exploded into my dad’s mouth. I heard him moan as he took my load. When I was done, he sat up. I watched as he swallowed. “You weren’t kidding,” he said, wiping his mouth. “You better put that away.” “If you want,” I said. “You can jerk off and I’ll do what you did.” He smiled at me. “You’re too young.” “When will I be old enough?” I said disappointed. “Maybe never. But it will be when I think you are.” We drove home. He and I carried the groceries into the house and put them down on the counter. As Mom and I put the groceries away, my dad headed for the bathroom. I knew what he was doing in there and that got my cock hard again. My first season of football was pretty istanbul travesti good. We won most of our games. But the best part was that we won the games my dad attended. I thought my chest would explode when I walked off the field and saw the biggest smile on his face. He pulled me into a hug and said he was so very proud of me. By the end of the season I had collected seven points. My dad wasn’t there for our last game, but when he came home he said to me, “By my count you’ve got seven points. Is that right?” “Yes.” On one of our Saturday grocery store trips, my dad said, “It’s been over month since your season has ended and I haven’t seen a time when we could have private time.” “Yeah, I agree. Someone is always home on the weekends and Brian comes home after school now, but soon he’ll be playing baseball and his away games,” “But if I’m home I think he’d want me to go to his games. I went to all your games.” “That’s true. Maybe they’ll be time sometime,” I said feeling sad. Months went by and there was no private time for Dad and me. He’d save his workouts for after school so that Brian and I could join him. So it was great hanging out with him naked in the garage and lifting weights. Brian and I were still giving each other head but not as often as we had. He was dating a girl and she was giving him head and hand jobs, but he said I gave better head. I’m sure I enjoyed it more than she did. We kept trying to fuck, and he was getting better at it, but we really could only fuck when Dad was on the rig and when Mom was at work. I never told him that Dad knew we were trying to fuck and Brian made a lot of noise when I buried my cock in his ass. He was slowly getting better at it. By May I was able to come in his ass, much to his delight, because then he got to fuck me until he came. He stopped complaining when I fucked him and started moaning and grunting. On day he said, “I hate to say this, but I’m actually getting into having your dick in my ass.” “That’s good. Because that’s the only way you’re getting yours in mine.” For his birthday I told him he could fuck me without me fucking him first. I thought he’d jump at the chance but he said that for his birthday he wanted me to give him head, then I’d fuck him and then he’d fuck me. I agreed. I loved sucking his cock. I had become pretty good at it. I wrapped my lips around his cock and licked and sucked. He liked to just lay back and let me take my time. That was never a problem for me. I worked his cock only with my mouth and tongue. No hands. Each time he got close I backed off. He chuckled, “You almost got me over the edge that time.” “Almost,” I said, and went back to deep throating his cock. I bobbed up and down on his cock and felt his cock head get firm. He went down on him deep and then pulled back a bit and took his load in my mouth. I loved the way he moaned and squirmed and how his body would tense as shot after shot of warm boy juice filled my mouth. Then I swallowed. After he pulled himself together, he rolled over onto his stomach. This was new. Before he would only let me fuck him if he was on his hand and knees so that he could pull away from my cock. But since he had become comfortable with my cock in his ass, he wanted me to fuck him while on his stomach. All that he asked was that I slid in slowly, but once I was deep in him and he was comfortable, he wanted to get fucked. I slid my cock into him slowly. He grunted with each inch. When I had about six or seven inches in him, I lay down on him and then slowly pressed into him. I didn’t move for a while until he said he was good. Then slowly I started fucking him, pressing in as deep as I could and listened to him grunt with each thrust. I had a good rhythm going and if I started getting close, I’d slow down for a minute. I was surprised when he looked back at me and said, “Fuck me harder.” “Harder?” “Yes.” And I did. I grabbed his shoulders and started pounding his ass hard and deep. He moaned, grunted and squirmed under me but never told me to stop. Then I came and came hard. I knew I was going to get my ass nailed, but I didn’t mind. He kept changing positions and pushing me here and there, my legs up and then my legs down. On my side, on my back, stomach and then standing up. He really fucked my ass good and dump a huge load. “That’s the way I want you to fuck me next time,” he said. “What’s gotten into you. You hated getting fucked.” “It always hurt so much. It doesn’t anymore. I kind of like feeling like you’re going to destroy my ass, because I know soon I’m going to nail your ass and destroy it good.” We only fucked when no one was at home. But fucking had turned wild. We decided that rather than fuck and come, we’d fuck and then switch back and forth until we couldn’t hold off any longer. If we had time, we’d go at it again. Summer was finally just weeks away, when my dad and I were alone, he said, “Okay, here is the deal. Last summer we had four days where you fucked me twice and you still have seven points. So, that makes fifteen. Your summer is about twelve weeks long.” “Fourteen,” I said. “I’m here for approximately half that.” “You’re saying I can fuck you fifteen times this summer.” “That’s right.” “I got really good grades. All A’s except a B+ in history. Can I get some points for that.” He laughed. “Are you still not fucking your brother?” “Yeah, we are fucking. He’s really into it now. Sometimes I think he likes getting fucked more than fucking me.” “I see. So, then why do you need more points for grades?” “Because it’s you.” He stared at me. He got a calendar and we looked at the number of weeks he’d be home and I’d have off from school. There were seven weeks. “How about this. If we do it once on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of each of the seven weeks, that’s twenty-one times. But you have to work at your grandfather’s dealership on the weeks that I’m on the rig. I don’t want you home alone.” “Will you be mad at me if I suggest that kadıköy travesti we do Thursday too.” He chuckled. “I won’t be mad, but I’m sticking to three times a week for seven weeks.” “Deal.” The first week of summer my dad was on the rig. I went to work with my mom. I worked in the service department. I was a `go for’ and washed the cars after they worked on them. I liked working there and I was getting paid in cash. But all I could think about was the week to come when my dad would be home. He arrived home late Saturday as always. I felt tingly all over when he walked into the house. All I could think about was Monday. Sunday seemed to drag on. He and my mom spent most of the day hanging out. – private time. Finally, Monday came. He didn’t have to wake me. I heard my mom and Brian leave the house and then the cars leaving. I had a raging hard on. I got up and went into the kitchen. Dad was making us breakfast. He was standing at the stove naked making pancakes. He looked so hot. He was thirty-four years old and had a body like a twenty year old � broad shoulders, muscular back, small waist and a tight round smooth butt. He turned and looked at me. “I thought I heard you,” he said and glanced down at my erection. “Pancakes?” “Sounds great.” I couldn’t take my eyes off him. He had the most beautiful package � four inch cut cock that sat on top of his scrotum holding two egg sized testicles. We ate breakfast and then it was laundry day. After we put everything into the washer we then vacuumed and dusted and straightened up. Then it was into the garage. “I’ve got to jerk off,” I said. “My balls are hurting.” “Lay down,” he said pointing to the mat. He sat beside me and then leaned on one his elbow beside me. I began to stroke my cock. The excitement of having him watch me never waned. It was like my body was on fire. I noticed that his cock was hard and that only added to my excitement. “Would you do something for me,” he asked. “Sure. Anything.” “When you get close, roll your legs over your head.” “You want me to suck my cock and eat my cum?” “Yes,” he said. He began to stroke his cock. I stroked my cock and watched as he stroked his. Soon I was close. I threw my legs over my head and pressed my cock to my mouth. I licked the head of my cock and then pressed it further into my mouth. I was stroking and moaning and I could tell he was stroking his cock. “I’m gonna come,” I moaned. He moved closer so that we were almost head to head. I opened my mouth wide and groaned as my climax hit. Streams of thick white cum exploded into my mouth and gathered on my tongue. I swallowed but kept coming. I swallowed again. He was lying on his back and masturbating. I sat up beside him. Tentatively, I put my hand on his balls. I was sure he’d object, but he didn’t. I ran my fingers over his scrotum. He moaned and kept stroking. He said, “Wednesday let’s do this again, but this time you can come in my mouth.” “Like in the car?” “Yeah. I love the fact that you have a large load. There is something crazy about swallowing all that cum.” “I like that you come a lot too. Don’t you think it would be fair if on Wednesday after I come in your mouth that you come in mine.” “That only works on your brother. You’re still not old enough.” “Will I ever be old enough?” “Yes,” he said. “And I’ll let you know.” He stroked. I watched and then he shot his load all over his face and chest and stomach. I ran my fingers over his cum and licked them clean. We worked out for over two hours. We put the clothes in the drier, and then headed to the backyard. And yes, I had a raging hard on. I have to admit that I was confused. He let me watch him jerk off. He let me touch his balls. He let me eat his cum off his chest. And he let me fuck him. But he wouldn’t fuck me or let me give him a blow job or take his entire load nor would he blow me. It made no sense. And how old would I have to be? But I didn’t object or complain. He was letting me fuck him and that was incredible. We went to the backyard. We spread sunscreen on each other. Then he lay down on his stomach on a towel. I massaged his back and shoulders. I loved how muscular he was. He pressed hard and dug my fingers into his back and moved down to his gluts. He moaned. I wasn’t shy about spreading his cheeks and rubbing oil on his hole. Then I pressed a figure into him. He moaned. I was so hard my cock hurt. I worked his gluts and then his legs. I lay flat on top of him. I lifted my hips and began running my cock over the crack of his ass. I had to stop. I was getting too turned on. I lay flat on top of him until the sensation of getting close passed. I wanted to last as long as possible. My dad said nothing. He just lay there breathing. I aimed my cock at his hole and pressed down. My dad moaned loudly. I hesitated but he didn’t tell me to stop so I pressed further into him. He moaned again. I slowly began thrusting. “Damn, boy, you are big.” “Too big?” “No. Wonderfully big.” I pressed hard and deep into him. He pressed upward against me. I pulled back almost taking my cock out of his ass and then went balls to the wall deep again. He grunted loudly and then laughed. “You’re good at this. You’ve been practicing on your brother.” I chuckled. “You like it like that?” “You do it the way you like to do it.” I fucked him slowly and stopped when I started getting close. But then I couldn’t hold back any longer. I quickened my pace and slammed into him with each thrust. He grunted and groaned. I held onto him and pressed hard and deep and came into his ass. I didn’t pull out of him for a while. When I did he rolled onto the grass and cum began to run out of his ass. He then rolled over and masturbated while I played with his balls. On Wednesday we had breakfast and then headed to the grocery store � food shopping day. When we got home we headed to the garage. I lay on the mat and began to masturbate. bakırköy travesti My dad played with my balls as I did. “I’m getting close,” I said. When I felt the warmth of his lips on my cock my climax hit and I came into my father’s mouth. He sat up, looked at me and then swallowed. “Wow. Did you come last night?” “No. Not since Monday. But I did jerk off last night but stopped before I came.” He nodded and began stroking his cock. “Do you want my load?” “Yes.” “You’ll have to do it the way I say.” “Okay.” “Go to the kitchen and get a wine glass. You know where they are?” “Yes.” I got up, opened one of the cabinets and got a wine glass. I quickstepped it back to the garage. “I got it.” He stood up. “I’m going to jerk off. When I tell you, hold the glass over my cock, but give me room to stroke my cock.” “I know what to do. I’ve done this before.” He stood there stroking. “You did? Tell me why?” “I wanted to see how much I come. Then I drank it.” He smiled. “You’re like your dad, a bit kinky.” “What’s that?” “You like to do interesting things that most people wouldn’t admit to doing.” “I’d never tell anyone else but you.” He smiled. “I’m getting close.” I put the glass to his cock and held it at an angle so that I wouldn’t miss any of his cum. “I’m going to cum,” he moaned. I was on my knees in front of him, holding the glass to his cock and watched cum explode from his cock. I counted twelve shots of thick white goo. I knew that he came a lot, but seeing it sitting in a glass was something different. “Wow, that’s a lot of cum.” “How does it measure up to yours?” “I only got ten shots. You came twelve shots. I think you beat me.” “You don’t have to drink it all.” I smiled, put the glass to my mouth and took almost all of it in one mouthful. We made eye contact and then I swallowed. I ran my finger over the inside of the glass gathering up what was left and then pushed the rest into my mouth. My dad laughed. “Friday you come in a glass for me.” “Cool,” I said. We started lifting weights. I said, “You think it’s okay to think of weird stuff to do?” He smiled. “Yes. Of course. That doesn’t mean you have to do those things, but it’s fun to think of weird crazy stuff.” “I thought of a weird thing to do and told Brian but he wouldn’t do it.” “This should be interesting. What is it?” “Well, it was after I came in the glass and then drank it. I thought it would be cool if we both came in a glass and then we mixed our cum together and then each drank half. He said I was weird, so I never said anything like that again. Do you think it’s weird?” “I think it’s kinky and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with being kinky.” “Would you do something like that?” “Well, like I said, you’re not going to fuck me tomorrow, but we can jerk off in a glass and mix it up.” Each time I slid my cock into my father ass it was like the first time. The excitement I felt, the head rush, the intense erotic pleasure I felt was almost intoxicating. Each time I slid my cock in his ass I was close to coming within a minute. I was definitely learning how to delay my orgasm. Thursday we stook side by side and masturbated. He had decided that he wanted to see how much cum we’d make so he had one of my mother’s measuring cups.. “Did you jerk off last night?” he said as we masturbated. “I did but I didn’t cum.” “Slowing down with your brother?” “I gave him a blow job, but said that I had already jerked off. He was happy.” “Saving it for today?” “Yeah. What about you?” “Nothing since yesterday with you.” I had noticed that I came less than him, but that my cum was thicker. His cum was also thick but more watery than mine. “I’m going to cum,” I said putting the cup to my dick. He took the cup from me and held it over my dick. He played with my balls as I shot my load. I squeezed my cock and let the last drop of my cum drop into the cup. He held it up and said, “Fuck, Chris, that’s almost a quarter of a cup of cum.” “Is that a lot?” “I really don’t know. It’s about how much I make I guess. I really haven’t seen that many men come. I’ve watched porn and some guys come a lot and some guys get four or five shots. I counted eleven shots and you’re like a fire hose.” I laughed and beamed. I knew that I came more when he and I messed around than when I did it with Brian or by myself. I held the cup while he jerked off. When he got close, I played with his balls. I counted twelve shots again. He dribbled some at the end, but it was a least twelve good shots. And when he came it was like a fire hose too. We held the cup up to the light and saw that we had made one half cup of cum. I smiled as I put my index finger in the cum and swirled it around. “Don’t drink it all,” he said. I laughed. I poured some in my mouth and then looked at the cup. I had more to pour in. I did. Then I handed him the cup. “Let me see,” he said. I opened my mouth. He put his finger in my mouth and moved it around. Then I swallowed. He poured the rest of the cum into his mouth and opened wide. I looked in and put my finger in and moved the cum around. Then he swallowed. He looked at me and said, “We’re both very kinky guys. You know that?” “I like being kinky with you.” “I’m enjoying you too.” We worked out. When we did exercises I pulled wood again as I watched him doing sit up. Of course he noticed and of course he said nothing. When I lay down to do sit up, I did notice him staring at my cock. He didn’t say anything, but I remembered him saying that I had a beautiful cock. When I was done, he had a hard on also. We went out to the backyard and spread sunscreen all over each other. Then he started masturbating. I sat beside him, played with his balls and watched the hottest man I knew pleasure himself. When he was done, I let my hands in his cum and lay down and started stroking my cock. He sat up and played with my balls until I shot my load all over my chest. It was a wonderful summer that went by much too quickly. I hope you are enjoying the series. I have one more part and it should be good. Anthony

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