George at Cinema X



That’s where George went when he wanted to see some porn and see some other guys expose themselves for other guys to see. He really wouldn’t admit that what he really wanted was for those guys to ask him to suck their cocks. He kind of really wanted them to insist he suck their cocks, or even force him to. He was shy about that.

He usually ended up playing with other guys as they played with him, or letting them suck his cock. It seemed there were more guys interested in sucking than in being dominant about fucking his mouth.

He often sat in an end seat of a row in a dark corner so that a guy could stand next to him and let his cock out about 6” from his face. He could then decide whether to lean over and take it in, just look at it or reach up and stroke it. He once had a guy do that and he did lean over and take the cock in his mouth. It was a little salty, but he ran his tongue over it then sucked it down, bobbing his head on the guys cock then taking it back into his throat. The guy then turned toward him and pulled his head into his crotch, pushing the cock a little ways down his throat. He gagged. The guy relented till he stopped gagging, then pushed his cock deeper into George’s throat. He got used to it and kind of liked it. He no longer gagged. He felt the guy’s pubic hairs against his lips. The guy fucked his throat until he felt the cock throb, then he unloaded gob after gob of cum into George’s throat and mouth. George usually didn’t take cum into his mouth, but he had no choice here. The guy forced it into his throat, so he had to swallow it, and he liked it. The guy then wiped his cock on George’s beard and walked away. There was a 3rd guy sitting in the seat behind him and he said “That was really hot- you really took his cock deep in your throat”.

George looked at the guy for the first time. He had his dick out and was stroking it. It was very long- a good 10”. His mouth watered. He couldn’t take my eyes off of it. He could almost taste the precum leaking from the tip. George looked into his eyes. He smiled. şişli bayan escort “You want to suck this one, too?” He asked. “It’s even longer”.

George could only nod a yes. His mouth was open and needed cock. The guy stroked it some more. More precum appeared on the tip. “Come and get it!” He ordered. “I’ll give you as much as you can take.”

George got up and went around and sat next to the guy and leaned over his lap, taking the head in his mouth. It was delicious. He ran his tongue over it and sucked gently on it, tonguing the underside as he did so. The guy moaned. George let the drool in his mouth go down over the cock so that it was wet, then licked up and down the length of it. Then he pushed his head down further and further, taking more of it into his mouth. It hit the back of his throat, and he pushed yet further until he gagged. The guy moaned more and louder. He backed off, then pushed on, letting it enter into his throat, then he began to bob up and down, sucking as he did, and jacking that part of the cock he couldn’t get into his mouth. He squeezed the guys balls, and the guy came. He let loose huge gobs of cum, which George eagerly gulped down, letting the sweet jism slide down his throat. He milked as much cum out of the huge cock as he could, then pulled his mouth off the cock, licking his lips.

“That was the best”, the guy said.

“ You taste really good”, said George.

“You come here often?”

“Not really”

“I hope to see you again”. With that, he tucked his now flaccid penis back in his jeans, got up, and walked up the aisle and out the door.

George was now really hard. He had stroked himself. Harder and harder. He was going to make himself cum, when he heard a voice off to his right say, “Don’t waste it. Let me help you there”. A totally fat black guy came in his row, pulled down his pants and leaned over the seat in front of them. George stood, moved behind him and positioned his very hard 8” incher at the guy’s asshole and pushed. He slid all the way in, easy. The guy grunted and şişli escort George began to stroke, moving faster and faster. The guy moaned with pleasure. George came depositing his sizeable load deep in the fat guy’s bowels. He smacked the guy’s ass several times as he came, giving the guy a screeching orgasm. .the guy stood up, pulled up his pants , turned and kissed George on the mouth. “Thanks, Bud. I needed that bad”


George had never let himself have a cock up his ass. He knew that someday he would cross that line, but it hadn’t happened yet.

He was at the cinema one Saturday night late. That was the time for maximum crowds, it seemed. There were 4 or 5 guys standing around one of the areas in front of a divider where guys gathered, often with their cocks hanging out. George looked at several of them, picked a big hard one, took it in his hand and began slowly stroking the guy. All the others watched as he stroked harder and harder. After several minutes the guy moaned, stiffened and came in large squirts, which covered George’s hand and dribbled on the leg of his scrubs. He wore scrubs with no underwear for quick access to Jack off or let someone else blow him. He lowered the scrub front now so that he could pull his cock out and rub the guys cum into his own cock.

Some of the guys around mumbled satisfaction at seeing that and moved in closer, hoping that he would jack them off next. He did grab one of the harder cocks and begin stroking when a fairly burly guy grabbed his, now slick cock and begin jacking him. The guy jacked hard and fast, bringing George almost to the brink, when he stopped and whispered in George’s ear, in a thick voice, “I want to fuck you in the ass now”. Simultaneous with George’s nod (he was thrilled), the burly guy pulled the back of George’s scrubs down past his buttocks, spit in his hand for lubrication, covered his cock with his spit, and placed the head of his medium sized cock at the portal of George’s asshole. George bent over slightly and the guy pushed the head of his cock through the mecidiyeköy escort sphincter. George gasped and relaxed, letting the guy push in several inches.

George was still jacking the guy in front of him though most of his attention was focused on the guy pushing into his asshole. Suddenly George bent over and took the guy in front of him into his mouth and began sucking. The guy behind him jammed his cock all the way into George, bringing tears to his eyes and hurting his asshole terribly. But the guy held his cock still for some seconds, allowing George’s pain to pass, and the pleasureable sensation of having his ass stuffed full to begin.

George’s sucking and jacking of the guy in front of him was now paying off. That cock began to throb. George took him deep, and the guy jammed his cock into George’s throat as deeply as he could. It exploded, giving George a throatful and a mouthful of sweet male sperm. He relished the feel and taste of the cum and swallowed as much of it has he could as the guy behind him began to move in and out of George’s asshole. He speeded up his penetration. George moaned, and then moaned some more as he got fucked harder and harder. He pushed back against the cock, and moaned “ Ohhh!! Fuck me , man. Fuck me harder.” He felt one of the other guys’ hand move onto his cock and begin jacking, as the cock behind him jammed him over and over again. The cock was sliding into his well-stretched asshole easily now, roughly jabbing his prostate, bringing him toward orgasm. The spent cock in his mouth softened and slipped out. He swallowed the last of the cum in his mouth as the cock in his ass erupted hot jism deep into his bowels, blasting against his prostate. His climax started at that point. He called out in ecstacy as his own cock boiled over on the hand jacking it and his asshole throbbed, clutching at the cock invading it. This milked the cock even further of all the sperm left in it.

He had come all over him, but he didn’t care. He was happy. He had taken a cock up the ass and sucked a guy off at the same time. There were some other guys waiting around for invitations to replace the spent two, but he ignored them and moved on out and went home. He’d save them for another night.

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