Yes, several times, I have paid for sex. I am not always ready for the gay-bar scene or the peepshow shops and when I want sex, I want it now!! and not maybe-I’ll- score-later. In addition to be in control of time, I can ask for what I want. And maybe additionally, I may have a little less of a guilt feeling that serious secretive Bi male-sex tends to create in my otherwise happy marriage.

When that craving for instant male-sex hits me, it is time to call George. I have been seeing George for approximately 10 years now and as a result of my frequent visits, it should be obvious that we know each other intimately. Yes, we have had some fantastic times.

You look at George and there is no doubt…he is gay but in a masculine way. He takes very good care of himself, he is in fantastic physical shape, the result of minimal 3 visits per week to the gym but he is not “over”-muscular, he is always tanned but more important, he is a very nice guy. George has a very refined taste. His dimly lighted apartment is beautifully decorated. Not necessarily my taste (lots of black velour) but it is very clear that George spends a lot of time, money and energy in selecting furniture, paintings, carpets and various other decorative items. In addition, the apartment casino oyna features a state of the art home theater. An enormous collection of audio CD’s is available as is an enormous collection of gay videos.

I’ll ask George to meet me at the door in our “uniform”. Our uniform is a blazer-type shirt and the smallest size g-string imaginable which he has available in all different colors. My uniform will be in the bathroom where, immediately upon arrival I’ll clean up. I usually bring a bottle of wine. While opening the bottle he’ll be unzipping me and assists me undressing. After my short visit to the bathroom, I’ll lie down on the couch “in uniform” while he starts touching my ankles and legs sitting on the floor close to me. He may give me some new gay magazines to read while his fingers are working their way up my legs. Usually, I am half erect already coming out of the bathroom. There is no way that the g-string that he left for me to wear, holds my dick inside. He knows that I love my balls to be tickled and he spends an awful lot of time doing that. He spends so much time playing with me, that I start feeling guilty not doing anything to him and I start feeling him up. I know he is hard and oozes pre.cum. He is very self-conscious about his less canlı casino than average cock size and he will try to get harder by using his hand (always his left hand, although he is right-handed). I usually stop him because I know that he likes my touch. Frankly, I would have preferred a bit bigger schlong but what he misses in size he makes up with his “Golden” hands tickling and playing with my balls. From the couch we eventually end up on an enormous over-sized bed, after he has taken his time to fully undress me and I have fully undressed him. He then starts giving my dick a serious work out. Because he knows me so well he knows when to slow down. I am blessed, in that I can be hard for hours and be played with, without cumming. I don’t kiss but like to be sucked. Let me tell you….George knows how to suck.

After he has given me all this attention, it’s my turn to give him some attention. I push him back on his back and then pull him back to me so that my dick is buried in his crack. We always pretend that I am going to penetrate him but that has never happened or I should say almost never, because on one occasion, I think I almost raped him by accident. He certainly cried out in agony.

I can now freely play with him and I am using a lot of kaçak casino the baby oil that he has used on me. It will take a while for him to come this way. I know he loves this position where he moves his ass to feel my schlong in his crack and against his bum hole. But…, the way for George to “CUM!!” almost violently and quick, is for me to sit on him. He loves to kiss my ass and penetrate my hole with his tongue. Somehow, this position doesn’t do much for me, although lately, I must admit, I appear to be more sensitive there than a few years ago. I know, however, that he absolutely loves to rim me. When he gets close, I go back to the previous position so I can watch his face. It is almost as if he becomes delirious. He starts whispering my name and promises me that he is mine and that he’ll do anything I want. He wants to be my slave, he’ll love me forever… well, we know what it is to reach the edge. He cums in a big, big way. His arms hit the bed with a force that is almost frightening. It’s not over quickly either. The orgasmic spasms last for quite some time. After it’s over and he is back to a semi-normal condition, he’ll go to the bathroom to clean up. I usually go with him because his dick (uncut) and balls look so beautiful after he cums. They’re in a total perfect proportion and balance. It always reminds me of Michelangelo’s statue of David’s penis I usually compliment him on how beautiful he looks after orgasm. The answer is a timid, shy smile.


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