Getting Down to Business


This is a little fantasy I have about a man I work with. He and flirt, but I’m sure he has no idea that I dream up these little fantasies about him. I find him incredibly sexy.

* * * * *

We went out of town on business together for a client presentation. Normally he would never go on a trip like that, but another member of the team was sick. It was almost too good to be true for me, sitting next to him on the plane, laughing and flirting. At one point I pretended to be tired and leaned my head against his shoulder while he read. I closed my eyes and inhaled the smell of his cologne, feeling a tingle all through my body. I could feel the aching warmth between my legs, and I started to get wet. Just when I thought I couldn’t sit still anymore, the stewardess appeared with coffee, and I had to move away from him.

Our flight had been delayed, and by the time we checked in to our hotel it was nearly midnight. The hotel’s dance club was already busy, and as we passed by on our way to the elevators, we agreed to meet in the club in fifteen minutes for a drink.

Because I knew that he liked the scented moisturizer I wear, I made sure to rub some of the lotion all over myself before I changed into a pair of tight jeans and a sweater that just barely came to my waist. It was tight and with the pushup bra I was wearing, I knew he’d like it. I could tell that I was right from the smile he gave me when I walked into the club. He always tried to get his hands on my chest at work, coming up behind me to tickle me in my chair. (It ruined my concentration many times… he would come into my office, rub my shoulders just for a moment while no one was looking… one day he told he that he would love to give me a backrub from head to toe, but I would have to be completely undressed. I could barely work that day fantasizing about him. Once he had told me over coffee that he had to work on a certain project all day. His voice dropped lower and he said that he would rather work on me all day… I made a joke about a quickie and he told me that our first time would take a long time. I masturbated for days, just wanting to feel him touch me.)

He had changed into a white golf shirt that showed off his tanned skin and nicely built arms and chest. He wore jeans as well, and they showed off his incredible ass. (I loved his ass, and one time when we were really flirting at work, I had even gotten daring enough to grab his thigh, just below that beautiful ass.)

He put his arm around me, and must have sensed my nervousness, because he suggested we do a shot. I’ve never snuck to a hotel room with anyone before…my heart was hammering already and I could barely look into his eyes, but I knew I wanted to go up to his room. We ordered shots of Tequila, followed by Coronas with lime. I’ve never had tequila before, and it burned through me and took my breath away. He still had his arm around me, and I leaned against him, and gasped. He laughed, and leaned in close, and I thought he was going to kiss me for just a moment. I blushed and took a huge gulp of beer, and taking his hand, I pulled him to the dance floor.

The buzz I was already feeling from the shot helped calm my nerves, and made me even hornier. We were off to the side, in a relatively dark corner, adalar escort holding our beers and dancing. He had his free hand on my hip, now and then curling around to stroke the low arch of my back ever so slightly. I had my arm around his neck, and our faces were very close. We were oblivious to everyone else in the room, and they paid us no attention.

He drew me closer, and told me that I looked incredible. All I could do was look into his eyes for a moment — my mouth was too dry to speak. I took another swig of beer and turned my back to him, as the beat changed to one of my favorite dance songs.

He set his beer down on a nearby table, and then his hands caught my hips again, and he moved even closer to me, so that he was brushing against me from behind. I couldn’t tell if he was hard yet, and I danced, barely breathing and drank more beer nervously. His hand moved along my belt, so that it was almost at the center, and as he moved, his thumb slid under the edge of my sweater. He found my navel and began stroking it in circles with his thumb. My stomach muscles flexed, and by this point my cunt was throbbing, knowing that I would finally have this man tonight. By this point he was pressing harder against me from behind. I could feel the warmth of his chest on my back, and I could feel his breath in my ear as I leaned back into him.

“Finish your beer.” There was an urgency in his voice, telling me he wanted to take me upstairs and fuck me right away.

I turned to face him, and he brushed his lips over mine, smiling ever so slightly as I softly moaned. “I’m ready now” I said in a low voice, my pussy dripping and tingling with anticipation.

We were alone in the elevator, and without hesitating, he pushed the button for his room — we were on different floors — and when the doors had closed, he passionately kissed me, exploring my mouth with his tongue while his hands moved over my breasts and my ass. He cupped my ass and pressed against me, and I could feel his huge dick against me, rock hard. “You smell so good tonight.”

Once we were in his room, he continued to kiss me, moving to my throat, and my earlobes as I moaned and trembled because I wanted him so much. His hands were moving over me the entire time…my back, my sides, my breasts, my ass. Then he led me over to stand in front of the mirror. Standing behind me, he pulled my sweater over my head as I watched. He stroked along my belt with both hands, circling my navel again with his thumbs as I writhed in his arms, and moved up to cup my breasts, still in the champagne colored bra. He traced over the lace lightly with his fingertips, slowly, teasing me, and making my nipples stiffen. I arched my back and pressed against him, gasping and struggling to keep my eyes open so that I could watch him caress me. My legs were trembling, but I was leaning against him. He moved to the clasp, opened it, and let out a low moan himself as my breasts fell free. He cupped me with both hands, playing with the nipples while he kissed my neck and put his tongue into my ear, bringing me close to an orgasm.

I turned to face him, and pulled his shirt off over his head. I trailed my hands down the hair on his chest, delighted to finally see it, anadolu yakası escort after imagining it for an eternity. I trailed my fingertips down lightly, teasing his nipples and then moving almost down to his waist, and he kissed me hungrily and pulled me close to him. His chest hair brushed against my nipples, and both of us breathed even faster, moaning with pleasure.

He kissed my neck, and the base of my throat, and then he moved his mouth along my collar bone, and around to my back. He kissed up and down my spine, moving his hands up and down, caressing the front of my legs. Finally his right hand went between my legs, rubbing my pussy as I came close to coming. I bucked for a moment, moaning louder as his fingers pressed in hard, trying to find my hole through the jeans.

I turned to face him again, kissed him, being sure to put my tongue in his mouth, and then reached for his belt, whispering, “I know these pants are too tight for that big cock” in a husky voice. Licking my lips, I could see the delight on his face as he realized what I was about to do. I unzippered his pants, and as he pulled them down I saw his big beautiful dick and reached for it, circling it with my thumb and finger, and pumping him slowly with my hand as I continued to kiss him. I licked his nipples, which made him groan and buck against my hand, and his moaning got louder as my mouth reached his navel.

He put his hand on my head but I shook him off, murmuring “Don’t rush me, I will suck you, just wait” as I tasted his skin.

Then I got down on my knees and teased him, brushing his cock softly against my lips, drooling as I moved that big dick around the edges of my mouth, using my tongue to flick around the edges and moisten his head. I could see that he was watching me, breathing heavily. When I thought he couldn’t take any more teasing, I took his head in my mouth, rolling around the edge with my tongue, and then sucked on him, to draw him in slowly, all the way in, to his delight. I could taste the first salty drops of precum as I sucked on him, letting him slide in and out of my mouth. He had his hands on the back of my head by now as he fucked into my mouth,and when he held me still, I knew that he was almost ready to cum and I stopped.

He pulled me to my feet, and kissed me, fumbling with my belt. I quickly pulled off my jeans and pulled them down, turning so that he could see I was wearing a thong. As I bent over to remove my jeans he took my hips, and pulled me close, rubbing his throbbing rod against my pussy from behind. My panties were soaked, and he murmured “Oh, yes” and lead me over to the bed, kissing me. He lowered me back onto the bed, with my ass right next to the edge, and then went to work pleasuring me.

He went to his knees, kissing my stomach, and then licking the front of my panties, as I squirmed in ecstasy. While I ran my fingers through his hair, his tongue found my clit and he sucked it through my panties, sending shock waves through me.

His hands were stroking my ass, and raised my ass as he peeled the panties away from my sticky, throbbing cunt. He licked me from bottom to top, pushing his tongue into me as I got wetter and wetter. His mustache tickled me, and ataköy escort the sensation drove me wild. My juices covered his face as I begged him to fuck me, now.

He put his finger inside of me, moving it against my g-spot, and flicked his tongue against my clit, and I couldn’t stand it anymore. I came, screaming and shuddering from head to toe as the spasms shook deep inside my pussy, clenching around his fingers.

He stroked his hands down the inside of my legs as my orgasm subsided, slowly caressing me and assuring me that he wasn’t done, he would fuck me into a mind blowing orgasm, when I was ready. His mouth followed his hands, his mustache and tongue brushing down the inside of one leg, and back up the other. He licked my pussy with a few more long, slow strokes, and then licked my stomach. Taking one breast in his mouth, he stroked the other, and flicked the nipple with his thumb over and over as I arched my back in delight.

He moved up to my mouth, letting me taste how wet he had made me, and I could feel his cock against my pussy. I thrust my hips upward, just as he pushed forward, and he entered me with ease. His huge dick filled me and stimulated me in every inch of my hole. I wrapped my legs around him, and he grabbed my shoulders, and pumped into me. I was running my fingers through his hair, clenching it, and already on the verge of another orgasm, and so I encouraged him, saying “Yes, harder, fuck me, oh, hard, yes yes!” as I bit at his neck and his shoulders.

He suddenly grabbed my hips and held me still, putting one hand tightly around the base of his dick, and I knew that he was holding off on coming so that he could fuck me in another position. He was amazing – I couldn’t believe that he hadn’t cum at all yet. He was still for a few moments, and then pulled out of me, as I moaned. Panting, I squirmed and rubbed my thighs together with lust as he pulled me to my feet. He sat down on the chair at the desk, and pulled me onto his lap, facing him. I was thrilled, since I love to be on top fucking a man. I grabbed the back of his neck and pulled his head forward so that my breast went into his mouth. He groaned and sucked hard on my tit as I pulled his head closer to me. With my free hand I found my clit and rubbed it, playing with myself as I humped him and listened to his cock slide in and out of my pussy, sloshing in all of my juices. I was tantalizingly close to an orgasm, but I wanted him to be fully in control when he came.

“I have to cum soon” he gasped, and I said “tell he how you want to finish me”. “On the desk.” When he was ready he stood and lowered me onto the desk, and pulled my thighs up against his chest so that he could pump me and get even deeper. He stood there, hands on my hips, pulling me onto him and fucking me with all of his might and we both were screaming in ecstasy.

When his orgasm started he let my legs down, and leaned forward on me, thrusting hard, and forcing his tongue back into my mouth, so that I could taste my salty cum again from my first orgasm. The taste, along with the feeling of his sperm pumping out of his cock, and his groaning, pushed me over the edge and I exploded from the inside out, clenching his dick as I spasmed over and over. My arms and legs were completely numb and my head was spining as I gasped for air.

He carried me to the bed, and massaged me and kissed me for hours, until the sun came up.

We both went to our business meeting, feeling an incredible electricity every time we looked at one another.

It began to snow, and we missed our flight home…

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